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Door and windows

Door and windows

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Venice is one of the most popular cities to visit in Italy. Built on over a hundred small islands situated within a lagoon, it contains one hundred and fifty canals, connected by hundreds of bridges. The islands of the Venetian lagoon were first settled during the barbarian invasions of the 5th and 6th centuries AD, when the people of the Veneto mainland sought refuge in the marshy region, and today the city remains largely the same as it was hundreds of years ago, part eastern and part western, and a pedestrians delight with the prohibition of cars.

The area it covers is roughly 450 square kilometres and although it might appear small at first sight, getting terribly lost in endless mazes of alleyways, back streets and squares leading off from the main parts of the city is quite easy. It's not only easy, it's also a great way to experience a side of Venice that most travellers miss out on. And once you have had your fill of walking, a glide down the canals on a gondola is really a must-do while in Venice.

Due to all the tourism, Venice has begun to decay somewhat since it's heyday although the charm of the city is possibly only enhanced by the obvious wear and tear. Venice is also one of the places in the world where the rising of seawater levels has been most noticed, with more occurrences of Acqua alta (high water) in recent years. Occurring several times a year, usually in the colder months, the lagoon water rises above the level of the squares and street, flooding parts of the city for a few hours. There are temporary raised walkways which are used when this flooding occurs and maps showing dry routes can be obtained at some tourist offices.




St Lucia

Venice proper, the place everbody comes to see.

Burano Islands

  • Burano Island is a small island near Venice. A ferry ride is all it takes to go there. Once on the island one can see world's latest cars, excellent roads and very small but vibrantly colorful houses. Burano is famous for lace works. One can see ladies sitting in front of small shops and creating fabulous designs.

There are fairly good hotels to stay and the beach is very clean.


Literally "beach", this is the row of sandbanks and islands that close off the laguna from the sea. It is where Venetians go sunbathing and for a swim. The Lido is ideal for families seeking affordable accomodation while staying in the laguna and not on the mainland.



Sights and Activities


  • St Marks Basilica - St Marks Basilica (and St. Mark’s Square) is the centre of the Venetian world and the Basilica itself hold the remains of Saint Mark, which were stolen from Egypt. The famous Horses of Saint Mark, which were sacked from Constantinople in 1204, are on display inside St Marks Basilica while replicas are on the original location on the outside of the church.
  • St. Mark’s Campanille.
  • Santa della Maria Salute Church.
  • Chiesa Dei Frari is considered the second largest and important church in Venice after St. Mark's Basilica.


  • Doges Palace - Doges Palace is an amazing palace with great art work and was the government center for the Venetian Republic.
  • Palazzo Grassi - Palazzo Grassi is a stunning palace built in 1772 in Classical Venetian architecture. Today the palace is an art museum.
  • The Ca' d'Oro - The Ca' d'Oro, also called the Plazzo Santa Sofia, is known as one of the most beautiful palazzos on the Grand Canal. This palace was built by the powerful Contarini family in 1430 in a Venetian Gothic style with a Byzantine touch. Today the palace is a public gallery.
  • Ca' Rezzonico - Ca' Rezzonico rests on the Grand Canal and was built in 1649 in a Venetian Baroque style. Today it is a history museum dedicated to 18th century life in Venice.
  • Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo - Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo This small palaces features one of the best spiral staircases in Venice.
  • Palazzo Labia - Palazzo Labia is a great 17th-18th century palace built in a baroque style.
  • Scuola Grande di San Marco - Scuola Grande di San Marco was built in 1485 and was home to the Confraternity of San Marco and was created into Austrian military hospital in 1819. The palace is designed in a Renaissance design with Byzantine influences.
  • Palazzo Malipiero - Palazzo Malipiero located on the Grand Canal this 1740s palace has stunning design.

Piazza San Marco

San Marco Square

San Marco Square

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Piazza San Marco, or Saint Mark's Square as it is known in English is one of the famous sights in Venice. Located on one of the lowest points in Venice it is also the first to flood, when the water in the lagoon is rising. On the east side we find the church with the same name, of which construction was completed in 1117. In front of the church it the famous Campanile tower, from which you have a nice view over the entire square a Venice. Next to the church is the Doge's Palace, now a museum, drawing around 1.3 million visitors each year. The bit of the square in front of the Doge's Palace is called the Piazzetta, and is actually just an extension of the piazza toward the Grand Canal. The square is packed with monumental buildings, and statues, of which the winged lion of Venice Is the most important one.

Other Sights and Activities

  • Ponte di Rialto (or Rialto Bridge) is the oldest of three bridges spanning Venice's Grand Canal and one of the world's most famous bridges.
  • Harry’s Bar.
  • Palazzo Dandolo.
  • Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo.
  • La Fenice Theater.
  • The Accademia Gallery - The Accademia Gallery is a pretty building with a decent collection.
  • Venetian Arsenal - Venetian Arsenal was the original site were the Venetians built their navy. Construction of boats started in 800 AD and continued until World War II.
  • Peggy Guggenheim Museum - Peggy Guggenheim Museum is a great collection of modern art, some it in the original place where the artist intended it to be.
  • Campo Santa Margherita



Events and Festivals

  • Venice Carnival - The Venice Carnival, witnessed by thousands of international tourists annually, is one of the most beautiful Carnival Festivals in the world. The origins of the Carnival date back to the year 1296, when the Senate made the carnival official and declaring the day a public holiday. Masks are a central feature of the Venetian Carnival and the streets of the city are full of people with different varieties of colourful masks. Masks were used in the past so that no distinction could be made between the nobility and the common people and all could participate in the fun.
  • Saint Mark's Day - A romantic tradition unique to Venice; on this day, every man of Venice gifts a single rose-bud, or "bòcolo", to his sweetheart.
  • Festa della Sensa (Ascension Day) - Festa della Sensa is an annual celebration where a ritual commemorating Venice's "marriage" to the sea is performed. Venice's livelihood as a city has always relied very heavily on the waters that run so beautifully through and around its streets, and because of this, the city has deep reverence for the ocean. On this day, Venetian government and religious officials leave Saint Mark's Square and journey to the Port of S. Nicolò, where a "wedding" ring ceremony takes place.
  • Redentore - The Redentore is an extravagant Venetian festival known for its remarkable fireworks display. This event is anticipated each year by Venetians and tourists alike; it's the crowing jewel of events celebrating Venice's liberation from the plague, celebrated every July.
  • Regatta Storica - An event held in Venice since 1315, this festival was created to honor the foreign dignitaries visiting Venice or to celebrate a military victory. For the event, Regatta races are held in the Grand Canal, preceded by the procession of famous water pageant. This event is held annually the first Sunday of September.
  • Fiesta della Madonna della Salute (21 Nov 2013) - This is one of the city's most loved festivals with historical roots reaching all the way back to the early 1600s. When the plague came to Venice, it took the lives of almost one-third of Venice's population, devastating the city. With no effective treatment available, the people prayed to the Virgin Mary for help. A week later, less Venetians were dying, and the plague eventually left the city. This festival, that includes parades, shopping, food and sweets, is in honor of Sant Mary, or Madonna, who healed them. A famous basilica, Madonna della Salute, was also designed and constructed in her memory, and on November 21, thousands cross the church's bridge, giving thanks, and asking Mary to bless them with good health.




Venice has warm summers, with sometimes very uncomfortable humid weather. Average temperatures are around 28 °C from June to September with warm nights. Winters are well above zero though occasional winds from the north bring colder weather and frost down to -8 °C and possible snow. Precipitation is evenly distributed througout the year, with a bit drier conditions in spring and summer. Spring is probably the best time for a visit, with long warm and sunny days, but not too hot.

Avg Max5.8 °C8.2 °C12 °C16.3 °C21.2 °C24.8 °C27.5 °C27 °C23.6 °C18.1 °C11.5 °C6.7 °C
Avg Min-0.9 °C0.7 °C3.8 °C7.9 °C12.3 °C15.9 °C17.8 °C17.3 °C14.2 °C9.4 °C4.2 °C0 °C
Rainfall58.1 mm54.2 mm57.1 mm64.3 mm68.7 mm76.4 mm63.1 mm83.1 mm66 mm69 mm87.3 mm53.7 mm
Rain Days6.



Getting There

By Plane

  • Venice Marco Polo Airport (VCE) is the city's international airport. It is located on the Venice lagoon, roughly 10 kilometres out of the city.

To/from Marco Polo Airport
The city can be reached either by road or by water. Waterbuses take about an hour to reach San Marco and cost €10 one way. Private Water Taxis or Motoscafi can also be booked, but are far more pricey starting from around €90 for 4 people. A regular taxi would cost about €30 and take 15 minutes to reach Piazzale Roma near the Santa Lucia train station. Water taxis can be caught from there to the centre. Public buses are the cheapest option at €3 (including luggage) and leave every 30 minutes. They take about 20 minutes to reach Piazzale Roma. Regular buses by ACTV and ATVO bring passengers to the two Venice railway stations: Venice-Santa Lucia (from where you can reach the Piazzale Roma square in 10 minutes on foot acrossing the "Ponte della Costituzione" bridge), and Venice-Mestre (on the mainland, convenient for connections to Milan, Verona, and the rest of Italy).

  • Venice Treviso Airport (TSF) is a small airport 30 kilometres from the city that is used by Ryanair. It is roughly a 30-minute journey by road to Venice.

To/from Treviso Airport
Public buses to Piazzale Roma cost €4.50 one-way and take about an hour to reach the destination. A public urban bus service, operated by ACTT connects the airport with the railway station in the centre of Treviso. Trains leave the Treviso train station every 30 minutes and take about 35 minutes, costing €2.05 one way. A regular bus service connects the airport to the train station. Taxis are the most expensive option, costing about €70 for the half hour journey.
Two bus services connecting with flights for Transavia and Ryanair, operated by ATVO, connect the airport to Mestre and Venice. A public coach service from Treviso to Padova and vice versa is operated by SITA and stops in front of the airport building every half an hour.

By Train

Trains from the mainland run through Mestre to the Venezia Santa Lucia train station on the west side of Venice. Direct trains to Venice are available from many destinations in Europe. Tthere are overnight trains from Munich, Paris and Vienna and also as far as Moscow via Kiev, Budapest and Zagreb. Venice is well connected with the domestic train network, Rome and Milan are only a few hours away. Also there are night trains from cities in southern Italy, including Bari.

By Car

Cars arrive need to be parked at the entrance to the city (Piazzale Roma or Tronchetto) as there are no roads past this point. Car parking is expensive here (21 €/day) but an alternative is to use the car parks on the mainland (terra firma) and catch a vaporetto, train or bus into Venice. Park near the Mestre railway station, and catch a train to Venezia St.Lucia; there are many trains, it is very near (8-10 minutes) and quite cheap.

By Boat


  • Crossings from Venice to Croatia arrive in Mali Losinj, Porec, Pula, Rovinj and Rabac, check the Venezialines websites for details. Note that some crossings are only made during high season, meaning July and August.




Getting Around

Cars and Bikes are not allowed in all the historic centre. From Piazzale Roma you can just walk or travel with the public boat or the water taxi. Even though a water taxi may look tempting they are very expensive.

Public Boat

Public Boats are one of the main transport method around the Island of Venice and are very easy to use. They are a great a cheap way to see Venice from the water, and kids love a boat ride. There are large public boats that connect to the surrounding islands, which can make for excellent day or half day trips. The boats are set up on a color scheme, similar to most major city subway systems. Ticket prices start from €6.50 for a single trip, but the 12 to 72-hour tourist tickets make better economic sense if you wish to travel around on the Vaporetto regularly.

There are also several smaller boats that look like the classic gondola. Unlike the tourist gondolas, these one will just cross the canal back and forth at certain points and only cost €2. This can be a good way to have the budget gondola experience.

By Foot

Your main form of transport will be by foot. Remember that some of the alleys can become very narrow and extremely crowded during busy times of the year. Luckily there are signs in English to point people down the right alley in order to find major sights. The best thing to do is remember where a major sight is near your hotel and go from the sight back to your hotel. One of the fun parts of Venice is just walking around and getting lost.




  • Grom - Il Gelato come una volta - The best Gelato I ever ate! Grom only uses premium ingredients to make its ice cream and it really makes a huge difference! Address: Sestiere Cannaregio, 3844 Venezia & Campo San Barnaba, 2761 Venezia, Hours: 11:00am - 11:00pm

There are numerous cafés and bars dotted around Venice, the most numerous near the busy tourist spots like Piazza San Marco. Many establishments will display a Tourist Menu with fixed price meals of between €13-20, which may be fine if you want all 4 or 5 courses, though the quality may be somewhat lacking. It's best to go off the beaten track in search of decent food - ask the hotel manager to suggest a local Trattoria or Ristorante.
For lunch, Venetians will usually just grab a pizza slice, wrap or sandwich, and a coffee, and eat either on the hoof or seated at the counter in the takeaways. These places are cheap and plentiful, and represent great value for a filling lunch alternative. For those less adventurous, there are several international fast-food outlets (McDonalds, for instance) though these are tastefully toned down and not as easy to spot.
Pizza is a must-have. Large (12 inches or more) thin crust pizzas come with an abundance of toppings, and are pure heaven. Expect to pay €7-15 depending on where you go, but don't pass up the opportunity or you may live to regret it!





The cheapest accomodation is not directly in Venice, but in neighboring Mestre on the mainland. Around the airport there are several camping sites and small hotels.

A complete overview of budget accommodation in Venice, including travellers ratings:

A Venice FishCampo de la Maddalena, Cannaregio 2205Hostel-
The MuseumSan Polo 2812 Calle del TraghettoHostel-
Ai Due LeonciniCannaregio 564/dGuesthouse-
Ai SqueriCheck-in office: Santa Croce 555Guesthouse76
Ai Tre Ponti B&BRio Terà dei Pensieri 359/b Santa CroceGUESTHOUSE-
Airmotel HotelVia Ceccherini, 13 MestreHotel-
Al GalloS.Croce 88Guesthouse80
Al Giardino Bed and BreakfastVia Altinia 119/BGuesthouse-
Al Piccolo HotelVia Trieste n. 2/h MargheraHotel82
Al Pozzo Bed & BreakfastSan Polo 2125GUESTHOUSE-
Al Tramonto DoratoCastello 2143Guesthouse-
Albergo DoniCalle del Vin 4656 San ZaccariaHotel-
Albergo MarinRamo delle Chioverete 670 / BHotel79
Albergo Villa SerenaVia Mezzacapo 2/b MargheraHotel72
Alla Corte RossaDorsoduro 2518Guesthouse-
Allo Squero B&B with GardenCannaregio 4692GUESTHOUSE83
Alloggi Agli ArtistiCalle Priuli 99 A/B CannaregioGuesthouse80
Alloggi BarbariaCastello, 6573Guesthouse80
Alloggi Gerotto CalderanCampo San Geremia, 283Guesthouse78
Alloggi HenryCalle degli Ormesini Cannaregio 1506/EHotel-
Antica Locanda SturionCalle del Sturion San Polo 679Hotel-
Antico CaponDorsoduro 3004/BHotel76
Antico FioreS.marco 3486 Corte LucatelloHotel-
Apartment San SamueleSalizada Malipiero n○ 3188 San MarcoAPARTMENT83
Apartment SansoniSan Polo 899Apartment-
Apartments in VeniceSan Marco 1105Apartment-
Appartamenti Ferruzzi BalbiDorsoduro 2796Apartment-
Appartamento ArsenaleCastello, 2246Apartment80
B&B Al SaorCannaregio 3904/aGUESTHOUSE87
B&B BurchielleSanta Croce, 393GUESTHOUSE-
B&B Ca'Dorcalle del manganer 4517 cannaregio s.apostoliGUESTHOUSE81
B&B in Venice, Flat CàCorteFlat Ca' Corte Santa Croce -GUESTHOUSE85
B&B La Corte Dei DogiCastello 2138GUESTHOUSE-
B&B Livia Olivavia Aldo Manuzio 5GUESTHOUSE82
B&B MestrinaVia Mestrina 41GUESTHOUSE-
B&B San Giacomo VeneziaSanta Croce 1447, Calle Ruga VeciaGUESTHOUSE82
B&B San PaoloCannaregio, 4627 - Calle ValmaranaGUESTHOUSE81
B&B Santa SofiaSan Polo, 793GUESTHOUSE83
BB-VeniceVia Sant' Andrea, 6 30030 FavaroGUESTHOUSE-
Bed and Breakfast Happy VeniceSan Polo 2733Guesthouse-
BedandNoBreakfastVeniceCalle CàTron, n°1964 Santa CroceGuesthouse74
Bocca di PiazzaS. Marco 1533Apartment80
Cà del Pozzo B&BSottoportego e Calle lavezzera S.Marco 2612 Venice - 30124GUESTHOUSE-
Cà delle AcqueS. Marco 4991Guesthouse80
Ca di RoseCalle dei Frati Dorsoduro 940Guesthouse81
Ca GuglieCannaregio, 994Apartment77
Cà MaddaElenaCannaregio, Calle Bandi, Ponte Noris 5503aGuesthouse-
Ca' BernardaS. Polo 1321Apartment86
Ca' CentopietreDorsoduro 1198, Campiello CentopietreGuesthouse-
Ca' ContariniSan Marco-Accademia, 3025 Calle Dei OrbiGuesthouse85
Ca' dei FuseriSan Marco 4344 VeniceGuesthouse85
Ca' del CampoSan Marco, 511 Campo della GuerraHotel-
Ca' FontaneaCannaregio, 786Guesthouse-
Ca' FoscariCalle Foscari - DorsoduroApartment-
Ca' Frezzeriasan marco 1671Apartment-
Ca' MalipieroCastello 4852Guesthouse-
Ca' RiccioCannaregio 5394/AGuesthouse80
Ca' San MaurizioSan Marco 2671Apartment-
Ca' San RoccoSan Polo, 3078Guesthouse-
Ca' SerenissimaSan Marco 2236Apartment-
Ca' VenexiaCannaregio, 5429Apartment-
Ca'BiennaleCastello 882Apartment-
Ca'FormosaCastello 4857 30122 VeneziaHotel-
Camping SerenissimaVia Padana 334/a, SR 11 (Padua-Venice), km 412CAMPSITE80
Camping FusinaVia Moranzani 93 Fusina, 30030Campsite77
Casa CosmoSan Marco, 4976Guesthouse-
Casa del MieleVia Paliaghetta 2/AGuesthouse-
Casa LaganaCastello 4902 - Calle Ruga Giuffa 4902Apartment-
Casa MimmaSestiere santa Croce, 1412/cGuesthouse79
Casa RezzonicoFondamenta Gherardini 2813 DorsoduroHotel83
Casanova ai Tolentinidorsoduro 3515,Guesthouse-
Club Hotel VeniceVia Villafranca, 1Hotel-
Dimora dei FioriSanta Croce 555Guesthouse-
Dimora del GondoliereSanta Croce 555 CannareggioGuesthouse-
Dimora del LeoneSanta Croce 555 San MarcoGuesthouse-
Dimora MarcianaSan Marco, Calle Bognolo 1604 VeniceGuesthouse-
Dimora SerenissimaSanta Croce 555 Santa CroceHostel88
Elite Hotel ResidenceVia Forte Marghera 119 Venice MestreHotel-
Fabbri ApartmentSan Marco 1033 , 1° floorApartment-
Guest House Piccolo VecellioCannaregio 5151/A Fondamente Nove VeneziaGuesthouse-
Holiday HotelVia dell' Essiccatoio 38 MestreHotel-
Hotel AduaCannaregio 233/aHotel87
Hotel ai Due PrincipiCastello 4972Hotel-
Hotel Ai TolentiniSanta Croce, 197/gHotel-
Hotel AironeSanta Croce 557Hotel70
Hotel Al GazzettinoSan Marco, 4971Hotel-
Hotel Al Sole134 - 136 Santa CroceHotel82
Hotel Alla SaluteDorsoduro 222Hotel77
Hotel Ariel SilvaCannaregio 1391/a Cannaregio 3888Hotel-
Hotel Aristonvia G. Bergamo, 12 MestreHotel-
Hotel Astoria- VeniceCalle Fiubera 951/a San MarcoHotel-
Hotel CanevaCampo della Fava 5515Hotel-
Hotel CaSa LingerFondamtenta S.Antonin castello 3541Hotel74
Hotel CentralePiazzale Donatori di Sangue 14 MestreHotel73
Hotel FloridaCalle Priuli CavallettiHotel-
Hotel GiovanninaVia Dante 113Hotel-
Hotel HesperiaCannaregio 459, Calle RielloHotel-
Hotel Il Mercante di VeneziaCannaregio 379Hotel82
Hotel IrisSan Tom� San Polo 2910/AHOTEL76
Hotel Leonardo VeneziaCannaregio 1385 Calle della MasenaHotel-
Hotel Locanda Ca' FoscariDorsoduro 3888/7Hotel80
Hotel Locanda Salieri160, Fondamenta MinottoHotel-
Hotel LuxCalle delle Rasse 4541/42Hotel77
Hotel MartelloPiazzale Mezzacapo 3 MargheraHotel81
Hotel MessnerDorsoduro 216 VeniceHotel77
Hotel PalladioVia Malcontenta 40 Via Malcontenta 40Hotel78
Hotel PanoramaP.le S.M. Elisabetta 1 LidoHotel-
Hotel PiaveVia Col Moschin 6/10 MestreHotel80
Hotel RivamareLungomare Marconi 44Hotel80
Hotel San LucaSan Marco - Calle dei Fabbri, 4671 - VeniceHotel82
Hotel San MaurizioSan Marco 2624/2625Hotel78
Hotel San SalvadorCalle del Galiazzo 5264 30124 San MarcoHotel-
Hotel San SamueleSalizada san samuele 3358 San MarcoHotel84
Hotel ScandinaviaCampo Santa Maria Formosa, Castello, 5240Hotel84
Hotel Stella Alpina EdelweissCalle Priuli dei Cavalletti 99/dHotel80
Hotel TintorettoCannaregio 2316 Santa FoscaHotel-
Hotel Tre ArchiCannaregio 923Hotel75
Hotel VecellioCannaregio 5039/B Cannaregio 5039/BHotel-
Hotel Villa AdeleVia Gelain 10 MargheraHotel-
Hotel Villa OdinoVia Roma 146,Quarto D'AltinoHotel-
Hotel Villa OrioVia Ca'Rossa n° 10 Venice Lido,AlberoniHotel-
L' ImbarcaderoSanta Croce, 1268 Calle ZenGuesthouse81
La RomanticaCheck-in office: Santa Croce 555 Location: Santa CroceGuesthouse-
Le BrincoleCheck-in office: Santa Croce 555 Location: San MarcoGuesthouse-
Locanda Al LeonCastello 4270Guesthouse-
Locanda Antica VeneziaSan Marco 1672Hostel-
Locanda ArmizoCampo San Silvestro San Polo 1104Guesthouse-
Locanda Art DecoCalle delle Botteghe 2966 San Marco districtGuesthouse-
Locanda ArtèSan Marco 2900-2901Guesthouse77
Locanda Ca' Le VeleCalle delle Vele Cannaregio 3969Guesthouse85
Locanda CorrerCastello, 4370 Campo San Filippo e GiacomoGuesthouse-
Locanda da ScarsoPiazzale Malamocco 4 Malamocco VeneziaGuesthouse-
Locanda NovoCannaregio n° 4529 Calle dei Preti - Campo Santi ApostoliHotel-
Locanda SilvaCastello 4423Guesthouse80
Locanda SS. Giovanni e PaoloCastello 6401Guesthouse89
Magic Venice 2via Leonardo da Vinci, 10 PianigaApartment-
Nice HotelVia Avesani, 6Hotel71
Nuova Locanda BelvedereVia Mezzacapo 1 MargheraHotel77
Palazzo Bragadin CarabbaCastello 6041 Campo S. MarinaGuesthouse84
Palazzo GuardiDorsoduro 995 30123Hotel76
Pensione SegusoDorsoduro 779Hotel79
Plus Camping JollyVia G. de Marchi, 7 30175 MargheraCampsite77
Reiter HotelGran Viale S.M.E. 57/b - lidoHotel81
Residenza A tribute to MusicCastello Riva Schiavoni, 4127 San MarcoGuesthouse84
Residenza al GiardinoCalle delle Capuccine Castello 6604Apartment-
Residenza Ca' DarioSanta Croce 642Guesthouse74
Residenza MaddalenaCannaregio 2076Guesthouse83
Residenza Santa CroceSanta Croce 555Hostel-
Residenza Zanardi4132 Cannaregio Calle ZanardiGuesthouse-
Residenze VeneziaPiazzale Donatori di Sangue, 16Apartment-
Rialto Bridge Laura ApartmentSan Marco 5474Apartment-
San Lio Tourist HouseCalle Al Ponte Santa Antonio, Castello 5607, CampoGuesthouse79
San Marco ApartmentsVenice , San Marco , Calle dei Baloni 203Apartment-
Santa Maria Formosa Laura ApartmentCampo Santa Maria Formosa 6239Apartment-
Sarah Sun IslandSacca Fisola, VeniceGuesthouse-
ShaulaViale dei Pini, 120 47521 Cesena isola della Giudecca,693/FGuesthouse-
Sognare a VeneziaCannaregio 324Guesthouse81
Studio CàMirellaSanta Croce Rio Terra Dei Pensieri 332Apartment82
Sweet DreamsSan Polo, 895Guesthouse-
Venice ApartmentSan Marco 1033Apartment-
Venice Chicsestriere santa croce 468bGuesthouse-
Venice Hotel Villa DoriVia Colombara 213 Malcontenta Riviera del BrentaHotel61
Venice HouseVia Condotta 27 NoaleGuesthouse-
Verde Venezia B&BVia Litomarino 74GUESTHOUSE-
Vienna HotelVia Rizzardi, 54 MargheraHotel79
Villa ParadisoFondamenta della Madonna, Lido loc. Malamocco 30126Guesthouse79
Villa ParcoVia Rodi, 1 - LidoHotel-
Villa StellaVia Sandro Gallo 111 Venice LidoGuesthouse80
Ostello VeneziaFondamenta Zitelle 86 -Isola Della GiudeccaHOSTEL-
Zaguri b&bS. Marco 2632GUESTHOUSE-
Corte San LorenzoCastello 5122Apartment-
Ca FioreCastello, 3491Apartment-
San Geremia RoomsCampo San Geremia 290Hotel82
Maison de Charme BalbiCampo della Guerra 515Guesthouse-
Alloggi SerenaSanta Croce 1340Guesthouse-
Alla Vite DorataCannaregio 4690/B VeniceGUESTHOUSE-
Hotel RivieraPiazzale S.M. Elisabetta Gran Viale 5Hotel-
Holiday Center Lato AzzurroVia Forti 13, San ErasmoHotel-
Venice ResortSanta Croce 38Guesthouse-
Santa Croce ApartmentsSanta Croce 901/CApartment-
Holiday House Domus CavanisDorsoduro 895Guesthouse-
Guest House Bella VenexiaCannaregio 2976/CGuesthouse-
Locanda Sant'AnnaC.te del Bianco Castello 269Hotel-
Residenza Ca' San MarcoCalle de le Balote San Marco 4868Hotel-
Corte dei GreciFondamenta dell'Osmarin Castello, 4973Hotel-
Locanda BarbarigoSan Marco 2503/AGuesthouse-
Hotel GallimbertiVia Malcanton 33Hotel-
Art Blue B&BCampo Santo Stefano San Marco 2808/AGuesthouse-
Oceano Mare B&BCorte Dona' 2703Guesthouse-
Hotel Le BoulevardGran Viale S.M.Elisabetta 41Hotel-
Ca' D'Oro ApartmentCannareggio 4951Apartment-
Lido di VeneziaVia Francesco Sansovino 3Guesthouse-
Hotel Venezia 2000Lungomare G.D'Annunzio 2Hotel-
Ca' LoredanSan Marco 4122Guesthouse-
Hotel AteneoSan Marco 1876Hotel-
San Marco ApartmentsSan Marco 4386Apartment-
Schiavoni ApartmentsCastello 3297 Calle dei FurlaniApartment-
B&B Al PalazzettoCannaregio 4057Guesthouse-
FrescoSan Polo Calle Ca' BernardiAPARTMENT80
Hotel RossiLista di Spagna, 262Hotel77
B&B InveniceCalle Noal 2286 CannaregioGuesthouse-
A Venice EmeraldsCastello 4860Guesthouse-
Youth Venice Hostelers HomeSestiere Castello 3368/AGuesthouse79
Pivot DogaressaSanta Croce 958Apartment-
Ca' ZoraSestiere Castello 4860 Ramo GrimaniGuesthouse83
Ca San GirolamoCannaregio 2954/GApartment80
B&B ArabesqueRuga Giuffa Castello 4910GUESTHOUSE83
B&BVeneziamiaCalle Maggioni 6008 CannaregioGUESTHOUSE-
Camping RialtoVia Orlanda,16 Campalto CampaltoCAMPSITE78
Corte San FrancescoCalle della piet� 2800 CastelloAPARTMENT-
Ca' Cortigiane SuiteSanta Croce 1662Apartment-
Ca' dell'OperaSan Marco 1658APARTMENT-
Backpackers House VeniceDorsoduro 2967/AGuesthouse-
Ca' Dell'OrtoCannaregio, 3526 Fondamenta Gasparo ContariniApartment-
Ca MignonCampo Santi Apostoli Cannaregio 4535Guesthouse85
Alla VignaCastello 2950Guesthouse-
Ca ReghettaSan Marco 3425APARTMENT-
Ca Venexia IICannareggio 5492Apartment-
B&B Ca GiorgioCannaregio 5639GUESTHOUSE-
Regina d'OrienteCalle delle Rose 2222APARTMENT-
Hotel KappaVia Trezzo, 8 MestreHotel-
Ponte delle GuglieCanareggio 1531 Ponte delle GuglieAPARTMENT-
Best Holidays VeniceSan Polo 1615Guesthouse81
Venice OrmesiniCannaregio 1451-A Calle OrmesiniGuesthouse83
La Pescheria BackpackersSan Polo 1699 (calle dei Boteri)Guesthouse65
San Marco BiennaleCastello 3880Apartment-
Casa ChiumentoSanta Croce 1465Guesthouse83
B&B Al Lion MorosiniCannaregio 5704/A Zona RialtoGUESTHOUSE72
Ca GondolierDorso Duro, 3222APARTMENT-
B&B Rosa del PiaveVia Don Bosco 4GUESTHOUSE-
Friendly Venice - Female onlySan Marco, 2947 Campo Santo Stefano - VeneziaGUESTHOUSE-
Alberghiera VeneziaCannaregio 539 Corte del BagolaroHOTEL-
Venice-BB-VeneziaCannaregio 1333/c,GUESTHOUSE-
Al Palazzo Lion MorosiniCannaregio, 5700GUESTHOUSE79
B&B Ca' Del GalloCampiello Del Basego' DorsoduroGUESTHOUSE-
Pivot CroseraCalle in Crosera, 3899Apartment-
Ciao VeniceSanta Croce 926GUESTHOUSE-
Casa-vacanze Angolo ScontoCannareggio 1722Guesthouse-
Casa del MelogranoCannaregio 2023Guesthouse-
Ca' Arco Antico GuesthouseSan Polo 1451Guesthouse-
Residenza del dogeBorgoloco santa maria formosa 6113/aGuesthouse-
Albergo San SamueleSan Marco 3358 Salizada San SamueleHostel-
Al Campanile Madonna Dell'OrtoRamo Secondo Piave 3505/D CannaregioApartment-
Residenza Art DecoCalle delle Botteghe, 2966 San Marco districtGuesthouse-
Residenza Universitaria 'Maria Ausiliatrice'Castello Fondamento Gioacchin 454HOSTEL-
Residenza U. Hostel Junghans For BackpackersGiudecca 393 Ramo della Palada VeniceHOSTEL-
Hotel Ai Due LeoniSestiere Cannaregio, 565Hotel-
Hotel Alla FavaCastello 5525 Campo della FavaHotel-
Venice FlatsS.Croce 670/BApartment-
Art Flashpackersramo della Fraterna Castello 3368Hostel-
Frari Apartment 2San Polo calle del campazzo 3080/uApartment-
Frari Apartment 1Sestiere San Polo, 3080Apartment-
Hotel CanalVia Santa Croce 553Hotel-
Fausto & Deby B&BVia Ca Balletto 14 Mira VeneziaGUESTHOUSE82
Casa Dolce VeneziaSan Marco Campo della Guerra 515 San Marco, Calle dei Fabbri, 4671HOTEL77
B&B Ai MusiciSanta Croce 555Guesthouse-
Hotel ModernoLista di Spagna 154/BHotel-
Hotel AtlantideCalle della Misericordia 375/AHotel77
Le NuvoleGiudecca 681Apartment-
Backpackers Inn Venice 3512 CannMadonna dell'Orto check-in at Hotel Minerva&Nettun Lista di Spagna 2HOSTEL-
Casa Favaretto Guest HouseCastello 2146Guesthouse78
Ostello S. FoscaFondamenta Canal, Cannaregio 2372Hostel79
Ca QueriniCastello 3519Guesthouse-
Residenza Corte Canal-Ca'DarioSanta Croce, 646 Corte CanalGuesthouse-
Ca' Della MusicaCalle del Morion 2954 Castello 30122GUESTHOUSE-
The Venice InnsSan Polo 1455 Calle del FornoApartment-
San Girolamo ApartmentCannaregio 2954/GApartment-
Backpackers hostel VeniceCampo San Tomà 2846Hostel68
Hotel & Hostel Colombo For BackpackersViale Antonio PaolucciHOSTEL68
APARTMENTS VETRAI 98fondamenta dei vetrai 98Apartment-
Ca nnnnGuesthouse-
Hotel Minerva & NettunoLista di Spagna 230 CannaregioHOTEL80
Test Sign upRed StreetGuesthouse-
B&B ExclusiveCalle della Fonderia 3080 San PoloGUESTHOUSE-
Venice AcademyCalle Corner o del Magazen (Calle delle Botteghe) Sestiere San Marco 3389Hostel-
B&B Antica RivaFondamenta del Remedio 4403 CastelloGUESTHOUSE-
Ca' GuardianiDorsoduroAPARTMENT-
DogeSan Polo 1259APARTMENT-
OTA Rialto ApartmentsCastello 5925APARTMENT-
Sestiere Cannaregio ApartmentsCalle Del Forno, 2658APARTMENT-
Grifone GhettoCalle de l'ortoAPARTMENT-
VivaVeneziaSanta Croce 1149 Lista Vecchia dei Bari (Santa Croce) 1149GUESTHOUSE82
Grifone San PoloSan Polo 2249APARTMENT-
The Silk RoadDorsoduro 1420/EGUESTHOUSE83
Ca' Della Pieta'Calle dei Corazzeri 3837 just beside Bacarando RestaurantGUESTHOUSE83
Venice GardenDorsoduro 1150GUESTHOUSE-
Yacht Anna DukajVia Ricevitoria, 32 Cavallino-Treporti (VE)GUESTHOUSE-
RialtoSan Polo 414/AAPARTMENT-
San Simeon ApartmentSan Simeon ProfetaAPARTMENT-
SmartholidayCalle Dell'Anconeta cannaregio 1981APARTMENT77
Queen House GardenCalle Zugna 6 30132APARTMENT-
Venice Sea ViewFondamenta Cannaregio 925GUESTHOUSE-
Murano Garden HouseFondamenta C.Parmense 10 MuranoAPARTMENT-
Murano SuitesRiva Longa 26 Venezia MuranoAPARTMENT-
Girasole ApartmentSanta Croce, 960APARTMENT-
Ca' MorosiniSan Marco, 3465 Campo Santo StefanoGUESTHOUSE-
Appartamento San StinSan Polo 2402APARTMENT-
Venice Goldcastello 3260Hostel-
Le Repubbliche MarinareCalle dei Boteri 1623, San Polo RialtoGUESTHOUSE76
Ca' de le FiabeCastello 4902GUESTHOUSE-
Hotel Basilea DipendenzaRio Marin 817HOTEL-
Residenza Universitaria 'Hostel Abazia'Cannaregio 3547, Fondamenta MisericordiaHOSTEL-
Sunny VeniceSan Marco 3094, Calle dei TodeschiAPARTMENT-
Casa in LagunaCastello 6534/B VeneziaGUESTHOUSE-
Lucky VeniceSan Marco 1532APARTMENT-
Happy VeniceSan Marco 962, Calle FiuberaAPARTMENT-
Antica RaffineriaCanneregio 2607/A Corte della RaffineriaGuesthouse-
Emeralds PlaceCannaregio 5590/AHOSTEL79
Ca' Venezia3271 Castello Calle dei FurlaniHOSTEL-
Ca' Maria CallasSan MarcoAPARTMENT-
Venice Country ApartmentsRiviera Matteotti, 97APARTMENT-
B&B BiennaleBell Nante-Brugnaro, Campo Grappa 1, S. ElenaGUESTHOUSE-
Residenza ai GiardiniCastello 748GUESTHOUSE-
Venice LuxuryCannarregio 2286 Calle NolaGUESTHOUSE-
Casa Rosseta GuesthouseSan Polo 1108 Campo S.SilvestroGUESTHOUSE-
13 Mt Wooden Sloop GuesthouseIsola CertosaGUESTHOUSE-
Amadeus B&BCalle del Dose, 5881Campo Santa Maria FormosaGUESTHOUSE-
B&B Venice HazelCastello 4977GUESTHOUSE-
Venice GardenCannaregio 631Hostel-
Shiraz House1002 Calle del Sottoportico ScuroGuesthouse-
Venice Lagoon HouseVia Tenda 11GUESTHOUSE84
Hotel La Pergola di VeneziaVia Cipro 15GUESTHOUSE-
Ca' Dona' ApartmentSan Polo 1449 Corte PetrianaAPARTMENT-
Nice House VeniceVia Piave 161/BGUESTHOUSE-
Camping Village CavallinoVia delle Batterie, 164CAMPSITE-
Hotel OrioVia Ca' Rossa 10/12/14Hotel-
Venice casa DiedoSestriere Cannareggio 2392Guesthouse-
Appartamento San GiacomoCannaregio 1667/AAPARTMENT-
Canton del DogeSanta Croce, 467 Piazzale RomaGUESTHOUSE-
Villa MariflorVia Selvanese, 26 MartellagoGUESTHOUSE-
Aurora's B&BCastello 2749GUESTHOUSE-
Blue VeniceVenezia Cannaregio 4151GUESTHOUSE-
B&B Ca'Contarini3025,Calle Dei OrbiGuesthouse-
CimesinvaleSan Polo 3083 Calle CimesinGuesthouse-
B&B Da Nina VeneziaAl Campo della Lana Santa Croce 573GUESTHOUSE-
Hotel il Moro di VeneziaCannaregio Lista di Spagna 152HOTEL81
Jan Palach HostelIsola della Giudecca 186HOSTEL78
A Casa Mia B&BSestiere Castello 1985GUESTHOUSE-
Tiepolo GuesthouseFondamenta di Cannaregio 1082GUESTHOUSE-
Venice Home GallerySanta Croce 896APARTMENT-
Casa SibillaCalle Rovereto,5 - S.ElenaAPARTMENT-
Ca' VioletS. Croce 629APARTMENT-
Ca' Bella GuesthouseCannaregio 5388 Rio Terà dei BiriGUESTHOUSE-
B&B Cannareggio San MarcuolaCannaregio n. 2010GUESTHOUSE-
Vanilla HouseCalle Nicolò Massa 6660d Castello 30122APARTMENT-
B&B GiudeccaFondamenta San Biagio 778GUESTHOUSE-
B&B Giudecca RedentoreGiudecca 490, 30133GUESTHOUSE-
B&B San FirminoSestiere Castello 5850GUESTHOUSE-
Boutique San MarcoCalle Al Ponte dell'Anzolo Sestiere Castello 5314Hostel-
Green Garden ResortVIA ASSEGGIANO 65 MestreHotel-
A-loft ApartmentCannaregio 549APARTMENT-
B&B Campo RugaCampo Ruga 327, 30100APARTMENT-
B&B Cannaregio TintorettoCannaregio, Calle Groppi 2548GUESTHOUSE-
Magic VeniceCalle Moretta 3173 San MarcoAPARTMENT-
B&B Santa Croce SestiereSanta Croce 1412c,GUESTHOUSE-
Generator VeniceFondamenta della Croce, 84-86 GiudeccaHOSTEL84
Ca' MaddaPonte Noris, Cannaregio 5592APARTMENT-
Cosy Apartment: Easy to BiennaleCorte Morosini 5825APARTMENT-
Venice ParadiseSan Marco 2929GUESTHOUSE-
Corte Due Porte ApartmentCastello, 6499APARTMENT-
AWA Venice Aparthotel San MarcoCalle Dei Furlani 3271 CastelloAPARTMENT-
Hotel da VitoVia Marzabotto, 63 30010 Campagna LupiaHOTEL-
B&B AbateaCorte Contarina, 1505, 30124GUESTHOUSE-


To rent an apartment can be (for at least three nights) a good solution, cheaper than a hotel and comfortable like a home. There are many possibilities. Townhouse Suites are bed and breakfast places with more privacy, where you get your own set of keys to the gate, house and room, to go in and come as you like and you can use the kitchen, upon request.

  • Views on Venice - Views on Venice is based in Venice and offers over 70 Venice Apartments for rent in central Venice.
  • 3749 Ponte Chiodo - A nice place close to the Ca' D'Oro. Compact rooms having required conveniences but more useful is the easy access to several locations and being located on a less touristy street. Also, the owner is very helpful with great tips for walking routes around Venice.



Keep Connected


Almost all towns and cities in Italy have internet cafes. A growing number of budget hostels and nicer hotels have free Wifi. By law all public-access internet points must keep records of web sites viewed by customers, and even the customer's ID: expect to be refused access if you don't provide identification. Hotels providing Internet access are not required to record IDs if the connection is provided in the guest's room, although if the connection is offered in the main public hall then IDs are required. Publicly available wireless access without user identification is illegal, so open Wi-Fi hotspots (like the ones you might expect to find in a mall or cafée) all have some form of (generally one-time) registration.


See also: International Telephone Calls

The main networks are TIM (Telecom Italia Mobile, part of Telecom Italia, formerly state controlled), Vodafone, Wind, and 3 (only UMTS cellphones). Best advice is to buy a prepaid SIM card (from € 10 upwards) and a cheap mobile phone (€ 19 upwards) to put it in (if you don't have a cellphone already that you can use). It will be much more practical. All land line numbers start with 0. Mobile numbers start with 3. Numbers starting with 89 are high-fee services. In case of emergency call the appropriate number from the list below. Such calls are usually free and calls to 112, 113 (police), 115 (fire), 118 (health) can be made from payphones for free without the need of inserting coins. 112 (standard emergency number in GSM specification) can be dialed in any case for free from any mobile phone.


Post Italiane is the national postal services of Italy and has quite an efficient network of postal offices and reliable postal services. Standard letters and postcards (up to 20 grams) cost €0.39 to send within Europe and the Mediterranean countries outside Europe and €0.41 to all other destinations throughout the country. Up to 50 grams, prices start at €0.52 for Europe, €0.62 for other areas. Packages start at €1.55 within Europe, and around €2.50 for other countries. Post office business hours in Italy are from 8:30am to 2:00pm from Monday to Friday, with closing times at Saturday and the last day of the month at 12 noon. In general, larger post offices in bigger cities and in tourist areas keep longer hours than those in local towns. Also note that business hours in the south might be different than the north, with longer hours at night, especially in summer! If you want to send packages you might try faster and more reliable/efficient private courier companies like TNT, UPS or DHL.


Accommodation in Venice

We have a comprehensive list of accommodation in Venice searchable right here on Travellerspoint. You can use our map to quickly compare budget, mid-range or top of the range accommodation in Venice and areas nearby.


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