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Jaffna is the northern-most district of Sri Lanka, that is currently cut off from the rest of the country along its only land route. Therefore the only way to get there at present is by flying the local airways due to which there is always a long waiting list.




Jaffna has a tropical climate, meaning hot and humid weather year round. Temperatures average around 31 degrees Celcius during the day and around 25 degrees at night. April to October is warmer compared to November to March, but temperatures can reach well over 35 degrees in nearly every month, except the coolest months. Rainfall is possible year round, but is tends to concentrate between November and January. March to July is fairly dry with some showers on just several days a month.





GTZ Guesthouse: A simple guesthouse that is run by GTZ, primarily for its own visiting non-district staff, but which has also been opened to other visitors lability to be able to maintain the premises. Simple rooms, with home-cooked meals that have to be ordered in advance.



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