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Zadar is a city along the Adriatic Coastline of northern Dalmatia, a region in Croatia. Almost 100,000 people call Zadar their home and they are proud of their city which might be one of the least known of the Croatian coastline. Still, the old city with its narrow and traffic free streets include a nice collection of medieval buildings and beautiful churches.



Sights and Activities

  • Roman Forum - the largest on the eastern side of the Adriatic
  • Roman aqueduct remains just outside of the ramparts. There used to be more remains, but most of them are used in the fortifications.
  • St Donatus' Church
  • St. Anastasia's Cathedral, the largest cathedral in Dalmatia.
  • Romanesque style churches of St. Chrysogonus and St. Simeon.
  • St. Krševan's Church
  • St. Elijah's Church
  • St. Francis' Church, gothic styled.
  • Five Wells Square
  • St. Mary's Church
  • Land Gate and citadel.
  • Sea organ
  • Sun Salutation
  • Great Arsenal




Zadar has a pleasant Mediterranean climate. Summers last from June to September when it's mostly between 27 °C and 33 °C during the day and nicely warm nights. Winters are from December to March when temperatures are mostly between 8 °C and 15 °C during the day and nights are still above zero. Frost is possible during some nights though and even snow is not unheard of though rare. Most of the precipitation throughout the year falls from October to April. Summers can have months without a single drop of rain, though sometimes heavy rainshowers occur.



Getting There

By Plane

Zadar Airport (ZAD) is 14 kilometres from the city. Ryanair flies to/from Dublin, Edinburgh, Frankfurt, London, Pisa, Stockholm and Weeze (near Düsseldorf). A few other airlines serve cities like Pula, Bratislava, Zagreb, Berlin, Cologne and Stuttgart.

By Train

Trains to Zagreb go multiple times daily, with fast (7 hours) and slow (10 hours) services. Buses are much faster though.

By Bus

Croatia Express has buses to Zagreb (4-5 hours), Trieste, Split (3 hours) and quite a few German cities. There are also buses from the station to Rijeka (5 hours) and Dubrovnik (8 hours).

By Boat

From Ancona, there are crossing to Zadar. Check the Jadrolinija website for details. Hydrofoil Miatrade has ferries between Ancona and Zadar as well.



Getting Around

By Foot

Zadar's old town is small and can easily be seen during an easy half day stroll.





Apartments and Rooms IdassaBiogradska cesta 35Apartment90
Apartments DenisStarine 11. BibinjeApartment83
Apartments NediljkoPlincev put 6. Bibinje ZadarApartment80
Apartments Solin with Swimming poolSoline b.b. SukosanApartment-
Gorgonia apartmentsVerunic - Dugi otokApartment-
House Near the Sandy BeachPrimorska 6Apartment-
Kolega GuesthouseAlessandra Paravije 3 , ZadarGuesthouse93
Luton Apartmentsx.ulica 69 KozinoApartment-
Neven BasioliKre�imirova obala 116APARTMENT88
Old Town GuesthouseMihovila Klaica 5Guesthouse85
Pansion MartaTrsina BibinjeGuesthouse87
Rooms in the Center of CityBorelli 6, ZadarGuesthouse68
Urban ApartmentZadarApartment-
Villa TrianaKresimirova obala 41 Zadar 23000Guesthouse81
Youth Hostel ZadarObala kneza Trpimira 76Hostel82
Apartments KristoBrace Radic 41Apartment-
Rooms KresanBiogradska Cesta 35AGuesthouse93
Vila 4m - Boarding House and ApartementsMiletici - Rtina, Razanac ZadarGuesthouse86
Apartments JermenMala Makarska 40Apartment-
Pine Beach Pakoštane – Adriatic Eco ResortBrune Bušica 45Hotel-
Korali HostelFranka Lisice 7 23205 BibinjeHOSTEL87
Citadel GuesthouseJurja Bijakinija 6Guesthouse89
Rooms and Apartment CvitaGospe Maslinske 28 DalmatiaGuesthouse79
Villa SonjaTina Ujevica 38Apartment-
Villa VanillaMilke Trnine 3APARTMENT-
Apartments NivesKindina trg bibinje Jamine 30 Padrele BibinjeAPARTMENT89
Dolac GuesthouseEni Belic, Put Primorja, Kozino, br. 23GUESTHOUSE91
Villa LisicaPetrcane 22 Petrcane- konoba LiburnaAPARTMENT-
Elzaivane Brlic Mazuranic 21Apartment94
Apartment VedmarTaline 22-Kod dječijeg vrtića BibinjeAPARTMENT95
Danica ApartmentsBibinjeAPARTMENT-
Apartmans EmanuelaDr.Franje Tuđmana 13 SukosanGUESTHOUSE-
Adriatic Old Town GuesthouseKazalisni Prolaz 6GUESTHOUSE84
Apartments AnaFranje Tuđmana 49Apartment-
Villa AloeLjerka and Vinko Simunic Petra Krešimira 2Apartment-
Apartman RobiPut Kotlara 26 ZadarAPARTMENT84
Hostel ElenaCirila Ivekovica 4Hostel90
The Drunken Monkey HostelJure Kastriotica Skenderbega 21 ZadarHostel91
Villa MandolinaJosipa Kosora 19aGuesthouse-
Apartments MiraFranka Lisice 18 23205 BibinjeAPARTMENT88
Apartment TapunAlojzija Stepinca 14 Bibinje, ZadarAPARTMENT-
Apartment LjubicaGospe Maslinske 23Apartment88
Sobe GogaBorelli 2/2Apartment-
Apartmens SaraIvana Mrsica 14Apartment93
Apartment KiriginDubravka Dujsina 1Apartment-
City ApartmentKnezova Subica Bribirskih 4Apartment-
Apartment DominikVjenceslava Novaka 1Apartment-
Sime Simunic ApartmentPut frengara 79b BibinjeAPARTMENT90
Zadar Center RoomsElizabete Kotromanic 7aApartment-
Apartmani Jasna159. Brigade HVAPARTMENT-
Apartment CinthijaJamina 30, PadreleAPARTMENT89
Apartments and rooms Old town paradiseVerica Grbić Borelli 2Apartment77
Pansion DelfinKrešimirova obala 98,Guesthouse83
Hotel Mediteran-ZadarMatije Gupca 19 BurikHOTEL-
Albin DvaAugusta enoe 22HOTEL87
StudioMarka Marulica 1HOSTEL84
Pansion Matanovi Dvori23206 SukosanGUESTHOUSE-
Old Town Center ApartmentsVladimira Papafave 5Apartment-
Villa Ana ZadarAugusta Harambasica 9APARTMENT-
Villa DalmatiaPut Dikla 49APARTMENT-
Hostel Home ZadarMihovila Pavlinovica 9HOSTEL84
Apartments SimePut frengara bb 23205 BibinjeApartment-
Zadar ApartmentProlaz Dragutina Parcica 3APARTMENT90
apartment "just cozy"Kneza Novaka Krbavskog 42Apartment-
Apartmani BenicIvane Brlic Mazuranic 6APARTMENT89
Sunset apartmentsKresimirova Obala 48APARTMENT85
Apartments KokicIve Tijardovica 13APARTMENT-
Guesthouse TamaraX. ulica KozinoAPARTMENT-
Rooms CenterDon Ive Prodana 4APARTMENT87
The Wild Fig HostelUvala Bregdetti 14a, ArbanasiHOSTEL88
Apartmani MarunaRivanjski Prilaz 10APARTMENT89
City Garden ZadarBrace Bilisic 7GUESTHOUSE-
Boutique Hostel ForumSiroka ulica 20HOSTEL90
Apartman MasarVukovarska 10 23000 ZadarAPARTMENT-
Sunset VillaKozino Primorje, 25th StreetAPARTMENT-
Apartments TonciMarijane Radev 33APARTMENT-
Villa SkalaPunta Skala 100APARTMENT-
MiriamBiskupa Jurja Divnića 1APARTMENT-
Mira GuesthouseSilvije Strahimira Kranjčevića 12 23000 ZadarAPARTMENT-
Apartments Stipan ZadarBraće RadićAPARTMENT-
Villa Sveti PetarSveti Petar na Moru bbAPARTMENT-
Apartments Branko7 Domobranske Pukovnije bbAPARTMENT-
Mery apartmanimilana begovica 5Apartment-
Apartments Mile7. Domobranske Pukovnije 8, BibinjeAPARTMENT-
Camping PlanikUlica 25Guesthouse-
Direct on Beachul. Braće Radić 35APARTMENT-
Apartmani LozicIve Tijardovica 46APARTMENT-
Villa Ana ApartmentsTezacka 8APARTMENT-
Teta Mara ApartmentRomansa 29APARTMENT-
Rozika ApartmentPoljana dragutina 8APARTMENT-
Apartment Matek Dorotea ZadarDragutina Poljana Domjanica 16APARTMENT-
Nimac Veronika ApartmentRomansa 26APARTMENT-
Deva Holiday House ApartmentsRomansa 19APARTMENT-
Zrilic Diklo ApartmentsJulija Klovica bbAPARTMENT-
Apartmani NinaVlatka Mačeka 3 Vlatka Mačeka 3APARTMENT-
Rada Diklo ApartmentPut Njivica 4APARTMENT-
Bozena Dubinko ApartmentsJulija klovica bbAPARTMENT-
Apartment Nika ZadarAndrije Hebranga 12Apartment-
Rooms Sea OrganUlica Brace Bilisic 3APARTMENT87
Rose Garden B&B13 Ulica Slavka JezicaGUESTHOUSE-
Apartments ZadarCrno 158APARTMENT-
Apartman ReljaZrinsko Frankopanska 21bAPARTMENT-
Apartments MiodragAntuna Mihanovića 17Apartment-
Vacation HouseBraće Radića 6APARTMENT-
Bibinje apartment close to sea-20mBranimirova Obala 2 Bibinje-ZadarAPARTMENT-
House Hostel ZadarLjudevita Posavskog 14HOSTEL-
Apartments ReljaMarka MarulicaAPARTMENT-
Apartment JosipaAndrije Hebranga 11APARTMENT-
Leona ApartmentsSeline 41 Bibinje-ZadarAPARTMENT-
Kristina ApartmentObala Kraljice Jelene 18 Binije-ZadarAPARTMENT-
Blaslov ApartmentPoljana Dragutina Domjanica 40APARTMENT-




Keep Connected


Internet cafés are available in all major cities. They are relatively cheap and reliable. A free Wi-Fi signal can be found virtually in every city and can be found in cafés, restaurants, hotels, some libraries, schools, colleges etc. Mostly it's free, but sometimes a fee is required or you can use it for a limited time only. Internet connections with unlimited downloads costs 178 kn (€24) per month via T-Com and just 99 kn with some other providers like Metronet or Iskon.


See also: International Telephone Calls

The country calling code to Croatia is: 385. To make an international call from Croatia, the code is: 00.

Croatia uses the GSM 900/1800 system for mobile phones. There are three providers, T-Mobile (also operates the Bonbon prepaid brand), Vip (also operates the Tomato prepaid brand) and Tele2. Over 98% of the country's area is covered. If you have an unlocked phone, you can buy a prepaid SIM card for 20 kn. There have been promotions in which SIM cards were given avay for free with newspapers (7 kn) and sometimes even literally handed out on the street. GSM phones bundled with T-Mobile or Vip prepaid SIM cards can be found in post offices, grocery stores and kiosks at varying prices.

An alternative to using a mobile phone is Calling Cards which can be found in postal offices and kiosks, there are two providers, Dencall and Hitme. You can buy cards from 25 kn.


Hrvatska Posta is the national postal service of Croatia and has pretty fast and reliable service throughout the country and internationally. It takes several days by airmail to other countries in Europe, but over a week to the US for example. They have a direct link to the pricelist, where you can see the prices of sending postcards, letters and parcels both domestically as well as to other countries. Post boxes are yellow in Croatia and the times of collections are indicated on the box. The opening times of post offices vary, but mostly they are open from 8:00am to 7:00pm Monday to Friday and until 2:00pm on Saturdays, though some might keep shorter or even a longer hours, just ask around. You can buy stamps here, or at newsstands. Prices start at around 10Kn for sending a letter or postcard to neighbouring countries, a few more further away. If you want to send packages internationally, it might be better to check companies like FedEx, TNT, DHL or UPS. They are reliable, fast and usually not much more expensive than Croatia's postal service.


Quick Facts


  • Latitude: 44.1148781
  • Longitude: 15.2289514


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