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Mogadishu is the capital and largest city of Somalia and has an estimated population of about 1,7 million inhabitants, although this might fluctuate a lot thanks to the recent unrest in and around the capital. The city is located in the south of the country along the shores of the Indian Ocean and has been the stage of constant fighting, tensions and other problems since the collapse of the central government in 1991. It is one of the most dangerous places in the world and although officially lawless, it has its own laws, the laws of the militias, of the warlords who rule the city. Recently, Ethiopian troops reached the city, but withouth succes and many deaths were the consequence again. Nowadays, almost no one with a sense goes here, accept a few NGO's who are based in or near the city.




Mogadishu is located close to the equator, but is a fairly dry places, averaging around 300 mm of rain a year. Most of it falls in short downpours from April to October, the warmest, most humid time of year. Year round, there are little variations regarding temperature though. Nights average between 23 and 26 degrees Celsius year round, days between 28 and 32 degrees Celsius.



Getting There

By Plane

Theoretically, Jubba Airways flies between Mogadishu and Hargeisa and Bosaso.



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