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Valparaiso 1

Valparaiso 1

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Valparaiso is a city in central Chile and is the capital of the Province of Valparaiso. The city itself has approximately 300,000 inhabitants but the metropolitan area is much larger and also includes for example Vina del Mar, making it the third largest after Great Santiago and Greater Concepcion with around 850,000 people living here.



Sights and Activities

The historical quarter of Valparaiso is on the Unesco World Heritage List - It presents an excellent example of late 19th-century urban and architectural development in Latin America. The city has also preserved its interesting early industrial infrastructures, such as the numerous elevators on the steep hillsides. From the flat city centre you can take one of those up to the historical quarter.
Also, Valparaiso has a natural beauty with several hills surrouding its harbour.
Several important landmarks include:

  • Iglesia de la Matriz
  • Sotomayor Square
  • Courthouse
  • The 16 remaining "Funiculars" (elevators), out of the 29 that once existed.
  • The Concepcion & Alegre Historical District.
  • The Bellavista hill.
  • Monument to Admiral "Lord Thomas Alexander Cochrane, 10th Earl Of dundoland".
  • Monument to Manuel blanco Encalada, first Chilean President.




Valparaiso has a subtropical climate. Summers last from November to March, when it's mostly between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius during the day and balmy nights. Winters last from June to September when it's still mild, 10 to 15 degrees Celsius or even more, but nights become rather chilly. This is also the wettest time of year, summers are almost completely dry.



Getting There

By Plane

Valparaiso doesn't have commercial flights, the nearest option is the airport of Santiago de Chile, about 2 hours away.

By Train

Metro Valparaiso offers commuter trains to neighbouring municipalities like Vina del Mar.

By Car

With a rental car you can drive easily between Santiago and Valparaiso along Ruta 68 in about an hour.

By Bus

Regular buses connect Valparaiso with Santiago (1,5 hours), Vina del Mar and many other cities in the country. To Vina del Mar, you can also take a shared taxi. It's just a short drive away.
La Serena is about 7 hours away, while travelling to Mendoza in Argentina takes about 12 hours (roads might be closed in winter).

By Boat

During the summermonths many cruiseliners stop in Valparaiso's port and there are also many cargoships who travel to and from Valparaiso. You might be lucky to get a berth on one of them or on the occasional yacht that calls in.



Getting Around

By Public Transport

Metro Valparaiso operates in the urban conglomeration of Gran Valparaíso, Chile , connecting the cities of Valparaíso, Viña del Mar, Quilpué, Villa Alemana and Limache.

By Foot

You can easily explore much of Valparaiso on foot, but going up the historical quarter it's a good idea to use one of the public funiculars/elevators, at least to go up, because the hills are steep.





AleconAbtao 684 Cerro ConcepciónGuesthouse-
Amsterdam BackpackersAv. España 2112Hostel-
Andrés González NeiraVictor Hugo 81 Cerro Cordillera Castillo 130 Cerro CordilleraGuesthouse-
Angel HostalCumming 160Guesthouse84
Armando HostalPelayo 265 Playa AnchaGuesthouse-
B&B GarivalpoGaribaldi 191Guesthouse-
B&B Patricia12 de Febrero 315Guesthouse-
Bed & Breakfast El MiradorLevarte 251 Playa AnchaGuesthouse-
Camila 109 Bed & BreakfastCamila 109, Cerro La LomaGuesthouse-
Casa AventuraPasaje Galvez 11,Guesthouse-
Casa Evelyn JaraOrella 969Guesthouse-
Casa Hostal 199Artilleria 199, ValparaísoGuesthouse-
Casa KreyenbergAvenida Alemania 4626, Cerro AlegreGuesthouse-
Casa Verde LimónEl Descanso 196Guesthouse86
Casaclub HostelPedro Leon Gallo 427Hostel81
Decares Bed&BreakfastOrella 997, ValparaisoGuesthouse-
El Rincón MarinoSan Ignacio St #454Guesthouse87
Galvarino BedGalvarino 68 - Playa AnchaGuesthouse-
Girasoles de Cerro AlegreAlmirante Montt # 167Guesthouse87
Hostal AcuarelaTempleman 862 Cerro AlegreGuesthouse83
Hostal CaracolHector Calvo 371 Cerro BellavistaHostel-
Hostal Costa ManantialIndependencia 2231Guesthouse-
Hostal MorganCapilla 784 Cerro AlegreGuesthouse-
Hostal NuevaMenteCalle Pocuro 1088 Address 2 :Guesthouse-
Hostal Polanco Sucursal Plaza VictoriaHuito #479Guesthouse72
Hostal Portobello B&BArtilleria 115Guesthouse-
Hostel PilcomayoPilcomayo 491 Cerro ConcepciónHostel-
La Casa de HenaoVista Hermosa 345 Playa AnchaGuesthouse-
La Nona B&BGalos 660 Cerro AlegreGuesthouse91
LicanantayGuillermo Rivera 316Guesthouse79
Millenium HouseSubida el Peral nº60, Plaza JusticiaGuesthouse72
Oasis Backpackers HouseTolson 58 Esperanza ValparaísoGuesthouse-
Ottavia HouseSan Enrique 548 Cerro AlegreGuesthouse-
Patiperro HostelTempleman 657 Cerro AlegreHostel84
Residencia en el Cerro - HostalPierre Loti 51Guesthouse87
Residencia Los GaviotinesJose Tomas Ramos #211Guesthouse-
The Grand HouseFederico Varela 27, Cerro la CruzGuesthouse-
Hostal MontealegreCalle Monte Alegre 244, Cerro AlegreGuesthouse-
Hostal-Cafe NomadesUrriola 562 Cerro AlegreGuesthouse87
Ritoque RaicesSitio 03, Comunidad Rocas de Ritoque Playa Ritoque, QuinteroHostel-
Hostal Casa ValparaisoGalvez 173. Cerro ConcepcionGuesthouse84
Casa KultourTempleman 645 Cerro AlegreGuesthouse83
Valpo´s HostelAlmirante Montt 632Guesthouse-
Alojamiento ElyAvenida Colón 3031Guesthouse-
Puerto EncantadoVictoria 2431Hostel-
Hostal PlenovalpoBecquer 127 Yerbas Buenas Cerro BellavistaGuesthouse-
Valpackers HostelAvenida Francia 224GUESTHOUSE75
valparaisoexperiencePasaje Santa Margarita 234 Cerro BellavistaGuesthouse-
Hostal de VisitaSan Juan de Dios 423 Valparaíso, ChileGUESTHOUSE-
Hostal ColorCalle Urriola 664Guesthouse-
Casa Paseo AtkinsonPaseo Atkinson 106 Cerro ConcepcionGUESTHOUSE-
Casa Fischer HostalPasaje (escalera) Fischer # 37Guesthouse79
S'Javiera HostalPocuro 1052Guesthouse-
Hostal Mariposas234 SalamancaGUESTHOUSE88
Costa Azul B&BPedro Aguirre Cerda 1079, C° Playa AnchaGUESTHOUSE-
Hostal Destino BellavistaHector Calvo 338 Cerro BellavistaGUESTHOUSE-
Makarena HostelNecochea 343 con Gran Bretaña Playa ancha ValparaísoGUESTHOUSE-
Hostal del TataPasaje Galvez 84 ConcepcionGuesthouse-
Buenos Aires GuesthouseBuenos Aires 683Guesthouse-
Villa Maria AntonietaBernardo Vera 542. Cerro San Juan de DiosHOSTEL-
Hostal Barrio ParaisoPilcomayo 549Guesthouse-
Hostel AdlafkenCalle San Enrique No 568 Cerro AlegreHOSTEL83
Hostel JacarandaUrriola 636, Cerro AlegreHOSTEL-
Luna SonrisaTempleman 833 Cerro AlegreGuesthouse-
Hostel La ColombinaConcepción 280HOSTEL84
Victoria HostalAv. Argentina 825HOTEL-
Hostal BellavistaPasaje Santa Lucia 5 Bellavista Subida Ferrari 5 Co BellavistaGUESTHOUSE-
Rivendell ChileTolson 5 Cerro EsperanzaGUESTHOUSE-
Hostal Maison de la MerGeneral Mackenna 527 Cerro YungayGUESTHOUSE-
Hospedaje FlorenciaChacabuco 2878Guesthouse-
Casa Puerto HostalGaribaldi 99GUESTHOUSE-
Hostal Polanco ValparaisoUrriola 450, Cerro Alegre.GUESTHOUSE-
Mirenart GuesthouseCalle 13 no 210 Cerro MonjasGUESTHOUSE-
Casa yoyoAv. EcuadorApartment-
Casa UrriolaUrriola 650, Cerro AlegreGUESTHOUSE-
Allegretto Bed & BreakfastLautaro Rosas 540 Cerro AlegreGUESTHOUSE80
Casa Ferrari 406Calle Ferrari 402/406 Cerro BellavistaHOTEL-
Hostel CantaitoCalle Almirante Montt 154 Cerro AlegreHOSTEL-
Latinoamericano HostalChacabuco 2939 ValparaisoGUESTHOUSE-
Hostal OregonPlaza La Conquista 624 Cerro Los PlaceresHOTEL-
Hostal San PedroMontealegre 416-B Cerro AlegreGUESTHOUSE-
Casa Volante HostalFischer 27 Cerro ConcepciónHostel86
Eco-Lodge Tree HouseParcela 318-328 Fundo CuraumillaHOTEL-
La Valija HostelPapudo #526 piso 2 y 3 Cerro ConcepciónHostel81
Hostal PoUrriola 379HOSTEL-
La Casa del PuertoAlmirante Montt 97HOTEL-
MM 450 Hostel BoutiqueLautaro Rosas 450, Cerro AlegreHostel-
Hostel Casas ViejasCalle Templeman 572 Cerro ConcepciónHostel-
Anilu HospedajeAvenida San Juan de Dios 559GUESTHOUSE-
Casa Violeta LimonCumming 198APARTMENT-
B SIDE HouseVictoria street 2578Guesthouse-
B Side HouseVictoria 2578 ValparaísoHOSTEL-




Keep Connected


There are cybercafes in every major and midsize city and at all tourist destinations. Some libraries are in a program called Biblioredes, with free computers and Internet. Wifi is getting more and more common. They're usually in metro stations, airports, malls, cafes, public buildings and several public spaces. Check for the ones that say gratis - for free. McDonald's and Starbucks are chains which almost always have free wifi.


See also International Telephone Calls

The country calling code to Chile is: 56. To make an international call from Chile, the code is: 00. Emergency phone numbers include 131 (Ambulance), 132 (Fire) and 133 (Police).

Public phones located on streets are very likely to be tampered or vandalized, so it's better to use a phone located inside a commerce or a station. Prepaid cards for mobile phones and public phones are sold at most newspaper kiosks, supermarkets, gas stations, pharmacies and phone dealers. Mobile GSM networks are ubiquitous in all major cities and most of the territory of central and southern Chile. A basic prepaid cellular phone usually costs about 15,000 pesos, most frequently charged with 10,000 pesos worth of prepaid minutes. No ID is required to buy a prepaid phone. GSM SIM cards from ENTEL, Movistar or Claro are usually available for 5,000 pesos, but without credit, so you'll need to buy some prepaid minutes to be able to call. Money can be charged into a cellphone from some pharmacies (Ahumada, Cruz Verde and Salco Brand) on the counter and in cash, or by using a credit card through an automated service operator, with directions in Spanish or English.


Correos de Chile is the national postal service, and although relatively slow it is reliable with post offices throughout the country. On the website you can find more information about prices to send letters, postcards and parcels, both domestically as well as internationally. Post offices are generally open Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 6:00pm and Saturday until 2:00pm, although there are sometimes longer opening hours in the bigger central post offices and shorter ones in small places. Ask around. If you want to send packages internationally, you might consider companies like DHL, TNT or UPS, which are fast, reliable and usually competitively priced as well.

Quick Facts


  • Latitude: -33.0504619
  • Longitude: -71.6164515

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