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Serekunda, a few kilometres west of Banjul, the capital, has the largest population, about 350,000, of any Gambian town including Banjul. This is the commercial capital of the country where you will find a myriad of shops and markets selling any and everything you could possibly need. The town started as 7 or 8 seperate villages but over the years these grew and grew and became the hot and dusty Serekunda that we know today. This is a wonderful place to explore and meet Gambians as they carry on their normal days work and play, to sit at a roadsice cafe, drink a beer or two and soak up the noise, smells and activity of this massive market town.



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    I have been there many times, in fact it's my favourite holiday destination. With over ten years of travel to this fantastic little country their is little I have not done seen and tried

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