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Georgetown (Ascension Island)

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Georgetown is the capital of Ascension Island with a total population of about 600 inhabitants. Located on the west side of the island, it is a small town but with all the basic needs for the local people like a hospital, police station, post offices, a supermarket and the St. Mary's Church at the town centre. Children however have to go further inland to attend school and Georgetown remains the cultural heart of the island where most activities are based or started. There are a few facilities for travellers.



Sights and Activities

Sights are mainly out of town, where there are several forts, one of which has a museum.



Getting There

By Plane

The airport is just about 8 kilometres south of Georgetwon. Flights to Ascension Island from the UK are operated by the Royal Air Force, who allow a limited number of civilian passengers on board. Departures are from the Brize Norton airbase in Oxfordshire.

More details on prices and schedules can be found through the Ascension Island travel agency website.

By Boat

The Royal Mail Ship "Saint Helena" travels regularly between Saint Helena and Ascension Island, Walvis Bay and Cape Town. The schedule is primarily designed to meet the needs of locals and cargo for St. Helena, and thus follows a timetable but not a consistent routing. In general terms, the ship leaves Cape Town once a month, before heading to St. Helena, sometimes via Walvis Bay. From St. Helena it will then run 1 or 2 shuttles to Ascension Island, before returning to Cape Town, again sometimes via Walvis Bay. Occasionally, Cape Town is omitted, and the ship returns to St. Helena directly from Walvis Bay.

Twice a year (in March and October) the ship travels from St. Helena via Ascension to the UK, currently docking in Portland on the southcoast.




The Obsidian is the only hotel in town.



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