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Kampot is a sleepy town in Cambodia, situated near the Teuk Chhou River and the Gulf of Thailand. Nearby Kep is more popular. It is a gateway to Bokor National Park.



Sights and Activities

The most impressive sights in Kampot are the river and surrounding hills, which grandly frame views from the riverside promenade. Kampot retains many of its colonial buildings and there are many interesting old structures in various states of repair. The two cinemas stopped screenings long ago but the buildings represents a charming, art deco vision of the future. The market, an angular structure similar to Battambang's, is undergoing renovation.



Getting There

By Train

  • There is a passenger rail service between Kampot and Phnom Penh. and Kampot and Sihanoukville. The train from Kampot to Phnom Penh departs every Saturday and Sunday at 08:40am. and takes (5 hours 20 minutes) to get to Phnom Penh. a ticket cost $6. The train from Kampot to Sihanoukville departs every Saturday and Sunday at 11:40am. the trip takes (2 hours 40 minutes) a ticket cost $4.

By Bus

Regular connections with Kep, Sihanoukville and Phnom Penh by bus exist.

Phnom Penh

  • Hua Lin buses depart at 07:00 and 12:00 from their bus station on St 182 near Olympic Market. The bus travels to Kampot via Kep and the trip takes about 3 hr (normally).
  • Capitol Tour buses depart at 07:00 and 13:00 from their bus station near Orrusey Market. The bus does not currently go via Kep and the trip can take approximately 3 hr. The fare is USD5.
  • Sorya buses depart at 07:30 and 14:30 from their bus station next to Central Market. In the high season (Oct-May) there may be an additional bus at 09:30. The bus travels to Kampot via Kep and the trip takes about 3 hr. The fare is USD5.
  • Paramount Angkor Express buses depart at 07:30 and 13:30 from their bus station near Olympic Market. The bus travels directly to Kampot (does not go via Kep) and the trip takes about 3 hr. The fare is USD5
  • Giant Ibis buses depart at 08:00 and 14:45 from St 106 next to the Night Market on Riverside. This company promotes itself as a luxury service. Tickets are USD8 and the bus arrives at the Durian Roundabout (approximately 300 m from the bus station) in Kampot.



Getting Around

Getting around Kampot is easy on foot or on a bicycle, given the town's small size and flat terrain. Alternatively, hire a motorcycle (100cc-125cc scooter or 250cc dirt bike, from USD5/day) or bicycle (from USD1/day) from hire shops near the durian traffic circle, or from just about any guesthouse or tour shop.




A delicious breakfast found in Kampot is Koh Kor Num Pain, a thick beef stew served with French bread.




Kampot has the best teuk rleuek (fruit shake) in Cambodia. Visit any of the numerous vendors on the main avenues in the evening.




There are many guesthouses in Kampot, mostly in the USD5+ price bracket. It is best just to have a look at the rooms. In the city most of the guesthouses are located along "Guesthouse Street". There are also a number of guesthouses just outside of town across the bridge and along the river front.

View our map of accommodation in Kampot or use the form below to search for availability (Travellerspoint receives a commission for bookings made through the form)



Keep Connected


Internet bars are starting to appear in most major towns in Cambodia. Connection speeds vary as does the quality of the computers. The best places to go online definately are Phnom Penh and Siem Reap and outside of these centers it's generally also more expensive. In general prices are not much more than US1-2 an hour. Remember to take off your shoes when you enter as a sign of respect and to watch out for small shrines that are on the ground.


See also: International Telephone Calls

The country code of Cambodia is 855. To call out of Cambodia, dial 001 followed by the country code and telephone number of the other party. Many of the internet bars also have international calling options and you can also arrange calls at post offices. Services are usually run by the governmental telecommunication network Camintel. You can find telephone cards in many shops, starting from serveral US dollars to around US$50. Samart, Mobitel and Shinawrata are the main mobile phone providers, with Mobitel offering the best and most widespread services, although calling from outside towns (countryside) is still tricky.


Cambodia's national postal service offers a wide range of services, though in general things go slowly and are not always very reliable. That said, things have been getting better over the years, and you can expect for your postcard or letter to finally arrive after 5-10, depending from where you send it (avoid small towns) and to where you send it. Prices are around 2000-2,500 Riel to countries in Europe, Asia, Australia and North America, and it's slightly more expensive sending it from more remote places in the provinces. Post offices in Cambodia generally are open from around 8:00am to 5:00pm, with some regional variations. Sendings parcels is only possible from the capital Phnom Penh and it's very expensive as well. You might be better to send it from Thailand, or otherwise check private companies like DHL, TNT or UPS, which are more reliable and might even be cheaper!


Accommodation in Kampot

We have a comprehensive list of accommodation in Kampot searchable right here on Travellerspoint. You can use our map to quickly compare budget, mid-range or top of the range accommodation in Kampot and areas nearby.


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