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I am from Bucharest, and enjoy going out, so I can advice on how to spend a lovely time in the city


I live in Bucharest, I love it, I would best describe it as an European capital, that has all the things a tourist might be interested in: a rich history, a mix of arhitecture, a lively night life, quite a few shopping venues, the accessibility from/to other parts of the world is also very good and people are friendly. I would love to see Bucharest receiving more and more tourists, because it has many things to offer. I will give only few examples: the House of Parliament - the second largest building in the world, the Village Museum - an open-air museum showing houses from all over Romania, old center of Bucharest - with its narrow streets, and lovely arhitecture, the Arch of Triumph and the Kiseleff Avenue - our Champs Elysees - testifying why Bucharest was called the ''Little Paris''. Bucharest is also a green city, with several parks/gardens, the most famous being the Garden of Cismigiu, Herastrau Park and Botanical Garden. Other specific features are the orthodox churches, which are numerous, very beautiful and worth to be visited, because religion was always a part of our history, culture, and people's soul. Nightlife consists in many pubs, bars, restaurants, clubs, discos, one of the best place to enjoy this variety is Lipscani or the Old Center of Bucharest. Once there, you will meet a happy crowd, which celebrates the joy of life, maybe some birthday/name day, but there is also a reason for hapiness because Romanian people have a particular way to cope with the good or bad things happening in their lives.

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