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There are currently 145 Travel Helpers for Australia. Please remember that these Travel Helpers provide information on a volunteer basis and when they take the time to help you that a thank you is highly appreciated! They are listed below in order of their last activity on Travellerspoint.


I live in Melbourne, Australia. If you have any questions about what life is like here or what you should see while visiting, just drop me a note. I'm always happy to help out.


I spent a year living in and travelling through (part of) Australia, and returned a couple of years later to hit spots I still managed to miss. I never made it further north on the west coast than the Pinnacles Desert, nor to Darwin (shame on me!), and avoided a lot of the more touristy spots on the East Coast, but other than that I explored most of Adelaide to Cairns, with emphasis on the Melbourne and Sydney area.


I have travelled by car from Melbourne to Darwin and from Sydney to Cairns, both along the coast as well as through the Outback. Probably I can help you with some Outback questions and how to travel around by car.


I have lived in Australia all my life and a have travelled it extensively. I have visited the main cities and many off the beaten track locations and are willing to help you if I can,

I live in sunny Brisbane, Queensland which has the slogan...
"it's beautiful one day, perfect the next."


I have lived In tasmania for 23 years !


Lived here (Sydney and NSW South Coast) most of my life. Have travelled & surfed a lot of the Oz coast (Noosa to Kalbarri). I appreciate how good it is to get local knowledge and give a bit back. Love meeting people willing to get out there. Love the outdoors. Pretty familiar with the Sydney to Melbourne coastal stretch.


Touring the East Coast.
Getting your bearings in Sydney.
Great Barrier Reef trips.


I am a resident of Western Australia and I also like to regularly travel to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

If you would like to know anything about WA feel free to ask


In any way at all. From tourist attractions, to amazing well kept secrets, from transport tips to hostels, From Sydney to Alice Springs. Anywhere and anything I can help you on antything you need to know or any advice


Melbourne born and bred, but also lived and worked in Sydney, Canberra and Whitsunday Islands QLD.

I can give you information on working and living in Oz - getting set up - pit falls to watch out for. Basic info on working visas and migration to Australia when working in the Healthcare industry. Possible help with job placement for nurses.

Feel free to drop me a line if you want to find out about all the cool little bars in Melbourne, or just fancy a coffee/catch up with a fellow TP!


I have been living and working in Australia for 9 months now and can offer information about getting moving over and getting started here with everything needed to become established. I have knowledge about activities and the best ways to travel. Also, in the next couple months I will be travelling all of Australia- the east coast, up the middle and west coast. So while I am going, and definitely afterwards, I will be able to give heaps more information.

I hope that I can help! :)


I spent about 16 months in Australia over two trips, each time travelling on a shoestring budget. The biggest way I helped to keep the cost down was by visiting most of the free attractions and things to do in Australia. I might not have seen a show inside of the Sydney Opera House or climbed Uluru, but I have fed wild kangaroos, seen a petrified forest, swam with sharks, and experienced many other free attractions.

So if you want to travel on a budget and see more off the beaten path then I'm your gal. (:


As a professional photographer for 15+ years I have travelled across various parts of Australia, Mostly Vic, NSW and travel internationally 2-3 times a year. I reasearch various aspects of my trips and can offer advice and guidence as required as well as specific photographic knowledge.


I can help with visa information and questions for Australia and New Zealand.


I am from Melbourne but have lived in Sydney now for a few years. I was in Brisbane for a couple of months and did the East Coast up to Townsville, over to Tennant Creek, to Uluru and Adelaide. Done the Great Ocean Road a no. of times - from Adelaide as well as from Melbourne. Been to Perth and Darwin and travelled regional areas of the Country. I have a passion for travel and have seen quite a lot of my own Country before I went and explored others which I understand is rare for Aussies. By road and by air. I can answer most questions about backpacking/travelling in Australia I would imagine! I have worked in backpacker hostels and am currently travelling myself.

cheap az

i own my own travel company in melbourne and darwin i have been in the industry for many years i know all the companies products cheap ways on getting around i mostly deal in the backpacker travel for australia new zealand and fiji and im more than happy to give free advice.


Currently residing in Melbourne.


I have lived in Melbourne since 1998 and I have travelled around the Grampians, Sydney and the Blue Mountains. I'll tell you what I know!


If you need info - SEQ QLD in particular, feel free to ask me. I'll help in any way I can.


Have been travelling and working Down Under over more than a year. Know something about the working conditions on farms and paperwork, hiking, couch surfing, ... Have travelled everywhere around the country.


i lived in sydney and in melbourne so i know a fair bit about both cities

John Paul

I traveled by Greyhound bus (hopped on & hopped off everywhere), from Cairns in the northeast, to Sydney in the Southwest for a month and a half.

Got questions about Australia? Ask away!


I have travelled Australia extensively by road , train and by air. For the last few years as a hobby I have been relocating RVs for one of the big rental companies between Darwin and all points south. I have lived in the Northern Territory for over forty years and have lived in all the regional towns and many remote communities, including Ayers Rock for two years.

I have extensive and fairly current knowledge of Australia's road network and travel in the outback.


I've travelled around Australia by 4x4, camping, exploring and generally having fun, can offer first hand advice on most regions including:
- trip planning
- sights
- camping
- costs


I travelled to west, east, and vaguely south Australia, backpacking and camping.


I reside in Perth western Australia I've spent the 10 of the past 16 years driving tour coaches around WA. If you need help on planning road trips just ask.


JUst general info on INdia, south east asia(thai/cambodia/singapore) australia...

Scots Heather

Have travelled extensively across Australia, particularly Perth, Sydney, Adelaide, Alice Springs, and Uluru/Ayres Rock.


I grew up in Australia and have also travelled throughout Australia quite extensively. I have also lived in Sweden for a couple of years and have travelled much of Europe, in particular Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. I have also done some travel in Asia. I would be happy to provide travel advice, particularly on places I have travelled and the gastronomic aspect of travel.


I am from Melbourne and have travelled quite a lot across Australia. I also lived in Northern NSW for a few years in Mullumbimby which is just outside Byron Bay so I know that region quite well.
Happy to help with any questions....


I have lived in Australia all of my life and run a Tourism Information company. Pleased to help anyone...

Johnny C

I've lived in various places in Aus over the past 70 years, and travelled in Europe, US, Asia and Middle East. I'm happy to help fellow travellers in any way.


I have lived in Brisbane all my life and can answer any questions you may have about Brisbane and it's surrounds. Would be happy to help.


i have travelled from Perth - Darwin and saw pretty much everything along the way... spent 4 months doing this trip. Ask if you want any advice


I have lived here all my life and have visited much of the country. Especially Queensland and northern New South Wales.


Particularly knowledgable about Victoria and Great Ocean Road region


I am from Brisbane, so if you are heading there, I will help you out!


We were born in Australia and have lived and travelled in all states. We are keen campers and bushwalkers and are able to give some advice on good campsites and some good guidance on a couple of classic overland walks - CRADLE MOUNTAIN - LAKE SINCLAIR in Tasmania and the CAPE to CAPE track in WA.


Travel plans and general info


We are dinky di Aussies who have travelled the countrymany times. We are willing to offer any help we can with any topic relating to our beautifull land.


Lived in Sydney & Brisbane over 2 year period. Also travelled from Melbourne to Cairns in campervan aslong east coast.


I am a well travelled Australian, who has seen the best and worst of what the lucky country has to offer.




Although I am originally from Germany, I travelled around Australia quite a bit, lived two years in Cairns and since 2007 I am living on the Gold Coast. Happy to provide some tips and share my experiences.


I currently live in Sydney, but I wasn't born here. I moved here two years ago with my family and have been attending uni here since then, so I've gotten to know lots of different areas of the city, and I have plenty of contacts if you need information about the Blue Mountains or other areas close to the city. I can help orienting you as a traveller or as someone looking for real local flavour. I also know my way around Melbourne as a traveller and can really help out with local restaurants to both Sydney and Melbourne!


Particularly with cultural stuff! Fancy a good band/theatre show/gallery....? My sisters and I have done most of Aus, a lot of it off the beaten track and are always willing to share our home knowledge with others.


I'm a Brisbane resident and I've also done a bit of living and travelling around other parts of Queensland – plus I've been a tourist in Sydney, Melbourne and Tasmania, as well as being shown around Sydney and Melbourne by locals.


I have organised bus tours in Australia for 41 years, travelled extensively.
Have a passion for travel and want to provide advice for people to travel as cheaply as possible.


Native of Perth, Western Australia. Currently working for a local university, so strong focus on young/ student traveller.


I'm Australian for starters!
I was born in Adelaide, grew up in Queensland I lived on the Gold Coast for 11 years, Cairns for 4 years, Sydney for 2 years.
Made holidays to Perth.


Hi, Im a Kiwi living in Sydney. Have travelled throughout Australia and New Zealand, to all the cities and to even the remotest parts of the continent. Happy to give advice on yr planning, or if you want to meet up with a Travellerspoint local when in Sydney!


I live and work in Esperance Western Australia, so would like to help with any questions related to Esperance!


I'm a born and bred Sydney-sider and still live on the edge of the city.
If you need any advice/help, just let me know.



I traveled for 10 month all around australia, just ask and we will see
cheers paul


Im a tour guide in Tasmania, happy to answer any questions you may have about the island state.


Lived in Australia most of my life and have seen big chunks of it (though not all!) Know some areas very well (e.g. Sydney!) and you could say I am an expert on eating out in Sydney, from cheap eats to special occasions. Have also lived on north coast of NSW (around Coffs Harbour) so know that area well, as well as areas near Sydney like Blue Mountains.


I teach demography or population studies and can help you select places of interest, advice on shopping and cultural aspects.


Lived in three of the major cities in Australia, and have travelled up and down the east coast several times over. Tasmania included...


Living in Sydney and traveling up the east coast


I've been living in Australia for the last 5 years and have pretty much travelled the length and breadth of Australia.

I currently live in Sydney and I'm British so have also done the whole emigrating to Australia thing.


Any enquiries about Melbourne I can help with!


I have travelled there a number of times and know the country very well


Can recommend tips and info on following places: Cairo, Sharm el sheik, Luxor, Rarotonga, Aitutaki, Gold Coast Australia and some of North Island NZ.

I love the Gold Coast and can have visited the following theme parks: Movie World, Sea World, White Water World, Dream World. Have also been to Outback Spectacular Show and Dinner, Shopping outlets, Karara Markets and Infinity. Can recommend tips on travelling as family with teenager and small child.


Information about Melbourne Victoria


Lived in South Australia all my (just about) 50 years, and have travelled to most parts of the country. Extensive experience with camping, outback travel, fishing, and general outdoors.

Greg Shep

lived in and travelled extensively around Australia


I've travelled all across Australia many times (and live here!)


I am currently living in Melbourne and travelling the area a lot.


I live in Hobart, Tasmania and I'm willing to offer general advice about how to get to Tasmania, how to get around once you're here, what to see, and why you'd want to come here.


Been Down Under twice and each time for
a period of six months. 1999-2000 and 2004-2005
Fire away, hopefully I can be of any help. . . .


Lived in Sydney for 18 months and travelled up the east coast from Sydney to Cairns


After growing up in country Victoria, then spending 12 years in Melbourne, I now reside in Tropical Northern Queensland.
I have travelled extensively up and down the east coast of Australia on very minimal budgets ;) So if your a poor nature lover like me, Im sure I can tell you about some really nice places that cost little or nothing.


i have lived in australia for the last 22years- queensland to be exact i can tell you of some great sights and tips for australia, new zealand and thailand!


West Australian, Born and Bred;
So anything about West Oz; especially the South West Region;
Beaches, Bars, Beds and Waves would be my specialities, speak fluent French if your a French and needed help; it's a beautiful region;
So ask me some questions and I'll try and answer!


guiding or spending time togather


I spent 18 months travelling around Australia and can help you with questions on where to go what to see where to work where to stay etc. I have also now opened my own backpacker style travel agency so can assist in every aspect. Information is definately for free.


I spent 3 months driving from Perth all the way upto Cairns. Stopping at Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra, spending 1 month in Sydney, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Cairns.
I have been out to the great barrier reef, been whale watching in Western Australia and spent christmas day on Manly Beach.
I can help with any questions or queries or worries that you might have. I can also help with any WHV questions that you might have as I got mine just before I left home (even though I didn't use it)!!


NSW Far North Coast (Coffs Harbour to the Border of QLD) this is where i grew up! I know this place like the back of my hand and i love it to bits, theres those places that only a local can tell you to find and here theres not just a few places in this area there is heaps. Its a gorgeous area!

Roma Central QLD Area. I lived here for my Gap year, its hot or cold and dusty but an interesting place, its on the way to the carnarvon gorge which is this amazing rainforest in the middle of QLD with platypuses and nice chilled out scenery.

Mission Beach! I have travelled there at least 5 times a year every year since i was child, I have family here and also know those little hidden gems of places.


Born & bred on the picture postcard beaches of the North East Australian coast - From Cairns, Townsville, Bowen, Airlie Beach, Whitsunday Islands & Mackay.

Almost anything in North Queensland, I can help


I am Australian and lived and/or travelled across all States and Territories in Australia. I like the offbeat and the gems that you can find in unexpected places, such as the best crocodile burgers are in the northern most town in WA called Wyndham.
Plus I now live and work in Jakarta (as a hotel General Manager) and my passion here is to travel to all of Asia and see different cultures, taste different foods and generally have a good time exploring.


Getting there, getting around, itineraries, congregating with kangaroos.


anybody needing help with either accomodation or tips in sydney or queensland......what do do in a few days or where to stop if your driving between cities.........


I am Australian, living in Canberra and have been to or lived in Darwin, Tiwi Islands, Brisbane, Cape Tribulation, Heron and Wilson Islands, bits of south east queensland, byron bay, central and north nsw coasts, sydney, and nsw from sydney to the victorian border. Also some help with Melbourne, Adelaide, Launceston and Hobart from prior brief visits.


i would like travel to australia and if is possible informacion for travel around it
Thank you


I have lived in Sydney all my life, except for 3 years in Germany. I am very familiar with the city of Sydney and have travelled to most parts of Australia. My offer of assistance may be more suited to the mature traveller - I would have to ask my children about the night life scene. So if you want any advice, please feel free to contact me, only too happy to help.


General Travelling advice.
Joining the WWOOF-network. A great way to go around Australia while spending a minimum amount of money and meeting the most wonderful (and crazy) people


any questions about Brisbane (have lived in Queensland for 14years now), I've worked in Townsville and Cairns in the last few years. I can give some tips about travel by air between cities and driving between sydney and Brisbane....lived in Alice Springs for 2 years, Sydney for 2.5 years and Canberra for a short while


Born and lived in South Australia all my life but also can help with general stuff on other states.


This is my first long haul trip on my own - up until now I have been a self confessed package holiday queen!! Am going to Australia in November and haven't really a clue what to expect with the whole packpacking scene. I'm worried it's going to be a lonely few months...


I backpacked (on my own) the east coast.
I started in Surfers paradise (Gold Coast), went to melbourne, sydney, (great ocean road), adelaide, flew to Cairns and went all the way down to Brisbane!!!



Born in Melbourne Victoria, Educated in Wagga New South Wales and worked in Melbourne (Victoria) , Adelaide (South Australia), Sydney (New South Wales), Hobart (Tasmania), Canberra (ACT) and Darwin and Alice Springs (Northern Territory). Travelled within Queensland and Western Australia.


I was born in Chile but Australia became my second home since I was 18. I have travel around Australia for 12 years and I have lived in diferent States for a few years at the time. Is not hard to get used to this beautiful country... you just need to know what to do and where to go.
One of the good things about Australia is that is very Multicultural and you'll find a piece of your home country in each state. Very easy to travel around the place, there's lots of buses, trains, and flights to the remote areas. There's hostels around each corner and little b&b's (bed and breakfast) very cheap.
If you need any help with travelling tips or where to eat to some of the customs, just drop me a line


Ive travelled East coast Australia several times! I can help with great beaches, cheap travel and great food spots!


Anything need to now just ask!


I live in the Adelaide Hills, just outside of Adelaide. Any info on the hills themselves or just about anything adelaide i should be able to help. (there's not HEAPS to know haha


I backpaked half of Australia in 2 weeks! went from Sydney (3 days) to Brisbane with Virgin Blue then cought a bus to Cairns ( 32 hours) where I stayed few days. Visited Port Douglas and Great Barrier Reef. Not tired enough I travelled by coach to Alice Springs ( 37hours) and saw Ayers Rock!


I work in a travel magazine on Australia only


I have travelled there extensively and love the continent.


Hello my name is Sean and i have lived and travelled to different parts of Australia over the past 5 or so years i am twenty two and live in Melbourne i can give the best advice on the best places to visit in Melbourne obviously but also Tasmania and queensland happy to help


I can help by providing any information on Quneesland and Australia as I have lived 3 years in Queensland.


I am very familiar with northern Australia because I lived and traveled there for many years. I am also familiar with most of the east coast of Australia, so feel free to ask away, I won't bite :)


Been to all Eastern states and cities. Hiking, camping, snorking in most major spots. Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane and all places in between.


I travelled round Oz in 2004/2005 with my friends. If you would like to ask me any questions i will hopfully be able to help!!


Lived in Australia most of my life as well as travelling overseas plenty in past years ... can help with advice on Victoria, particularly Melbourne, Great Ocean Road, Otways area, but also general comments on the rest of the country, have seen much of it.


Feel free to ask me questions on Sydney


live /travel all over country any help i can give to make your inderpendent travel a joy AND SEE THE BEST OF AUSTRALIA


Anything to do with Canberra or Sydney, just ask me. I do not mind helping out at all :)


Travel tips for coastal N.S.W. Australia.Transport, accommodation, best beaches etc.


Lived in Perth for almost 4 years. Have almost travelled the whole of Western Australia. So if you need any help with places like Margaret River or Kalbarri do feel free to ask.


I've lived in Sydney since i was born. I can recommend great places to visit for entertainment, nightlife, and relaxation; especially for the budget conscious.


I lived in Hobart, Tasmania for awhile and have fairly extensive knowledge about Tasmanian tourism as I worked in the tourism industry.


Ive lived in Australia for nearly my whole life. Ive travelled nearly all of Oz. I know a lot about Western Australia.


i'VE TRAVELED THERE EXTENSIVELY,3 MONTHS THE FIRST TIME AND 2 MONTHS THE LAST TIME. I've seen more of Australia than any Australian I've met. I can give advice on places to see and stay at.


i will love to assist in the area of airports pick-ups,accommodations and visa advice,and i can be the contacts in nigeria

curious el

Born and basically bred in sunny Brisbane (except for a childhood stint in Spain), have travelled a bit in Europe and researched countless trips around the world which have so far been vetoed by my credit card! Happy to help with any Australia related questions and especially anything about my home state of Queensland!


I have lived in Australia for four years. Languages: English + Espanol.


I travelled extensively in Australia for 16months. I wwoofed which was great (willing worker on organic farm) and spent a lot of time up and down the west coast and in Perth. Generally in a campervan driving everywhere. Excellent.


I live on the Mornington Peninsula in SE Victoria. (About 1 hour south of Melbourne)It is a unique and magical part of the country which I am very passionate about. I have recently started running a self contained B&B which means I have had a huge learning curve in discovering all the resources available to visitors to our area. I am not here to promote my accomodation but to promote my own little piece of heaven! I can give information on just about anything, including where to stay to suit varying budgets, what there is to do in the different seasons, family friendly activities, how to get around, history, wildlife, etc... I love to introduce people to our area, and I have lots of ideas for all styles of holiday. Ask me anything, if I have to research it, it only helps me to build my knowledge base!!!


Travelling advice, where to stay, go etc especially in Geelong or Melbourne in Victoria.


I've lived in the city of Melbourne, Victoria all my life. If you want to know anything about visiting/staying in Melbourne. I'll be happy to help! It's a great place to visit!


looking for travel companion between sydney and melb have car leaving tues 11 oct ring 041129995


i have been to australia numerous times sydney brisbane and broome


I have spent a year in australia and travelled pretty much everywhere. Got a lot of information considering sightseeing , good accomodation, saving money etc, pretty much everything you need


I moved to Tasmania and have explored it extensively since june 06. Prior to that live in WA and have seen a lot of the country as a backpacker


I have lived in Darwin and other areas of the Northern Territory and have extensive travel experience throughout the region. I can offer details on attractions as well as a few places not many visitors know about if you are feeling adventurous!

Im now living in Sydney but have also lived in Melbourne and travelled through parts of Queensland.


I live in Australia and have travelled to and through all states and territores quite extensively so could give quite accurate information re best areas climate accom. etc.,


I live on the South Coast of NSW.
I have lived here all my life.
There are many, many beautiful places around here that I can tell people about.


I backpacked through Australia for a year on my own on a bit of a budget. I'm 21 and know alot about the countries hot spots including great nightlife, hostels,cheep eats and all that other fun stuff.


Extensive knowledge of all the territories, cities, where to go and what to do. (and how to do it on the cheap)


Im familiar with most cities and regions of Australia particularly the Gold coast where Ive lived 20 years


Best places to stay up the east coast

bris girl

I have lived in Brisbane and Sydney all my life,travelled around abit esp the coast.You ask the questions and I will do my best to find the answers for you.


Hello I have travelled around most of Australia during the last 15 years since moving here from the UK. Will try to assist anyone that would like my help!!
I live in Sydney. Karen



Was born in Adelaide and now live in Melbourne (in the amazing Dandenongs! -where there are the Worlds largest fern trees) Do a lot of motor bike riding so I get to see some pretty amazing places. Happy to offer any advise to those travelling.


I have good general knowledge about tourist attractions and holiday destinations in Australia.. plus I live here so that's got to help!


Born and bred in Perth, WA. I know the south west of Australia like the floorplan of my house and have stubbed my big toe in the dark many times.

If you want advice on anything at all from where to travel, where to eat or where to stay, short term or long term, I'm your guy.


Lived in Melbourne and Tasmania.


I can arrange for free travel in NSW in my car from the October 1 to October 8. I am travelling from Sydney to Hunter and back on a business cum pleasure trip.
Anybody interested can email me.You dont have to pay for travel at all.


I have lived all my life in Australia in thge SW corner. Travelled extensively in the western Half and the Kimberlies. Happy to answer any questions


Questions regarding day-to-day life


have lived in australia (melbourne) all my life


Sydney and some bits of Melbourne. I have lived in Sydney for half a year in 2004 and I have seen quite a bit of it, from Bondi to Penrith and everything in between. I have also spent a bit of time in Melbourne, but mostly I can answer questions on Sydney and the metro area.

No Australia questions; but all the answers on Australia travel?

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