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La Romana

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Casa de Campo Marina, La Romana, Dominican Republic

Casa de Campo Marina, La Romana, Dominican Republic

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Once a small sugar-cane town, La Romana, located in the Dominican Republic, was transformed into a tourist haven when the luxurious Casa de Campo resort opened a couple of kilometres out of town in 1975. It has since flourished as a tourist destination. It is the third largest city in the Dominican Republic and is the capital of the southeastern province of La Romana.




La Romana enjoys a tropical climate, with the usual hot and humid weather year round. Daytime temperatures average 29 °C while nights rarely drop below 21 °C. May to October is just slightly warmer than the November to April period, the latter also being the dry season, making this time the best for a visit. From May onwards rains intensify and hurricanes are possible from August onwards. That said, anytime of year there are some possible refreshing rain showers.



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INPOSDOM is the national postal service of the Dominican Republic and unfortunately, although things are getting better, is not known for its fast and efficient services. It takes at least a few weeks for your letter or postcard to arrive in the USA and even longer for Europe or other continents. It costs from RD$3 to North America and from RD$4 elsewhere for standard letters and postcards. Post offices generally are open from around 8:00am to 3:00pm, though in big cities and tourist resort areas there are sometimes longer hours and you can usually give your postcards are major hotels and resorts as well at all times. Stamps are available at post offices, but at many shops and kiosks and some hotels as well. Sending packages is not recommended through the official postal service, and it's much better to use good international courier companies like UPS, TNT or DHL.


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