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Juan Fernandez Islands

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The Juan Fernandez Islands are 3 islands, about 700 kilometeres west of the Chilean mainland. The smallest is Isla Santa Clara near the main island of Isla Robinson Crusoe. The third one is a bit more east and is named Isla Alejandro Selkirk, after the Scottish maroon, who spend more than 4 years on Isla Robinson Crusoe. This real life story inspirated Daniel Defoe for writing his bestseller 'Robinsoe Crusoe'. This book was actually set in the Caribbean, but the real Robinson Crusoe story is based on this island, far from any civilisation. Not so many visitors pay a visit to these islands, as prices to get there are high (around 500 US dollar for a round flight) and the islands are very small, so paying a high price will leave you rather bored after a few days. There some great hiking opportunities though, as part of the islands are a World Biosphere Reserve. The geography of the islands is magnificent as, although being small islands, elevation rise to 1650 meters on Isla Alejandro Selkirk, lower though at Isla Robinson Crusoe. The high summits mean that there are big differences considering rainfall and because of that the vegetation: the southeast is much drier and the wetter northwest.



Getting There

Apart from getting there by plane, you can also take an irregular sailing or cargo ship which takes about 2 days to get there. Unfortunately, it is much more difficult to reach the outer island of Isla Alejandro Selkirk, almost 200 kilometers east from the main island, as there is no regular transport and you might have to spend a long time on the island. But of course, that is what a traveller should really experience to truly understand the Robinson Crusoe effect!




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