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Dougga, or Thugga, is an ancient Roman city in northern Tunisia, included in a 65 hectare archaeological site.

UNESCO qualified Dougga as a World Heritage Site in 1997, believing that it represents “the best-preserved Roman small town in North Africa”. The site, which lies in the middle of the countryside, has been protected from the encroachment of modern urbanisation, in contrast, for example, to Carthage, which has been pillaged and rebuilt on numerous occasions.

Thugga’s size, its well-preserved monuments and its rich Numidian-Berber, Punic, ancient Roman and Byzantine history make it exceptional. Amongst the most famous monuments at the site are a Libyco-Punic Mausoleum, the capitol, the theatre, and the temples of Saturn and of Juno Caelestis.




Entry is only 7 DT plus 1 DT for photography.



Getting There and Around

Get a bus (at least two hours) or louage (80 minutes) to Teboursouk (pronouned Tebsook) from Bab Saadoune louage/bus station (Gare de Routiere Nord) in Tunis. A taxi will take you the short distance to Dougga and then pick you up again at an arranged time. Louage drivers often ring ahead to alert the taxi that a tourist is arriving. It's very convenient and quick but 15-20 DT for only a short distance. If you can't manage to get the price down, remember that Dougga is a memorable place to visit and well worth the money.
You could also go as part of an organised tour from Tunis.
If driving, clear sign posts pointing to the Ruins of Dougga can be followed from Tebersouk.

You can get around on foot but wear sturdy footwear as the paths are, for the most part, cobbled and can be reasonably steep in places.




There are small shady areas with tables where you can buy cold drinks, snacks, postcards and use the toilets.

Make sure you have a supply of water but you can buy it - and other drinks - on site. If buying from the local town make sure you get it from a reputable shop - street vendors have been known to refill empty bottled water containers with the local tap variety.




There is just one hotel in the town a few kilometres away, but you can visit as a daytrip from larger towns and cities.

Dougga Travel Helpers

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