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Smile man in Peshawar

Smile man in Peshawar

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Sights and Activities

Khyber Pass
A trip to the Khyber Pass needs a little preparation, and a whole lot of adventurous spirit. While not so visually stunning, it is fraught with history, and a solid read up before hand will make it worthwhile.

You will need a Permit first, obtainable at the Khyber Political Agents Office, that will cost around Rs200, which includes a Rs100 "speeding up" fee if you so wanted to offer it. What you get is a nice piece of paper giving you permission to drive out to the Pass all the way to the Afghan border. You also get an armed guard to accompany you for free.

If you have hired a taxi it will cost around Rs800, or you can have everything arranged for you by the PTDC.

  • Tribal Areas




Peshawar is nice and fairly warm during the day from November to March, averaging between 17 and 25 degrees Celsius and between 4 and 8 degrees at night. Much of the rest of the year has temperatures between 30 and 40 degrees Celsius with an absolute high of 50 degrees in July. Unlike other areas in the country, there is much less rainfall year round. March is the wettest month with around 60 mm of rain in about 5 days! Heavy showers are the norm.



Getting There

By Train

There are two main stations in Peshawar. Peshawar Station and Peshawar Cantonment, both are only a short stop from each other and on the same route. Both are very close to the Grand Trunk Road and the center of the city.

  • To Lahore it takes about 9 hours.
  • To Islamabad/Rawalpindi its about 4 hours.
  • The Khyber Railway no longer functions.

By Bus

Daewoo operate a good service. Air-conditioning works and plenty of leg room. Though it does cost a little more. Nearly all taxis and rickshaws know the name Daewoo.

Local non-air-conditioned buses leave from the southern end of Grand Trunk road. Their prices are quite low and they can be an adventure to take but not the most time effective.

At the time of writing it was not possible for a tourist to legally board a bus from Peshawar to Quetta due to tribal disputes in the NWFP areas.



Getting Around

By Public Transport

Buses go everywhere and are very cheap, most rides costing about Rs5. The main problem is figuring out where they go to as there are no bus stands or stops. Just wave and they will stop.

Taxis and rickshaws are plentiful and quite cheap. A rickshaw across town will cost between Rs20 and Rs30. Have change ready otherwise you are likely to just get a smile and a shrug in return as few taxis have change, allegedly.

By Foot

Peshawar is walkable in sections. But keep in mind it can get very hot during the daytime. The traffic is very heavy, and has little regard for pedestrians.





  • The Rose Hotel, Shoba Chowk (pretty much the centre of town) - Rs400 for a double with bathroom and TV. Hot water in the morning and evening. A nice place in the centre of town with good food at the restaurant and room service for free.
  • Relax Inn, Cinema Road - Rs350 for a double with bathroom. Pleasant staff, clean and also fairly central.
  • Al-Haq, Cinema Road - Rs300 for a single with bathroom. Pleasant staff, could do with a clean.
  • Tourist Inn Motel, Saddar Road - Rs100 for a dorm, Rs350 for a double, shared or en-suite. A little rough for the price. Pleasant Staff. Very close to the PTDC office and near to the banks.


  • Green's Hotel, Saddar Road - Rs1000+ for a double with bathroom, TV. Restaurant and tours on site. Nice decorative hotel, good staff and excellent food.



Keep Connected


Most internet caf├ęs are seriously outdated. The machines are old and while the connections are slow, they are manageable once you go back in time to Windows 98.


See also International Telephone Calls
There are a few phone booths around for international calls. The cost is medium compared to neighbouring countries. Sending SMS through Pakistan's national carrier is more a more cost efficient method of staying in touch than any other. Mobilink is a recommended service for sending international text messages.


The post office works well. But be aware that as of the time of writing you could not send any form of CD or DVD in the post. This will include you photo CDs. The reason it is banned is due to the large amount to pirate movies being sent through the mail.


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