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Male is the capital and largest city of the Maldives Republic with about 90,000 people living in the city. It is located at the southern edge of North Male Kaafu Atoll and the island on which Male is situated is full with high rise buildings, a harbour and many other facilities you would expect in a city of this size. There simply is no more space to build here. As a result the 2004 Christmas tsunami meant that two thirds of the city was under water. Most travellers hardly spend any time in this city as they move onwards to one of the many beautiful islands and atolls the country has to offer. But if you want to experience some of the islamic culture the country has to offer a few days in Male will suffice.



Sights and Activities

  • Muleeaage (Former Presidential Palace) - Located in the capital this is a beautiful colonial palace.
  • A walk around Male is an interesting experience in itself, with the narrow cobblestoned roads and tiny, vertically expanding houses.



Events and Festivals


Being a totally Islamic country, the Maldives celebrates the Ramadan period every year. Muslims fast during daylight hours and offices and government workers end the working days earlier. The event is held in the months of August or September, which is otherwise known as the ninth month of the Islamic calendar.

The National Day

The National Day is celebrated as the first day of Rabee-ul Awwal, which is held during the third month of the Islamic calendar. Falling sometime in February or March, you will see parades and marches across the Maldives.

Independence Day

One of the most important days on the calendar, Independence Day celebrates the freedom of the Maldives from Britain back in 1965. The islands are filled with parades, performances, food and festivities. It is held annually on July 26.

Republic Day

Although not as important as Independence Day, Republic Day is still an exciting event felt throughout the country. November 11 marks the day the Maldives became a republic for the second time in 1968. Male is the center of the celebrations, hosting parades throughout its streets and parks. Other towns and islands put on quite a good show.

Prophet’s Birthday

For an interesting cultural experience, visitors should head to Male during the Prophet’s Birthday. The event is held on the 12th day of Rabee-ul-Awwal, which falls in the third month of the Islamic calendar. The mosques in the capital and around the country are filled with worshippers and offices and shops close early.

Eid Festival

For the best feast of the year, the Eid Festival is the place to be. Held at the end of Ramadan in the month of September, Eid is a fantastic time to explore the cultural splendors of the Maldives’ religious faith. The event usually lasts for about three days, where grand meals are prepared across the country.




Male is hot and humid year round but the winds bring some relief. Temperatures are around 30 °C during the day and still above 20 °C at night. February to April are the driest months and from May to January onwards there is almost always a chance of some rain showers. The wettest months are from July to October when hurricanes can hit the island and city.

Avg Max30.3 °C30.7 °C31.4 °C31.6 °C31.2 °C30.6 °C30.5 °C30.4 °C30.2 °C30.2 °C30.1 °C30.1 °C
Avg Min25.7 °C25.9 °C26.4 °C26.8 °C26.3 °C26 °C25.8 °C25.5 °C25.3 °C25.4 °C25.2 °C25.4 °C
Rainfall114.2 mm38.1 mm73.9 mm122.5 mm218.9 mm167.3 mm149.9 mm175.5 mm199 mm194.2 mm231.1 mm216.8 mm
Rain Days63591513121315151312



Getting There

By Plane

Malé International Airport (MLE) is the main airport with direct flights from Rome, Milan, Prague, Düsseldorf, Amsterdam, Paris, Moscow, Dubai, London, Munich, Manchester, Zürich and Frankfurt among others. In Asia there are connections from Colombo, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Shanghai. All these destinations are operated by foreign airlines. As of 2008, Island Aviation Services was the only Maldives based airlines to fly internationally with only one destination, Thiruvanathapuram in India.

By Boat

From the airport island, there is a frequent airport ferry to take you to Male. It costs about 10-25 rufiyah depending on the time that you take the ferry.

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Getting Around

By Car

Increasingly, the richer Male residents are beginning to purchase cars. However, with hardly any place to use them, it is simply a sign of vanity more than practical usage.

By Public Transport

Male has taxis. To go to anywhere on the island will cost you 20 rufiyah, which is around US$2. With baggage in your taxi, there will be an additional 5 rufiyah per baggage item. Further, hiring a taxi for an hour to go around the island is around 70 rufiyah. All taxi drivers can speak some level of english so communication is not a problem and they have fixed prices so there is no need to haggle over prices or worry about safety. However, unless you have baggage you need to transport to the airport ferry terminal or your place of accommodation or you have sore feet, taxis are not really of use or advised for this tiny place.

By Foot

Walking is the best way of getting around tiny Male and experiencing the local atmosphere and to stop and observe interesting spots at your own leisure.

By Bike

The next best way to get around Male, besides walking, is using a bicycle. Environmentally friendly and healthy for you, it is the most advisable mode of transport around the island.

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There are increasing numbers of motorbikes on the road but with hardly any place to park, all motorbikes are parked on the road themselves due to which there is more congestion.




  • Seagull cafe is a lovely little cosy cafe serving nice breakfasts of pancakes, waffles, toasts as well as the Maldivian roshi and mashuni. The upstairs part of the cafe is lovelier with comfortable seating and a tree going right through the middle of the cafe. The cafe also serves lunch and dinner.
  • Holiday Inn rooftop cafe is a lovely place for enjoying the sunset and the evening breeze while sipping a fruit juice or mocktail.
  • Sea Breeze cafe above the Hulumale ferry terminal is ok for a brief lunch meeting.

There are several supermarkets in Male - S.T.O, Fantasy etc. which have packaged food from all around the world. If you are in the mood for cooking yourself, shopping at these supermarkets can be fun.




Adaaran Club RannalhiSouth Malé Atoll (Kaafu), Maldguesthouse-
Adaaran Prestige Ocean Villas ResortNorth Male' Atollguesthouse-
Cokes Surf CampNorth Male AtollHOSTEL-
Hulhumale InnNirolhumagu plot 10487GUESTHOUSE-
Sunshine Hotel - HulhumaleDhigga MaguHOTEL-
UI InnLot 10572, Halaveli MaguHOTEL60
HolidayMakers InnLot# 10818 &10819 Unigas MaguHOTEL-
Dream InnFinihiyaa HingunHostel-
Le Vieux Nice InnNirolhumagu - 06 MALDIVES, Hulhumale Lot No.10056,GUESTHOUSE-



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