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Monte Albán

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Monte Alban Oaxaca

Monte Alban Oaxaca

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Monte Alban is a large archaeological site located just outside Oaxaca City. It is one of the earliest Mesoamerican cities, founded around 500 BC.

The top of the hill was dug up and levelled out over an area of 400 km², creating an enormous plateau on which the city was built. Standing among the ruins and temples in the early morning sunshine with a cool breeze blowing once can enjoy the celestial view across the mountains, which must have inspired the original builders centuries ago to construct something very special here.

In its early history the main temple complex must have served as a purely religious purpose, but later Monte Alban became a burial city for the Zapotecs and later Mixtecs. Tombs built for dignitaries were so cleverly hidden that they weren't actually discovered until this century.



Getting There

By Bike

If you really want to have a spectacular trip to Monte Alban you should book a mountainbike trip around Monte Album. You will be brought up to Monte Alban by minibus. You will have plenty of time to see the spectacular site and enjoy the amazing views. Then you take your mountainbike and start going downhill. You will go through dried up rivers and pass small villages. Farmers working on their lands might offer you some Mezcal (typical drink).




A special and traditional dish from Oaxaca is the Tlayuda.





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