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Funchal is the capital of the autonomous region of Madeira that is part Portugal. It is the base of the majority of the many visitors to Madeira and cruise ships frequently call at the rate of 2 or 3 per day. The population actually living in Funchal is a little over 100,000. The city is situated in a bay to the east of Madeira's south coast.




Some guidebooks split the city into three parts, giving scarcely a mention to the northern part, where most of the population live!
The three are:

  • West - an area dominated by hotels, many of which are pretty opulent.
  • Central - where the town hall, the cathedral and a number of sights of interest to visitors can be located.
  • East - where the market, the old fort and a number of cheap but interesting restaurants can be found.




Summers last from May to September with daytime temperatures averaging between 22 °C and 24 °C, nights around 19 °C. Winters last from December to April with days of around 19 °C and nights averaging 14 °C. The winter months are the wettest months, with from October to March around 80 mm of rain andd stormy and cloudy conditions may last for a few days sometimes. That said, there are fine periods with settled weather during winter as well. From May until September it is usually dry.

Avg Max19.1 °C19.1 °C19.5 °C19.6 °C20.9 °C22.3 °C24.3 °C25.6 °C25.7 °C24.2 °C22 °C20 °C
Avg Min13.1 °C12.8 °C13 °C13.4 °C14.6 °C16.5 °C18 °C18.9 °C18.9 °C17.6 °C15.6 °C13.9 °C
Rainfall102.7 mm87.2 mm63.6 mm38.9 mm18.9 mm11.9 mm2.5 mm3.1 mm36.7 mm75 mm100.8 mm99.9 mm
Rain Days12111085312691113



Getting There

By Plane

Madeira Airport (airport code: FNC) receives international flights. About 20 airlines have flights to and from Funchal, mainly to Portugal, Spain and most of the countries in the west and north of Europe. It also receives flights from the Azores.
SATA Air Acores has flights between Funchal and Porto Santo.

By Boat

Naviera Armas runs weekly services between Portimao in mainland Portugal and on to Tenerife, with connections to other Canary Islands, like Gran Canaria and Lanzarote.




  • Restaurante Arsénio's - Rua de Santa Maria 169 Funchal. A very nice restaurant in the historic part of the capital, Funchal, with live music and traditional Portuguese dishes but it is a little bit pricey. It is situated in the central street of the old town of Funchal, where the most famous restaurants of the capital are situated and you can find multilingual friendly service.
  • O Avo - Rua da Praia, 49, Funchal. This small bar restaurant is situated in a small street in the heart of Funchal. There is a limited choice of delicious Portuguese dishes accompanied with beer in a very good price. The friendly owner of O Avo welcomes you in his place with a shot of beer where you can find many locals having their lunch.




Aparthotel ImperatrizRua Imperatriz D. Amélia 72Hotel-
Dorisol EstreliciaRua da Casa BrancaHotel-
Dorisol FlorasolEstrada Monumental, 306Hotel-
Estalagem Quintinha Sao JoaoRua da Levada de Sao Joao no 4Hotel-
Hospedaria Pôr do SolCalçada da Cabouqueira nº48Guesthouse86
Quinta da Bela VistaCaminho Avista Navios 4Hotel-
Quinta Jardins do LagoRua Dr.Joao lemos Gomes No29,Funchal,Madeira IslandHotel-
Residencial AmericanaLargo do Chafariz 20Guesthouse-
Residencial FunchalRua do Hospital Velho nº 19 AGuesthouse87
Residencial MelbaAzinhaga da Casa Branca Nª10Hotel84
Residencial Monte VerdeAzinhaga da Casa Branca nº 8Guesthouse82
Residencial ParqueCampo da Barca, 15Guesthouse-
Residencial Vila CamachoBeco Da Amoreira 26Guesthouse-
Residencial Vila LusitaniaRua Fundação Cecília Zino 26Guesthouse-
Residencial ZarcoRua da Alfândega, 113Hostel80
The Vine, a divine hotelRua dos Aranhas - 27 AHotel-
Residencial ChafarizRua Estanco Velho 3 E 5Guesthouse-
Hotel Quinta do SolRua Dr Pita, No 6Hotel46
Hotel Apartamento da SéRua do Sabão 53Hotel84
Madeira Regency PalaceEstrada Monumental Nr. 275 Ilha da MadeiraHotel-
Residencial MirasolRua Bela de São Tiago 67Guesthouse-
Royal SavoyRua Carvalho AraujoHotel-
Fourviews MonumentalEstrada Monumental, 284Hotel-
Queimada de BaixoRua Da Queimada De Baixo, 46Guesthouse-
Alto LidoEstrada Monumental, 316Hotel-
Hotel Bahi­a AzulRua Quinta CalasaoHOTEL-
Pedra Sina ResidenceRua Pedra Sina No. 68Hostel-
Funchal Residential AreaTravessa de Cabrestante, Bloco C, 5ºAOAPARTMENT-
Rooms for Rent - Funchal - Madeira IslandMoradias do Pico, Rua Dr. António Aragão, SantoGUESTHOUSE-
Residencial ZarcoRua da Alfândega, 113HOSTEL-
Residencial FunchalRua do Hospital Velho n 19 AGUESTHOUSE-
Residencial Vila CamachoBeco Da Amoreira 26GUESTHOUSE-
Residencial MonacoRua das Hortas n 14 / 14AGUESTHOUSE-
Residencial Vila LusitaniaRua Fundação Cecília Zino 26GUESTHOUSE-
Residencial MelbaAzinhaga da Casa Branca Nª10HOTEL-
Aparthotel ImperatrizRua Imperatriz D. Amlia 72HOTEL-
Quinta Jardins do LagoRua Dr.Joao lemos Gomes No29,Funchal,Madeira IslandHOTEL-
Estalagem Quintinha Sao JoaoRua da Levada de Sao Joao no 4HOTEL-
Hotel Apartamento da SéRua do Sabão no 53HOTEL-



Keep Connected


Wifi is common in many places in Portugal, including hotels, restaurants and coffee bars. Free wifi along the Algarve coast is available in many places. Internet cafés can still be found in most larger cities and tourist areas though.


See also: International Telephone Calls

Portugal's international telephone code is 351. The general emergency number is 112.

There are three mobile telephone operators in Portugal: TMN, NOS and Vodafone.

Each provider offers a variety of prepaid (Pré-Pagos) and contract (pós-pagos) SIM cards, both of which are available to foreigners. It generally means much lower rates for calls and especially internet. Be sure to switch off data roaming if you don't buy a local SIM card, as prices for internet are very high.


CTT is the national postal service of Portugal. It has relatively fast and reliable services and it takes several days to over a week for your post to arrive within other European countries, more so if you send post to North America or Australia. Post offices (correios) have varying opening hours, but in general post offices are open on weekdays from 08:30am-6:00pm and on Saturday mornings until 12:30. More information about offices, costs and other details can be found at the CTT website. It's a relatively efficient but also relatively slow postal service. If you want to send packages overseas, you'd better use international companies like FedEx, DHL, TNT or UPS, as they are competitively priced, fast and very reliable.


Quick Facts


  • Latitude: 32.644798
  • Longitude: -16.90967

Accommodation in Funchal

We have a comprehensive list of accommodation in Funchal searchable right here on Travellerspoint. You can use our map to quickly compare budget, mid-range or top of the range accommodation in Funchal and areas nearby.


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