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Istanbul, the city which divides Asia and Europe, is the only city in the world which is situated on two continents. This city of (officially) 13 million inhabitants - the largest city in Turkey - celebrates a unique culture which fuses eastern and western influences and a history stretching back as far as 5500 BC. It's a city which can easily compete with the most beautiful cities in Europe or even the world and walking around its historic streets and along mosques and bridges, you will soon see why. Be sure to spend at least 3 or 4 days here, as there is a lot to explore, especially on the European side, though don't forget to pay a visit to the lesser known Asian side.




European side

  • Beyoğlu is the heart of Istanbul's nightlife. Situated across the Golden Horn from Sultanahmet, it is a great place to watch street performers, find excellent coffee and party.
  • Sultanahmet is the historic heart of Istanbul, featuring many of the city's most famous attractions, including the Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque and more.
  • Ortakoy is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful parts of Istanbul, hosting the Ortakoy mosque right under Bosphorus bridge.

Asian side

  • Kadikoy is the commercial centre of the Asian side suburbs.



Sights and Activities

Asian Side

Most visitors to Istanbul spend little if any time on the Asian side. This is a real shame because Kadikoy and the other suburbs along the Bosphorous have a lot to offer. Istanbul is quite literally where Europe and Asia meet. The Asian side reflects its name and stands in its own right as worthy of a visit.

Aya Sofia

Hajia Sofia

Hajia Sofia

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The Hagia Sophia or Aya Sofia is a former mosque, and former church in the old European part of Istanbul. It was the leading church for the Eastern Orthodox church for over 900 years, until the sack of Constantinople in 1453, after which it was converted into a mosque. It remained a mosque for almost 500 years, as in 1935 it was converted into a museum by orders from the first president of Turkey: Atatürk. The builing has suffered a great bit of damage during the centuries (especially the dome), because of earthquakes and fires, but has always been rebuild soon after. A large numbers of the christian mosaics became visible in the 1930's, during restaurations.


The area around the Bosphorus is a treat, especially if you book a cheap ferry ride from the local companies on the terminal. Once on the ferry, you can easily savour the different architecture of the Anatolian and the European side, highlighting the way in which the blend of these two cultures underpins the nature of Istanbul. The bridge over the bosphorus is also a great landmark.

There are many ferries that crisscross the strait, the longest distance is the popular public ferry service that leaves from Eminonu and traverses up the strait for 1 hours and 30 minutes to reach Anadolu Kavagi, stopping at a number of small village stops along the way. The same ferry returns back to Eminonu after a halt of 3 hours. This costs 13 YTL for a single trip and 20 YTL for round trip. Many of the tourists get down at Sariyer (70 minutes from Eminonu), have a seafood lunch at one of the restaurants and then proceed by bus/minibus for a 30 minute ride to the Black Sea resort of Kilyos. Check the official Istanbul Ferry website for more information on ferry routes, schedules and fare. This cheaper alternative is often confused with the touted tourist cruise up the strait, whilst a good service and with English commentary it is more informative, it is a lot more expensive.

Once you are finished with the ferry trip you can easily go around the area where there are lots of small clothing stores and electronic outlets as well as restaurants. The food tastes great and so do the Turkish desserts like baklawa. The Turkish people love their ice cream and you can easily observe the ubiquitous ice cream stalls. Kadikoy is the commercial centre of the Asian side suburbs. Whether you arrive by bus or ferry, you will disembark a short 5-minute walk from the centre of the action in Kadikoy. Both the main (Eminonu - Kadikoy) ferry terminal and the bus / minibus terminal are collocated adjacent to the main traffic intersection on Kadikoy.

Galata Bridge

Istanbul 2007 - Galata Bridge

Istanbul 2007 - Galata Bridge

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The Galata Bridge in the European part of Istanbul spans the Golden Horn at the entrance of the waterway, just west of the famous Bosphorus. The current bridge is already the 5th bridge at this location. There had been plans since the early 16th century, but the first one opened only in 1845. The current 490-metre-long Bascule type bridge opened in 1994. Until 1930, there was a toll fee to cross the bridge. The longest span of the bridge is 80 metres and it's 42 metres wide. There are walkways, roads and recently even a tramway across the bridge, making the bridge one of just a few moveable bridges in the world with electrified rail.


Kilyos is a seaside resort located in the north coast and Sariyer district of Istanbul. Kilyos is well-known for its beautiful and famous beaches, nice hotels, restaurants and summer activities. In Kilyos you may have a nice weekend activity such as having a nice dinner in its seaside restaurants, having an excellent relaxing holiday in its great hotels or having silent and calm moments with the company of endless seas and nature. Kilyos is surrounded by the Black Sea from north region and the forests from the south region. It is ideal for weekend activities for every season. Especially in summer population increases. With its specialties, Kilyos became one of the most important vacation and tourism towns in Istanbul. Kilyos is 11 kilometres to Sariyer, 32 kilometres to Taksim and 50 kilometres to Istanbul Ataturk Airport.

Polonezkoy - Adampol

Everybody knows Istanbul, its beauty and history. But not many people know about the old Polish village located just inside the city with its heavenly nature, culture and history. It is time to discover Polonezkoy, where still Polish people live.
It was founded by Adam Czartoryski in 1842. Polonezkoy-Adampol, within Istanbul is a cultural and historical event that has never before been seen in the world. Lets check out the brief history of the village. The village is the one and only place in Istanbul that is very close to the city centre and it makes the town easy for arrival. The village is very popular especially for the weekend activities and attractions. Polonezkoy's Club Hotels, Pensions and Restaurants are serving great opportunities for their guests. There are many hotels, pensions, restaurants and garden barbecue places within Polonezkoy. "House of the Memory of Zofia Ryży" where the village's history and photographs are exhibited; "Częstochowa's Church" which was built during the years 1900-1914; "Polish Cemetery"; " Polonezkoy Culture House"; "Open air exhibition center of wooden carving art"; "Apiculture Museum and Souvenir Shops"; "BMX Bicycle Track" and "5 kilometre walking and jogging track" are the places of interest.

Other sights and activities

  • Grand Bazaar - The Grand Bazaar or Covered Bazaar (Kapali Charshi) is one of the biggest and the oldest covered bazaars in the world with more than 6,000 shops. The shops sell carpets, jewelery, spices, pottery, souvenirs and many other things.
  • Basilica Cistern - Basilica Cistern is the largest cistern in Istanbul. It was built in the 6th century, during the Byzantine era. It is located next to Hagia Sophia.
  • Topkapi Palace - The Topkapi Palace was the palace of the Ottoman Sultans between 1465 and 1853. Today, it is one of Istanbul's major landmarks.
  • Hammam - The Hamam Bath/Turkish Bath, for €30-50 is an excellent way to relax after enjoying the wonder of Istanbul is a Turkish bath. Laying on a warm marble round table, you are washed with water and can be scrubbed, "peeled" (scrubbing away the dead skin) and then covered in soapy foam that is greater in volume then your own body. You then have the soap massaged into your skin and your muscles and limbs flexed and rubbed. You can then be dried off and wrapped in towels where you can be guided to a deck chair and given refreshing Turkish apple tea.
  • Turkish Shave - For 5 YTL you can have a straight razor shave in which you are doused in shaving foam from a brush, shaved then had a flaming rod touch your skin follicle lightly, followed by an electric razor for tricky areas. After applying aftershave you are then given a forehead, temple and cheek massage. You are given any luggage you came in with as your leave and you stagger out the day in a euphoric bliss!



Events and Festivals

  • International Istanbul Film Festival - A very popular film festival in Istanbul, attracting the brightest and best film makers of the region. This event, full of glitz, glamor, and celebrity sightings attracts a big crowd, so be sure to purchase your tickets in advance.
  • Istanbul International Music Festival (Rock'n Coke) - The country's largest music festival, affectionately referred to as "Rock'n Coke", is held biannually and attracts more than 30,000 people per day. The event hosts more than 30 artists, but the main stage is reserved for the big names that headline the event. Past performers were The Cure, 50 Cent, Muse and Smashing Pumpkins.
  • International Istanbul Jazz Festival - This popular July festival attracts musicians from all over the world. The event features jazz music, but also, pop, rock, blues, reggae, and alternative styles of music. The festival is organized by the Foundation of the Arts and the Culture of Istanbul; musicians take the stage in the open-air Harbiye theater.
  • Anniversary of Atatürk's Death (10 Nov 2013) - Every year on November 10th at 9:05am, the death of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk is commemorated with a minute of silence. People pause in silence while fog horns and sirens ring out in the streets. This is both a moving and eerie testament to how significant the life of Atatürk remains to the Turkish people. Hours: 9:05am
  • Istanbul Marathon - This marathon is the only race in the world that includes two continents, both Asia and Europe. The course passes through many historic sites.
  • International Istanbul Tulip Festival - The start of spring sees Istanbul come alive with colour as over 10 million tulips of over 100 different varieties are planted throughout the city. The festival organised by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and a photographer and flower lover's delight. Best place to view the tulip are Emirgan Park and Gulhane Park. Address: All over Istanbul, Price: Free




Istanbul has a temperate climate with maritime influences. Summer is hot and humid averaging around 28 °C during the day and around 18 °C at night, but is mostly below 30 °C. Winter is cold and wet averaging 2 °C at night and 8 °C during the day, and although rarely below freezing during the day is also unpleasant like the summer. The humidity of the city is constantly high which makes the air feel much harsher than the actual temperatures, particularly during summer and winter, even though the temperatures during both seasons are rarely extreme. That is why cold waves (below 0 °C during the day) during winter and heat waves (above 32 °C during the day) during summer are not common; while cold spells (below 15 °C during the day) during summer and warm spells (above 15 °C during the day) during winter are even rarer and therefore exceptional.

Snowfall, which occurs almost annually, is common between the months of December and March, with an annual total snow cover of 19 days, but average winter snowfall often varies considerably from year to year, and snow cover usually remains only for a few days after each snowfall, even if it snows a lot. The second half of May to the first half of June and the second half of September to the first half October are very pleasant and therefore the best times to visit: as it is not cold and nor hot, and still sunny, though the nights can be chilly and rainfall is common.

For visitors an umbrella is essential during spring, autumn and winter, and during the summer to avoid the sun and occasionally the rain.
Light clothing is recommended during summer and a light jacket and/or light sweater if the summer evenings do become chilly, warm clothing is essential during winter and a mixture of the two during spring and autumn. Also take note that due to its huge size, topography and maritime influences, Istanbul exhibits a multitude of distinct microclimates. That is why different parts of Istanbul can experience different weather conditions at the same time. For example, at the same moment, it can be heavily raining in Sarıyer in the north, mildly raining in Levent (northern terminus of metro line), while Taksim, the southern terminus of metro line, is having a perfectly sunny day.

Avg Max8.7 °C9.1 °C11.2 °C16.5 °C21.4 °C26 °C28.4 °C28.5 °C25 °C20.1 °C15.3 °C11.1 °C
Avg Min2.9 °C2.8 °C3.9 °C7.7 °C12 °C16 °C18.5 °C18.7 °C15.5 °C12 °C8.5 °C5.3 °C
Rainfall87.3 mm71.3 mm63.2 mm44.9 mm32.6 mm25.3 mm23.7 mm23.6 mm44.3 mm70.7 mm84.7 mm106.7 mm
Rain Days17.715.313.610.



Getting There

By Plane

There are two international airports serving Istanbul. They are both served by taxi and public transport. Most hotels will provide a transfer service for approximately €20. This is expensive when compared to public transport but for two people it is similar to the taxi fare. Consider the hotel transfer if you arrive late at night or are with more people.

The Atatürk International Airport (IST) is located on the European side of Istanbul, 25 kilometres northwest of Sultanahmet. It is one of the busier airports in Europe and in the top 25 regarding international passengers. Most of the main airlines for international destinations arrive and depart from Ataturk International.

To/from the airport:

  • Rail: Light rail service exists between Aksaray and Atatürk International Airport. The line goes through some major parts of the European side of the city; including the intercity bus terminal. The LRT takes the passengers to Aksaray in 30–35 minutes. The approximate cost is €0.75 one-way. It is very easy to reach the Sultanahmet area (centre of historic Istanbul) by public transport (combination of Metro and Tram) and it should not cost you more than 3 YTL. Exit the airport and follow the metro signs to the Havalimai (Airport) metro station. Buy the tokens (tickets) and board a train going towards Aksaray. Get out at Zeytinburnu, the 6th stop and look for the tram platform on the opposite side. Board the tram going towards Eminonu and/or Kabatas and get down at Sultanahmet (16th stop) or any other stop as per your requirement. The approximate time taken for both the legs of the journey is 1 hour.
  • Airport Shuttle: The shuttle services are operated by Havas, which is one of the major ground handling companies within Turkey. The busses run half-hourly to Bakırköy, Yenikapı, Aksaray, Taksim Square, hourly to Kozyatağı (on the Anatolian side), two-hourly to Etiler-Akmerkez. Also, there is a fast ferry terminal in Bakırköy which connects the terminal to Bostancı and Kadıköy. Havaş buses run between the airport and the fast ferry terminal according to the departures and arrivals of the ferries.
  • Bus: Municipality buses also run to Taksim, Etiler and Kozyatağı. This is a slower but much cheaper alternative than Havaş.[7]
  • Car: The airport is accessible through the coastal road, D-100 international road and TEM (Trans-European Motorway). If you are short of time or have a lot of luggage, taxi or transfer is your best option.

The smaller Asian side airport, Sabiha Gökçen International Airport (SAW), is further out of town. Some 50 kilometres or so from Sultanahmet (on the European side) this is where many of the domestic airlines and budget airlines arrive and depart.

Both of the airports have shuttles, Havas, to Taksim, Kadikoy, and Levent, which cost 10 YTL for a single journey. However Sabiha Gokcen has a local bus E-10) which gets you to Kadikoy for YTL 2.60. A 30-minute ferry ride will then get you to the European side: Eminonu. Look for a tram and take the one going left for YTL 1.40 2 stops to Sultanahmet (display with state the stop you will be at) to get your (cheap) accommodation if this is where you are headed. Street name signs are not common in Istanbul.

By Train

The Istanbul Sirkeci Train Station on the European side was once the end of the line for the Orient Express. These days it is a little rundown and displays little of its former glory. It is in the heart of Eminonu in Sultanahmet on the European side. This is the arrival and departure point for trains to and from the rest of Europe.

For destinations south and east of Turkey such as Iran, Syria and the Asian majority of Turkey, you need the Haydarpasa train station on the Asian side (close to Kadikoy).

By Car

It's not advised to drive into Istanbul if you are not used to the heavy traffic and sometimes hazardous driving conditions by locals.

By Bus

The main Istanbul bus station is called Istanbul Otogari and is located about 10 kilometres north of Sultanahmet. Services to all of Europe can be organised at the Otogar. The station is serviced by public transport by both Metro and LRT (light rail) and bus from Sultanahmet.

On the Asian side, a much smaller bus station is located at Harem, close to Haydarpasa train station. Tickets to most of Anatolia and other places in Asian Turkey can be arranged here.

Cheap Inter city bus deals are organised through the many travel agencies. The best deals can be found around the Sultanahmet or Kadikoy areas. Shop around for the best deal and do your research to avoid overpaying.

By Boat

UKR Ferry has services between Istanbul and Odessa in the Ukraine.

In Taksim, Sultanahmet and Kadikoy you will find many bus options for the whole country, and ferries along the Bosphorus and out to the Princes Islands. As you leave the ferry terminal, Kadikoy appears to the front and left of you. Along the coast to the left you will find the other ferry terminals and over the busy road to the left you will find a myriad of small tourist offices providing transfers and bus services to most other cities in Turkey. The main bus terminal on the left of the ferry terminal, also provides a central location for minibuses and city buses to most parts of the city, including the airport on the Asian side. You’ll also notice another significant difference: a lot less tourists.



Getting Around

By Car

Although not recommended, Istanbul can be negotiated by car. Be prepared for sometimes chaotic situations, drivers that really don't care and busy traffic and difficult parking.

By Bus

For destinations within Istanbul, IETT buses service most of the city and all of the areas frequented by tourists. Intra city transit generally cost less than 3 YTL. In Taksim square, Eminonu and Kadikoy buses leave frequently. Routes are described on the shelters next to the halts and advertised on the destination rollers on the front and side of the buses. Some drivers on common routes speak some English.

The blue minibus routes are generally fixed, different colours depict different routes. Though initially very confusing, the minibus system is a godsend for the thrifty traveller. Provided you understand the general direction of your destination you can flag down a minibus, pay the fare (approx 1.50 YTL) and you will be on your way. Frequently overcrowded and always a little unpredictable, the minibus ride is a typical (sometimes hair raising) Istanbul experience not to be missed.

By Dolmuş

Dolmuş (Dolmush), the yellow mini vans, smaller than a minibus, are also a convenient, but expensive methods of quickly getting around. The destinations are advertised in the front window and will generally wait until they are full to depart. The fares are less than taxi but more than minibus – generally it will cost about 5 YTL to cross the river.

By Taxi

As in many cities, taxi rides can be expensive and, unless you are in a group, or on business, not an ideal way to travel. They are however, the most convenient and direct path to your destination – most of the time. There are stories of the old taxi scam known the world over being played out in Istanbul, where a taxi driver takes a ride around the same block 3 or 4 times and passes the full fare on to the customer.

The Kadikoy Tram

The Kadikoy Tram

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By Tram

Trams service a variety of routes around the city. There is currently a link between Besiktas on the European side, and Sultanahmet in the heart of the Golden Horn. There is also a route that navigates the length of Istiklal Caddesi in Taksim. In Kadikoy there is a circular route that provides a welcome diversion to the constant pedestrian traffic and is a good way of seeing much of the Moda and Kadikoy suburb.

By Ferry

A ferry to Eminonu (Sultanahmet) or Karakoy (Taksim) will cost 1.3 YTL. Great views of the city, Maidens Tower, Galata Tower and Sultanahmet. A trip over the river provides magnificent views (especially by night) of the city. Be aware that the last ferry from Europe to Asia and vice versa leaves at 8:30pm. After that time, you are restricted to the longer road trip over the bridge. Check the Istanbul Ferry website for more information about routes, schedules and prices.

On Foot

A great way to see the city and also window shop. Public transportation is a mere pace away and cheap enough should your feet not last days pounding the pavements (a Turkish massage may help).

By Bike

Unfortunately bikes are not very popular in Istanbul. The traffic is crazy! The drivers are not even friendly to other drives thus bikers are not even part of the question.




Most Istanbul restaurants offer a high standard of food, as anything less wouldn't satisfy the locals. A good opportunity to watch local performances and belly dancing while eating some traditional Turkish dishes is possible at Sultana's Dinner and 1001 Nights Show in Elmadag, Taksim, which is central Istanbul.

Sultanahmet Koftecisi is a famous restaurant that makes Turkish meatballs, köfte, and has been around for nearly a century. It's located in Sultanahmet.




  • Turkish Apple Tea





A good idea is to stay over in the Sultanahmet area, since this is the heart of where most backpackers stay. It can also be classified as the centre of the city as most of the monuments in Istanbul are within walking distance or easily accessible through the transport network.

In summer, many hostels fill up and offer rooftop beds with no security and limited services (but the best views of the city) for as little as 5 USD a night.



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Visa requirements change regularly so you should check out the current situation from your country foreign office.

There are no shortages of language schools willing to employ native English speakers as teachers. While many will request qualification in TEFL, TESOL or other ESL courses, most will also hire on the spot. Pay is relatively good and, for the shrewd negotiator, there are some good deals to be had. Be wary of contracts offering a deal too good to refuse, they often come with a sting in the tail. Common ESL sites online can provide points of contact and advertisements / job offers.

Many ex pats from UK, Canada, USA and Australia have moved to Istanbul to teach English but have ended up managing bars and restaurants.




Istanbul University - next to the Grand Bazaar. Handy as next to the Book Bazaar for cheap text books. Many Turkish students study there.



LGBTT Culture of Istanbul

Undoubtedly Istanbul is the center of Turkish LGBTT (Lesbian and Gay) life. Like many other cities in the world, Istanbul may not be all that comfortable for LGBTT travelers but it definitely has a big LGBTT community and culture behind the scenes. Everyday more LGBTT people are becoming outspoken. One has to know where to go in order to explore such culture and has to be careful when meeting new people in this culture. Taksim is considered to be the center of LGBTT life in Istanbul, as well the center of night life in general. There is a list of places friendly to the LGBTT community.



Keep Connected


Internet cafes can be found everywhere except small rural villages. The cost of an hour use of internet ranges from 1 YTL to 1.5 YTL. Wireless internet is becoming popular in some cafes in big cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir, and at airpots. But in many other places it's still not available, or sometimes at a very high cost.


See also: International Telephone Calls

Turkey's international country code is 90. Dial 112 for an ambulance anywhere, from any telephone, without a charge. In case of a fire, dial 110; for police, call 155. However, in rural areas there is not a police coverage, so dial 156 for gendarme, a military unit for rural security. All these numbers are free of charge and can be called from a telephone booth without inserting a calling card, or any phone including cell phones.

There are telephone booths owned by Turk Telekom in major parts of cities. public phones now operate with chip telekom cards which are available in 30, 60 or 120 units and can be obtained at post offices, newspaper and tobacco kiosks.
It is estimated that approximately 98% of the population of Turkey lives within the coverage areas of Turkey’s three cell phone line providers. Line providers from most countries have roaming agreements with one or more of these companies. Pre-paid mobile phone SIM cards can be purchased for approximately TRY20-50. These can be purchased at the airport on arrival or from the many outlets in Istanbul and other large cities. Providers include Vodaphone.


PTT is the national post service in Turkey. Services are generally moderately fast but quite reliable. There is an extended price list on the PTT website, where you can see the costs of sending items within Turkey, countries in Europe and further afield. For sending packages one might also use international companies such as DHL and UPS and local companies such as Yurtici Kargo. Post offices bear the distinctive yellow PTT sign and are generally open between 9:00am to 12:00 noon and 1:30pm to 5:00pm from Monday to Friday. Some might keep longer hours or be open during the weekend as well, but this mainly applies to the larger ones or those in central places and tourist areas.

Quick Facts


  • Latitude: 41.012379
  • Longitude: 28.975926

Accommodation in Istanbul

We have a comprehensive list of accommodation in Istanbul searchable right here on Travellerspoint. You can use our map to quickly compare budget, mid-range or top of the range accommodation in Istanbul and areas nearby.


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Marmara Guesthouse15 / 2 Sultanahmet Akbiyik Caddesi Terbiyik SokakHostel93
Mavi GuesthouseIshakpasa Cad. Kutlugun Sok. No:3Hostel87
Mavi Onur GuesthouseKucuk ayasofya mah. Aksakal sok. No:28 sultanahmet SultanahmetGuesthouse77
Med Cezir HotelTevkifhane sokak No 6 SultanahmetHotel90
Meddusa HotelNuruosmaniye Cad. No:7 Sultanahmet IstanbulHotel80
Metropolis HostelAkbiyik cad. Terbiyik sok. No:24 SultanahmetHostel93
Moonlight Pension87 Akbiyik Cad.Hostel-
Muhlisbey HotelTevkifhane Sok.No.12 Sultanahmet-Istanbul-TurkeyHotel-
Naz Wooden House InnYeni Akbiyik Degirmeni Sokak NO:7 34400 SultanahmetHostel84
Neverland HostelBogazkesen cad. no:96 BeyogluHostel83
New BackpackersAkbiyik caddesi. No:14/1 SultanahmetHostel81
Nobel HostelMimar Mehmet Aga Cad. no:32 Sultanahmet istanbulHostel88
Ocean's 7 Hotel IstanbulCan kurtaran mah.Amiral tafdil 18 SultanahmHotel81
Orient Youth HostelYeni Akbiyik Cd. No.13 34400 SultanahmetHostel91
Paris Hotel & HostelPiyerloti cad dizdariye medresesi sok. no:9/11 SultanahmetHostel77
RapunzelBereketzade Mah. Bereketzade Camii sok. No:3 Galata ,Beyoğlu, IstanbulHostel90
Sarnic HotelKucuk Ayasofya Cad. 26 SultanahmetHotel83
Saruhan HotelKucuk Ayasofya Mahallesi Cinci Meydani Sokak No:34 SultanahmetHotel-
Second Home HostelHocapasa Mahallesı Ebusuud Sokak no : 23Hostel89
Sinbad HostelKucuka yasofya Mah. Demirci Resit sk. No3-5 SultanahmetHostel-
Star Holiday HotelDivanyolu Caddesi No.10 Sultanahmet SultanahmetHotel86
Sultan HostelAkbiyik Caddesi 21 SultanahmetHostel89
Sultan OtelOrhaniye Cd.NO:28 Sirkeci Istanbul/TURKEYHotel81
Sultanahmet Violet ApartmentYerebatan cad. Salkimsogut sok. No:6 Sultanahmet- Address 2 :Apartment-
Sultans InnKucuk Ayasoyya Main Street, Mustafa Pasa Street, No:50, SultanahmetHostel87
Sur Hotel SultanahmetK. Ayasofya cad. Mustafa Pasa Cad. No.25 SultanahmHotel-
Sydney Hostel IstanbulAkbiyik cadesi cankurtaran mahalesi no 42 SultanahmetHostel-
Taksim Sofa Hostel IstanbulKuloglu Mh. Aga Kulhani Sok. No:5 TaksimHostel-
Tashkonak Suites & Apartment HotelKucuk Ayasofya Cad. Kapiagasi Sokak No:7 Sultanahmet, IstanbulApartment-
The Byzantium HotelCankurtaran Mah. Akbiyik Cad. No/29 SultanahmetHotel-
Titanic Business HotelBarbaros Hayrettin Pasa Cad no:43 kartalHotel-
Titanic City HotelLamartin cad no:53-55 TaksimHotel-
Titanic Comfort HotelOperator Raif Bey Sok no:40 SisliHotel-
Titanic Port HotelFisekhane cd no:7/3 bakirkoy IstanbulHotel-
Tulip Guest HouseCankurtaran mah. Akbiyik Cad. Terbiyik sok. No:15/Guesthouse83
Turvan HotelHocapasa Sokak No:36 Sirkeci SultanahmetHotel82
Universal Hostelakbiyik Sultanahmet,istanbulHostel-
Valide Sultan KonagiCankurtaran Mah. Ishakpasa Cad. Kutlugun Sok. No/1Hotel-
World House Istanbulgalip dede cad no:85 BeyogluHostel89
Zeugma HotelAkbiyik Street no:35 Sultanahmet SultanahmetHotel-
Fors HotelEminsinan Mah. Piyerloti Cad. Kadirgahamam Sk: No:10 Sultanahmet / IstanbulHotel-
Ulas Suites SultanahmetBinbirdirek Mahallesi Dizdariye Yokusu Sokak Nr:3 SultanahmetApartment-
Little Wing HostelAsmalimescit mah.Jurnal street no:12 kat:4 BeyogluHostel-
Ekim ApartKucuk Ayasofya Mahallesi, Mustafa Pasa Sokak, No:3 SultanahmetAPARTMENT-
SAGCANLAR HOTELMermerciler caddesi no: 25 Eminönü/FatihHotel-
Liberta HostelIstiklal Ave. Suslu Saksi Sok. No:17 Beyoglu TaksimHOSTEL-
Sipahi OtelDivanyolu Turbedar Sokak No:20 CemberlitasHotel-
Moonstar HostelCankurtaran Mah Akbiyik Str no:33 Sultanahmet istHostel-
Gezginci Boutique HotelNabethane Cad erdar sitrid no:18 sirkeciHotel-
La Casa di Maria PiaYeni Carsı cad. 37 BeyogluHotel-
SRS (Student Rental Service)Halkalı fatih cad.Kiraz sok No1 34303 k.cekmeceApartment-
Istanbul Violet ApartYerebatan cad. Salkimsogut sokApartment-
Buyukada KoskOrman Butik OtelNizam Mahallesi Turkoglu Sokak No:5Guesthouse-
Hotel Bulvar PalasAtatürk Bulvarı No: 152 AksarayHotel-
Hotel EsenHocapasa mah. Orhaniye cad. No:40 SirkeciHotel-
Boutiqu Dedem HotelEminsinan Mh.Hamam Cd. No:8 Çemberlitaş Sultanahmet-EminönüHotel-
Sunrise HotelKucuk Ayasofya Caddesi No:36 Sultanahmet 34400Hotel61
Angels Garden HotelTiyatro Cad .No:74 Kumkapi-BeyazitHOTEL-
Art-apart. Hostel sultanahmetKucuk Ayasofya mah.Kucuk Ayaso Medresesi sok.No:24 SultanahmetApartment-
Soho Hostel IstanbulSuslu Saksı 34345 BeyogluHostel-
Stray CatMebusan Yokusu 35, Findikli Taksim, BeyogluHostel89
Atakoy Rental ApartmentsAtakoy 9. Kisim A8 blok A kapisi No:64 Kat:12 AtakoyApartment-
Hot Suites - TaksimFeridiye Cad. Taksim Firini Sok. 7, Istanbul-BeyogluHotel-
Galata Life IstanbulSahkulu Mah. Galipdede Cad. No:75 BeyogluGuesthouse83
Sumo Cat HostelMueyyetzade Mah. Luleci Hendek Cad. Ali Hoca Arali N0:9 Galata Beyoglu IstanbulHostel80
Aga Hamam HostelKuloglu Mahallesi Turnacibasi Caddesi No 48 Aga Hamam hostel ,Taksim, BeyogluHOSTEL-
Han Hostel Airport NorthDeğirmenbahçe Street Oruçreis Sokak, No: 4 YenibosnaHostel83
Arch-Ist HostelSiraselviler Caddesi, no:40 BeyogluHostel79
Butterfly Suites 2Şehit Muhtar mah alt�nbakkal sok no 26 TaksAPARTMENT-
Levanten HostelCihangir mahallesi,purtelas sokak.No:42 BeyogluHOSTEL91
Golden Palace IstanbulKucukayasofya mah.Aksakal sok N:29 Sultanahmet IstHOTEL-
New Taksim ApartKapanca Sok 10, BeyogluApartment-
Pasha HotelKüçük Ayasofya Mahallesi Akburçak Sok No 8 SultanHotel-
Serenity Hotel IstanbulKucukayasofya Mahallesi Kasaposman Sokak 27Hotel-
City Guest House IstanbulKucukayasofya Mah Akburcak Sok no: 25 SultanahmetHotel-
Planet Paprika HostelSehit Muhtar Mahallesi Taksim AkarcasÄ Sokak No: 3 Taksim Beytoglu IstanbulHostel73
Sur PensionTaya Hatun Sokak No: 19 Sirkeci Eminöonu FatihHotel-
Barefoot Travel apartmentsAlemdar Mah, Salkim Sogut Sokak, No 12Apartment-
Star Hotel IstanbulAkbiyik Cad. No : 16 Sultanahmet (Old Town)HOTEL83
OneapartistanbulBaskurt Sokak 77/1 Tepe Apt. Cihangir BeyogluApartment-
ASPEN HOTELAksaray Cad 25 LaleliHotel-
Taksim StudiosSehit Muhtar Mahallesi Corbaci Sokak No 10 Taksim Istanbul TurkeyApartment-
Dream Duplex Bosphorus TerraceAziz Mahmut Efendi Sokak No :44APARTMENT-
Green House - TaksimCumhuriyet Cad. Paproncalli sok NO:15 ElmadağHOSTEL87
Piya HostelSultanahmet Mah.Akbiyik Cami Sok.No:22HOSTEL66
Hotel Broken ColumnAkbiyik St No:45 SultanahmetHotel-
Route 39Mebusan Yokusu 39HOSTEL-
Chora GuesthouseAkbiyik Cad. Terbiyik Sokak No. 22 SultanahmetGuesthouse-
Entes Apart HotelTaksim İstiklal Cd. İpek Sokak No:19 BeyoğluApartment-
Oneapart-galatasarayKoca Aga Sokak No:14/1 BeyogluApartment-
Istanbul Grand HotelBagdat Avenue. Meydan Street. No:25 MaltepeHotel-
Istanbul Sisli HotelMerkez Mah. Prof.Mazhar Nurettin Oktem Sok. No:13Hotel-
Hotel Ishakpasa KonagiIshakpasa Cad. No:3 SultanahmetHotel-
Blue Tuana HotelAkbiyik Degirmeni sok. No:3. SultanahmetHOTEL-
Galata WestBereketzade Mah. Okcu Musa Cad Savcibey Cikmazi Number:3, Galata/ BeyogluHostel85
Cheers MidtownFiruzaga Mah. Bogazkesen Cad. NO:68 TaksimHOSTEL83
Cafe HostelCankurtaran Mah. Akbıyık Cad. SultanahmetHostel-
Kafkas Hotel IstanbulHudavendigar Cad. No: 35 34122Hotel-
Pera Sultan Hostelkeresteci hakkı sok no:22 cankurtaran mah sultanaHOSTEL-
Antik Sofiaküçük Ayasofya Cad. No: 84 Sultanahmet FatihGuesthouse83
Bada Bing Hostel IstanbulKemeralti Caddesi, Arapoglan, Serce Sokagi no 6 Karakoy, BeyogluHOSTEL-
Kupeli HotelEminönü Mahallesi Gedikpasa Hamam Caddesi NO:4 SULTANAHMETHotel-
Zeugma Hostel - IstanbulSultanahmet Mah. Akbiyik caddesi. No:35 SultanahmetHOSTEL-
Galata HostelSerdari Ekrem Cad. Kolement Cikmazi No:2 Beyoglu IstanbulHostel-
NR.19 ApartmentDefterdar yokusu No:19 Cihangir BeyogluApartment81
Kadirga ApartKadirga Liman Caddesi No:84 SultanahmetAPARTMENT-
Gedik Pasa KonagiMimarhayrettin Mah. Gedikpasa Cad. No:100 BeyazitHotel-
Portus IstanbulMumhane Cad, 31 Kemankes Mah. KarakoyHostel88
Chillout Papillon HostelGalipdede Caddesi Sahkulu sokak no:13 Galata-BeyogluHostel-
Orucu PalaceTomtom Street, Karabaskuyu End No:7 Galata BeyogluApartment-
Taksim LoungeKatip celebi mh. mucadele cikmazi No:5Hostel86
Turkis HostelBogazkesen Cad, No:92 Tophane Beyoglu/ISTANBULHostel-
Art Collective HouseLenger street 21 Cihangir, TaksimGuesthouse-
Old City Esma HostelDivanyolu Cad.No:19 SultanahmetHostel-
Newly Renovated ApartmentGulbahar Mh No 44Apartment-
Taxim Inn Daisy HomeFeridiye Caddesi Sokak number 4 TaksimHOTEL-
Boutique Albion Hotel SultanahmetAlaykosku Caddesi Nr 15 SultanhmetHotel-
Sultanahmet GardensOyuncu Sok. No 41 Sultanahmet, FatihApartment-
Hotel Amore AnexMustafa Kemal Pasa Cad Fabrika Sokak No: 46HOTEL-
Antique Hotelkucuk ayasofya cadesi ogul sok no 17 sultanahmetHotel-
Blue Istanbul Hotelbinbirdirek mahallesi dizdariye çeşme sokak no 49Hotel-
Educa HostelBeşyol Mahallesi Birlik Caddesi Cami Sokak No:17 SefakoyHostel-
Hotel BristolMeşrutiyet Caddesi No:101 BeyoğluHotel-
Hotel MonopolMeşrutiyet Caddesi No:93 BeyoğluHotel-
Sultan Tughra HotelSultanahmet Mah Keresteci Hakkı Sok. No : 21 SultanahmetHotel-
Hotel Grand StarSıraselviler Caddesi No:45/1 TaksimHotel-
Mystic Simurgh HostelHuseyin Aga Mah. Buyuk Bayram Sok. No:13 Taksim Beyoglu/IstanbulHOSTEL-
Apex HotelMimar Mehmet Aga Caddesi Amiral Tafdil Sokak No:24 SultanahmetHotel-
Sultan's Eye Comfort HotelAkbiyik Caddesi Bayram Firini Sokak No:8 SultanahmetHotel-
Eastwest GuesthouseIstiklal Avenue, Eski Cicekci Street, N: 20 Beyogl IstanbulHOSTEL77
citycenter hotelKatip Çelebi Mh Billurcu Sokak 1Hotel-
Arden City HotelAlemdar Mah Yerebatan street no:1 OLDCITY -SULTANAHMETHotel-
Taksim Butik Star HotelSıraselviler Caddesi No:37 TaksimHotel-
Taksim Star Express HotelDünya Sağlık Sokak No :11/13Hotel-
Villa Pasha HotelCankurtaran Mahallesi Akbiyik Caddesi No: 40 SultanahmetHotel-
Blue Marine HotelGuzelyali Mahallesi, Sahilyolu Caddesi, Yakut SokaHOTEL-
Helen Suites & ApartmentsMuhsine Hatun Mahallesi Sevgi Sokak No:9 KumkapiAPARTMENT-
Park City HotelŞehit Muhtar Caddesi No:53 TaksimHotel-
Sargon HotelKucukayasofya Caddesi Gelinlik Sokak No:10 SultanahmetHotel-
Avantgarde HotelBüyükdere Cad 161 Zincirlikuyu - LeventHotel-
Midtown HotelLamartin street No:13Hotel-
Efendi ApartmentCankurtaran Mah,Cankurtaran Cad No 52 Sultanahmet/APARTMENT-
Pasha ApartsSeyit Ömer Mah. Hekimoğlu Ali Paşa Cad. No: 146Guesthouse-
Yeni HotelNöbethabe Caddesi Derviþler Sokak No:22 SirkeciHOTEL-
Madrid HotelCingitakli Bostan Sok: 40 AksarayHOTEL-
Sultanahmet King Palace HotelK���k Ayasofya Mah. Kadırga Liman Cad. Sok. No:18 SultanahmetHOTEL-
Gumusyan HotelAsmali Mescit Sk No 9 BeyogluHOTEL-
Rozin HostelKucukayasofya mah. Sehsuvarbey cad. Pideci sok.HOSTEL-
#bunkKamer Hatun Mahallesi Balik Sokak, No.7 - Beyoglu,HOSTEL90
Hotel NehrinKucukayasofya Caddesi Gelinlik Sokak No:8Hotel-
Emerald HotelKocatepe Mahallesi Taksim Dolapdere Caddesi 45HOTEL-
Sam & Redy hotelSultanahmet Mah. Konut Sok. No:13Hotel-
Istanbul Comfort HotelBinbirdirek Mah. Piyer Lotti Cad. Goktas Sk. No: 7 SultanahmetHOTEL-
Castle Hostel IstanbulBinbirdirek mahallesi.klod farer caddesi Ragip Uluca 27/1. SultanahmetHOSTEL84
TNT GuesthouseCankurtaran Mahallesi Akbiyik Caddesi No:14 EminonGUESTHOUSE-
Boutique Apart IstanbulKucukayasofya Mahallesi, Cayıroglu Sokak No:5GUESTHOUSE-
Taksim 9 SuitesKatip Mustafa Celebi Mahallesi Billurcu Sokak No 1APARTMENT-
Hotel El BlancoMimar Mehmet Aga Cad. No:35 SultanahmetHOTEL-
House of Turap Istanbul Bed and Breakfast Number 2Gul Sok Number 7, Uskudar, SultantepeGUESTHOUSE-
Grand Sagcanlar HotelMermerciler cad. no:11 YenikapiHOTEL-
Red River HostelSahkulu Mah. Kumbaracı Yokusu No:35 Red River Apt. Beyoglu/Taksim, IstanbulHOSTEL-
Budget GuesthouseKucuk Ayasofya mah. kadırga liman cad. Bardak Sultanahmet, FatihGUESTHOUSE-
Dara HotelKucuk Ayasofya Mahallesi Su Terazisi Sokak 25 SultanahmetHOTEL-
Tilia HotelKemal Pasa Mah.Mahmudiye Cesmesi Cad. No:3 LaleliHOTEL-
Grand Tahir HotelOrdu Cad.Yesil Tulumba Sk.No:17 Laleli, Old City SHOTEL-
Golden Crown HotelPiyerloti Cad. No:10, Old City SultanahmetHOTEL-
Bekdas HotelMimar Kemalettin Mah. Derin Kuyu Sok. No:4 LaleliHOTEL-
Ant HotelKucuklanga Cad. No:9 Aksaray FatihHOTEL-
ErbilIbnikemal Cad No:18 Sirkeci Fatih, Old City SultanHOTEL-
Elite WorldSehit Muhtar Cad.No: 42HOTEL-
Golden Age 1 HotelTopcu Cad.No:10 TaksimHOTEL-
Avicenna Hotel IstanbulMimar Mehmet Aga Cad. Amiral Tafdil Sok. No: 31HOTEL-
Taksim HostelNo :92 Boğazkesen Caddesi Firuzağa Mah. BeyoğluHostel-
Taksim Pera Suite ApartmentsTomtom Mahallesi Nuri Ziya Sokak No:31 TaksimAPARTMENT-
Hotel MitanniBinbirdirek Mahallesi peykhane Caddesi no 49 SultanahmetHOTEL-
Agape HostelFistikli Cikmazi 7/2 Acibadem - KadikoyHOSTEL-
Beyazit HostelMimar Hayrettin Mahallesi Gedikpasa Caddesi Hattat Sokak No 16 Beyazit IstanbulHOSTEL-
Interfly Europe HostelIskenderpasa Mah. Ahmediye Cad.Haci Salih Efendi S FatihHOSTEL-
Beyaz Marmara HostelEgitim Mah. Poyraz Sok. No: 30 Hasanpasa, KadikoyHOSTEL-
Ista PalaceSaraç Isahpaşa Mah.Tiyatro cad n:68/A Gedikpasha Beyazıt Grand PazarHotel-
Nakkas ApartKüçük Ayasofya Mh. Şehsuvar Bey Sk No 3 Daire SultanahmetAPARTMENT-
Old City HostelBestekar Osman Sokak,no :9 Divanyolu CadeesiHOSTEL-
Fuarev Galata HouseTomtom Mah. Bogazkesen cad. No:82-1APARTMENT-
Republika Academic Aparts BuyukcekmeceAlkent İkibin Mah Hadımköy Yol Hadımköy Yol Cad No 37/2Apartment-
Republika Academic Aparts OrtakoyBalmumcu Mah Mustafa İzzet Efendi Sk. No 1 Ortak�yHOSTEL-
Renk Art Center GuesthousePürtelaş Sokak 78, Ap.10, Fl.5 Beyoğlu, TaksimGUESTHOUSE-
8 House Residance IstanbulYahyaKahya Mahallesi Aynalı ÇeApartment-
Taksimistanbul ApartŞehit Muhtar Mahallesi Taksim Yaghanesi SokakGUESTHOUSE-
Divalis HotelSultanahmet Mah. Akbıyık Cad. No:76 Sultanahmet - FatihHOTEL-
Gakkos House HostelBostan Mahallesi, Kalyoncu Kulluğu Caddesi, no:79 Taksim/IstanbulHOSTEL-
Galatahostel2Yuksek Kaldırım CaddesiHOSTEL-
Elma Ottoman PalaceCumhuriyet cad uftade sok No :34HOTEL-
Ayyildizlar HotelMisak Milli Sok, No: 27 Kadikoy, Asian side-KaHOTEL-
Kumbara HostelCihangir Mahallesi Pürtelaş Sokak No:70 BeyoğluHOSTEL-
ExIstanbul HouseHuseyinaga Mahallesi.Atif Yilmaz Caddesi Kucukbayram Sokak No:8 Beyoglu, TaksimHOSTEL-
Burcu Sultan ApartKucukayasofya Mah Donus sok 9 SultanahmetAPARTMENT80
Roncalli SuitesPapa Roncalli Sok 78 eski olcek sok harbiyeGUESTHOUSE-
feyza apartEmin sinan mah.piyerloti cad pertev paşa yokuşu okul sok no:1 kadırga / SultanahmetApartment-
Siesta HotelKucuk Ayasofya Caddesi. Akburcak Sokak 24HOTEL89
Berk HotelKutlugun sok.No:29 SultanahmetHOTEL-
Parkhouse HotelOsmanaga Mahallesi, Muhurdar Fuat Sokak No:12 KadikoyHOTEL-
Sirma Sultan HotelKucuk Ayasofya Mahallesi Medrese sokak no:5/7 SultHOTEL-
Mimar Sinan InnSuleymaniye Mah. Fetva Yokusu Sok. 29 SuleymaniHOTEL-
Suzak Residence HotelIstiklal Caddesi Balo Sk. No:34HOTEL-
GC SuitesTimsah Sokak BeyogluAPARTMENT-
Hotel Sur 2Aksaray Mah Mahramaci Sok 2HOTEL-
Old City SultanhametEmin Sinan Mahallesi Piyerlito caddesi41 SultaHOTEL-
Hotel New HouseEmin Sinan Mah. Evkaf Sk. No 6 Cemberlitas-SultanaHOTEL83
Dila SuitesKamer Hatun Mahallesi, Balik Sokak No:16Taksim-BGUESTHOUSE-
Bianco Residence TaksimSehit Muhtar Mah. Altin Bakkal Sok. No. 9APARTMENT-
Hotel TorunKaleici, Hamam Odalari Araligi No:9 TopkapiHOTEL-
Taxim Park ApartHuseyinaga Mah. Kucuk Bayram Sok. No:2 BeyogluAPARTMENT-
Grand Reis HotelTopkapi Cd. 1 Kaleici TopkapiHOTEL-
House of Turap Istanbul Bed and Breakfast Number 1Evliyahoca Sok No. 17 UskudarGUESTHOUSE-
Khalkedon Hotel IstanbulCafer Aga Mahalesi Moda Cadesi Tellaizade Sokak No: 02 KadikoyHotel-
Little House HotelAbdullah sokak.no9HOTEL-
Taksim Apartment MelitaGalatasaray Lisesi Yani Yeni Carsi Cd. 14 BeyogAPARTMENT-
ZenkaRoomsSıraselviler Cad. 66/AHOTEL-
Hotel Eve HouseBinbirdirek Mahalesi Aksakal sok. 57 SultanahmetHOTEL-
Ataköy PalaceKısım Kamelya İstesi D34 Ataköy 11APARTMENT-
CaupoKemankeş Mustafa Paşa Mah. Maliye Cad. Çelebi Sok. No:3 34425, Istanbul, TurkeyHOSTEL-
Taksim Comfort HomeKocatepe Mahallesi asiklar sokak no 3 TaksimAPARTMENT-
ZenkaSıraselviler Cad./kantar Odaları Çıkmaz 66/AApartment-
Hush Hostel ModaCaferaga mah. Guneslibahce sokak No:50/B KadikoyHOSTEL86
Seatanbul GuesthouseKucuk Ayasofya Cayiroglu sokak. Sultanahmet Akbiyik DegirmeniGUESTHOUSE-
Maritime Hotel IstanbulKukuk Ayasoya Mah. Cayiroglu Sok. No:9 SultanahmetHOTEL-
Studio Apartment in Taksim, ElmadagCumhuriyet cad. Uftade sok.13/1 ElmadagAPARTMENT-
Tom Square Boutique HotelSehsuvarbey Mah. Berham Cavus sok. no:4 Fatih Divanyolu Cad. no:68 SultanahmetHOTEL-
Hotel PamphyliaEbusuud caddesi No:6 SirkeciHOTEL-
Box Flat ApartmentSıraselviler Cad. Liva Sok.10 CihangirAPARTMENT-
Finch ApartmentsSerce Sokak No 3APARTMENT-
Taksim Suite IIşehit muhtar mahellesi , firin sokak , no. 13 , bAPARTMENT-
Orient ApartsÖmer Hayyam Street no 8 Beyoglu / TaksimApartment-
Sultan ApartmentsCankurtaran Meydanı no:9 d:1 SultanahmetAPARTMENT-
Besiktas GuesthouseSinanpasa mahallesi Ilhan sokak no:21 BesiktasGUESTHOUSE-
Old City ApartTiyatro Cad. Degirmen Sk. No:1-BApartment-
Sub HotelHacımimi Mah. Necatibey Cad. 91 KaraköyHOTEL-
Kadikoy Zumrut HotelRıhtım Cad. Reşitefendi Sok. No:5 KadıköyHOTEL-
Kevin's HostelUzun Hafız Sokak No:50 KadıköyHOSTEL-
Flamingo Hotel Istanbul ApartmentsAksaray Mahallesi Namık Kemal Caddesi No.4 Fatih Istanbul TurkeyAPARTMENT-
Sefa HotelKüçük Ayasofya cad.Aksakal sok 20HOTEL-
Trio SuitesBogazkesen Cad. No:27 Taksim / Beyoglu / TophaneHOTEL-
Haydarpasa PensionKadiköy Rihtim Cad.Nemlizade s Asian side-KadikoyHotel-
Kadiköy Rihtim HotelRıhtım Cad No 62 Kadikoy Asian side-KadikoyHotel-
Hotel Fatih IstanbulAkşemsettin Bedrettin Simavi neighborhood street no: 4 FatihHotel-
Budak ResidenceTaksim Feridiye Caddesi no :19 /1 taksim- beyoğluAPARTMENT-
Volare ApartmentBerham Cavus Sokak. no.33APARTMENT-
Economic Star HotelCihangir Mahallesi Baskurt Sok CihangirHotel-
Omer Hayyam PalaceSururi Mehmet Efendi Mah. Samancı Ferhat Sok no:16 BeyoğluHOTEL-
Lotus Hotel IstanbulYavuzsultanselim Mah. Vakif Mektep Sok.No:1 FatihHotel-
Yildirim HotelSarac Ishak Mah. Tiyatro Cad. Kumkapi Degirmeni SkHOTEL-
Grand Liza HotelTiyatro Caddesi No:114 Kumkapý/Beyazýt/İstanbulHOTEL-
68 HostelHacımimi Mah. Karabasderesi Sok. no 31 TophaneBeyogluHOSTEL-
New Pera SuitesHuseyinaga Mahallesi Topcekenler Sokak No : 3Apartment-
AS HotelIstiklal Cadessi.Bekar Sokak 26HOTEL-
Spinel HotelCankurtaran Mahallesi Terbıyık Çıkmazı No:6 SHOTEL83
Galata Cosmic HostelHacımimi Mahallesi Serdar-ı ekrem caddesi Hoca Ali sokağı Kölemen çıkmazı no:2HOSTEL-
Sahiba Hanım Hostelhacımimi mah. karabaşdere sok. no:34/36 tophane beyoğlu İstanbulHOSTEL-
Yakamoz GuesthouseCankurtaran Mahallesi.Kutlugün Sokak. No :24 SulHOSTEL-
Papillon Suitesaksemsettin mah okumus adam sok no 19 fatih istanbAPARTMENT-
Akhit Apart&HostNobethane Cad.Tayahatun Sok No 17 SirkeciAPARTMENT-
Daphnis Hotel IstanbulDr Sadik Ahmet Caddesi 12HOTEL-
Rhisos Hotel MaltepeZumrut Evler Mah Ataturk Cad 32 MaltepeHOTEL-
Hotel BuharaKucuk Ayasofya mahallesi Kadirga limani caddesi Cardakli firin sokak No:3Hotel-
Galata Flat with Panaromic ViewGalipdede cad. No:101 d:12 Galata BeyoğluAPARTMENT-
Stanpoli HotelKüçükayasofya mah. Yeğen sok. No:5 SultanahmetHOTEL86