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Melekeok is the capital of the island nation of Palau. It is located on the east coast of Babeldaob, the largest island of Palau and has a total population of just over 200 inhabitants, including nearby villages. Since the 7th of October 2006, the city of Melekeok became the seat of Palau's government, replacing Koror as the nation's capital. Koror remains the biggest settlement of Palau though and is still the cultural, commercial and tourism heart of the state.




As Melekeok is located near the equator, the climate on the island is tropical. Generally, the weather is hot and humid, with temperatures around 30 °C during most of the year, rarely dropping below 20 °C at night. The island receives a lot of rain throughout the year with the heaviest rainfall from May/June until November, when cyclones are a real possibility as well. Obviously, this is not the best time to visit, but can still be pleasant. Most of the rain comes in late afternoon (heavy) downpours.



Getting There

By Plane

Palau International Airport (international code: ROR), also known as Roman Tmetuchl International Airport or Babelthuab Koror Airport, is located about 25 kilometres from Melekeok and has direct connections to Guam, Taipei, Seoul, Manila, and several other places.

Pacific Flier is a new airline serving Palau from early 2010. Destinations include Brisbane, Tokyo, Guam and Clark airport near Manila. Continental Micronesia Airlines (subsidiary of Continental Airlines) flies daily from Guam and Manila to Koror. There are also flights to and from Yap in Micronesia.

Asian Airlines and Korean Air have charter flights to Seoul, while China Airlines has charter flights to Taiwan.

Belau Air flies to and from Peleliu, an island within the nation of Palau.



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