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il Colesseo

il Colesseo

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Rome is the capital and largest city in Italy. It is one of the most important cities in the world in terms of history and culture, as it was at the heart of the Roman Empire and is the centre of one of the world's major religions. Although it has relatively 'new' attractions like the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps, the city is mostly known for its older magnificent buildings and ruins, like the Colosseum, Pantheon and the Forum Romanum. And if that is not enough, you can always visit another country, right in the middle of the city: Vatican City, the residence of the Pope, which is known for its huge basilica, St. Peter's. Of course, like any other Italian city, you can enjoy good cappuccinos, pizza and pasta in Rome as well. Or just sit down and relax for a while enjoying a fresh beer or good vino (wine!), after walking from one highlight to the other, because that's what Rome is all about.




In ancient times, Rome as we now know it was built on seven hills - the Capitoline, Palatine, Celium, Aventine, Quirinal, Viminal and Esquiline. This led to neigbourhoods growing, with very distinct identities and character. Today, the main Roman neighbourhoods include:

  • Near Stazione Termini - The main train station
  • Via Veneto & Piazza Barberini
  • Piazza del Popolo & the Spanish Steps
  • Piazza Navona & the Pantheon
  • Ancient Rome - Colosseum, Palatine Hill, Roman Forum, Imperial Forums, and Circus Maximus, called the centro storico or historic district
  • Campo de' Fiori
  • The Jewish Ghetto
  • Trastevere
  • Around Vatican City
  • Testaccio & the Aventine
  • Aventine Hill - south of the Palatine.
  • Prati
  • Parioli
  • Monte Mario



Sights and Activities

Colosseum at Night

Colosseum at Night

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The Colosseum is not the oldest, nor the biggest Roman arena (the Circus Maximus could hold 5 times as much people), but it is the most famous Arena and one of the biggest landmarks in Rome for sure. It was opened in 80 A.D., and the inauguration of the arena lasted for a 100 days. The stadium could hold up to 50,000 people, who came to watch the fights between man and animal, and man versus man. In general the fighters were slaves, prisoners of war, but also volunteers. The floor of the arena could be flooded for the occasional sea battle.

In the middle ages the Colosseum, was transformed into a fortress. During the centuries it was damaged a couple of times by earthquakes, and it was also used as a quarry for marble, that was used in the construction of several palaces and churches in Rome. It also became a holy site that served as church, monastery and general place of worship. In the last century the traffic, the metro and concerts also caused damage. To this day though it was one of the most recognized images in the world and any visit to Rome is not complete without a trip to the Colosseum.


Pantheon, Rome

Pantheon, Rome

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The Pantheon is the best-preserved ancient building in Rome, the building we see today dates back to 120 A.D. The original building was older, but was destroyed and rebuilt by Emperor Hadrian. On the outside you see 16 columns that were made in one piece in Egypt, and transported to Rome. Inside the most impressive sight is that of the dome. Until the renaissance it was the biggest dome in the world, and it was the bases for the dome that Michelangelo built for the St. Peter's. In the middle of the dome, you will see a big hole, which is the only source of light for the building. When it rains holes in the floor make sure that the water, makes it way out.

The floorplan of the Pantheon is still the same as in Roman times, and most of the inside of the building is still the same, except for the statues of Catholic saints, the tomb of Raphael, and the tombs of 2 kings of Italy. (Victor Emanuelle II and Umberto I.)

Roman Forum

To many the Roman Forum may just look like a huge field littered with rocks, but you have to remember that this once was the focal point of an empire that lasted a thousand years. Entrance to the Forum used to be free, but is now included in the ticket for the Colosseum and the Palantine Hill. The Forum was layed out along side the Via Sacra, which leads from the Colosseum to Capitol Hill.

In the Forum you will find several sights of interest :

  • The Arch of Titus
  • The Basilica of Maxentius and Constantine
Rome - Roman Forum

Rome - Roman Forum

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  • The Temple of Antoninus and Faustina
  • The Temple of Julius Caesar
  • The Temple of Vesta, and the house of the Vestal Virgins
  • The Temple of Caster and Pollux
  • The Curia or Senate house
  • The Arch of Septimius Severus
  • The Rostrum
  • The Column of Phocas
  • The Temple of Saturn.

The entrance to the Roman Forum used to be free, and you will still find it listed as free in many of the guidebooks, but a visit to the Roman Forum is now included in the combined ticket for the Colosseum and Palantine Hill. It also means that if you buy a ticket at the Forum, you can skip the long lines at the Colosseum.

More detailed information of this site, can be found on the page about the Roman Forum.

Capitoline Museum

The Capitoline museum (Musei Capitolini) was created in 1471 when Pope Sixus IV donated a group of bronze statues to the people of Rome. These statues are still and important part of the collection. This collection includes the statue of the she-wolf, with under it the twins Remus and Romulos (although the boys were added later.) that symbolises Rome. A copy of this statue can also be seen on the square. A new part of the museum was created to hold the famous statue of Marcus Aurelius on a horse. This statue was the focal point of the Piazza de Campidoglio, but it was moved inside to perserve it better. The rest of the collection mainly focusses on statues and paintings. The are exhibitions usualy on the second and third floor of the Palazzo del Conservatori. (sometimes dubbed: Palazzo Clementino).

The museum is situated in two buildings: the Palazzo Nuovo and the Palazzo del Conservatori. These two buildings are on the left and right side of the Piazza de Campidoglio. Entrance to the museum is at the Palazzo del Conservatori. The buildings are connected under the ground by the Tabularium, where you can find remains of Roman temples, and a small exhibition. From here you also have a nice view over the Roman Forum. The museum is opened from Tuesday to Sunday from 9.00am to 8:00pm (last admission at 7:00pm).

Vatican City



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While Vatican City is an independent sovereign state, it happens to be located entirely in Rome, on the west bank of the Tiber. You don't need to show a passport to enter, but you will have to pass yourself and your bags through X-ray scanners. And be prepared to queue.

Even ignoring the Sistine Chapel, the Vatican Museums are some of the most important museums in the world. The Vatican has a superb gallery, excellent Roman and Etruscan collections, and plenty more. Be sure not to miss the appartments that were decorated by Raphael. There is too much to see if you plan on going to the museums for one day. If you go one day, you just have time for the highlights. The highlight of the visit to the museums is the The Sistine Chapel known for Michelangelo's two most famous masterpieces: the ceiling, depicting numerous scenes from the Old Testament and the Last Judgement, occupying the entire wall behind the altar.

St Peter's Basilica is the centre of the Catholic faith, the richest and most important church in the world. Built on top of the remains of St. Peter. The views from the top of the Dome, 130 metres above St. Peter's Square, are wonderful. The entrance to the stairs and the elevator are on the rightside of the Basilica, were you will also find the entrance to the Vatican Grotto that holds the remains of many popes including John Paul II, who died in 2005.

You can find more detailed information about the sights in Vatican City in the article about Vatican City.

Baths of Caracalla

Rome, Terms of Caracalla

Rome, Terms of Caracalla

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The Baths of Caracalla was a huge complex of Roman public baths, or thermae, built between 206 and 216 A.D. The name comes from Emperor Caracalla, the oldest son of Septimus Severus. Today the ruins that are still standing gives you an impression of how big this complex must have been. It is guessed that it could hold 1,600 visitors at the same time, and it would have had around 7,000 to 8,000 visitors each day. The baths were decorated with some beautiful sculptures. Many of these ended up in the Farnese collection, and can still be seen in several museums. The most famous one is the so called Farnese bulls, that is at the Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli. The Ruins are opened on weekdays from 9:00am till 7:30pm (last entrance at 5:30pm, on Mondays from 9:00am to 2:00pm).

Museums and Galleries

Ancient Rome

  • Palatine Hill is where Augustus, Cicero and Romulus and Remus lived
  • Trajan's Market, Trajan's Column and the Forums of Nerva, Julius, Augustus and Trajan
  • Museo Nazionale delle Terme has a brilliant collection of Roman art, sculpture and mosaics
  • Baths of Diocletian is a good example of a traditional Roman baths
  • Domus Aurea was Nero's Golden Palace, currently undergoing renovation.


  • Castel Sant'Angelo was built to be Emperor Hadrian's mausoleum, it was used by the medieval Popes as a castle and prison.
  • Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore: With mosaics dating from the fourth century.
  • Basilica of San Giovanni in Laterano is Rome's cathedral and the seat of the Bishop of Rome.
  • Church of Santa Prassede has good ninth century mosaics.
  • Piazza Navona is still in the shape of a Roman circus.
  • Trevi Fountain
  • Piazza del Campidoglio was designed by Michelangelo, it stands between the two buildings of the Capitoline Museum.
  • Villa Borghese

For Kids


  • Archaeologia Card is a 7-day pass valid at Palazzo Massimo, Palazzo Altemps, Crypta Balbi, Baths of Diocletian, Colosseum, Foro Romano and Palatino, Baths of Caracalla, Villa dei Quintili, Mausoleo di Cecilia Metella. Adults: €20 + €2 (For exhibitions). Reduced Fee: €10 + €2 (for exhibitions).
  • Roma Pass is a pass that allows a traveller unlimited access to public transport, free access to the first 2 sites and half price at the rest. There are two versions. The Roma Pass Basic costs €23 for three days access to Rome public transport, first 2 sites free and half price at the others. The Rome & Più Pass costs €25 for three days access to the public transport system of the province, first 2 sites free and half price at the others.



Events and Festivals

  • Republic Day (02 Jun 2013) - The day when Italians celebrate the formation of the republic in 1946. A military parade takes place on Via dei Fori Imperiali. Most shops are closed on this public holiday.
  • Opera at Caracalla - Every summer season, Rome's opera performs at Caracalla Baths, turning the archaeological site into a stage.
  • Estate Romana Festival (June - September) - Estate Romana Festival (Roman Summer Festival) - offering various musical events of jazz, rock, and classical music, and film, sport, theater etc.
  • Roma Jazz Festival - First organized in 1976, the Roma Jazz Festival attracts well known Italian and international jazz musicians to the city. This festival comes to Rome every November.
  • Italian Open - After the French Open, this is the most prestigious red clay tennis tournament in the world, held annually at the Foro Italico. The men's competition is an ATP World Tour Masters 1000 event while the women's competition is a Premier 5 event.
  • International Rome Film Festival - Set up in 2007, the film festival attracts large crowds, showcasing some great films from Italy and overseas. This festival occurs every fall in October/November.
  • Derby della Capitale - Football teams AS Roma and SS Lazio clash twice a year at Stadio Olimpico. It is considered the fiercest derby in Italy. This hometown rivalry has been going on for many years, making this event known for its lively and highly competitive crowds.
  • Rome City Marathon (Maratona di Roma) - Rome hosts their city marathon once a year on a Sunday in March. The race passes by the famous landmarks like St Peter's Basilica and the Colosseum.
  • Holy Week - The week of Easter is understandably a big deal in Rome, right at the epicentre of the Catholic faith. The Pope himself leads several masses and a a candle-light procession on Good Friday that travels from the Colosseum to Palatine Hill. Price: Generally the events are free, but some require tickets for seats which can be hard to come by.
  • Birth Of Rome (21 Apr 2014) - Legend has it that Rome was founded on the 21st of April 753 BC by brothers Romulus and Remus (whose father was the god Mars). On this day each year, enthusiastic citizens of Rome dress up in historic attire and take to the streets to celebrate the occasion. Concerts, fireworks, and other parties are held in the city centre.
  • Sagra dell'Uva - This Festival of the Grape Harvest is one of the city's most popular events. Held annually in September at the Basilica of Constantine, many gather to hold parades, parties, and food events in honor of the grape. Visitors will have the opportunity to buy the season's best wine and grapes (if they'd like to try to make their own wine).
  • Feast of Saint Francis of Assisi (03 Oct 2013) - A festival commemorating this Saint is held every October 3, which is the day Saint Francis died in 1226. This religious festival is celebrated by a wreath-laying ceremony near the Basilica of San Giovanni in Laterano. Devotees can also view ceremonies commemorating this Saint at the church of San Francesco a Ripa in Trastevere, which is where he stayed in hospice before he died.
  • Festa della Primavera - A grand festival, held every March/April, celebrating the Spring season. This event is a celebration of food, wine and music held at the San Francisco’s Historic Ferry Plaza Building. This festival is known for it's spectacular concerts and beautiful floral decorations on the Spanish Steps.
  • Settimana della Cultura - Rome's most popular museums and historical sites offer free admission during Settimana della Cultura, or "Week of Culture". Visitors can expect to see many different exhibits, some not typically open to the public, all for free.
  • Expo Tevere - This popular arts and crafts fair, held every fall (August/September), can be seen along the banks of the Tiber from Ponte Sant'Angelo to Ponte Cavour. Visitors can expect to see a variety of stands selling artisan foods, wines, olive oils, breads, and much more! Those looking for gifts or souvenirs are sure to find some unique, local offerings at this event.




Rome has a typical Mediterranean climate with warm summers and mild winters. Temperatures average around 30 °C from June to September with warm nights, mostly around or above 20 °C. Winters are around 10 °C or 12 °C during the day and around 5 °C at night. Most of the rain falls in autumn and winter and summers are almost completely dry with just a few showers sometimes. The best times for a visit and avoiding the wettest or hottest weather and the most crowds, is from late March to May and mid-September to early November.

Avg Max12.9 °C13.7 °C15.3 °C18 °C22 °C25.6 °C28.6 °C28.7 °C26 °C22 °C17.2 °C13.9 °C
Avg Min3.7 °C4.4 °C5.8 °C8.3 °C11.9 °C15.6 °C18.2 °C18.4 °C15.8 °C12 °C8.1 °C5.1 °C
Rainfall80.7 mm74.9 mm65 mm54.7 mm31.8 mm16.3 mm14.7 mm33.3 mm68.2 mm93.4 mm110.5 mm89.6 mm
Rain Days9.18.37.974.



Getting There

Rome - Termini

Rome - Termini

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By Plane

1. Rome Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport (FCO) is located 26 kilometres south-west of the centre and is the city's primary international air hub. It is the busiest airport in Italy and in the top 30 worldwide and is the home of the national airline Alitalia. Dozens of airlines serve Rome, with some main destinations being New York, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Kuala Lumpur, Moscow, London, Paris, Tel Aviv, Toronto, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Miami, Istanbul, Sao Paulo, Bangkok and Buenos Aires. Easyjet has some budget flights as well to Fiumicino.

To/from the airport

  • The airport is connected by train to the Termini station. Check Italy's national railway carrier Ferrovie dello Stato (FS) for more information about schedules and prices. The trip takes 30 minutes (no stops) to Termini Station in Rome - there are two such connections per hour. Alternatively, local trains leave once every 15 minutes, stopping at all stations. Passengers may have to change at Trastevere, Ostiense (Metro Piramide) or Tuscolana
  • The airport is well served by the 6-lane motorway A91 Roma-Fiumicino and numerous buses and taxis travel between Rome and the airport.

2. Rome Ciampino Airport (CIA) is the city's second airport, located about 15 kilometres southeast of central Rome. It provides charter flights and regional European flights. Budget airlines, including Ryanair and Easyjet use Ciampino Airport.

To/from the airport
Buses from either Terravision or Bus Shuttle bring you to the Termini station in around 40 minutes. The costs are €4 for a one way ticket. Tickets can be bought on the right when you exited the restricted area at the airport. By taxi a ride costs around €30. You can also book a private airport transfer in advance. The cost of a ride is approx. €45-50.

By Train

Termini Station is Rome's rail hub, providing connections throughout Italy and to neighbouring countries. Intercity train services in Italy are good, and the eurostar services are very good. Services leave very frequently to other cities such as Milan and Naples. Check Italy's national railway carrier Ferrovie dello Stato (FS) for more information about schedules and prices.

By Car

If you plan to drive into Rome, it is advisable to leave your car somewhat outside of the city centre because congestion and Italian driving habits can make it a challenging city to navigate for anyone from out of town. The A1 highway runs north-south across Italy, passing Rome.

By Bus

For connections to/from Rome, check the following companies:

By Boat

The city of Civitavecchia might be located over 50 kilometres away from Rome, it does function as it's port. There are numerous connections to and from Rome's port throughout the Mediterranean.




Mainland Italy and Sardinia




Getting Around

By Car

Attempting to navigate Rome by car is a brave (or stupid) move. Italians drive like madmen and use their horns a lot.
Instead, trust on the driving skills and knowledge of taxi drivers. To book a taxi by phone, try the following:

  • Cosmos (06 8 81 77)
  • La Capitale (06 49 94)
  • Pronto Taxi (06 66 45)
  • Radio Taxi (06 35 70)
  • Samarcanda (06 55 51)
  • Tevere (06 41 57)

If you are desperate to rent a car, try companies like Sixt, Hertz, Avis or Budget.

By Public Transport

Rome's metro has two lines; the red A line and the blue B line. Both go through Termini Station, which is the hub of Rome's rail and metro network. The metro is a convenient way, depending on your starting point, to get to the Forum Romanum and Colosseum. Trains run approximately every five to 10 minutes between 5:30am and 11:30pm (one hour later on Saturday).

ATAC runs buses and trams in Rome. The central bus station is just outside Termini Station. You can pick up a map from the kiosk in the bus station, but you have to pay for it. Buses (and trams) are frequent, and much of Rome's population uses buses to commute. There is also a night network. Tickets are valid on buses and the metro. You can get tickets from metro stations or tobacconists. If you are there for any length of time, get a weekly or monthly card from a tobacconist.

On buses, you don't buy tickets. If you have a single ticket, you should validate it in one of the stamping machines on the bus, otherwise you will be considered to be travelling without a ticket.

Some useful (bus)lines are:

  • 8 (tram): Largo di Torre Argentina - Trastevere - Stazione Trastevere - Monteverde Nuovo
  • 23: Piazzale Clodio, Piazza Risorgimento, Ponte Vittorio Emanuele II, Lungotevere, Ponte Garibaldi, Via Marmorata (Testaccio), Piazzale Ostiense and Basilica di San Paolo
  • 40-Express: Stazione Termini - Via Nazionale - Piazza Venezia - Chiesa Nuova - Castel Sant Angelo - St. Peter's
  • 64: Stazione Termini - St. Peter's (same route as the number 40, bus slower)
  • 170: Stazione Termini, Via Nazionale, Piazza Venezia, Via del Teatro Marcello and Piazza Bocca della Verità
  • 175: Stazione Termini - Piazza Barberini - Via del Corso - Piazza Venezia - Via dei Fori Imperiali - Colosseum - Via di San Gregorio - Circus Maximus - Stazione Ostiense
  • 492: Stazione Tiburtina - San Lorenzo - Stazione Termini - Piazza Venezia - Piazza Cavour - Piazza Risorgimento - Cipro (Vatican Museums)
  • 660: Largo Colli Albani, Via Appia Nuova and Via Appia Antica (near Tomba di Cecilia Metella)
  • 714: Stazione Termini, Piazza Santa Maria Maggiore, Piazza San Giovanni in Laterano and Viale delle Terme di Caracalla
  • 910: Stazione Termini, Piazza della Repubblica, Via Piemonte, Via Pinciana (Villa Borghese), Piazza Euclide, Palazzetto dello Sport and Piazza Mancini.

By Foot

Much of Rome can easily be navigated on foot and many of the major sights are confined to the Centro Storico area, which makes this a very pleasant way of getting around. It also gives you a break from the vast crowds that storm the major sights every day, and a chance to really get a sense of the atmosphere of this amazing city. If you are short on time in Rome and want to see most of the tourist sights and don't mind a day or two on your feet, you might like to try this walking tour. It covers most of the main sights in the Vatican City and Centro Storico.

  • Start early at Vatican City – St Peter's opens at 7:00am and the museum opens at 9:00am so there is time to get the Grottoes and the Basilica ticked off before heading to the Vatican Museum (about a 5 to 10-minute walk away). The Metro A-Line to Ottaviano will get you there.
  • Give yourself at least three hours for the incredible museum even if you are not overly interested in art and Christian history. Fine arts and history aficionados could easily write off a whole week in here so don't underestimate the time you need. There are easy to follow routes through the museum, all of which lead to the Sistene Chapel.
  • After the museum walk back to St Peter's square and marvel at the sheer number of people queuing for their turn in the Basilica.
  • Walk down the obelisk-lined Via della Conciliazione to the Castel Sant'Angelo (you'll recognise the archangel statue on top from the movie “Angels and Demons”.) There is a museum inside the Castle which you may want to check out, and you can walk up to the top.
  • Walk over the Ponte del Sant'Angelo and turn left, walk along the river until the next bridge, then turn right onto Via Zanardelli. Walk down the road until the very end and a quick left, then right will have you standing at the northern end of the Piazza Navona.
  • Walk through the piazza and turn left at the end which will take you to Corso Rinascimento, which runs parallel to the length of the piazza, turn left and then take your second right (beside the Palazzo Madama) which will take you to the Piazza del San Eustacchio.
  • Keep going straight which should take you to street that runs around the back of the Pantheon.
  • To continue the walking tour, go right as you exit the Pantheon and find Via del Seminaria.
  • As you walk along V. Seminaria look out for the Church of St Ignazia, which has an optical illusion painted on its roof - the dark dome is actually painted on a flat surface.
  • Continue along until you reach Via del Corso. Once there if you look to your right you will see the Piazza Venezia where you will find the monument of Vittoreo Emanuele II and the tomb of the unknown soldier - but first a small detour to the Trevi Fountain.
  • Cross the road and find your way to Via dell'Umilla (it should be on your right) and follow the brown signs to the fountain.

Bail out option – if you've had enough at this point, go north from the fountain to Via del Tritone, turn right and walk along to the Piazza del Barberini, where you will find a Metro Station.

  • If you are still wanting more, back-track from the fountain to Via del Corso and head towards the Piazza Venezia.
  • The Piazza del Campidoglio or Capitol Square is just south of the Piazza Venezia. The statue of Marcus Aurelius in the square is a copy, the original was moved to the nearby Capitoline Museum for protection.
  • Once you have finished with those two spots, walk back to the Via del Corso and find the Via del Fori Imperiali which leads directly past the Forum and Palatine Hill to the Colosseum for the final stop on the walk.

The Colosseo Metro stop (B-Line) is nearby to get you where you need to go.

This tour could also be split over two days; the first day for the Vatican City and Castel Sant'Angelo (especially if you intend to linger in the galleries), and the second day for the rest.

By Bike

Bikesharing is offered by Rome's public transport company, ATAC. The green bicycles are available at numerous locations in the downtown area and further afield. To be able to make use of this system you need to buy a card first. This card can be bought at a couple of places, including at the Termini station. It costs €10, which includes a €5 inscription fee. The rental of the bikes is €1 an hour. There are dozens of rental companies offering bikes including Top Bike Rental, Bikeaway, Romarent, Bici & Baci, Collalti and many more.




In Rome, tourists ask for a menu but locals ask "what are you serving today" (but in Italian of course). This is the only way to guarantee that you are eating what is fresh and recommended by the locals. If you only have time and money to eat at one place in Rome it must be Sora Margherita (Piazza delle Cinque Scole 30). Don't blink because you will miss it. Also, it doesn't have a sign on the outside - only blue ropes hanging in the doorway. It is open for lunch from 12:00pm until 3:00pm and then for dinner on Friday and Saturday night but reservations are required. Eat everything they give but especially do not miss their Roma-Jewish style artichokes, meatballs, zucchini quiche and whatever they recommend for dessert (it is guaranteed to be delicious).

Having said that, food in Rome can be very expensive, especially if you are eating near any of the city's many tourist attractions. Restaurants (and sometimes bars) often impose a cover charge (between €1-2) per person as soon as you sit down, and drink prices are arbitrarily inflated close to tourist attractions which can bring a nasty surprise along with your bill. Make sure you know what cover/bread/service charges are levied before you order and always order drinks from a menu so you know how much it costs - an example would be one cafe near the Vatican that charges €6 for a 500ml Coca Cola!

Be aware that there are strange rules governing what is served in different establishments in Italy. A restaurant will impose a cover charge and may not let you just sit down for dessert and coffee if you have not eaten the rest of your meal there - you may be told to go and find a bar instead. It becomes really confusing when you order apertivi at a bar/restaurant only to be informed that they have stopped being a bar for the night and are now only serving sit down meals (with cover charge, of course). As a general rule, a bar serves drinks and quick snacks like sandwiches, an osteria is similar to a bar but generally serves more interesting food, and a restaurant serves only sit down meals.

If you are travelling on a budget, self-catering is a fantastic option in Rome. Most supermarkets stock large ranges of fresh meats, cheeses, fruit and vegetables. A lot of it is available in small, economical portions, or per kilogram from the delicatessen area, that make it very cost effective if you are only shopping for one or two people. With the large range of prepared antipasti and meats like prosciutto and salami available, it is not even necessary to have access to an oven or hotplate.

Also, try to find out where the local fresh food market is. It will enhance your experience of any foreign city to get amongst the locals as they do their daily shopping. You will be able to see what they buy and the produce will generally be a little fresher and cheaper than what you can get in the supermarkets.

Once you've got all your fresh local ingredients, grab a bottle of local wine to compliment the meal. Italy is the world's biggest producer of wine which means there are a lot of very drinkable wines on the shelves for excellent prices, often under €5!





The beverage most commonly associated with Italy is definitely coffee. If you love coffee, Italy is the place to be. You'll find good coffee almost everywhere, but follow the locals to the best joints. Expect to pay about €1 for an espresso, and around €1.40 for a cappuccino. Simply asking for a coffee will generally get you an espresso (especially if your barista is in a bad mood), so be specific. Also, if you ask for a latte as opposed to a caffe latte, expect a plain old glass of milk.


As mentioned above, Italy is (at the time of writing) the worlds biggest producer of wine. It is far beyond the scope of this guide to minutely examine the different styles of wine in Italy, but here's a quick idea of some of the most commonly known varieties:

  • Spumante/Asti/Prosecco - Sparkling white, often quite sweet;
  • Soave - crisp, light-medium white;
  • Pinot Grigio - crisp, dry white from northern Italy;
  • Chianti - very dry, red wine from Tuscany, Chianti Classicois usually the best;
  • Valpolicella - dry, medium red wine with moderate tannins (great with grilled meats).

Often the most economical way to buy wine in restaurants is to order vino della casa (house wine), which can usually be ordered by the litre, half (mezza) or quarter (quatro) litre. It's not going to win any awards but if you are travelling on a budget, it can be a very good way to go. Head to the Piazza Navona and check out the small streets surrounding it for great little bars and restaurants. The cocktails are amazing at Cantina e Cucina on Via del Governo Vecchio (head right from the south western corner of the Piazza). Happy hour is from around 6:00pm-9:00pm - all drinks are €5 and come with a selection of apertivi.

Be careful of buying bottled water in Rome near major tourist attractions, the prices can be quite ridiculous. It is often better to buy a bottle of water from a supermarket and carry it around with you as opposed to buying water from “conveniently” located vendors. There are hundreds of fresh water fountains around Rome where you can fill a water bottle. The tap water in Rome is safe to drink.





1 Apartment AuroraVia Aurora, 31 (apt.# 14)Apartment-
1 Step from St PeterVia Giovanni Bettolo, 52Guesthouse86
InternoUnoVia Campaldino 6Guesthouse-
2 Vatican SuitesVia degli Scipioni, 121 # 4/CGuesthouse87
3 Coins B&BVia Dei Crociferi No. 26, int 3GUESTHOUSE79
A Better StayVia E. Bazzicaluva 14Guesthouse-
Williams FlatVia Calatafimi 41 (fourth floor)Guesthouse-
A Casa Simpatia CarmagnolaVia Conte di Carmagnola, 32Guesthouse-
A Casa TottiVia Gaeta 79Guesthouse84
A Home in RomeVia San Tommaso d'Aquino 11Apartment-
Marco Al vaticanoVia Vespasiano, 12Apartment-
Hotel AlexisVia Gaeta 29Hotel-
Aelius B&BVia Volturno 7GUESTHOUSE-
Aenea Superior InnVia Urbana, 156 (apt.# 3)Hotel86
Albergo PiaveVia Piave 14Hotel-
Albergo Sandra10 Villafranca ViaHotel79
AlchimiaVia Francesco Giangiacomo, 2Guesthouse-
Aldebaran Bed and Breakfast RomaVia Luigi Luzzatti n.19Guesthouse-
Alex InnVia Emilia, 47Guesthouse-
Alice in WonderlandVia Calboli, 60Hostel-
Alle Porte del VaticanoVia Gregorio VII 80 RomaGuesthouse-
Alton RoomVia Sicilia 153Guesthouse76
Amicizia Simpatia ed EconomiaVia Cairoli, 34Apartment-
Anakin Stargate HotelVia Palestro 88. 00185Hotel79
Ancient Romance B&BVia Ottaviano 9GUESTHOUSE-
Anfiteatro Castrense B&BViale Castrense 33GUESTHOUSE86
Anfiteatro Flavio B&BVia dei Serpenti, 130GUESTHOUSE-
Annette B&BVia Crescenzio, 19GUESTHOUSE83
Apartment MarziaVia della CisternaApartment-
Ape LatinaVia Angelo Poliziano, 27Guesthouse80
Appia GuesthouseVia Fregene n.10Guesthouse78
Arco Romano RoomsVia Germano Sommeiller 12Guesthouse-
ArenahouseVia Marco Aurelio 37Guesthouse-
Ariana B & BVia Principe Amedeo, 96GUESTHOUSE82
Asian Delight B&BVia Principe Amedeo 137GUESTHOUSE84
Auditorium di MecenateItaly,Rome,Via dello statuto,N.44Guesthouse-
B&B AlexVia Milazzo,23GUESTHOUSE-
B&B AngelaVia Palermo, 71 Roma - LadispoliGUESTHOUSE-
B&B AronicaViale Trastevere 143GUESTHOUSE-
B&B Corso 22Via del Corso, 22GUESTHOUSE-
B&B Da Nonna ClementinaVia Montebello, 17GUESTHOUSE79
B&B Elegancevia principe amedeo N°96 in 8 via principe amedeo n° 79/bGUESTHOUSE-
B&B Giovyvia Principe Amedeo 85/aGUESTHOUSE44
B&B Gli ArtistiVia Degli Scipioni 53GUESTHOUSE86
B&B Happy GooseVia G. Forzano, 20GUESTHOUSE-
B&B Le SibilleVia Angelo Emo, 24GUESTHOUSE79
B&B MonetVia Mario de Fiori 33GUESTHOUSE-
B&B My LifeVia Arno 51 00198GUESTHOUSE-
B&B Notti RomaneVia Momigliano 10GUESTHOUSE-
B&B OasiVia Principe Amedeo, 85/aGUESTHOUSE-
B&B PabloVia Venezia 25 int 12GUESTHOUSE80
B&B RudyVia Napoleone III 53GUESTHOUSE-
B&B SalvatoreCirconvallazione Gianicolense 190GUESTHOUSE72
B&B Stella ElsaVia Principe Amedeo, 79/AGUESTHOUSE74
B&B TerminiVia Napoleone III , 48GUESTHOUSE76
B&B Trevi RomaVia del Lavatore 87GUESTHOUSE-
B&B TropicalVia del Castro Pretorio 42GUESTHOUSE-
B&T RoomsVia dei Mille 9 int.5GUESTHOUSE79
Babri Simin Taj B&BVia Gerolamo Cardano, 122GUESTHOUSE-
Baldassini B&BVia delle Coppelle 37 int. 2GUESTHOUSE-
Bavaria B&BVia Santa Maria Maggiore, 158GUESTHOUSE84
SmartVia Farini 52Guesthouse82
Bed in RomeVia Francesco Mariagalluzzi 28Apartment-
Bed in VaticanVia Catone, 34Guesthouse-
Bella BeatriceVia Principe Amedeo, 85/aGuesthouse-
Blackberry HouseVia Emanuele Filiberto 233Guesthouse76
Blue HostelVia Carlo Alberto 13 00185Hostel86
Buonarroti HomeVia Carlo Alberto, 43Guesthouse-
Cadorna Holiday RomeVia Raffaele Cadorna, 22Guesthouse-
Campanella3Via Tommaso Campanella 3Guesthouse91
Camping Internazionale di CastelfusanoVia Litoranea 132Campsite84
Carlito's WayVia Villafranca 10 00185 RomeHOSTEL77
Casa Di Iginia e PaoloVia Romagna 14Guesthouse-
Casa OlmataVia Dell'Olmata 36Hostel-
Casale Delle MimoseVia Fosso Degli Arcacci, 102 Cesano Di RomaGuesthouse-
CecilVia Francesco Crispi 55Hotel79
Cecilia Suite RomeVicolo Cellini 14Apartment-
Cecilia suites Brancaleone-ColosseoVia Carlo botta 7 int.11Apartment-
Cesare Balbo InnVia Cesare Balbo, 43Guesthouse84
Chez LivianaL.go s. Alfonso, 5Guesthouse80
Ciak HostelViale Manzoni 55Hostel81
Ciao Bella HostelVia Quattro Fontane 159Hostel-
Ciclamino 33Largo di Boccea 33 Vatican ZoneApartment-
CK B&BVia Conte Verde, 16GUESTHOUSE-
Clarin HotelVia Palermo 36Hotel-
Claudia RoomsVia Arenula, 29Guesthouse-
Colonnato di San Pietro B & BViale delle Mura Aurelie,19GUESTHOUSE-
Colosseum B&BVia Capo d'Africa, 59GUESTHOUSE-
Confort B&BPiazza Vittorio Emanuele II , 99GUESTHOUSE-
Conte House B&BVia Merulana 191GUESTHOUSE-
Cosmosvia emanuele filiberto 109Hotel-
Country Club CastelfusanoPiazza Castel Fusano 1Campsite-
CressyVia Volturno, 27Hotel78
Cristina HouseViale Castro Pretorio, 64Guesthouse74
Da Marta e AlidaLargo S. Alfonso 5Guesthouse-
Daisy ApartmentVia Zucchelli 29/AApartment81
Daniel's Sweet Home B&BPiazza Stazione S.Pietro, 13GUESTHOUSE79
Daphne TreviVia Degli Avignonesi, 20Guesthouse79
Daphne VenetoVia di San Basilio 55Guesthouse-
Dimora Storica UrbanaVia Urbana, 34GUESTHOUSE74
Moshi MoshiVia Giovanni Giolitti 119Guesthouse-
Bar Dell'Artista AccommodationVia Paolina, 20Guesthouse75
Domus EsterVia S. Salvatore in campo 38Hotel-
Domus LiviaVia Nazionale 230Guesthouse81
Domus VictoriaPiazza Vittorio Emanuele II,138Guesthouse-
Downtown AccommodationVia Cavour 275Hotel82
T&V HousePiazza Santa Croce in Gerusalemme n 4GUESTHOUSE75
Europe B&BVia Tasso 2aGUESTHOUSE82
EuroroomsVia Palestro 87Hostel69
EverGreen B&BVia Milazzo, 23GUESTHOUSE-
Family HouseVia Bixio 72Hotel72
Fiesta Terrace HostelVia Cairoli 101Hostel63
Flaminia ApartmentVia Flaminia 61Apartment78
Flaminio Village Bungalow ParkVia Flaminia Nuova 821Campsite68
Freedom TravellerVia Gaeta, 23Hostel84
Freestyle HostelVia Principe Amedeo 132Hostel-
Friends HostelVia Principe Amedeo,94Hostel77
Friendship PalaceVia Milazzo 14Hostel-
Funny Palace HostelVia Varese 33/31Hostel-
GaiaPiazza Santa Maria Maggiore n 12Guesthouse-
Giornate Romane B&BViale G. Marconi 881GUESTHOUSE-
GladiosVia Principe Eugenio 106Guesthouse-
Green ApartmentsVia Labicana 29 00184 RomaApartment-
B&B LauraPiazza San Giovanni in Laterano, 26GUESTHOUSE70
HappysleepingPiazzale dei Partigiani,7 RomaApartment-
Holiday Paradise RomaVia Varese, 31Guesthouse84
Holiday RomeVia Palestro No. 49Guesthouse-
Hostel PositanoVia Palestro 49Hostel-
Hostel Alessandro DowntownVia Carlo Cattaneo 23Hostel82
Hostel Alessandro Palace & BarVia Vicenza 42HOSTEL82
Hostel AndrewVia Palestro 44Hostel76
Hostel BeautifulVia Napoleone III No. 35Hostel-
Hostel Beautiful 214 Via MilazzoHostel-
Hostel Happy Days RomaVia cola di rienzo 217Hostel-
Hostel LellaVia Palestro 9Hostel-
Hostel TerminiVia Palestro 88, 4Hostel82
Prima Base HostelVia Osimo 61HOSTEL-
Hostel Pink FloydVia Principe Amedeo, 85/A Scala DHostel-
Hostel Roma Inn 2000Via Agostino Depretis N° 65 Int. 12Hostel72
Hostel Star LightVia Cairoli 115Hostel76
Hostel VacanzaVia Palestro, 65 00185 Via Dei Mille, 27 00185Hostel81
Hotel 7 Kings RelaisVia Venti Settembre, 58AHotel-
A&C Much MoreVia Palestro 49 reception 2° floor, stairs BGUESTHOUSE86
Hotel AcropoliVia Principe Amedeo 63/67Hotel80
Hotel LazzariVia Castelfidardo 31Hotel-
Hostel Des ArtistesVia Villafranca 20 00185Hostel77
Hotel ArcadiaVia Campo Romano 75Hotel-
Hotel AristoteleVia Palestro 87Hotel-
Hotel BorromeoVia Cavour #117Hotel-
Hotel CambridgePalestro 87Hotel74
Hotel Capri RomaVia Magenta 13 ROMAHotel-
Hotel Caput MundiVia Rattazzi 65Hotel-
Hotel CaravaggioVia Palermo 73Hotel75
Hotel Chicago RomaVia Gioberti 63Hotel81
ColorsVia Boezio 31 RomaHostel81
Hotel Damavia Milazzo 42Hotel-
Hotel delle MuseVia Tommaso Salvini 18Hotel83
Hotel Domus PraetoriaVia Milazzo 42Hotel-
Hotel EmmausVia delle Fornaci 25Hotel-
Hotel Euro Quirisvia Dei Mille , 64Hotel80
Hotel FariniVia Farini 52Hotel-
Hotel FloridaVia Cola di Rienzo 243Hotel79
Hotel GalenoVia dei Villini 10Hotel-
Hotel GardaVia Lombardia, 30Hotel-
Hotel GiubileoVia Carlo Alberto 13Hotel-
Hotel GiuggioliVia Germanico 198Hotel-
Hotel HollywoodVia Principe Amedeo, 79/A int. 6-7Hotel76
Hotel Il PapaveroVia Castelfidardo, 50Hotel77
Hotel LaurenceVia Pietro Baragiola 18/24 Rome 00133Hotel-
Hotel Lella9 Via PalestroHotel-
Hotel LucianiVia Milazzo 8Hotel-
Hotel LussemburgoVia Bixio,70Hotel-
Hotel Malu'Via principe amedeo 85Hotel-
939 HotelVia del Clementino 94HOTEL-
Hotel MariVia Palestro 55Hotel71
Hotel Mari 2Via Calatafimi, 38Hotel-
Hotel MeridianaVia Calatafimi, 38Hotel80
Hotel MirageVia Milazzo no.4Hotel78
Hotel MontecitorioVia delle Convertite 5Hotel-
Hotel Montreal RomeVia Carlo Alberto,4 sameHotel-
Hotel PicassoVia Venezia 25Hotel84
Hotel PlanetVia Milazzo 3Hotel78
Hotel PriscillaVia Calabria 17Hotel79
Hotel Romae49, Via PalestroHotel-
Hotel RubinoVia Milazzo , 3Hotel77
Hotel SeilerVia Firenze 48Hotel-
Hotel Select Romevia Vittorio Bachelet 6Hotel-
Hotel SileoVia Magenta 39Hotel79
Hotel SilvaVia Antonio Bosio 20aHotel-
Hotel Soggiorno BluVia Magenta, 39Hotel77
Hotel StarlightVia Cairoli 115Hotel-
Hotel TexasVia Firenze, 47Hotel82
Hotel TokyoVia Marsala 64Hotel-
Hotel UrbisVia Marghera, 13 00185 RomeHotel-
Hotel VirginiaVia Montebello N°94Hotel-
Hostel LodiVia Oristano, 14Hostel85
I Tetti Di Roma B&BVia Casalmonferrato, 3GUESTHOUSE-
Il Gattopardo RelaisViale Giulio Cesare 94Hotel79
Imperial RoomsVia S. Giovanni in Laterano 10Guesthouse80
Independence Squarevia Castelfidardo 78 via Castelfidardo 74Guesthouse86
Ivanhoe HostelVia Urbana, 50Hostel-
Jeth HouseVia Depretis 65Guesthouse82
K&K CentreVia Quattro Fontane 156GUESTHOUSE81
King SquareVia Pinerolo, 2Guesthouse82
B&B L'Incanto di RomaVia Collina 36GUESTHOUSE87
L'Incanto di San PietroVia Vespasiano 48Guesthouse83
La Casa di AmyVia Principe Amedeo 85 AGuesthouse-
La Girandola B&BVia Carlo Cattaneo 31GUESTHOUSE-
La HabanaVia Carlo Cattaneo 31 Int.5Guesthouse-
La VolieraVia Giuseppe Belluzzo 27Guesthouse78
Le Petit HotelVia Torino 122, della RepubblicaHotel79
LegendsVia Curtatone 12Hostel82
Les ArtesVia Milazzo 23 int. 6Guesthouse-
Lilliput HostelVia Principe Amedeo 94Hostel82
Litus Roma Hostellungomare toscanelli 186 OstiaHostel80
Living Room HotelVia Solferino 9Hotel-
Locanda Otello RossiVia Marghera 13Hotel75
Lucci HotelVia Villafranca 10Hotel-
M&J HostelVia Solferino 9HOSTEL72
MaianVia Carlo Cattaneo 22Guesthouse78
Mamma Miavia Emanuele Filiberto 73Hostel-
Marco PoloVia Magenta 39Hotel-
MargotVia Principe Amedeo, 76Guesthouse-
Maryelen B & BVia Principe Amedeo 85/A stair B, 3rd floor, int 5GUESTHOUSE-
Matisse B&BVia Nazionale 243 .GUESTHOUSE-
Metro HotelVia di Rebibbia 18Hotel-
Mi Casa tu CasaVia principe Eugenio 3Guesthouse-
Michelangelo's HouseVia Candia 111,Apartment-
Momi bed & breakfastVia Principe Eugenio, 40 (near Termini station)GUESTHOUSE-
Mona Lisa HostelVia Palermo 13Hostel-
Morpheus RoomsVia Palermo 36Guesthouse-
Mosaic HostelVia Cernaia 39 BHostel83
Nazional RoomsVia Nazionale 249Guesthouse81
New YorkVia Carlo Cattaneo n 31Guesthouse-
Nice Apartment in RomeVia magenta 53, roma,italy.Apartment-
Nice HotelVia Sapri 9Hotel-
Night and DayVia Rasella N.131Guesthouse89
Obeliscum B&BVia Merulana 137GUESTHOUSE-
Orsa Maggiore for Women OnlyVia San Francesco di Sales 1/aHostel86
Osimar HotelVia Felice Grossi Gondi 87Hotel-
Overseas B&BVia G. Giolitti n° 199 housephone n 4GUESTHOUSE60
Palma Residence B&BVia Varese 5GUESTHOUSE83
PanoramicVia Principe Amedeo, 94 4th Floor, Interno 9GUESTHOUSE77
Papa GermanoVia Calatafimi 14/aHostel85
Pensione GiamaicaVia Magenta 13 00185Hostel84
Pensione Ottaviano HostelVia Ottaviano 6 - RomaHostel-
PitagoraVia Milazzo 23Guesthouse79
Placidi GiorniVia Castelfidardo 26Guesthouse-
Camping FabulousVia C. Colombo km 18Campsite83
Plus Camping RomaVia Aurelia Km. 8,2 nr. 831 00165Campsite81
Pop Inn HostelVia Marsala 80Hostel-
Real Sporting VillageVia Licio Giorgieri,50Campsite-
Residence CamillaVia di Santa Ciriaca 9 Via Tiburtina 251Apartment79
Residenza Capo di FerroPiazza Capo di Ferro 21Apartment-
Residenza Dei QuiritiVia Germanico 198Hotel-
Residenza MaximaVia Maria Lorenza Longo 14Apartment-
Rome Metropolitan GuesthouseVia Marghera 13 RomeGuesthouse85
RitmoBlues-BBVia Cairoli 115Guesthouse-
Roi HotelPiazza Dei Re di Roma 64Hotel82
Roma 2000Viale Giulio Cesare 171Guesthouse-
Roma dei Papi - Hotel de CharmePiazza Adriana 5Hotel-
Roman and ItalianE. Filiberto 161Guesthouse83
B&B Roman WallsVia La Spezia 58GUESTHOUSE-
Rome AccommodationVia C.Cattaneo - 22 -Guesthouse81
Rome City HostelViale Ippocrate 91Hostel83
RomeBedVia Emanuele Filiberto, 109Guesthouse-
Rossana Guest HouseVia Marghera 49Guesthouse-
Rudy Centervia napoleone III 53Hotel-
Saint Peter ApartmentVia Candia 66Apartment-
Salvador B&BVia Vittorio Arminjon, 5GUESTHOUSE-
Sam Rooms Guest HouseVia Emanuele Filiberto 233Guesthouse-
San Lorenzo Guest HouseVia Apuli 46Guesthouse-
San Pietro RoomsV. Le Giulio Cesare, 62Guesthouse-
Scipioni StudioVia Degli Scipioni, 121Apartment-
Hotel Scott HouseVia Gioberti 30Hotel-
Sei a Roma AccommodationVia del Ponte di Castel Giubileo 14Guesthouse-
Sepulveda B&BVia Magna Grecia 106GUESTHOUSE79
Cristian House RomaViale Castro Pretorio 25 Int.1AGUESTHOUSE-
Sergio HouseVia Principe Amedeo n�92GUESTHOUSE80
Seven Hills Village S.R.LVia Cassia 1216 Via Cassia 1216Campsite76
Colosseum RoomsVia Merulana 183GUESTHOUSE78
Simpatia MassalongoVia Bartolomeo MassalongoGuesthouse-
SixbedsVia Carlo Alberto, 63Guesthouse81
Snow WhiteVia Principe Eugenio 60Guesthouse-
Soggiorno ComfortVia Palermo 37Guesthouse-
Sole e LunaVia Merulana n 117Guesthouse84
Speedy BedVia Domenico Cucchiari 46Guesthouse-
Stargate HostelVia Palestro 88Hostel-
StellahouseVia Montebello 99Guesthouse81
SunMoon Romevia dei Mille 41/a 6 floorGuesthouse85
Sunshine HostelVia Giolitti, 208Hostel75
Termini Accommodation 2Via Marghera 35 int 11 IV FloorGuesthouse-
The Bailey's HotelVia Flavia 39Hotel-
The Right PlaceVia Tunisi 4Guesthouse-
The YellowVia Palestro 44Hostel85
Tiber Hostel and CampingVia Tiberina km 1.400 Rome (Prima Porta), I-00188Campsite82
Tiziano HotelVittorio Emanuele II 110Hotel-
Tolentino B&BVia San Nicola da Tolentino 50GUESTHOUSE-
Tourist House OstienseVia Capitan Bavastro n. 62, Scala B/int. 11Apartment-
Tourist House Ostiense 2Circonvallazione Ostiense n. 212 scala b int.1Guesthouse-
Tourist House RomeVia Capitan Bavastro 80 Quinto piano interno 15Guesthouse-
Trani RoomsVia Buonarroti 39Guesthouse-
Trionfal ApartmentCirconvallazione Trionfale,145Apartment79
TwinCitiesViale Leonardo da Vinci 223Guesthouse82
TwinsVia Principe Amedeo 138Guesthouse-
Two Ducks HostelVia calatafimi N. 41Hostel67
Vesta ResidenceVia Circ. Nomentana 251Guesthouse-
Vittoria B&BVia A. Cappellini n. 46 int. 7GUESTHOUSE78
Volturno HouseVia Volturno 3,2nd floorApartment65
Welcome HouseVia Nazionale n230Guesthouse-
Wow RomaVia Gaeta, 79Guesthouse87
Youth Station Hostel - Rome -Via Livorno n° 5Hostel82
B&B MarjetaVia Principe Amedeo 94GUESTHOUSE-
Trionfal 3 - Furnished ApartmentVia Orazio Antinori, 4 RomaApartment-
Hotel ItaliaVia Venezia 18Hotel72
B&B RomeVia Sicilia n° 141Guesthouse-
Sleeping Beauty RomeViale Carlo Felice 89, interno 1Guesthouse-
When in Rome AccommodationVia varese n 34GUESTHOUSE-
B&B FantiPiazza Manfredo Fanti, 42Guesthouse-
Brando e GioVia Castelfidardo 31GUESTHOUSE-
Hotel AquariumPiazza Manfredo Fanti, 10 1° planeHotel-
Cristina Dependancevia Palestro 87 int 14, III floorHotel-
Hotel MarianoPiazza Manfredo Fanti 19Hotel-
Cristina ResidencesVia della Sforzesca 3Guesthouse80
Stazione Termini Accomodation (Ma Hostel)Via Magenta 24GUESTHOUSE76
Rome Korean HouseVia Dei Mille 41Guesthouse72
Residenza BelliVia Goffredo Mameli 47Hotel-
Eurostars Roma CongressVIa Prenestina 944/CHotel-
Eurostars International PalaceVia Nazionale 46Hotel-
Eurostars Hotel St.PaulVia Vito Volterra 43Hotel-
Eurostars Domus AureaVia Volturno 32Hotel-
Hotel Portafortunavia carlo alberto 31Hotel82
Old Town ApartmentsVia Firenze 43Apartment-
B&B Casa di Silviavia Pozzuoli, n. 7 sc. C, int 5GUESTHOUSE79
InternoUno DeluxeVia Lorenzo il Magnifico 158Guesthouse-
Hotel Torre Rossa ParkVia di Torre Rossa 94Hotel-
Ares Roomsvia Domenichino 7Guesthouse80
Hotel CortorilloVia Principe Amedeo 79/aHotel78
Hotel Everest RomaVia Cavour 47, 3° floorHotel79
Vatican City InnVia Anastasio II 416Guesthouse80
B&B GardenViale Vaticano 49APARTMENT78
Bed & Breakfast TestaccioPiazza di Santa Maria Liberatrice 4GUESTHOUSE81
Vatican House In RomeVia Mocenigo 21Guesthouse-
PiumithVia Principe Amedeo 85/AGuesthouse-
La Controra Hostel RomeVia Umbria, 7Hostel88
Residenza GiustinianiVia Gaeta 64HOSTEL83
Shiva Bed and BreakfastVia di Porta Maggiore 71Guesthouse79
Prince of Via VenetoVia Sicilia 153Guesthouse-
Mok'house B&BVia San Martino ai Monti 38GUESTHOUSE-
Luxuryrooms in RomeVia Sicilia 141Guesthouse-
Old RomaVia Bixio, 8Guesthouse-
Ave Roma B&BVia delle Fornaci, 44GUESTHOUSE-
Al Pantheon Con Thomas MannVia del Pantheon 57Guesthouse-
Aloha RomeVia Principe Eugenio 15Guesthouse-
100 Metri Dal VaticanoViale Giulio Cesare 151Guesthouse-
B&B Two FlowersVia Cairoli, 61GUESTHOUSE-
Jolie Bed and breakfast RomeVia Palermo 36Guesthouse-
Karolstay B&B RomaVia Aurelia 235GUESTHOUSE-
Cavour Central Termini StationVia Cavour 201 00184 RomaGuesthouse-
La Dolce Vita Bed & BreakfastVia delle Cave , 136GUESTHOUSE-
L'AquiloneViale Mazzini, 157Guesthouse-
A Casa Di PenelopeVia Varese 5, Scala AGuesthouse79
Rose GuesthouseVia Sforza,40Guesthouse80
Mr Piece B&BPiazza Santa Croce in Gerusalemme, 1 scala E int 4GUESTHOUSE79
Anthony B&BVia Palestro, 30GUESTHOUSE73
Morelli B&BVia Sicilia 137GUESTHOUSE-
Pascia' Room & BreakfastVia Prenestina 170GUESTHOUSE-
I DormientiVia Urbana 96Guesthouse76
MeravigliaPiazza Vittorio Emanuele Ii 55Hotel73
A Casa di JasmineVia Calatafimi 41Guesthouse-
Hotel Viennesevia Marsala 64Hotel-
The RetreatVia Laurina n. 25Hostel-
Orange GroveVia Laurina n. 25Hostel-
Coconuts Female HostelVia Giolitti 137Hostel-
B&B Farimavia merulana n°61Apartment-
Martino ai MontiVia Domenichino 7Hotel-
Domus Aurora RomaVia milazzo 3GUESTHOUSE-
Ai 4 CantoniVia Prenestina 242GUESTHOUSE-
Angeli Di Matildevia Muzio Attendolo 26GUESTHOUSE79
Ariosto B&BVia Ariosto 24GUESTHOUSE79
Hotel Adas **Via Cavour 233Hotel-
Antico Borgo di TrastevereVicolo del Buco, 7Hotel-
Hotel Bed in Romavia dei mille 64HOTEL82
Comfort StayVia Laurina, 25Hostel-
Dreaming Rome HostelVia Cuma 2HOSTEL89
In The Center You TooVia Emanuele Filiberto, 50Guesthouse-
Maison De JulieVia Palermo 67 ground floorGUESTHOUSE83
Center 2 RoomsVia Salaria 195Guesthouse-
B&B TitinaVia Circonvallazione Nomentana, 251 sc.A int 19GUESTHOUSE-
B&B ElevenVia Merulana 117GUESTHOUSE-
B&B L'Arco del ColosseoVia Sforza 43 ColosseoGUESTHOUSE80
B&B MessinaViale delle Provincie 116GUESTHOUSE-
Villa Maria Cristina BrandoVia Cassia, 490Guesthouse-
B&B BonnyVia Principe Amedeo,149GUESTHOUSE-
B&B RomAnticaRomaVia Candia 121GUESTHOUSE83
B&B Lelly&KellyVia Volturno, 27GUESTHOUSE70
B&B Domus MaximiVia S.Erasmo 4GUESTHOUSE-
Amaryllis HouseVia Dei Salimbeni, 10Apartment-
B&B San Pietro CandiaVia Candia, 25GUESTHOUSE-
Ambar B&BPiazza Pio XI 53GUESTHOUSE-
B&B SaraPiazza di Porta MaggioreGUESTHOUSE-
Gaius Roma B&BViale Giulio Cesare 78GUESTHOUSE88
Appartamenti RomaniVia della Ferratella in Laterano, 50Apartment-
Bed in TrastevereVia San Francesco a Ripa 156Guesthouse-
Bijou RomeVia Casale Santarelli 58Guesthouse-
B&B PrincipeVia Principe Amedeo 148GUESTHOUSE79
Sandy HostelVia Cavour 136, 00184 - RomaHostel76
B&B Rome In ArtVia Filippo Turati, 102GUESTHOUSE76
RomarenthouseVia Calatafimi, 14/AApartment-
Guesthouse Antica PostaVia del Verano, 29DGuesthouse-
Centre of the Worldvia ferruccio n 44Hotel-
Hotel Appia 442via Appia Nuova 442 (int.4)Hotel-
Roma Scout CenterLargo dello ScautismoHostel78
Hotel Fawlty TowersVia Magenta 39Hotel-
La Rotella nel SaccoVia Giolitti n.461Apartment-
Hotel ArgentinaVia Cavour 47Hotel-
Hotel Accommodations RomeVia Principe Eugenio ,60 scala C interno 3 primo pianoHostel-
Termini AccommodationVia Marghera 35Guesthouse78
Hotel Palace NardoVia Gorlago, 61 RomeHotel78
Casa Della AmiciziaPiazza Di S.Maria Maggiore12GUESTHOUSE-
B&B MaestosoVia Paolo Paruta, 3GUESTHOUSE-
B&B FrancescaVia Tommaso Campanella 19GUESTHOUSE-
B&B LisellaVia Pozzuoli, 7GUESTHOUSE-
Coliseum Roomsvia Emanuele Filiberto 130Guesthouse77
Ani B&BVia Emanuele Filiberto, 166 sc. II int. 4GUESTHOUSE-
B&B ColosseoVia di Sant'ErasmoGUESTHOUSE-
Eats & Sheets VaticanoVia Dei Gozzadini 16GUESTHOUSE-
Buzziro' GuesthouseVia Cialdini n.13GUESTHOUSE-
B&B Ottaviano AugustoVia Ottaviano 25GUESTHOUSE-
Al Passetto - St Peter's bike Bed & Breakfastvia Alberico II 19GUESTHOUSE-
Conte VerdeVia Conte Verde 4HOTEL-
Hostel MontestellaVia Palestro 88, 5Hostel75
La Stella di RomaVia Licia, 19Guesthouse-
B&B Tony e PatriziaVia Varenna, 14GUESTHOUSE-
B&B Acquedotti Antichi in RomeViale Anicio Gallo 196GUESTHOUSE-
Hotel Roma TiburtinaVia di Ponte Mammolo, 28Hotel-
Villa LanuseiVia Mistretta 3Guesthouse-
Beautiful Place in RomeVia Vicenza, 20Guesthouse78
RomAntica InnVia Madonna dei Monti, 13Apartment-
San Pietro BorgoVia Tommaso Campanella 41 sc.D int.9APARTMENT-
B&B MaiorVia dell' Esquilino 38GUESTHOUSE-
Apartment Romantic NestVia Guido Alfani, 8Apartment-
EnvyromaVia di Porta Fabbrica 49Guesthouse83
Envyhouse ApartmentVia di Porta Fabbrica 49/ 4Apartment79
Casa Rosa RomaPiazza di Villa Fiorelli 12Hotel-
La Torre Dei PapiVia Vespasiano, 12Guesthouse-
Bed & Breakfast FeliciaVia Magna Grecia, 103GUESTHOUSE-
Hotel AzzurraVia del Boccaccio 25 Rome 00187Hotel-
That's Amore HolidaysPiazza Bologna 6Apartment-
Claudia House Roma TerminiVia Rattazzi, 2 FGuesthouse-
Suites Piazza del PopoloVia Flaminia 215Guesthouse-
Bed and breakfast Evavia Eratostene 43Guesthouse-
Galilei Guesthousevia Merulana 110, RomaGuesthouse79
B&B Rome Davila 25via Arrigo Davila 25GUESTHOUSE-
Hotel Indipendenzavia Magenta, 13Hotel82
Villa Rome B&BVia Casal del Marmo79GUESTHOUSE80
A Casa di PicoVia di Monte del Gallo 70Apartment-
Town House Fontana di TreviVia de Crociferi 41Guesthouse-
QuodLibetVia Barletta 28Guesthouse-
GiornodiversoVia Domenichino 7Guesthouse-
B&B Domus RacheleVia Alessandria 88GUESTHOUSE-
B&b Sanpietro SoggiornoVia Dei Cavalleggeri, 6GUESTHOUSE-
Costantino HouseVia Capo d' Africa, 30Guesthouse-
B&B CappelliniVia Alfredo Cappellini 29 INT3GUESTHOUSE-
Simona ai Fori ImperialiVia Baccina 20Apartment-
Bed and Breakfast Baj PeriniVia delle Fornaci 103Guesthouse-
Zen House B&BVia Sinuessa 19GUESTHOUSE89
Art and Relax SuitesVia Giolitti 137Guesthouse-
B&B AmoromaVia Rattazzi, 2fGUESTHOUSE-
Friendship PlaceVia dei Mille 41/A scala A piano 6° interno 18GUESTHOUSE-
Cielo Vaticano Guest HouseVia Giovanni Bettolo 54Guesthouse-
B&B DaBVia Sicilia 235,GUESTHOUSE-
That's Amore Holidays 2Viale XXI Aprile n.21APARTMENT-
Magnolia ApartmentVia Reggio Calabria n. 7Apartment-
Paolina RoomsVia Paolina 22Guesthouse78
B&B Interno2Borgo Vittorio, 27GUESTHOUSE80
Antonella's ApartmentPiazza Santa Maria Ausiliatrice 8Apartment-
Bianca's ApartmentVia Taranto 96,Apartment-
Appartamento Appiavia Clelia 64Apartment-
Trevi HouseVicolo Dei Maroniti 30Apartment-
B&B Il MappamondoVia Amiterno, 12GUESTHOUSE-
Vatican ApartmentVia Aurelia 336Apartment-
The Place in Romevia Macao 12 int 6-7Guesthouse84
Acquario Romano B&BPiazza Manfredo Fanti 38GUESTHOUSE78
B&B Furio CamilloVia Camilla 40GUESTHOUSE80
Trastevere StationVia Pietro Manzi, 2Guesthouse-
Icarus InnVia Foscolo 17Apartment-
Hotel RobinsonVia Milazzo 3Hotel-
City Centre PaolinaVia Carlo AlbertoAPARTMENT-
Ventisei Scalini a TrastevereVicolo del Bologna 33 RomeGuesthouse78
Rouge et NoirVia Cosimo De Giorgi, 8Hotel-
Residenza MuchaVia del TritoneAPARTMENT-
Discover RomaVia Castelfidardo, 50Guesthouse-
Gaia ApartmentVia del TritoneAPARTMENT-
Casa VittoriaVicolo Monte del Gallo, 19Apartment-
B&B Ai 2 PapiVia Paolo III 10GUESTHOUSE-
B&B Roma Trastevere RoomsViale Trastevere 108 romaGUESTHOUSE81
Pensione Acqua BullicanteVia dell ' Acqua Bullicante 15Guesthouse-
InnCentralPiazza Vittorio Emanuele II, 55HOTEL78
St. John's Terracevia Gabi n. 7 RomeGuesthouse-
Alice's HouseVia Sebastiano Grandis 1GUESTHOUSE-
Affittacamere RossanaVia Rattazzi 65 RomaGuesthouse-
Termini Accomodation IIVia Marghera 35 , int 11, IV floorGuesthouse72
Residenza NicolaVia Laurentina 19Guesthouse-
Hotel Gallivia milazzo 20Hotel-
B&B CupidoVia Cremona 50GUESTHOUSE-
Maison di BiancaneveVia Val Seriana 18 RomeApartment-
Amico Hotel RomaPiazzale Prenestino 15Hotel78
Rose Santamaria B&BVia Santa Maria Maggiore,151GUESTHOUSE75
Via Veneto ApartmentVia dei Cappuccini, 30Apartment-
Kiara HouseVia Vicenza 20Guesthouse-
Hotel PignetoPiazza del Pigneto, 15Hotel81
Casa PellegrinoVia del Pellgrino 50Apartment-
Romantic Holiday Rome B&Bvia Girolamo Vitelli 10 RomeGUESTHOUSE-
Orlando Innamorato B&BVia Mortara, 2GUESTHOUSE-
Ines Downtown B&BVia Giolliti 199GUESTHOUSE76
Domus ElisaVia Cavour 124Guesthouse-
Gentes B&Bvia Tasso 155GUESTHOUSE-
Carini GuesthouseVia G. Carini, 71Guesthouse83
Armando's BelvedereVia dei Sardi 47Guesthouse-
Macrhomevia Frosinone 1/A RomaGuesthouse-
Poliziano innVia Angelo Poliziano n.27GUESTHOUSE76
Family Park I PiniCamping I Pini Via Delle Sassete 1A 00065 Fiano Romano RomaCAMPSITE79
Francy al VaticanoVia Vespasiano, 52Apartment-
Lam GuesthouseVia Vicenza 20Guesthouse-
Time RomePiazza Re di Roma, 52Apartment-
Suite OrianiVia Barnaba Oriani 92Guesthouse-
Marlu GuesthouseVia Cairoli 8Guesthouse-
B&B VenusVia Goito 29GUESTHOUSE-
Hotel CastelfidardoVia Castelfidardo 31Hotel-
Hotel RomulusVia Salaria 1069Hotel-
Natural Guest Housevia Degli Anamari 20Guesthouse69
La Marmora Guest HouseVia La Marmora 18Guesthouse-
Orti d'Alibertvia degli Orti d'Alibert ,4APARTMENT-
Cozy & Lazyvia del melone, 3APARTMENT62
Chiro ApartmentVia Seriate 2Apartment-
Guesthouse Bye RomeVia Principe Amedeo 92 94Guesthouse-
B&B Roma al VaticanoVia Vespasiano 52GUESTHOUSE-
Hi Hellovia Germanico 107Guesthouse-
La Casa di Rosy10, Via Napoleone IIIHotel-
Cecco's InnLargo SaluzzoAPARTMENT-
Urbana Streetvia Cavour 136Guesthouse-
Hotel Tempio di ApolloPiazza Della Colonetta 8Hotel-
RugantinoVia di Santa Croce in Gerusalemme 43Guesthouse-
B&B A Casa Di Catia.Via Gioacchino Rossini, 1500039 Zagarolo (Roma)GUESTHOUSE-
Comics Guesthouseviale G. Cesare 38Hostel83
Le Rose di Bivia RicasoliGUESTHOUSE-
Simon's SuiteVia Montebello, 37APARTMENT-
New River GuesthouseViale Giulio Cesare 171GUESTHOUSE-
La Casa di Mauriziovia Sicilia 153Guesthouse-
B&B Opera Street in VaticanVia Candia, 41GUESTHOUSE-
Bed and Breakfast A Casetta Miavia Polistena 43Guesthouse-
Hello Roma B&BV.le L.da Vinci 79GUESTHOUSE79
Mirko B&B RomaViale Spartaco 68GUESTHOUSE-
Termini Rooms B&Bvia Castro Pretorio 24GUESTHOUSE-
Domus ForiVia dell'Agnello, 25Apartment-
Art In AccommodationVia Ferruccio 46Guesthouse75
Malkavacanze B&BVia di Porta Fabbrica, 3GUESTHOUSE-
Hotel Rome LovePiazza Vittorio Emanuele 121HOTEL-
Station Roomsvia Giovanni Giolitti 241Guesthouse-
Belon B&BVia Pietro Belon 120GUESTHOUSE78
A Casa Boschi b&bvia premuda, 3GUESTHOUSE-
Angela RomaPiazza Vittorio Emanuele II, 55 Scala A - int.5Guesthouse-
Hotel CerviaVia Palestro 55Hotel78
SelarumVia dei Fienaroli 12Apartment-
affittacamere amir_hazinehei@yahoo.comGuesthouse-
Absolute Colosseum ApartmentVia Marco Aurelio 22Apartment-
Orchidea Holidaysvia Ostiense, 353Guesthouse-
Vatican TownVia Catone 34Guesthouse-
Piazzadispagnavia di Gesu' e Maria 19APARTMENT-
Colori di RomaVia Ostiense 66Guesthouse-
Mr Frills B&BPiazza Vittorio Emanuele II 70, int 6GUESTHOUSE78
Casavacanza Casacoco'Via Giovanni Bettolo 17APARTMENT-
Rhome86Via Napoleone III n. 86GUESTHOUSE79
Camere Belvedere VaticanoVia Buccari 1Guesthouse76
Hi! Terminivia Marsala 80 , 1st floor, intercom-6GUESTHOUSE78
Paramount GuesthouseVia F. Turati 68GUESTHOUSE-
Maison de Terryvia Palermo 67GUESTHOUSE-
Bed and Brakfast Blue Rosevia Principe Umberto 35GUESTHOUSE-
Guest Haus PraetoriumVia del Castro Pretorio 28 00185GUESTHOUSE83
Beautiful ApartmentVia Vespasiano 12APARTMENT-
Hotel MagnificoVia Nazionale 243Hotel75
A casa Simpatia CairoliVia Cairoli, 32APARTMENT-
Palazzetto degli ArtistiVia della Madonna dei Monti 108Hotel-
Blackberry RoomsPiazza Manfredo Fanti,22GUESTHOUSE-
Turra Guesthousevia Atto Vannucci 16GUESTHOUSE-
Barberini PenthousePiazza Barberini,5GUESTHOUSE-
Ottimista - Furio CamilloVia Clelia 45GUESTHOUSE82
Guesthouse SergioVia Cardinal Cassetta 11GUESTHOUSE-
Roma MansionPiazza Vittorio Emanuele 55HOTEL-
Real Paradise RomaVia Goito 30GUESTHOUSE-
Rome Best B&BVia Francesco Sivori 14 00136GUESTHOUSE-
Antonietta's HouseVia Rattazzi 65GUESTHOUSE-
HOTEL ROME LOVEpiazza vittorio Emanuele II 11 00185 Rome ItalyHotel-
Laterano InnVia la Spezia 6GUESTHOUSE-
Bel Horizonvia Rattazzi 2/FGUESTHOUSE81
B&B VerdebluVia Francesco Sivori 63GUESTHOUSE-
Hotel MilleroseVia Daniele Manin 58HOTEL-
Residenza FermiVia Enrico Fermi 79GUESTHOUSE-
Overseas TwoVia Giovanni Giolitti n. 137GUESTHOUSE71
B&B Calamattavia Luigi Calamatta 16GUESTHOUSE82
Hotel New InnVia Farini 62HOTEL-
Bed And Breakfast La PortaVia Campaldino 10GUESTHOUSE-
Flatinrome 6Via di San Francesco a Ripa, 18APARTMENT-
Casachicavia Filippo Turati 86APARTMENT-
Andrea's Romevia Sarnano 36GUESTHOUSE-
B&B TaddeusVia Cairoli 101GUESTHOUSE-
Da Vincivia Carlo Alberto 26GUESTHOUSE-
Welcome Homepiazza Stazione San Pietro 13GUESTHOUSE-
Pellegrinovia Del Pellegrino 13APARTMENT-
Flatinrome 8Piazza della Scala 57APARTMENT-
Fiera 1Via Lorenzo Allievi 8APARTMENT-
B&B G&GVia Caio Mario 14aGUESTHOUSE-
Bed a San Pietrovia Gregorio VII, 466GUESTHOUSE79
Accommodation Delia B&BVia Gaeta 64GUESTHOUSE-
Hollywood in RomeVia di San Martino ai MontiAPARTMENT-
Agnes Roma B&BViale Gorizia 14 int.3GUESTHOUSE86
Casa Vacanze Nonno Giuliovia Natale del Grande 21APARTMENT-
Eco B&B MarelaVia Orso Mario Corbino, 31GUESTHOUSE-
Trasteverooms La Bernardonvia Natale del Grande 21GUESTHOUSE81
Feliz in Romavia di San Giovanni in Laterano 262GUESTHOUSE-
Residenza Giuliavia crescenzio 86APARTMENT-
Domina RomaeVia Bonaventura Cerretti 31GUESTHOUSE-
San Lorenzo roomsVia Tiburtina Antica 12GUESTHOUSE-
Casa MazziniViale Mazzini 157APARTMENT-
Maison de AlexandreVia Cavour 221GUESTHOUSE85
Casa PlatoneVia Trionfale 150APARTMENT-
Domus Sara bed & breakfastvia Flavio Stilicone, 134GUESTHOUSE-
Parioli HouseViale Regina Margherita 192GUESTHOUSE-
Le Suites del VaticanoVia Buccari 16APARTMENT-
B&B MissiVia Salaria 95GUESTHOUSE-
Roma Vintage B&BVia Appia Nuova 107GUESTHOUSE-
Maison VaticanaVia Ottaviano 42GUESTHOUSE-
Gardenia ApartmentVia Aurelia 641APARTMENT-
Vatican Walls Apartmentviale VaticanoAPARTMENT-
Avventure Romane B&BViale Spartaco, 30GUESTHOUSE-
Inn Centre RoomsVia Giolitti 101GUESTHOUSE-
Sweet Home ColosseumVia Angelo Poliziano 61GUESTHOUSE-
B&B At HomeVia le degli Ammiragli 67GUESTHOUSE77
Romangelo HostelVia Napoleone III 58HOSTEL79
Casa RossiniVia Pozzuoli 7GUESTHOUSE-
B&B Stay AtVia Tiburtina Antica 13GUESTHOUSE-
Inn Rome B&BVia Gioia Tauro 41GUESTHOUSE-
Bed and Breakfast Quo Vadis RomaVia Leone IV 38GUESTHOUSE-
Guesthouse ParadisioVia Gaeta 23GUESTHOUSE-
San Lorenzo Dream RelaisVia Tiburtina 10 00185GUESTHOUSE-
Hotel Rich RomeVia Conte Verde 4HOTEL-
Art In VaticanVia Luigi Rizzo 36GUESTHOUSE68
Wow ColosseumVia Principe Umberto 77GUESTHOUSE76
Your Neighbour at the ColosseumVia Labicana 58GUESTHOUSE-
That's RomeVia Filippo Turarti 107 00185GUESTHOUSE-
B&B Nonna Claravia Scicli 70 00133GUESTHOUSE-
Roman SuiteVia Vespasiano 48GUESTHOUSE-
Babylon International Apartmentvia Ostiense, 224GUESTHOUSE-
Suites Roma Tiburtina Bed & BreakfastVia delle Cave Di Pietralata 36 Via Olindo Malagodi 14GUESTHOUSE-
Cherry GuesthouseVia Napoleone III 75GUESTHOUSE-
ArteRoma TiburtinaVia Eugenio Torelli Viollier 129GUESTHOUSE77
Cogli l'attico B&BVia Gabi 32 RomaGUESTHOUSE-
Roma Prince Inn B&BVia Principe Eugenio 15GUESTHOUSE79
Cavour ApartmentVia Cavour 150APARTMENT-
BBdenina67Via Carlo Denina 67APARTMENT-
Hotel XX Settembrevia del macao, 6/12 00185 romaHotel-
Maison de MaryluVia Sforza 14 stairs B flat 4 First floorGuesthouse-
Mia Lodge B&B & HostelVia Santa Maria Maggiore,151 3rd FloorHostel-
Ripetta RomeVia di Ripetta 157APARTMENT-
Panuccio Homevia Tuscolana 1016GUESTHOUSE-
Vecchia Roma ResortVia della Fonte di Fauno, 4GUESTHOUSE82
Trastevere ApartmentVia della Scala, 15APARTMENT-
207 InnViale Giulio Cesare 207GUESTHOUSE-
B&B Il Chicco d'UvaVia San Giovanni, 4 - 00047 - Marino - Roma -GUESTHOUSE-
Chicca Roomsvia buonarroti,39GUESTHOUSE-
B&B EuroVia Palestro, 56GUESTHOUSE-
A Vinicius et MitaVia Pistoia 21GUESTHOUSE-
Skywalkvia buonarroti,39GUESTHOUSE76
B&B Buone VacanzeVia Principe Amedeo 92/94GUESTHOUSE-
La CaravellaLungomare Paolo Toscanelli, 154/164HOTEL-
Golden AngelVia Cave di Pietralata 14- stairs E - int.1GUESTHOUSE-
Hello Bed and BreakfastVia Firenze 11GUESTHOUSE-
MilagroVia Calatafimi 18GUESTHOUSE-
Room 4 Rome RisorgimentoPiazza del Risorgimento 36GUESTHOUSE-
Simone SollaiVia Giovanni Giolitti 213, INT 2 Rome, Italy 00185GUESTHOUSE-
Vacanze Romane HolidaysVia RiminiAPARTMENT-
Home@RomeVia della Giuliana 80GUESTHOUSE-
Rhome HostingViale dei Bastioni di Michelangelo 5aGUESTHOUSE-
Bel AmiVia Corfinio 23GUESTHOUSE-
York Hotel RomaVia Cavriglia 24/26HOTEL-
Cola Vatican RoomsVia Cola di Rienzo 243GUESTHOUSE-
Hotel BoccaccioVia del Boccaccio 25 1 pianoHOTEL-
Dino GuesthouseVia Giovanni Giolitti 213/5th floorGUESTHOUSE-
St Peter BedPiazza del Risorgimento, 36GUESTHOUSE-
B&B Railway 24via Enrico Cialdini 14GUESTHOUSE-
Termini AVia degli Irpini 36 00185APARTMENT-
Sunny Guesthouse RomeVia Bixio 77GUESTHOUSE-
Farfalla B&BVia Giovanni Lanza 99GUESTHOUSE-
Guesthouse il GongVia Apuania 8GUESTHOUSE81
Ricordi HouseVia Michele Saponaro 10APARTMENT-
Pavoni Guest HouseVia Lodovico Pavoni 127GUESTHOUSE-
BB Sicilia Suitevia Sicilia 153GUESTHOUSE-
Gialel B&BVia Romagna 14GUESTHOUSE78
Bed and Breakfast Anna GiuliaViale Giulio Cesare 113GUESTHOUSE-
Residenza il Magnificovia Lorenzo il Magnifico 61GUESTHOUSE-
StellamarinaVia Goito 17GUESTHOUSE-
B&B Vaticanviale Vaticano 56GUESTHOUSE-
All Seasons GuesthouseViale Manzoni 81GUESTHOUSE-
La Casa di EvaVia Giovanni Mingazzini 16 Via Asmara 58GUESTHOUSE-
Gaudi GuesthouseVia Carlo Alberto 13 int 26GUESTHOUSE-
B&B Eleven Star RomeVia G.L. Passalacqua 26/aGUESTHOUSE-
Monica e Alice B&BVia Carlo Pisacane 25GUESTHOUSE-
Roman Holidays HostelVia Volturno 27HOSTEL-
B&B Demode GuesthouseVia Marcantonio Bragadin 95 Via Soncino 61GUESTHOUSE-
La Finestra su RomaPiazza Re di Roma 64GUESTHOUSE-
B&B Brothers & SistersVia Mattia Battistini 232GUESTHOUSE-
Scipione B&BVia degli Scipioni 22GUESTHOUSE-
Sweet Home CinziaVia buonarroti 39GUESTHOUSE-
Vatican Station B&B RomeVia Vito Artale 6GUESTHOUSE-
Carol Bed and Breakfastvia Virginia 5 Interno 12GUESTHOUSE-
Il Corso Bed and BreakfastVia della fontanella 4GUESTHOUSE-
JC Contemporary Hotelvia del Fosso di Acqua Acetosa OstienseHOTEL-
Trastevere ResortViale di Trastevere 259GUESTHOUSE-
Casa Trastevere Moronivia Vicolo Moroni 4GUESTHOUSE-
Vatican B&B RomeVia Nicolò III 10GUESTHOUSE-
Home Friends liVia Emanuele Filiberto, 207GUESTHOUSE81
Rona ResortVia Tarquinio Prisco 28HOTEL-
Affittacamere SweetyVia Giovanni Giolitti 199GUESTHOUSE-
Hostella female onlyVia Gaeta 70HOSTEL90
Residenza RisorgimentoPiazza Risorgimento,59GUESTHOUSE-
Laterano Guest HouseVia dell'Amba Aradam, 20GUESTHOUSE74
Inn Station HouseVia Rattazzi 22GUESTHOUSE-
Mellini39 GuesthouseLungotevere dei Mellini 39GUESTHOUSE-
Vatican City HolidaysVia Santamaura 86GUESTHOUSE-
Il Casale dell'Ara delle RoseVia dell'Ara delle Rose 42GUESTHOUSE-
Hotel FeliceVia Tiburtina 30Hotel-
Al Borgo 64Borgo Pio 64GUESTHOUSE-
Michelangelo SuitesViale Vaticano 96GUESTHOUSE-
Hotel DogeVia dei Due Macelli, 106 Piazza di SpagnaHotel-
A Room for HolidayVia Suessola 1Guesthouse80
B&B I Sette ReVia Ardea, 14GUESTHOUSE-
ClarianVia Carlo Cattaneo 24 RomeGuesthouse79
Casetta degli ArtistiVia Anton Giulio Barrili 39Apartment-
Capitolium RoomsVia Montebello 104GUESTHOUSE-
Relais MichelangeloVia Luigi Chiarini 179APARTMENT-
Double B HotelVia Vittorio Amedeo II,22HOTEL-
Villaveiovia Sacrofano-Cassia 9, 00063 Campagnano di RomaAPARTMENT-
Gala B&BVia Valerio Publicola 2GUESTHOUSE-
Candia Domus VaticanVia Candia, 77APARTMENT-
A Trilussa SuiteVia della Lungaretta, 80APARTMENT-
Abbraccia Morfeo B&BVia Capua 24GUESTHOUSE-
Nights in RomeVia Solferino 9GUESTHOUSE-
Bed And Breakfast EmilioVicolo di Porta Furba, 23GUESTHOUSE-
Maison de DidìVia Ruggero Bonghi 27GUESTHOUSE-
Vatican and Parking Bed and Breakfast RomeViale delle Mura Aurelie 19GUESTHOUSE-
B&B Home di ChiaraViale Degli Ammiragli 67 (B, 6th floor, int.23)GUESTHOUSE-
Marcelina GuesthouseVia Milazzo n.23GUESTHOUSE-
Hotel la PergolaVia dei Prati Fiscali, 55HOTEL-
Hotel Carlo MagnoVia Sacco Pastore, 13HOTEL-
Terrace St. PeterVicolo di Monte del Gallo, 20APARTMENT-
San Jouan Guest HouseVia Francesco Berni, 7GUESTHOUSE-
Bed and Breakfast EpoqueVia San Girolamo Emilani 2GUESTHOUSE-
Guest House Finestra su TrasteverePiazza Giuditta Tavani Arquati 113GUESTHOUSE-
Magic InnPiazza Vittorio Emanuele IIGUESTHOUSE-
Minerva Conca d'Orovia Conca d'Oro 300GUESTHOUSE-
B&B Domus DomasVia Carlo Alberto 53GUESTHOUSE79
Aurora Green B&BVia Appia Nuova 288GUESTHOUSE-
B&B MillyhouseVia Principe Amedeo, 85/AGUESTHOUSE78
De Monti Colosseovia Panisperna 261GUESTHOUSE-
Hotel Antico AcquedottoVia di Villa serventiHOTEL-
Hotel Dream House RomeVia del Corso 43Hotel-
Hotel LaurentiaLargo degli Osci 65Hotel-
Trinity B&BVia E. Filiberto 109Guesthouse-
Butterfly House RomeVia Arbia 27APARTMENT-
AGV 2001 B&BVia Mocenigo, 26GUESTHOUSE-
Relais Trevi 41Via della Panetteria, 41GUESTHOUSE-
Ulivo Bed and BreakfastVia Del Castro Pretorio 28GUESTHOUSE-
B&B Roma da NoiVia dei Mille 64GUESTHOUSE-
B&B TomaVia Appia Nuova 478GUESTHOUSE-
B&B Alter Ego Vaticanovia Aurelia, 383GUESTHOUSE-
Anno Domini B&BVia Anastasio II, 5GUESTHOUSE-
B&B Damiani&SisterVia Sanremo 12GUESTHOUSE-
1&1 Liberty Rome B&BVia Germanico 109GUESTHOUSE-
Dab Trevi ApartmentVia di Santa Maria In Via 18APARTMENT-
B&B BrilliVia Tasso 32GUESTHOUSE-
Rome Metropolitan Guesthouse - ColosseumVia Merulana 48GUESTHOUSE-
Trani Rooms RomeVia dei Mille 9 Via Varese 31GUESTHOUSE-
Morelli RoomsVia Ezio 29GUESTHOUSE-
B&B Lost in RomeVia Celimontana 28 RomeGUESTHOUSE-
Bed and Breakfast A Casa di Lia - Home in Romelungotevere Flaminio 48GUESTHOUSE-
Al CiakVia Quintilio Varro 189GUESTHOUSE-
Lazy Night Guest Housevia Bixio 52GUESTHOUSE-
Porta maggioreVia Di Porta Maggiore 91GUESTHOUSE-
Savannah GuesthouseVia Domenichino 7GUESTHOUSE-
Difronte ai Musei VaticaniViale Vaticano 84GUESTHOUSE-
Thousand Sunnyvia di Boccea 276HOSTEL-
Dandi DomusVia Buonarroti 39GUESTHOUSE-
GalleryPiazzale Ammiraglio Bergamini 12GUESTHOUSE-
Aladino InnVia Carlo Emanuele 22GUESTHOUSE-
Le Sorelle LumiereVia Alessandro III, 6GUESTHOUSE-
Eddy GuesthouseVia di Panico 20APARTMENT-
Bed Breakfast and Cappuccino | Kosher B&B RomeVia Livorno, 1GUESTHOUSE-
Hotel StellaVia Castelfidardo 51Hotel-
Hotel La ConchigliaLungomare di Ponente 4Hotel-
Hotel IndustrialVia Tiburtina, 998Hotel-
CasacleoVia Cavour 136GUESTHOUSE-
Melody RomePiazza Vittorio Emanuele II, 93GUESTHOUSE-
Cappellari ApartmentVia dei Cappellari 94APARTMENT-
Pigneto Luxury RoomsVia Prenestina 82GUESTHOUSE-
Ara Pacis InnVia Muzio Clementi, 9GUESTHOUSE-
Castel Sant'Angelo InnVia Pietro Cavallini, 12GUESTHOUSE-
Federico Suitevia Enrico Cialdini 14GUESTHOUSE-
Purple HomeRampa delle Mura Aurelie 9APARTMENT-
A Casa Nostra GuesthouseVia Emanuele Filiberto 217 Scala A INT. 1GUESTHOUSE81
Hotel Primus RomaVia Giovanni da Empoli, 11/15HOTEL-
Centre of the Worldvia Ferruccio 44GUESTHOUSE79
Parini HouseVia G.Parini 7GUESTHOUSE-
Italo Housevia Giovanni da EmpoliGUESTHOUSE-
Guesthouse MaikolPiazza vittorio Emanuele ll 138GUESTHOUSE-
Gallienus B&BVia Domenichino 7GUESTHOUSE-
La Cupola del VaticanoVia Ottaviano 6GUESTHOUSE-
Rome Sleep HomeVia CostantinoGUESTHOUSE-
Rome 103 ApartmentVia Marche 72APARTMENT-
Hotel MeetingVia Pier Vittorio Aldini, 38/aHOTEL-
RomAntica HomeVia Giovanni da Empoli, 6GUESTHOUSE79
Arciere's HouseVia Emanuele Filiberto 207GUESTHOUSE-
St. Peter Central Rooms B&BPiazza dell'Unità 13GUESTHOUSE-
Vaticano 84Viale Vaticano 84GUESTHOUSE-
Homeway MagentaVia Magenta 24GUESTHOUSE-
Next Stop st. PeterVia Nicolò III n 4APARTMENT-
Sixtythree B&BVia Rattazzi, 63GUESTHOUSE-
Ancient Rome B&BVia del Boschetto 15GUESTHOUSE-
Pensione MaggiorePiazza Di Santa Maria Maggiore nr 12Hotel-
Trastevere Feltre1Piazza Bernardino da Feltre n. 1GUESTHOUSE-
Colosseum Studio in the HeartVia de Ciancaleoni 47APARTMENT-
Home Holiday RomaVia Pietro Cartoni 78APARTMENT-
Maison ColosseoVia dei Querceti, 24GUESTHOUSE-
B&B CondottieriVia Prenestina 95 Via Sampiero di Bastelica 81GUESTHOUSE-
B&B PrincipessaVia Mario Apollonio, 70GUESTHOUSE-
Casa GrimaldiVia Francesco Grimaldi 112APARTMENT-
Alla BalduinaVia Alfredo Serranti 12GUESTHOUSE-
94 Rooms B&BVia degli Scipioni, 94GUESTHOUSE-
Hotel Firenze RomaVia Dei Due Macelli, 106HOTEL-
Hollywood in Rome 2Via sant'Agata dei Goti 2APARTMENT-
B&B EstyViale Trastevere,108GUESTHOUSE-
B&B Vacanze a Roma RoomsVia Gregorio VII 278GUESTHOUSE-
Pitagora Twovia Filippo Turati n.23GUESTHOUSE-
Domus Anna B&Bvia Francesco Caracciolo,10GUESTHOUSE-
Domus dei ConsoliViale dei Consoli 191GUESTHOUSE-
Luxury Rooms HotelVia dei Gracchi, 17/AHOTEL-
Adone Housevia Foscolo 17 interno 3GUESTHOUSE-
Sunshine RomaVia Buonarroti 39GUESTHOUSE-
B&B Appio Re di RomaVia Sanremo, 1GUESTHOUSE-
Antica Dimora Contessa ArrivabeneViale Tito Livio nr 28Hotel-
Residenza Horti LucullianiVia del Corso 36Hotel-
I Fotografi al ColosseoVia Celimontana 22GUESTHOUSE-
B&B Enjoy RoomVia Marco Aurelio, 15GUESTHOUSE-
Luna D'EstLargo Somalia 67GUESTHOUSE-
Elena al ColosseoVia dei Santi Quattro 85APARTMENT-
La Mia AfricaVia Portuense, 941GUESTHOUSE-
LT Rooms ApartmentVia Moricca, 5GUESTHOUSE-
B&B da PonticelloVia Guglielmo Calderini 33GUESTHOUSE-
Marco e Laura B&BVia Aurelia 232 - RomaGUESTHOUSE79
Moai HomeVia Scirè 14GUESTHOUSE-
B&B Profumo di RomaVia Gallia 10GUESTHOUSE-
B&B Aida Charming RoomsVia dei Colli Portuensi 226GUESTHOUSE-
Bed & Breakfast Parco delle ValliPiazza Conca d'Oro 25GUESTHOUSE-
Romangelo IIVia Giovanni Giolitti 137 1st floorGUESTHOUSE-
Eden Castle B&BVia Principe Amedeo 331GUESTHOUSE-
B&B MarcantonioVia Castelfidardo 78GUESTHOUSE-
Alla Basilica RoomsViale Carlo Felice, 77GUESTHOUSE-
Villa dei SogniVia Salorno 39GUESTHOUSE-
La Piazzetta di Roma Appartamento CesareVia Ilario Alibrandi, 24 AAPARTMENT-
Hotel FiorenzaVia dei Mille 64Hotel-
Hotel GabriellaVia Palestro,88Hotel-
Albergo BergamoVia Gioberti 30Hotel-
You & Me in RomeVia Albalonga, 30HOTEL-
Golden RoomsVia Sistina, 37 RomeGUESTHOUSE-
B&B Angels in RomeVia Po 39HOTEL-
Sogno di Roma B&BLungotevere Dante 310GUESTHOUSE-
Aracoeli Bed & BreakfastVia delle Cave, 65GUESTHOUSE-
Chic & Town Luxury RoomsVia dei Due Macelli 31 RomaGUESTHOUSE-
B&B G&G TrastevereViale Trastevere, 108GUESTHOUSE-
Stanze VaticaneVia degli Scipioni 100APARTMENT-
Gregorio 03Via Gregorio VllAPARTMENT-
B&B ApplemoonViale Giulio Cesare, 78GUESTHOUSE-
B&B Maria GraziaVia Tuscolana 310GUESTHOUSE-
B&B PantheonPiazza della Rotonda 65, 00186GUESTHOUSE-
B&B Piazza del PopoloVia A. Allegri da Correggio, 100196GUESTHOUSE-
B&B Trastevere Isola TiberinaVicolo dell'Atleta 6, 00153GUESTHOUSE-
B&B Trastevere Porta PorteseVia Barisano da Trani, 600153GUESTHOUSE-
B&B Via VenetoVia Lucullo 6, 00187GUESTHOUSE-
B&B VaticanoVia Sebastiano Ziani, 5000136GUESTHOUSE-
Prati B&Bvia degli scipioni,135GUESTHOUSE-
Scheppers HotelVia Bogliasco, 36Hotel-
B&B Ponte SistoVia dei Pettinari n 73/78GUESTHOUSE-
Bethel HomeVia Albalonga 60GUESTHOUSE-
La Dolce Vita In B&BVia Andrea Baldi 36GUESTHOUSE-
Le Tare B&BViale delle Medaglie d'Oro 29GUESTHOUSE79
Hold RomeVia Principe Amedeo 128 - RomeGUESTHOUSE-
Magic Rome GuesthouseVia dei Valeri 6 apartment 11GUESTHOUSE-
Da Cristina e Stefanovia Tempio degli Arvali, 41/c00148 RomaAPARTMENT-
Four Seasons Hostel RomeVia Carlo Cattaneo 23HOSTEL81
Inovik B&BVia Principe Umberto 35GUESTHOUSE-
Mameli StreetVia Goffredo Mameli, 40APARTMENT-
Navona SquareCorsia Agonale n° 10 RomeAPARTMENT-
Residenza Doro'Circonvallazione Clodia 94GUESTHOUSE-
B&B Trastevere RolliVia Ettore Rolli 49GUESTHOUSE-
B&B San GiovanniVia Corfinio 23, 00183GUESTHOUSE-
B&B Santa Maria MaggioreVia Napoleone III 12 00185GUESTHOUSE-
Fioramonty ApartmentVia Cassia 901APARTMENT-
Tara ApartmentVia Venturi,16APARTMENT-
Hotel Derby RomeVia di Vigna Pozzi, 7HOTEL-
Regia GuesthouseVia Enrico CialdiniGUESTHOUSE-
El Sol AffittacamerePiazza Tarquinia n 2 Interno 13GUESTHOUSE-
A Quattro Passi DaViale dei Quattro Venti, 166GUESTHOUSE-
Art DomusRealeVia Sicilia,15GUESTHOUSE-
Colosseum Homevia Merulana 63GUESTHOUSE-
100 Passi Dalla Cappella Sistinavia Savonarola 39GUESTHOUSE-
Affittacamere Tagliaferri LuciaVia del Castro Pretorio, 28GUESTHOUSE-
Arches InnPiazza Francesco Morosini 12GUESTHOUSE-
B&B Casa SuriVia Enrico Cialdini 13GUESTHOUSE-
B&B SusannaVia Rimini 25GUESTHOUSE-
Rome With LoveVia Bixio, 80GUESTHOUSE-
Casa DingVia Enrico Cialdini 13GUESTHOUSE-
Esedra InnVia Nazionale, 243GUESTHOUSE-
Frank's HouseVia La Marmora 11GUESTHOUSE-
Nika HostelPiazza San Giovanni in Laterano, 36GUESTHOUSE82
Peperoncino GuesthouseVia Enrico Fermi 130 sc.b int.3GUESTHOUSE-
Fruit RoomsVia Calatafimi, 18GUESTHOUSE-
Grande Appartamento in Stile ClassicoVia Valentino Banal 21APARTMENT-
Meloria Rooms B&BVia della Meloria 74GUESTHOUSE-
B&B Domus VeioVia Veio, 37 00183GUESTHOUSE-
BB Santa CroceVia di S. Croce in Gerusalemme, 91GUESTHOUSE-
The Secret GardenVia Bixio 48Guesthouse78
Bonny accommodation & HostelVia Principe Amedeo ,149 Scala AHostel-
Hotel Villa SpadaVia Maria Elena Bettini,20Hotel-
Hotel MagicVia Milazzo, 20Hotel-
Houspitality Flowers B&BVia Vigliena 2GUESTHOUSE-
Stasera a casa da M.E.Via Tuscolana n.268 Scala (building) CGUESTHOUSE79
Franca bebVia Veio 53GUESTHOUSE-
Mrs. JulieVia PalermoGUESTHOUSE-
Vatican Sleeping B&BVia Vespasiano, 17GUESTHOUSE-
Tevere HomeVia Flaminia 215GUESTHOUSE-
Diamond B&BVia Cairoli 101GUESTHOUSE-
Ave Popolo RomaPiazza Vittorio Emanuele 35HOTEL-
Maria l'Attico al VaticanoVia Angelo Emo 56APARTMENT-
Terry ApartmentVia Portuense 100APARTMENT-
Grimaldi HouseVia Francesco Grimaldi 151GUESTHOUSE-
Dimora LuminosaVia Crescenzio, 43GUESTHOUSE-




The three main universities in Rome are:

If you are the type of traveler who enjoys learning about the history, legends and scandals of the sites you are visiting, then you may want to check out Roman Candle Tours. A number of tours are offered and conducted in English by English mother tongue guides throughout the City of Rome and Vatican City.



Keep Connected


Almost all towns and cities in Italy have internet cafes. A growing number of budget hostels and nicer hotels have free Wifi. By law all public-access internet points must keep records of web sites viewed by customers, and even the customer's ID: expect to be refused access if you don't provide identification. Hotels providing Internet access are not required to record IDs if the connection is provided in the guest's room, although if the connection is offered in the main public hall then IDs are required. Publicly available wireless access without user identification is illegal, so open Wi-Fi hotspots (like the ones you might expect to find in a mall or cafée) all have some form of (generally one-time) registration.


See also: International Telephone Calls

The main networks are TIM (Telecom Italia Mobile, part of Telecom Italia, formerly state controlled), Vodafone, Wind, and 3 (only UMTS cellphones). Best advice is to buy a prepaid SIM card (from € 10 upwards) and a cheap mobile phone (€ 19 upwards) to put it in (if you don't have a cellphone already that you can use). It will be much more practical. All land line numbers start with 0. Mobile numbers start with 3. Numbers starting with 89 are high-fee services. In case of emergency call the appropriate number from the list below. Such calls are usually free and calls to 112, 113 (police), 115 (fire), 118 (health) can be made from payphones for free without the need of inserting coins. 112 (standard emergency number in GSM specification) can be dialed in any case for free from any mobile phone.


Post Italiane is the national postal services of Italy and has quite an efficient network of postal offices and reliable postal services. Standard letters and postcards (up to 20 grams) cost €0.39 to send within Europe and the Mediterranean countries outside Europe and €0.41 to all other destinations throughout the country. Up to 50 grams, prices start at €0.52 for Europe, €0.62 for other areas. Packages start at €1.55 within Europe, and around €2.50 for other countries. Post office business hours in Italy are from 8:30am to 2:00pm from Monday to Friday, with closing times at Saturday and the last day of the month at 12 noon. In general, larger post offices in bigger cities and in tourist areas keep longer hours than those in local towns. Also note that business hours in the south might be different than the north, with longer hours at night, especially in summer! If you want to send packages you might try faster and more reliable/efficient private courier companies like TNT, UPS or DHL.


Quick Facts


Local Name
  • Latitude: 41.895466
  • Longitude: 12.482324

Accommodation in Rome

We have a comprehensive list of accommodation in Rome searchable right here on Travellerspoint. You can use our map to quickly compare budget, mid-range or top of the range accommodation in Rome and areas nearby.


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Rome Travel Helpers

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