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Tasmanian Wilderness

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Cradle Mt, Tasmania

Cradle Mt, Tasmania

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The Tasmanian Wilderness is a massive area covering 13,800 kmĀ², almost 20% of the island, in southwest, western and central Tasmania. Many national parks and reserves make up the wilderness area giving it a great diversity to explore. There are even archeological sites that are over 20,000 years old to be found in some of the limestone caves.



Parks and Reserves

  • Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park is an amazing park home to some great hikes and the stunning Lake St Clair.
  • Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park is home to the famous ecological battle to save the Gordon River from damming.
  • Hartz Mountains National Park is located in the far south these mountains have stunning water falls in the spring fed by winter snow.
  • Mole Creek Karst National Park is a nice park designated to protect karst formations.
  • Southwest National Park is a highly pristine area with almost no affects of modern human civilization within its borders and only has one road going into it. There are great hikes to be found among its lakes and mountains making this remote place wonderful.
  • Walls of Jerusalem National Park is home to an amazing geological formation that looks likes the walls of Jerusalem in Israel. Another amazing place to visit is King Davids Peak.
  • Central Plateau Conservation Area is the largest high ground in Tasmania, which is an animal and plant conservation area.
  • Devils Gullet State Reserve is a state reserve located in northern Tasmania.



Opening Hours

Depends on the area.




Wine Glass Bay, Tasmania

Wine Glass Bay, Tasmania

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National Parks


  • Per Vehicle (up to 8 people): $22
  • Per Person: $11

Holiday (up to 8 weeks)

  • Per Vehicle (up to 8 people): $56
  • Per Person: $28

Annual or Annual Renewal

  • All Parks Per Vehicle (Renewal or new pass bought between 1 May - 31 October): $66, Concession[1] $53
  • All Parks Per Vehicle (New pass bought between 1 November - 30 April): $90, Concession $72
  • One Park (Renewal or new pass bought between 1 May - 31 October) $33, Concession $26.50
  • One Park (New pass bought between 1 November - 30 April): $46, Concession $37

Two Year Park Pass

  • Per Vehicle (up to 8 people): $115, Concession $95

Reserves and Other Protected Areas

Depends completely on the area and it best to check with local offices.



Getting There

The area is huge and covers many parks. It is best to look at individual parks in order to find out the best way to get there.





  1. 1 Concession: applies to Current Seniors Card, Australian Pensioner Concession Card & Health Care Card


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