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Siem Reap

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Travel Guide Asia Cambodia Siem Reap



Motorcycle Monk - Siem Reap

Motorcycle Monk - Siem Reap

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Siem Reap owes much of its popularity as a tourist destination to the fact that it is the gateway to Angkor Wat, one of Cambodia's prime attractions. Thanks to the ancient temples nearby, Siem Reap has turned into a focal point of Cambodian tourism, with dozens of hotels and guesthouses springing up over the past couple decades.

Siem Reap itself features a combination of Khmer, Chinese and colonial architectural styles. Old Market is one of the town's more vibrant, traditional areas. Siem Reap is also the capital of the province Siem Reap.




Psar Chaa is the square at the centre of downtown. Most of the city slowly radiates from Psar Chaa. The river runs roughly north south with most of the city on the west side of the river. Lately Siem Reap has started to sprawl out a fair amount & some of the larger more expensive resorts are now located on the outskirts of the city. Most of what travellers need is located in the downtown area near Psar Chaa including accommodation for any budget or comfort need.



Sights and Activities


Angkor is the ancient city that is home to Angkor Wat, possibly one of the most famous tourist sights in the world. The city dates back to over 800 years and was the capital of the Khmer Empire for several centuries. After several dynasties and periods of height and decline the city eventually fell to the Thai in the 15th century. The Khmers then relocated further east. This place is why Siem Reap is on the map and is a must see for any world traveller.

Tonle Sap

Tonlé Sap is the large river lake in the center of Cambodia. For most of the year this lake is only a metre deep but during the rainy season the Mekong reverses flow and the lake swells in size and becomes over 9 metres deep. It is the largest lake in Southeast Asia and of huge importance to Cambodia.


  • The Land Mine Museum is a good small outdoor museum located over the river that gives a history of land mine removal in Cambodia. It is also a small charity meant to help children that are the victims of land mines.
  • War Museum is a great large outdoor museum with left over weapons from the war. There is everything from old AK-47s to tanks and artillery cannons. The tour guides are veterans of the revolution and tell a very personal and moving story about the weapons and the effects they had on the Cambodian people.
  • Angkor National Museum is a new and large museum, cost entrance: US$12 camera: US$2.


Shopping is a must in Cambodia as there is bound to be something of interest for everyone - from the lovely silk shawls and clothing to traditional musical instruments and books.

  • The Old Market Area, especially the boutique shops around it, is a great place to shop around.
  • Senteurs D'Angkor facing the Old Market is a boutique shop selling good quality silk shawls and clothing which are gift wrapped in hand woven palm covers. They also sell silk bags and gift wrapped spices and home decor. Silk shawls range upward from US$6 and blouses and shirts upwards of US$10.
  • Angkor Candles, #565, Pi Thnou Street (Old Market area) - next to Kokoon and Blue Pumpkin, sells carved candles of Angkor Wat as well as the Apsaras and other figures.
  • Kokoon which is next door to Angkor Candles sells silk clothing and bags.
  • The Night market is similar to the Old market area but is open in the evenings and nights as the name suggests. Great place for shopping for cheap souvenirs and gifts which are less than US$5.
  • Touts around the tourist sites sell souvenirs at very cheap prices. Most of the quality of the items sold are not good but it is difficult to resist the pleading sellers who are often children and women. The traditional musical instruments though are a great buy at US$1 per bamboo flute or a cow-bell etc.

Spas and foot massages

With all the walking during the daytime, visiting temples and other areas of interest, one often feels the need to have a good foot massage to regain the energy in one's feet for the next day. There are several places around the old market area that offer foot massages. However, many of these are not of good quality though very cheap at US$6 for an hour of reflexology foot massage.

  • Bodia Spa, which is located above U-care pharmacy on the road opposite Pub Street, is a great place for a good massage. Foot massages cost US$ 20 here but the service and ambience is worth it, starting from the lotus tea and cold face towels to the leather couches and soft lighting and bird and water sounds around the place.



Events and Festivals

  • Bon Oum Took Boat Festival is every October/November and attracts thousands of Khmers to watch amazing boat racing on the river
  • Angkor Half Marathon is a yearly half marathon in December that runs through the temples of Angkor Wat. The money raised is donated to several local charities.




Siem Reap has a hot and humid tropical climate. It is dominated by the wet southwest monsoon from May to October and the dry northeast monsoon from November to April. Temperatures are between 23 °C and 26 °C at night, and 30 °C to 35 °C during the day most of the year, but April sees temperatures of 40 °C occasionally. September and October are the wettest months. The best time of year to visit is during the dry cool season from mid December to mid-February.

Avg Max32 °C33.3 °C34.6 °C35.5 °C35.2 °C33.5 °C32.7 °C32 °C32.2 °C31.3 °C30.6 °C31 °C
Avg Min19.7 °C20.8 °C26.1 °C25.1 °C25.4 °C24.8 °C24.8 °C25 °C24.5 °C23.9 °C22.4 °C20.3 °C
Rainfall0.7 mm3.5 mm28 mm61.2 mm175.9 mm221.3 mm236.6 mm151 mm276.1 mm248 mm81.7 mm10.1 mm
Rain Days0.823.8817.220.421.819.221.421.410.43



Getting There

By Plane

Siem Reap International Airport (REP), about 6 kilometres from town, has flights with Air Asia and Malaysia Airlines to Kuala Lumpur, Asiana Airlines to Seoul, Bangkok Airways to Bangkok, Cambodia Angkor Air to Phnom Penh and Ho Chi Minh City, China Eastern Airlines to Kunming and Nanning, China Southern Airlines to Guangzhou, Jetstar Asia to Singapore, Korean Air to Seoul and Busan, Lao Airlines to Luang Prabang, Silk Air to Da Nang and Singapore, and Vietnam Airlines to Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Luang Prabang.

By Car

It is possible to hire a car to get to and from Siem Reap and the Thai border and Phnom Penh.

By Bus

The buses going west towards Thailand are on very bad roads and it is worth hiring a car. The buses going east towards Phnom Penh drive on excellent roads making them the cheapest and easiest option for going to any location in the eastern part of the country.

By Boat

Although it is still possible to take the boat to Phnom Penh most people don't do it anymore. It leaves very early in the morning and takes all day. Lastly the cost of taking the boat is about 5 times more then taking a bus, so you have to be a real enthusiast to go for this option. Or be a very adventurous type of course.



Getting around

Tuk Tuk driver called Nats..

Tuk Tuk driver called Nats..

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By Car

Although most people do not hire a car to take them around the ruins it is possible to do. Remember that most cars are old and pretty run down so they might not be that comfortable.

By Foot

If staying in a hotel or guesthouse near the city centre walking around is the best way to get around town. To get out to any of the sights transport has to be arranged or a bike needs to be hired.


There are countless motorbikes and tuk-tuks around town to be hired. Remember to bargain the rate down no matter what. Tuk-tuks can be hired for about US$10 to 15 a day and motorbikes for about half the price. Remember that the shade on the back of a tuk-tuk can be really nice when the sun is high in the sky. It is no longer possible to hire a motorbike without a driver for the day to go around Angkor.

By Bike

Renting a bike and biking around Angkor is a possibility. Just remember that it can get very hot during the day and shade can sometimes be hard to find. Also Angkor is a large city so it is easy to get lost. On the plus side it is nice to enjoy the ruins without the loud noise of a motor roaring away all day.




There are several western restaurants around the downtown area. Remember that most guesthouses have restaurants attached to them but it is good to branch out and spread the wealth. If looking for local food there is an open air market just south of downtown near the Popular Guesthouse.

  • River Garden restaurant (Oxcourt) is a lovely restaurant away from the busy town area and offers delicious meals presented nicely. The restaurant is located within the premises of the guesthouse.

There are some great eating places in the Old Market area, especially on Pub Street and at Sivatha Blvd.

  • Soup Dragon Cafe on Pub street serves a nice mixture of Cambodian, Thai and western food for reasonable prices ranging from US$4-6.
  • Banana Leaf is a popular night spot with blaring loud music that overwhelms the entire Pub street and has street seating.
  • Khmer kitchen located on the parallel street to Pub Street offers nice and simple Khmer meals and is much more quieter and simpler in its presentation.
  • Le Tigre De Papier which is next door to Soup Dragon Cafe mainly focuses on pizzas, pastas and lasagne.
  • Blue Pumpkin in the old market area besides Angkor Candles and Kokoon is a great place for coffee and those with a sweet tooth, especially for chocolate themed desserts.
  • Chusska, Indian Vegetarian Restaurant - pure Indian vegetarian restaurant in Siem Reap, Lunch&Dinner. St# 7,Old Market ,Siem Reap, Tel 012 212138.
  • Taj Mahal Restaurant, Halal - Classic Indian, Near to pub Street B/W Red Piano & CAB bank, old market area, Tel 0888765100.
  • Maharajah Restaurant, Halal - Royal Indian, Sivatha Road Old Market Area,Front Of Terrasse Des Elephants, Tel 092 506622.
  • Curry Walla - Serving vegetarian and Non-vegetarian authentic Indian fare on very reasonable prices. Add: B05, Sivatha Blvd Svay dangkum, Phone: 063 965 451 / 092 459 723
  • Taste Of India - All the heavy weights are here included Samoas, Thali, Tandoori, Dosa, Naan , Roti , Paratha, extensive menu is included with 75 different dishes. #109, Sivatha Street, In the corner of old market road Junction, Phone: 063 969 109 / 089 436 096




Siem Reap actually has a great nightlife! There are many different kinds of bars for the different kinds of travellers. There are nicer high end pubs and rowdy backpacker dives. There is even one bar that has Pol Pots toilet seat! The best thing to do is walk around the Psar Chaa and walk into a place. New watering holes pop up frequently, although some of the old trusty bars have remained. There are even some Cambodian discos located around town that can give an interesting insight into modern Khmer nightlife.




In the last 10 years the options for sleeping in Siem Reap have grown unbelievably. There are now countless guesthouses, hotels and resorts to choose from. Be careful because buses from Bangkok tend to try to put new arrivals in hotels way outside the city centre. The better and more popular places are much closer to downtown though. New places open up every week. And some places close down as well, so check beforehand

Budget Accommodation

13th Villa0019 Bengdonpa Village Slorkram CommuneHostel-
Allson Angkor HotelSt.6. Phum Sala Kansèng Khum Svay DangkomHotel-
Angkor Parkland Siem ReapTapoul Village Svay DangkumHotel-
Sor Phoun Villa#0275, National Road No6, Banteay Chas Village Slakram Commune,Closed Spha samaki marketHostel-
Angkor Spirit Palace10 minutes next to famous Pub Street , Old Market, Phneachey Village , Svaydang kumHotel85
Aroma Daily Guesthouse#0141, Wat Domnak Village,Guesthouse-
Babel Siem Reap GuesthouseNo 738, Village Wat Bo RoadHOSTEL81
Baca Villa026, Phum Taphul Khum Svay DangkumGuesthouse-
Borei Angkor Resort & SpaNational Road 6, #369, Banteay Chas, Slokram Siem Reap, Kingdom of CambodiaHotel-
Bou Savy GuesthouseTa Phul Village, Khum Svaydangkum Siem Reap provinceGuesthouse83
Bun Kao Guest House#0556 Group 21, Banteay Chash Village Siogram CommunHostel68
Bun Nath Guest House#446,national roads 6 , Taphul Village Svay Dangkum CommuneGuesthouse-
Chenla Guest HouseNo 260, National Road 6 Taphul Village Svay Dangkum DistrictHostel-
City River HotelP. O. Box 93171Hotel-
Dragon Royal HotelNational Raod Nº6, Krous Villa Siem Reap-AngkorHotel-
DMS Angkor Villa Guest HouseRoute 6 (Airport Road) We're at the town endGuesthouse-
European Guesthouse#0566, Group 2, Banteay Chas Village Slorkram CommuneGUESTHOUSE75
Freedom HotelNational Raod no.6A, Phum Banteay Chas, SalakamRoeHotel-
Golden Mango Inn#0658, Chongkaosou Village Slakram Commune,On Route #6HOSTEL89
Golden Orange HotelGroup 1, House 007 Slokram VillageHotel-
Golden Temple VillaSteng Thmei SvaydongkumHostel92
HanumanAlaya Boutique Residence5 Krom 2, Phoum TreangHotel-
Happy Guest House0134 Phum Wat Bo Khum SalakomreukHOSTEL88
Hilton Angkor Guesthouse#0553, Phum Chong Kaoshou Khum SlorkramGuesthouse-
I Lodge Guest House#30,Tepvong Roads SvayDangkum CommuneGuesthouse-
Jasmine Guest HouseSvaydangum Commune Taphul VillageGuesthouse81
Wooden Angkor HotelTaphul Rd, Taphul Village, Svay Dangkum communeHotel-
Khmerinnangkor232 Taphul Raod Taphul Village Siem Reap District Siem Reap ProvinceHostel-
Le Tigre Hotelsok san street siem reapHotel-
Lovely GuesthouseWat bo, 31, SalakamroeukGuesthouse-
Majestic Oriental HotelNational Road 6, (Airport Road) Krous Village Svay Dangkum Commune,HOTEL-
Mandalay Inn148, Sivatha RoadGuesthouse79
Mekong Angkor Palace Hotel#21, Mondol 2 Village Svay Dangkum Commune, Siem ReapHotel-
Mom's GuesthouseNo. 0099, Wat Bo StreetGuesthouse-
My Home#142, Pshar Krom St.Hostel78
Mystères d'AngkorBP 93104 GPO BP 93104Hotel-
Orient D'Angkor HotelSalakansen Village Khum SvaydangkomHotel-
Palm Garden LodgeSok San Street Svay Dungkhom Siem ReapHotel84
Palm Village ResortPhum Trapaing Ses,Trapaing Ses village Khum Kouk ChorkHotel84
Paradise Angkor Villa HotelStreet 60, Chong Kao Sou Village, Slor Kram CommunHotel-
Pavillon Indochine Boutique hotelWat ThmeyGUESTHOUSE-
Popular Guest House#33, Vihear Chin VillageGUESTHOUSE-
Prince D'Angkor Hotel & SpaSivath Blv, Mondul II, Sangkat Svay DangkomHOTEL-
Prohm Roth Guesthouse#251 Mondul I, Khum Svay DangkumGuesthouse-
Rosy Guest HouseNo 74, Slor Kram VIllage Slor Kram CommuneHostel87
Royal Angkor Resort& SpaHighway Nº 6 Phum KasekamHotel-
New Riverside HotelLork Taneouy steet,Wat Bo village,Sala kamreak dis Siem Reap province, CambodiaHotel-
Siem Reap Town Hotel & Spa149, National Road #6, Bunteay Slorkram CommuneHotel-
Skyway Hotel0150 Road 6, Banteaychas Village Slorkram Commune, Siem Reap, 855Hotel-
Somadevi Angkor Hotel & SpaSivatha Blvd, Mondul II Village Svaydangkum Commune, Siem Reap - CambodiaHOTEL-
Soria Moria Boutique HotelWat Bo streetHotel-
Steung Siem Reap HotelStreet 9, Mondul I, Sangkat Svay DangkomHotel88
Ta Som Guest House#268 Road 6 Taphul village,svay dangum communeGuesthouse78
Tanei GuesthouseNext to Artisan D�ngkor, closed to downtown. 17, Steung Thmey VillageGUESTHOUSE-
Tara Angkor HotelVithei Charles de Gulle Road to Angkor WatHotel-
The RiverGarden, Siem Reap113 Mondul 3 Khum Slokrum Phoum TreangHotel-
The Siem Reap HostelWot Bo Angkor School RoadHostel92
The Villa Siem Reap153 Ta Phol VillageGuesthouse-
Two Dragons Guesthouse110 Wat Bo VillageHOSTEL-
Siem Reap RoomsRoad No.26 Wat Bo SalakamreukHostel90
Mekong BoutiqueRoad 7 Makara, Wat Damnak Salakamreuk CommuneHOSTEL-
Number 9 GuesthouseSivutha street,svay dangum commune,siem reap district-proGuesthouse-
Green Park Village Guesthouse#304, National Road #6, Phum Dorkpo Sangkat Slorkram, Siem ReapGuesthouse85
The Rose ApplePhum Vath Svay 164 Khum Salakamrek A7 www.theroseapple.comGuesthouse-
Smiling Hotel and SpaNational Road 6 Chong Kaosou Village Slar Kram CommuneHotel-
Angkor Way HotelCharles de Gaulle road Slorkram Village Slorkram CommuneHotel-
Golden BananaWat Damnak Area, Phum Wat Damnak Kum Sala KomreukHotel-
Ponloue Angkor Siem Reap Villa2 minuets walking to Pub Street Old market Sivatha Road , Svay DangkumHostel-
Jasmine Family Hostelsalakaseng village svaydangum commune,Hostel79
Avista HostelSt 60, Mondol 03 Village Slorkram Commune Siem Reap-AngkorHotel-
Golden TaKeo Guesthouse#0123, Wat Bo Village Sangkat SalakamroeukHostel-
The King Angkor Villa251 Samdech Tep Vong StHOSTEL83
Hotel 89Taphul Street, Phum Taphul Svay DangkumHotel-
Hotel de la Paix Siem ReapSivutha BoulevardHotel-
Home Sweet HomeNo.111, Wat Bo Village, Salakomroek CommuneHostel65
Angkor Wat Guesthouse#286, National Road.6A Taphul village Svaydangkum communeGuesthouse-
Dara Reang Sey Angkor HotelNational road Nº 6, Phum Chong Caochou Khum Slor Kram, Siem ReapHOTEL65
Angkor Discover Inn Boutique Hotel0126, Wat Bo Rd Slorkrame VillageHotel-
Empress Angkor Hotel#888, National Raod #6Hotel-
Sweet Dreams GuesthouseHouse #0126 Watbo VillageGuesthouse80
Angkor Friendship Inn56 Psa Krom Street, Vihea Chen VillageGuesthouse-
Royal Crown Hotel# 7 Makara.Street Watbo VillageHotel-
Shining Angkor Hotel (Boutique Accommodations)Komai Street 560 One, Kok Chok CommuneHotel-
Damnak Angkor ResortNational Road No6 Behind Krou Primary SchoolHOTEL-
Royal Empire HotelNational Route 6, Airport RoadHotel-
Angkor Riviera HotelNo.828, Porkombor St, Mondul1, Svaydangkom CommuneHotel-
Central Boutique Angkor HotelTa Phul Village Svaydangkum CommuneHotel76
Na Ry houseNa Ry HouseGuesthouse-
Lotus LodgeBoeung Dounhpa Village Slar Kram CommuneHOTEL-
BEST WESTERN Suites and Sweet Resort Angkor1 Phum Krous, Svay DangkumGuesthouse-
New Apsara Guest House#107 Wat Bo Village Wat Bo Road / Street 20Guesthouse-
Ancient Angkor InnPhum Stoeng Thmey Khum Svay DangkumHotel-
Mom Morokod Koh Ker GuesthouseSro yorng Village. Sro yong District. Kulen CommunGuesthouse-
Advisor Angkor Villa Siem ReapClosed to Star Mart/Caltex Station, Taphoul Villag Siem Reap Central AreaHOTEL81
Alliance Villa055, Bopha Leak Kloun St., Steung TmeyHotel-
Lin Ratanak Angkor HotelNational Road#06, Phum Banteay Chas Khum Slor KraHotel-
Paradise Eco Resort1 Tuk Vil BarayHostel80
Champei KhmerRoad 6 East of the bridgeApartment-
Angkor Home HotelNational Road No. 6 Svaydangkum communeHotel-
New Angkorland HotelTaphul Raod, Taphul Village, Svay Dangkum CommuneHotel-
The Dream Villa#261, Sivutha Street Salakumroek VillageHostel-
Siem Reap Garden InnSteuongthmey Village Svaydangkum communeHostel-
0rchide GuestHouseNo 239, Svay Dankum CommuneGuesthouse-
Angkoriana Boutique HotelNo. 297, Boulevard Charles de Gualle Opposite of Angkor MuseumHotel-
Phal Chea Hotel#38 Vihear Chin Svay Dang Kom CommuneHOTEL-
Angkor Thom Guesthouse#8, Wat Bo Street, National Road 6th, Siem ReapGUESTHOUSE-
Siem Reap Holiday GardenSteng Thmey Village Svay Dangkum Commune, Siem ReapHOSTEL87
Oudom Angkor Villa#022 Old Market Area, Sivutha Blvd Svay DangkumHotel-
Karavansara Retreat and Residences#25, Acha SvaHOTEL-
Viva HotelStreet 9 Svay DangkumHOTEL-
Apsara Holiday HotelNational road 6, Krous Village Svay DongkumHotel-
The Frangipani Green Garden Hotel & Spa#051, Sivatha Road Taphul VillageHOSTEL-
Horizons CambodiaStreet 23 Wat Bo VillageHOTEL-
Ancient Angkor HotelStueng Thmey, SwaydangkhumHOTEL-
Golden Fish Guesthouse25 Sivatha Road Siem ReapGUESTHOUSE-
Golden Temple Hotel7 Makara RoadHOTEL-
Cambodia Backpacker Guesthouse#0101, 7 Makara StreetGUESTHOUSE77
The City Garden VillaRoad No.6, Salakanseng Svaydankom, Siem ReapGUESTHOUSE-
Explorers House#715-71, St 14, Mondul I Khum Svay DangkumGuesthouse-
Cheathata Angkor HotelSteungthmey Village, Svaydongkoum Commune, Sok San Siem Reap AngkorHOTEL-
Golden VillageTea Chamrat Street Wat Bo Village, Siem ReapHOSTEL-
Vimean Angkor Pich HotelOum Khun Street, Tapul Village Siem Reap, CambodiaHOTEL-
BERLIN - Angkor Guesthouse#37, Trapeang Ses Village Sangkat Kokchork, Siem ReapGuesthouse-
Casa Angkor Boutique HotelOum Chhay Oum Khun Street Mondul 1 commune Siem ReapHotel-
Hak's HouseWat Chok Road Next to build bright university,Vihear Jen VillageHOSTEL77
HI Siem ReapNo. 209 Wat Domnak Village Salacomreuk Commune, Siem ReapHOSTEL85
Peace Of Angkor Villa IINo 133 Slorkram Village PO Box 93125GUESTHOUSE-
Sam So GuesthouseSt. Wat Bo, House no. 0164 Wat Bo Village, Siem Reap, Kingdom of CambodiaHOSTEL82
Frangipani Villa Hotel#0603, Wat Bo StreetHOTEL-
Okay 1 Villa#0325,Sangkat Svay DangkumHOSTEL79
Mitri Guesthouse#062, Steung Thmey village Sangkat Svay DangkumHostel-
Ravann Angkor InnStreet 26, Wat Bo Village Sala KamreukGUESTHOUSE-
Oral d'Angkor Guest HouseTepvong street, Stung Thmei village SvaydangkumGUESTHOUSE79
Auberge Au CambodgeKrous VillageGUESTHOUSE-
Arboretum GuesthouseSteung Thmey Village Svay Dangkum CommuneGUESTHOUSE-
Yin Liza HotelTapul Village Sangkat Svay DangkumHOTEL-
Villa MédamreiVihear Chin Village Svay DangkumGUESTHOUSE82
Paris Angkor Hotel#517, Taphul Village Svaydangkum CommuneHOTEL-
Motherhome InnTapul Village Sangkat Svay DangkumHOTEL-
Frangipani Villa Hotel II152, Wat Bo Road, SalakamreukHotel-
Old Market Hostel Siem ReapPub Street, Sivutha Street, Pshar Chas, Mondul 1 Sangkat Svay DongkumHOSTEL-
Tropical Breeze Guest houseWat Damanak RoadGUESTHOUSE81
Green Town GuesthouseStreet No 21, #0182 Wat Bo VillageGUESTHOUSE-
The Dancing Frog HostelNo.38, Phsar Krom road Svay DangkumHOSTEL-
Angkor Wonder Hostel#59,Street Phsar Krom, Vihear Chen Village Svay Dang KumHOSTEL79
The Prohm Roth Inn072, Wat Bo Road, Wat Bo Village Sala kamroekGUESTHOUSE-
MAYFAIR ANGKOR VILLA#068, Group 03, Treang VillageApartment-
River Queen GuesthouseNo.421, Sivutha Road Sangkat Svay DangkumGUESTHOUSE-
The Cashew Nut Guest HousePsaar Krom RoadGUESTHOUSE-
The Backpacker Hostel#318, Wat Domnak Village Salakomroek CommuneHOSTEL-
Angkor Ville575 Salakanseng Village Sangkat Svay DongkumHotel-
Angkor Saphir Hostelnational route #5, Royal PalceHostel-
Villa TanySivatha Road, #120-Group 4- Steoung Thmey Village, SvaydangkumGuesthouse-
So Chhin Guest HouseNo. 621, corner Stung Thmey & Phsa Krom Vihearchin VillageGUESTHOUSE-
Angkor boutique hostelSala kanseng village, svay dangum commune,siem reap district-provinceHostel-
Tom & Jerry Hostel#330 Group 11, Ta Pual Village Svaydonkom CommuncHOSTEL79
Van Siyoeun VillaNo.83, Road Angkor Conservation, Groupe 2 Phoum Treing, SlokramGUESTHOUSE-
Jasmine Garden VillaSok San Street, Steung Thmey Village Svay DangkumHOSTEL79
Angkor Pearl HotelTaphul Village Svay DangkumHotel-
Avista Lane LodgeOld Market, Group II, Mondul 1 Village SvaydangkuGUESTHOUSE-
Ivy GuesthouseNorth of Old MarketGUESTHOUSE81
Garden Village Guest House#434, Steng Thmei Village Svay Dongkum communeGUESTHOUSE78
Victory Guest HouseRoad 6 Taphoul Village SvaydungkomGUESTHOUSE-
Downtown Siem Reap Hostel#0369 Wat Damnak VillageHOSTEL81
Heart of Angkor#012 sivutha street opposite pubstreetGuesthouse-
La Niche Dangkor Boutique HotelStreet 27, Wat Bo Village Salakomroeuk CommuneHotel-
Parklane Angkor HotelTaphul Street, Taphul Village Svay Dangkum Siem Reap Angkor.Hotel-
The Siem Reap Central HostelWat Bo Village, Salakomrouek Commune 7 Makara Rd (Angkor High School Rd)Hostel-
Im Malis HotelTaphul Street, Taphul Village Svaydangkum CommuneHOTEL75
I Win HostelNo.0501, Wat DamnakHostel-
Australia Hotel#0551, National Road 6, Phoum Banteay ChasHOTEL-
Myhibiscus Hotels & ResortTa Neuy Street , Wat Bo Village, Sala Kamreuk DistrictHotel-
Gloria Angkor HotelNational Road No. 6, Choung Kaosou Village Slorkram CommuneHOTEL83
Reaksmey Chanreas Hotel330, Sivatha Street Svay Dangkum Cummune, Siem Reap DistrictHOTEL-
Rithy Rine Angkor Hotel#0509, Wat Bo Road Salakamroeuk ,HOTEL-
Monica Angkor HotelNo.#245,Rd,Charles De GaulleHOTEL-
SiemReapRooms GuesthouseStreet #26 Wat Bo Village Salakamreuk 800m from the Old MarketGuesthouse-
Siem Reap RiversideHome 481, Sivatha St, Vihea Chen VillageHotel-
Hilton Angkor VillaChong Kao Soue VillageGuesthouse-
Garden House guesthouse#0129, Wat Bo StreetGuesthouse-
Check Inn Siem ReapNo. 099, St. OR-90s (Oum-Khun or Beer Garden Stree Svay DangkumGUESTHOUSE-
Sun Sothy Guesthousecommunity of KontrohkGUESTHOUSE-
Bun Linda HostelBehind Angkor Night Market 50 meters Steung thmeiHOSTEL-
Siem Reap Niche HotelLok Tanoeuy Street, Watbo Village Slakram CommuneHOTEL-
Thireach Angkor InnTreang Village, Slorkram Commune, Siem Reap CambodiaGuesthouse-
Sidewalk HotelTaphul village, Taphul street SvaydonkomHOTEL-
Apsara Centrepole Hotel522 Sok San Street Svay DungkumHotel-
Angkor Garden Guesthouse#151, St. Sok San, Phum Steung Thmey Sangkat SvayGUESTHOUSE-
Channa's Angkor HomestayAngkor Archaeological Park, Trapeang SesHOSTEL-
Travellers Inn Siem Reap#683, Sivutha Road, Vihear Chen Village Svay DongGUESTHOUSE-
The Mekong Bed & BreakfastTaphul Road, Taphul Village Svay Dangkum CommuneGUESTHOUSE-
Tranquility Angkor VillaWat Bo Road Wat Bo VillageGUESTHOUSE-
Firefly Guesthouse - The Berlin Angkor#37, Trapeang Ses Village Sangkat KokchorkGUESTHOUSE-
TSP Lucky Angkor HotelNational Road #6 Choung Kaosou VillageHotel-
Reflections Boutique HotelWat Bo Street Siem Reap central areaHotel-
Passaggio Boutique Hotel# 0432, Wat Damnak Village, Salakomreuk CommuneHOTEL-
Angkor River GuesthouseStreet Wat Damnak Village Salakarooel CommuneGUESTHOUSE-
The Mad Monkey Siem ReapNo19, Mondul 2 Khoum Svay DangkomHOSTEL-
The Moon Boutique HotelPhum Wat Bo, Sala Kamreuk, Siem Reap, CambodiaHOTEL-
Memoire d’ Angkor Boutique Hotel54, Sivatha Street Siem ReapHOTEL-
Damnak Riverside Villa# 0141 Wat Damnak Street, Damnak Village,Old MarkeGUESTHOUSE-
Secrets Pavilion Boutique Villa#120, Angkor Night Market Street Steoung ThmeyHOTEL80
The Moon Villa & SpaSivatha Road, Phum Steung Thmei, Svay DangkhumGUESTHOUSE-
Lotus Blanc ResortNo. 6 National Road, Krous Svay Dang KomHOTEL-
Tan Kang Angkor Hotel & Restaurant22 Sivutha Street Old Market-Pub Street Siem Reap-CambodiaHostel-
Baca VillaTavean Bhom Bay Khum Sala Kamroeuk DangkumHotel-
Bunwin Boutique HotelNational Road 06 Phum Banteay Chas Opposite Samaki MarketHotel-
Angkor Paradise HotelNational Road No.6 Phum Sala Kanseng Sangkat Svay DangkoumHotel-
Maison 557#557, Wat Bo Street, Group 12GUESTHOUSE-
Velkommen Guesthouse Siem ReapGroup 4 Mondul 3 VillageGUESTHOUSE80
New Bequest Angkor HotelHotel-
Bliss VillaSok San StreetHOSTEL84
Angkor Sayana Hotel & SpaCorner River Road & Samdech Tep Vong Street,Wat Bo Village Siem Reap, Kingdom of CambodiaHotel-
Baca VillaPhum Tavean Khum Sala KamroeukGuesthouse-
Dyna Boutique HotelPhum Salar Kanseng, Khum Svay DangkumHOTEL-
Indradevi Angkor Hotel & SpaSivatha Bvld., Mondol II Village, Sangkat Svay DanHOTEL-
Golden Butterfly VillaOld Market area and pub street Steng Thmei, SvaydongkumGUESTHOUSE-
La Magnolia d' Angkor Boutique VillaStreet 27 Wat Bo Village Salakomroeuk CommuneHostel-
Angkor Dream VillaSivutha Street, Watsvay Village Sangkat SalakamrGUESTHOUSE-
Mangolo Hostel-Angkor0123 Watdannak SalaskanroeukHOSTEL-
Angkorwall HoHoB1, Lane 198, Sivatha Rd.HOSTEL-
The Big Yellow HouseWat Bo Village Sangkat Salakamroeuk Siem Reap CityGuesthouse-
Krorma Yamato Guest House#311 National Road No.6 Taphol Village Svay DangkumGUESTHOUSE-
Molly Malone's Irish Bar, Steakhouse & GuesthouseOld Market AreaGUESTHOUSE-
Chanlee Dormitory#144, Thaphul Village Svay dangkum communeHOSTEL-
Sochhin Angkor HostelN 621, Phsar Krom street, Viheachen Villages, SvayGUESTHOUSE-
Bodia Angkor HostelSteuang Thmey Village Svay Dangume CommuneHOSTEL-
Van Siyoeun VillaSiyoeun et Michel LANAUD, Sala Kanseng Sangkat Svay DangkumGUESTHOUSE-
Angkor Dream HotelNational road 6A Banteay Chas VillageHotel-
Reflections Boutique Hotel#0545, Wat Bo Street Sankat SalakamreukHotel-
  • Green Town Guesthouse - US$7-18 all rooms with include breakfast, free bike, free pick up and transfer(phone:+85512963749, 012635893, E-mail Address Street 21 ,#0182, Wat Bo village, Salakamroeuk commune Siem Reap city, Good for backpacker to stay just located the east side of river near Central market and 10-minute walk to Old market .
  • Tropical Breeze Guesthouse US$8-20 All rooms with free breakfast, free bike, free pick up and transfer (phone:+855977624488, 012963749 ,e-mail Address #0293,Wat Damnak Village Salakamrouek commune Siem Reap City. Nice quiet place to relax, walking distance only 4-minute walk to Phsar Chas (Old market Pub street) Note: Please booking on line you'll get all free stuff.
  • Popular Guesthouse - (Phone:(855) 12 916165, Email:, Address: #033, group 10, Viheachin Village, Svaydangkum commune) - a good backpacker guesthouse located just south of downtown. Although the staff can be a bit distant at times, the rooms are good and there is a nice rooftop restaurant that is nice for meeting people.


  • The Saem Siemreap Hotel is a very attractive 4* hotel within easy Tuk Tuk distance of downtown. Clean & comfortable rooms. It has attentive, friendly staff & a beautiful pool. Not much happening in the hotel bar of an evening, try the beer garden directly opposite the front door.




Markt in Siem Reap 3

Markt in Siem Reap 3

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Most options for working in Siem Reap are half-volunteer English teaching positions. Although it is possible to find the occasional western waitress or bartender working in a downtown pub. Some foreigners liked Siem Reap so much they just opened up there own guesthouse, restaurant or bar.


  • SAGE Foundation Schools - Near Siem Reap welcomes volunteers to help for one week or longer. They mainly need English teachers, no experience required.




Currently the only way to study in Siem Reap would be to arrange a study abroad program with a third party organization. This is because the current universities in Siem Reap do not have programs for foreigners.



Keep Connected


There are several small internet bars located around the downtown area of Siem Reap. Most places have pretty good connections at high speed but don't do anything more then basic email. If looking for a faster connection it's better to just wait till being in a bigger city. In general prices are not much more than US1-2 an hour. Remember to take off your shoes when you enter as a sign of respect and to watch out for small shrines that are on the ground.


See also: International Telephone Calls

There are several international phone centers near downtown Siem Reap. Also many hotels sometimes have international phone cards at a good rate. The country code of Cambodia is 855. To call out of Cambodia, dial 001 followed by the country code and telephone number of the other party. Many of the internet bars also have international calling options and you can also arrange calls at post offices. Services are usually run by the governmental telecommunication network Camintel. You can find telephone cards in many shops, starting from serveral US dollars to around US$50. Samart, Mobitel and Shinawrata are the main mobile phone providers, with Mobitel offering the best and most widespread services, although calling from outside towns (countryside) is still tricky.


Most hotels and guesthouses will sell stamps and mail postcards for you. Cambodia's national postal service offers a wide range of services, though in general things go slowly and are not always very reliable. That said, things have been getting better over the years, and you can expect for your postcard or letter to finally arrive after 5-10, depending from where you send it (avoid small towns) and to where you send it. Prices are around 2000-2,500 Riel to countries in Europe, Asia, Australia and North America, and it's slightly more expensive sending it from more remote places in the provinces. Post offices in Cambodia generally are open from around 8:00am to 5:00pm, with some regional variations. Sendings parcels is only possible from the capital Phnom Penh and it's very expensive as well. You might be better to send it from Thailand, or otherwise check private companies like DHL, TNT or UPS, which are more reliable and might even be cheaper!


Accommodation in Siem Reap

We have a comprehensive list of accommodation in Siem Reap searchable right here on Travellerspoint. You can use our map to quickly compare budget, mid-range or top of the range accommodation in Siem Reap and areas nearby.


as well as hasbeen (7%), dr.pepper (4%), rasheeed (3%), albela8 (1%)

Siem Reap Travel Helpers

  • Nisha J

    I stayed in the city and volunteered. Roamed around the town including some villages. Went to local markets to buy stuff and tried to learn some local words as well.
    Familiar with the city map et al.

    Ask Nisha J a question about Siem Reap

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