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If you've ever spent time travelling in a place where you don't know the local language, you'll know how handy it is to have a basic knowledge of simple phrases, words and pronunciation.

For this project, we'd like you to contribute your expert knowledge of a language other than English to help travellers give themselves a head start to conversing with the locals.

For examples, check out the Malay and Spanish phrasebooks.



as well as Peter (10%), Vientianer (5%), gocebe (5%), opospa (5%), agc_cwm (5%), bentivogli (5%), Bamboulis1 (5%), nigelpeaco (5%), ricadito (5%), Herr Bert (5%), t_maia (5%), Hien (5%)

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  • Reshmi

    I am proficient in Bengali , Hindi and English and I can understand and speak basic conversational Tamil and Kannada.
    I have travelled extensively within India. More than the touristy places its the offbeat places that call out to me. I am a woman and I have travelled alone ( still alive and kicking ).
    I would love to contribute in the Project : Language phrasebooks and also answer questions about the travel destinations in India.

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  • Bamboulis1

    I teach Greek as a second language

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