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Jeju City

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Jeju City is the capital of the island and province of Jeju, south of South Korea's mainland. It has about 425,000 inhabitants, about 80% of the total population of the island, and is the main gateway to this honeymoon destination.




Jeju has a mild coastal climate with generally warm and humid conditions in summer and mild temperatures in winter, with temperatures rarely dropping below 5 °C during the coldest nights. Temperatures during the summer (June to mid-September) are mostly between 27 and 30 °C with nights around or above 20 °C. Winters can have some snow and frost but usually it's relatively mild and well above zero. Precipitation is heaviest during the warmer summer months with sometimes heavy downpours.



Getting There

By Plane

Jeju International Airport (CJU) is the third busiest airport in South Korea and handles all flights to/from the island of Jeju. There are dozens of connections with other South Korean airports, as well as flights to and from China, Japan and Taiwan.

By Boat

There are ferries to 4 mainland cities, including Busan (11 hours), Incheon (13 hours), Wando (3 hours) and Mokpo (5.5 hours), though flying usually is much faster and sometimes even cheaper!



Keep Connected


South Korea is the world's most wired country and Internet cafes, known as PC bang, are ubiquitous through the country. Most customers are there for gaming but you're free to sit and type e-mails as well, typical charges are about ₩1,000 to ₩2,000/hour. Like anything, it may be more expensive in more "luxurious" places. Also, snacks and drinks are available for purchase in most PC bangs.

There is also a lot of free wifi available throughout South Korea. Just check for an unencrypted signal, although using open wifi hotspots is a potential security risk anywhere in the world so be careful what you use it for. Many coffee shops offer free wifi with no registration required.


See also International Telephone Calls

International dialing prefixes in South Korea vary by operator, and there is no standard prefix. Check with your operator for the respective prefixes. For calls to South Korea, the country code is 82. Emergency numbers include 112 (Polie) and 119 (Ambulance and Fire).

The country has three service providers: KT, SK Telecom and LG Telecom. They offer prepaid mobile phone services (pre-paid service, PPS) in South Korea. Incoming calls are free. South Korea uses the CDMA standard exclusively and does not have a GSM network, so most 2G (GSM) mobile phones from elsewhere will not work. Even quad-band GSM phones are useless. However, if you have a 3G phone with a 3G SIM card, you can probably roam onto the UMTS/W-CDMA 2100 networks of KT or SK Telecom; check with your home operator before you leave to be sure. 4G LTE has recently been made available in Korea; again, check with your provider. Mobile phone coverage is generally excellent, with the exception of some remote mountainous areas.

If you want to buy a prepaid SIM card, you should be able to get a prepaid SIM card at one of the olleh expat locations. However, you must have been in Korea for at least 3 days, and you must bring your passport. The fee for a prepaid SIM card is ₩5,500, and you have to charge at least ₩10,000 at the spot. You must also have a compatible phone. All modern iPhones (3GS and later) should work.


Korea Post is the national postal service and has fast, reliable and well-priced services. Postage for a postcard anywhere in the world is ₩370, while letters and packages start from ₩480. On their website you can find more about pricing details, as there are many different rates, depending on the zone (which country) you want to send it to, how much it weighs, wether it is air or ground service etc. Generally, post office hours are from Monday to Friday 9:00am to 6:00pm, though the larger central post offices tend to be open until 8:00pm and sometimes also on Saturday or even Sunday, usually only mornings. If you want to send package internationally, you might also check international companies like TNT, FedEx, UPS or DHL, as they have fast, reliable and competitively priced services as well.

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