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There are currently 31 Travel Helpers for Belgium. Please remember that these Travel Helpers provide information on a volunteer basis and when they take the time to help you that a thank you is highly appreciated! They are listed below in order of their last activity on Travellerspoint.


resident in lovely Bruges.


Born & raised in Belgium!
Citizen of the nicest city: Ghent!


Anything; just ask and I'll try to answer as fully as I can.


I travelled to Belgium for the first time in 2009 and have been back 5 times since. In 2010, I work at the Jacques Brel youth hostel in Brussels for 3 months as a Volunteer -Intern. I worked the front desk as receptionnist/ tourist info and learned a lot about the city and areas.
My fiancé, who is Belgian, and his mother took me to visit many cities and towns to see all the touristy things as well as giving me the local tips about trains , trams, etc.

I am also a certified travel counsellor and am working as a home based travel agent for The Destination Experts in Canada.
Any answers I dont have, I will do my best to find!


I' spanish but living in Belgium (Liege)
Do not hesitate to ask about Liege, Wallonie and Belgium en general.
About Spain, ask whatever you need to know.


I live there and I have travelled extensively in my own small country. I can help with transport tips in general, and anything to do with the area of Turnhout (in the North) or Liège (in the east).


I was born and I live in Belgium.


I can help you with lots of info, to solve questions you have or even to show you arround if I am free.


I lived in Brussels for 5 months, and visited much of Flanders, and parts or Wallonia as well. Have pretty good knowledge of Brussels.


Belgium is my home country so I can fill you in on a lot of things. I've lived in Brussels and Hasselt (Limburg).


place to stay whene i am home

sites to see

also in scotland people to speak to if you go there


send the question and i will do my best... also to accomodate ...
see the sun in the hearts rather than on the beach..! it is warmer "inside"...
make our world better...
the nicest places you can find IN people...


I live in Antwerp and have done some "discovery trips" in Belgium. Like my country alot and I'm always willing to convince you that Belgium is a paradise on Earth (if you don't mind the weather) ;)


all kind of information about travelling, more specific of the city where I live Gent


I am a qualified tourguide for Belgium. Every year, I show around passengers of about 40 cruiseships around in the art towns in the Benelux. The German Mosel-Eifel region is a region in which I specialised.
So if you have any questions about touring in Belgium, The Netherlands or Luxemburg or between Aachen-Cologne-Koblenz-Trier in Germany, just ask me. If a can't provide the proper answer, I have a network of people who can.


Visiting Belgium? Need some information or can I assist? Don't think too long, drop me a line, and I will answer. If i can help you, you will find it out very soon. I have visited so many countries up to now. Maybe i can give you some nice tips on other countries as well.

steven b

ask and we will see what i can do.


This is my place for allready 35 years, you can ask me anything abouth the coast or Bruges. :-)


I live here.
I've lived in Ghent for about 8 years and i'm totally in love with this city (i will return!)

but for now i live in Leuven

but belgium is very small, so i think i can help out with pretty much everything you want


Questions about Belgium in general ? About Brussels Airport in particular ?
Send them to me...


Have lived here for all of my life, but travelled quite a bit all over the world. Have seen most of my country (at least once) so can provide some travel tips and places to see. Also practical info on how to get around should be no problem.


I can give accommodation and all information about Belgium


If I'm at home the period you would like to visit Brugge or Ghent, I can give you a room for free. It would be a pleasure to help some backpackers. I do not live in Brugge or Ghent but in Roeselare a city not so far from the two most beautiful cities of Belgium!


This is my home country. So I pretty much know all the interesting places.


i live in this country, so i can give some touristic information if needed


Being a native Belgian, I am sure I can be of assistance to people looking for more information on our small, but beautiful country !


I will be pleased to answer any questions


I grew up in Brussels and traveled extensively through Belgium and Western Europe. I could help people looking for suggestions.


I was born in Antwerp, Belgium, and despite the fact I already live some time in Warsaw, Poland, feel free to ask me any question regarding Belgium.
I have to admit my knowledge of the Frenchspeaking part of Belgium is limited, but about Flanders and Brussels, fire away !

No Belgium questions; but all the answers on Belgium travel?

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