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Piatra Neamţ

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Museum of Art

Museum of Art

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In 2009 Piatra Neamţ was elected the greenest city in Romania. It is also called "The pearl of Moldavia" due to its beautiful natural views and architectural heritage, and of course the fact that it is located in Romania's Moldavia region.



Sights and Activities

The main draw of Piatra Neamţ is the outdoors, with a lot of focus recently being on making it into one of Romania's top skiing destinations.

Tower of Stefan cel Mare

Tower of Stefan cel Mare

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  • The Royal Court (Curtea Domneasca)
  • The National History & Archaeology Museum (host of the Cucuteni exhibition)
  • The Telegondola, a 2,150-metre-long cable car which transports you over the city at 50 metres height. Departs from the railway station to Cozla mountain.
  • The Fine Arts Museum
  • The Natural Sciences Museum
  • Stephen's tower, which dates back to 1499
  • St John The Baptist church (1497-1498)
  • Central Park
  • The Wooden Synagogue



Getting There

The easiest way of getting to Piatra Neamţ is by plane. Fly into George Enescu International Airport (the old Bacău International Airport) in Bacău, approximately 60 kilometres away from Piatra Neamţ. From Bacău you can either take a train or rent a car.

By Plane

The closest airport is George Enescu International Airport in the city of Bacău, 60 kilometres away.

By Train

Direct trains are available from Bucharest Nord station to Piatra Neamţ, or from Bacău.
It takes about 5 to 6 hours from Bucharest to Piatra Neamţ and about 45 minutes from Bacău.



Keep Connected


Internet cafes exist in most cities and towns. The number of internet cafes seems to be declining in bigger cities recently because of cheap availability of computers and the rising living standard here. Wifi is widely available in University areas, airports, public squares, parks, cafes, hotels and restaurants. Pay-as-you-go Wifi is also available in many venues. If uncertain, look for plazas near the Town Hall, large parks or other important buildings. Most (if not all) McDonald's restaurants and Starbucks in Romania have Wifi access and so do most 3-star (and higher) hotels.


See also International Telephone Calls

Romania's country code is +40. To dial to other countries from Romania, dial 00 and then the international number usually without the first 0.
Public phones work well and are available in all areas. You must purchase a phonecard from a kiosk to use them. When dialing within Romania, dial 0 + three digit area code + six digit telephone.

There are five networks - four GSM/3G (Orange Romania, Vodafone, Cosmote and DigiMobil) and one CDMA (Zapp). Orange and Vodafone have almost full national coverage (98-99% of the surface of the country), while the newly-merged Cosmote+Zapp are expanding quickly. Tariffs are average for the European Union (€0.08-0.30/min, €0.04 per SMS). Both pre-paid cards and subscriptions are available, and special options for discounted international calls exist with some pricing plans. Roaming is available but is, like in most of the EU, rather expensive. Pre-paid cards or recharge codes can be bought in almost every shop, either rural or urban.

On prepaid SIMs you can activate extra options ("extraopţiune") starting from €5 (+ 24% VAT) in total = RON27-32, with a validity period of 30 days, containing thousands (200 -3,000) of minutes and SMSs within the same network and up to 100 minutes outside the network, including most European Union fixed land-line networks and two or three mobile networks.


Posta Romana is the national postal service of Romania. Postal services are generally very affordable, reliable and reasonably fast. Post boxes are red and can be found near the post offices, along the street or in main train stations. Post offices can be found in even the smallest towns and the opening hours are generally Monday to Friday from 7:30am to 6:00pm and Saturday 8:00am to 12:00, closed on Sunday. You can buy stamps here or at kiosks. Prices for international mail start at around €0.55 and takes at least 3-5 days to countries within Europe. It's slightly cheaper and faster for domestic mail to be send. Intercontinental post is slightly more expensive but takes much longer. For slightly more expensive but faster and more reliable services you can also try international courier companies like TNT, DHL, FedEx or UPS.

Quick Facts


  • Latitude: 46.9275
  • Longitude: 26.370833


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