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Bird market, Yogyakarta

Bird market, Yogyakarta

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Yogyakarta (commonly pronounced Jogjakarta or just Jogja) is a popular tourist destination on Java, Indonesia. The city is one of the oldest in Indonesia and has a great collection of monuments and old buildings. The highlight is the Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono's palace, also known as Kraton Ngayogyakarta.



Sights and Activities


Around 40 kilometres from Yogyakarta lies the Borobudur. The Borobudur is a giant Buddist temple complex in Central Java (Jawa Tengah), Indonesia. There is no written record of the construction and experts believe that it is most likely built between the 8th and 9th century during the Sailendra dynasty. The building sits on a mountain and has nine so-called stupas. The first 5 make up the piramidacal base of the structure, on top of that are 3 circular stupas and finally there is one big stupa on top of all the others. Around the 3 circular stupas are 72 open stupas with statues of Buddha inside. In the 10th of 11th century the temple was abandoned, and only rediscovered at the end of the 19th, after which the structure was cleared from the vegetation, and finally at the end of the 20th century it was restored with the help of the UNESCO. Near Borobudur is the Hindi Prambanan Temple, which is also on the UNESCO World Heritage list.



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Getting There

By Plane

Adisucipto International Airport (JOG) has a few international connections, including flights with Air Asia to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.
All other flights are domestic, including those to Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya (all on Java), Balikpapan, Banjarmasin. Pontianak (all on Kalimantan), Denpasar (Bali) and Makassar (Sulawesi).

By Train

There are two main train stations in Yogyakarta, namely Stasiun Tugu (Tugu Train Station) and Lempuyangan Station. Depending on the type of class of train you are taking, you will have to get on and off on either one of these station. Tugu Station serves all Executive (best class) class and business (second class) class trains and Lempuyangan serves local connections and economy class from other cities. For reservations and schedule check the PT. KAI website.

By Car

It' s about 10 hours from Bandung, 2 hours from Surakarta, 12 hours from Jakarta and 10 hours from Surabaya.

By Bus

There are two bus stations in Yogyakarta, namely Giwangan Bus Station and Jombor Bus Station. If you wanna go to Bandung, Surabaya, Surakarta and some place in East Java and West Java you should go to Giwangan Bus Station. But if you wanna go to Jakarta, Sumatra, Bali and Semarang, you should go to Jombor Bus Station.



Getting Around

By Car

This is the best thing to use if you want to get around Yogyakarta. Only 45 minutes to Prambanan Temple, or 1 hour to Borobudur Temple if you'd like to go to temple. 1 hour to Parangtritis Beach (you can also visit Depok Beach to find some sea food and Parangkusumo Beach for some beautifull view to take picture with sand desert, its all before you're in to Parangtritis Beach). Then, 2 hours to Baron Beach (You can also visit Kukup, Krakal, Sundak, Indrayanti, Poktunggal and also Siung Beach in a row), in the middle of your trip you can also visiting Sri Gethuk Waterfall or Pindul Cave (its all in a row)

By Public Transport

Trans Jogja is the best public transport if you wanna go to Prambanan or whole city. Becak is the most tourist useful to enjoy the city or Dokar (Delman) but its quite expensive from Becak.

By Foot

Yogyakarta is a small city, you can walk from one spot to another spot but dont forget to ask if you dont understand. Its healthy and cheaper way.

By Bike

Another alternatife sollution if you'd like to around city. Using motorbike also a good sollution, many places rent motorbike for usually 50k/day.





Cakra Kusuma HotelJl. Kaliurang Km 5,2 No. 25Hotel-
Delta Home StayPrawirotaman MGIII/597AGuesthouse70
Duta Garden HotelTimuran MG III/103Hotel69
Duta GuesthouseJl. Prawirotaman No.26Guesthouse80
Grand Quality Hotel YogyakartaJl. Adisucipto 48, YogyakartaHotel-
Hotel BrongtoJl.Suryodiningratan No. 26Hotel-
Hotel Indah Palace YogyakartaJl. Sisingamangaraja 74Hotel-
Melia PurosaniJl. Suryotomo No.31Hotel-
Merapi HotelJl. Sosrowijayan GT I No. 155, Yogyakarta,JAVA ,INHotel62
Merbabu HotelJl. Sosrowijayan GT I No. 32, Yogyakarta,JAVA,INDOHotel59
Ministry of CoffeeJalan Prawirotaman 1/15AHotel-
Mutiara Malioboro HotelJl.Malioboro No.18Hotel70
Puri Artha HotelJl. Cendrawasih No.36Hotel-
Sriwedari HotelJl. Laksda AdiI Sucipto No.6Hotel-
The Cangkringan Jogja Villas & SpaJl. Raya Merapi Golf,Desa Umbulharjo,CangkringanHOTEL-
The Jayakarta Yogyakarta Hotel and SpaJl.Laksda Adisucipto Km 8,YogyakartaHotel-
Green Garden B&BGreen Garden P46 Ngestiharjo BantulGuesthouse-
Uny Campus HotelJl. Kampus UNY KarangmalangHotel-
Airlangga HotelJl. Prawirotaman No.6Hotel-
Abadi Hotel YogyakartaJl. Pasar Kembang No.49Hotel-
Mawar Asri VillaJl. H. Agus Salim No.40 Kaliurang BaratHotel-
Mawar Asri HotelJl. H. Agus Salim No. 41 NotoprajanHotel-
Yogya Plasa HotelJl. Tribrata No.1 (next to Theater XXI) YogyakartHotel-
The Grand Palace HotelJl.Mangkuyudan No.32Hotel-
Metro Guest HouseJl. Prawirotaman 2 No.71 (Mg III/606) YogyakartaGuesthouse-
Hotel Sahid Raya YogyakartaJl. Babarsari 2Hotel-
Grand Rosela HotelJl.Prawirotaman No. 28Hotel-
Graha Ubud Bali ResortJI. Wenara Wana ( JI. Mankey Forest ) UbudHostel-
Ros in HotelJl. Lingkar Selatan No.110, YogyakartaHotel-
Hotel Istana Batik RatnaJalan Pasar Kembang 29Hotel78
Cakra Kembang HotelJl.kaliurang no.44 km 5.5 yogjakartaHotel-
Hotel Jentra DagenJl. Dagen Malioboro No.85Hotel-
Venezia HomestayJl Tirtodipuran 27Guesthouse-
Wisma Ary'sJl. Suryodiningratan 29Guesthouse-
Hotel MakutaJl. Prawirotaman II / 839 Yogyakarta 55153Hotel-
Gowongan InnJl. Gowongan Kidul no. 50 YogyakartaHotel-
Fuji VillaJl. Pelajar No. 8 Kaliurang, DIY 55582HOSTEL77
Grage Jogja HotelJl. Sosrowijayan No.242 Kawasan MaliboroHotel-
Grage Ramayana HotelJl.Sosro wijayan No.33 ( Malioboro),Hotel-
Chadea InnJl. Ring Road Utara No.5 (Depan Casa Grande) Sleman, YogyakartaHotel-
Kampoeng DjawaJalan Prawirotaman 1 No. 40Hotel-
Amaris Hotel DiponegoroJalan Diponegoro 87 andyHotel-
QUEEN HOMESTAYJl. Hang Tuah II AP.6 Timoho JogjaGuesthouse-
Austin ResidenceJalan Nakula No.34,Guesthouse-
EDU Hostel JogjaJl Let Jen Suprapto No 17 NgampilanHOSTEL79
Hostel 1001 Malamsosrowijayan Wetan GT 1/57Hostel83
Sagan Huis Hotel and Coffee ShopSagan Kidul No 8,YogyakartaHOTEL-
Yogyakarta BackpackerPurwodiningratan NG I/915 NgampilanHOSTEL-
POP! Hotel Sangaji YogyakartaJl. A.M Sangaji Kav. 16-18, JetisHOTEL78
Venezia GardenJalan Surami 55 Yogyakarta Indonesia Jalan Surami 55 Yogyakarta IndonesiaGUESTHOUSE76
Austin Residence YogyakartaJl. Nakulo no 34 Kapten Piere TendeanHotel-
Melia Purosani YogyakartaJl. Suryotomo no.31HOTEL-
Villa Pondok TerraGg Ngadinegaran 103B MantrijeronHOTEL-
Amelia HotelJl. Mrican Baru 14HOTEL-
The Riverside Javanese CottagesJl.. Pakem-Turi, Dusun Kalireso, Candibinangun, PaGUESTHOUSE-
Tasik Jogja HotelJalan Bantul 47HOTEL-
Pratama Guest HouseJl. Kaliurang Km.7,2 No.B6Guesthouse-
Joglo Plawang Boutique VillaJl. Raya Pakem-Turi Km.5 Karanggawang Girikerto Turi SlemanGuesthouse-
Hotel ColomboJl. Raya Yogya-Solo KM. 14 Kalasan Yogyakarta - InHOTEL-
Radar Home StayGanjuran, RT 02 Gedogan,Sumbermulyo,Bambanglipuro,HOSTEL-




Keep Connected


Internet is becoming more widely used in Indonesia, and warung Internet (warnet) - Internet cafés - are emerging everywhere. A lot of restaurants and cafés in big cities normally have wireless internet available for free. Internet connection speed in Indonesia varies between ISP and location. Prices vary considerably, and as usual you tend to get what you pay for, but you'll usually be looking at around Rp3,000 to Rp5,000 per hour with faster access than from your own mobile phone. In large cities, there are free WiFi hotspots in many shopping malls, McDonald restaurants, Starbucks cafes, 7 Eleven convenience stores, and in some restaurants and bars. Some hotels provide free hotspots in the lobby and/or in their restaurants and even in your rooms.


See also: International Telephone Calls

You can use 112 as an emergency number through mobile phones. Other numbers include 110 (police), 113 (fire) and 118 (ambulance).
The international phone code is 62.

If you have GSM cellular phone, ask your local provider about "roaming agreement/facility" with local GSM operators in Indonesia (i.e.: PT Indosat, PT Telkomsel, PT XL Axiata). The cheapest way is buying a local SIM card, which would be much cheaper to call and especially use internet compared to your own cell phone's sim card.

The Indonesian mobile phone market is heavily competitive and prices are low: you can pick up a prepaid SIM card for less than Rp 10,000 and calls may cost as little as Rp 300 a minute to some other countries using certain carriers (subject to the usual host of restrictions). SMS (text message) service is generally very cheap, with local SMS as low as Rp129-165, and international SMS for Rp400-600. Indonesia is also the world's largest market for used phones, and basic models start from Rp 150,000, with used ones being even cheaper.


Pos Indonesia provides the postal service in Indonesia. Pos Indonesia is government-owned and offers services ranging from sending letters and packages to money transfers (usually to remote areas which have no bank branch/ATM nearby) and selling postcards and stamps. Sending a postcards, letter or parcel is relatively expensive, but fairly reliable. It takes several days at least to send it within Indonesia, at least a week internationally. It is recommended to send letters from a Pos Indonesia branch, not by putting it inside orange mailbox (called Bis Surat) in the roadside, because some of the mailboxes are in very bad condition and aren't checked regularly by Pos Indonesia. Opening times of post offices usually tend to follow general business hours: Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 4:00pm (sometimes shorter hours on Fridays), Saturdays from 8:00am to 1:00pm, closed on Sundays. Bigger cities, tourist areas and central post offices tend to keep longer hours, into the evenings.

Private postal services based in Indonesia include CV Titipan Kilat (CV TIKI), Jalur Nugraha Ekaputra (JNE), Caraka, and RPX. There are also foreign postal services that have branches in Indonesia, including DHL, TNT, UPS, and FedEx.


Quick Facts


  • Latitude: -7.797224
  • Longitude: 110.368797

Accommodation in Yogyakarta

We have a comprehensive list of accommodation in Yogyakarta searchable right here on Travellerspoint. You can use our map to quickly compare budget, mid-range or top of the range accommodation in Yogyakarta and areas nearby.


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Yogyakarta Travel Helpers

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    Hello everyone, i'm Sakti and i'm from Yogyakarta, Indonesia .
    If anyone would like to travel to Indonesia, mostly to Yogyakarta or in Java Island. I can help you for some recomendation place you must visit or by what. Please feel free for ask, anything : beach, mountain, temple, waterfall, cave or anything.
    If you need personal guide, please wellcome.

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