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Šiaulai is the fourth biggest city in Lithuania and is considered to have been founded back in 1236 and was developed into a defensive stronghold to help prevent attacks from the Teutonic and Livonian Orders. Today it is famous for the 'Hill of crosses', a fantastic collection of religious icons lye just off the side of the main road into Šiauliai.




Avg Max-2.6 °C-1.7 °C2.8 °C10.1 °C17.3 °C20.7 °C21.7 °C21.2 °C16.3 °C10.5 °C4 °C-0.2 °C
Avg Min-7.9 °C-7.7 °C-4.2 °C1.2 °C6.7 °C10.5 °C12.3 °C11.7 °C8.1 °C4.1 °C-0.3 °C-5 °C
Rainfall33 mm24 mm32 mm38 mm47 mm60 mm74 mm77 mm60 mm53 mm58 mm44 mm
Rain Days191415131313151516161920



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Lietuvos Paštas is the national postal service of Lithuania. Postal services are generally not very fast, but fairly reliable. That is, most of the postcards and letters will eventually arrive on the foreign adress, albeit after some days or even weeks. If you want it to be sent the fastest possible, go for courier instead of ordinary (domestic post) or for airmail instead of surface (international mail).
Post offices are usually open from 8:00am to 6:00pm on Monday to Friday and 9:00am to 2:00pm on Saturdays, although these opening hours may vary depending on the office, with big central offices keeping longer hours, while small villages might have shorter opening times. Stamped mail (both national and international) can be dropped in the yellow post boxes for collection. Stamps are available at post offices and kiosks.


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