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Thousand Islands

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Thousand Islands

Thousand Islands

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The Thousand Islands is a string of small islands stretching north from Jakarta Bay into the Java Sea. At some places the water is so shallow that you can see the sea floor emerge from the water creating tiny isles. Some part of the islands is an underwater conservation area for its corals and fish, in which is a good spot to snorkel or scuba dive. Giant lizards are found roaming around freely in the islands, but they are not dangerous.

You can choose to visit an island on a day trip, or stay for a night or two and enjoy the tropical beach for a while.

Some of the islands are inhabited by families of mainly fishermen. Some others are privately owned, and some have become resorts and holiday spots, such as:

  • Sepa Island
  • Kotok Island
  • Putri Island
  • Ayer Island
  • Bidadari Island
  • Pantara Island



Sights and Activities

Snorkelling or Diving

Some of the islands are located near good diving spots. Normally there is a shop or rental store providing snorkelling and diving equipments in those islands. Be careful of sea urchins, jelly fish, and sting rays.

Water Sports

Jet skiing, banana boat riding, and other kinds of water sports are available in Thousand Islands. You just need to pick which island has what you are looking for, and go.

Fish Feeding

If you stay in the island, get up early in the morning and join the fish feeding. It can be fun watching the fish jumping fast for the food, which is the small fish.


Underwater tunnel/mini sea world and glass-bottom boat ride are available in some islands.



Getting There

These islands are easily accessible by speed boats from Marina Pier, Ancol, North Jakarta.


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Thousand Islands Travel Helpers

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