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Travel Helpers for China

Travel Helpers Asia (117 Travel Helpers) China

There are currently 163 Travel Helpers for China. Please remember that these Travel Helpers provide information on a volunteer basis and when they take the time to help you that a thank you is highly appreciated! They are listed below in order of their last activity on Travellerspoint.


I'm Chinese, travelled parts of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.


Taking your kids.
Orienting yourself in a city of 12 million. Finding the sights
Whether or not to hire a guide.


I visited and stayed at Wutai Shan area, Pingyao, Shaolin/Luoyang.
Worked in BJ for a few weeks, and then did a round trip to the places mentioned above.


I worked as a freelance tour guide in Beijing for 2 years, so I can provide professional help while I am a traveller myself, I am familiar with cities such as Hangzhou, Shanghai, Suzhou etc.


I can answer FAQ about travel in China, Tibet, the Kailash Mansarovar region in western Tibet and Lhasa. Also getting around in Tibet and getting to/from Tibet, China, Nepal.


Living and studying in Nanjing for a semester plus traveling extensively throughout China


As an English major and a lover for travel in Shanghai city, I started travelling, I mean alone , about two years ago. And I've been to some well-known cities like Nanking, Tsingtao, Harbin, Suzhou, Shenzhen and so on. Questions about the cities I've mentioned, especially Shanghai, are welcomed. If you need a oral translator and native guide, just tell me.


I can help with drafting tour routes, travel recommendation, quotation budget, hotel reserviation, transportation between airport and hotel, city tuor guide service, air or train tickets booking, etc. Consulting of investigation for setting up a company here in Shanghai.


Travelled in 20 provinces. Cycled in Yunnan, Sichuan and Quinghai.


I am glad to help travellers to China with the suggestions on taking trains or flights in China and making reasonable travel plans.


Have visited China on both a backpacker trip and separate time limited vacations.

Destinations I can help with: Nanning, Guilin, Yangshou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Xian, Beijing (including The Great Wall), Shanghai, Chengdu and Tibet.

Have used trains, overnight buses, taxis, planes and boats in China.


I can help whom will travel in xi'an, China.


where poor hong kong people like me usually go for travelling :P


Have studied in Xinjiang Autonomous Region
Lives in Hong Kong, have traveled in China as backpacker as well as vacation:

Tibet, Xinjiang, Gansu, Qinghai, Sichuan, Chongqing, Wuhan, Beijing, Xian, Guilin, Nanning

Tom TravelLocal

I have over seven years experience organising and arranging trips to China for a UK based tour operator.

Aussi Di

I am currently living in Shaoxing city - province of Zhejiang and putting together information for English speaking visitors to this city.


As a former tour guide in China I lived and worked there for ten years. I am fluent in Chinese Putonghua and this is good when you are in the countryside and in small villages far from the urban areas. I lived one year in Beijing and Kunming to study the language, I also lived and worked in Harbin and Qingdao. I've been almost everywhere, from Hainan island to Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, Nanjing, Tibet, Kunming, Xinjiang, Heilongjiang, the tropical region of Sishuangbanna, etc. so I wish to get in touch with other travellers interested in going off the beaten tracks.


Do u know Amoy? I live here. I like hiking here and there.


If you want to travel to China,call me .


I very recently traveled to Henan Province in China, as well as Beijing. I can tell you about the food, culture, language, and basic info.


I've been to China for 7 months. Studies for a while in Shanghai and I studied Asian Studies in the Netherlands (specializing in China). I also speak Chinese reasonably. So if there is anything I can help with, please let me know.


providing instructions, some language tutoring, and necessary help for emergency.


I have been living in the Tibetan Autonomous Region for the last five months as a student, traveling to places near the capitol city of Lhasa. I have also been a student of Tibetan culture for the last eight years.


I'm currently studying in Wuhan, Central China. If you wanna visit Hubei province, I knew lot a bout this place. And you can also ask me about Ningxia and Shannxi or Xi'an, because Ningxia is my hometown and I'm quite fimilar with Xi'an. Hoep we can be friends and share more! Cheers!


I am a Chinese Canadian that have been living in Shanghai for 12 years. I have traveled extensively to many parts of the country. I love traveling and would like to benefit others with my experiences. If you have any travel related questions about any part of China, let me help you.


I was born in China and although I live in Australia now, I still visit home regularly. I can provide general information on traveling to China or sites around Shanghai or Beijing.


I have lived in China for two years. I am very familiar with Beijing but I have also traveled around the country. I am comfortable with the language and have an empirically tested perspective of culture and customs. I love China, it's smell, sounds, feeling, myriad hidden gems, and frenetic pace are truly unique. I can offer ideas on destinations and means of transportation, give recommendations and depending on the city, possibly connect you with a place to stay for a few days. I am happy to help.


I have worked for 7 years as a office manager and have lived in Nanjing over 13 years.My English is fluent,with a overall IELTS score 6.5 and a master degree,therefore, I can surely be a good tourist guide for a English-speaking visitor.

I have a car,I can offord a comfortable trip without any difficulty.

The first two friends will be free to taste 1-2 day's time !


Dear friends,

Greetings from Beijing!

Assisting foreign friends is part of my job and therefore, I am an experienced tour helper. If I can do anything for you about traveling in Beijing, please let me know.

Best regards,


An expat living in China for the last decade. I have lived in some of the best places here over the years and would love to share my knowledge with you. I am a doctor of Chinese medicine and a yoga teacher, I currently live in Xiamen, Fujian and run a youth hostel here.

Welcome to China and Xiamen.

Dr. Phil


I am an American living on Hainan Island, in the south China Sea. Together with my Chinese husband, I run a cozy 4 room inn located in picturesque Boao on Hainan Island in the South China Sea.

We serve a hearty western breakfast included in the price of the room. Private guided photographic tours of remote Li and Miao villages, secluded beaches, flora and fauna. Wi-Fi, satellite TV. Excellent location for bird watchers,cyclists and sea/river kayakers. Airport pick up/drop off available.
Visit our website at


I'd like to give help such as booking hotel and tickets to everyone travelling in China especially in Beijing and Chengdu.

Helen Hsu

I was born in Shanghai and lived here for 25 years. So I am quite familiar with this city. I used to be a professional English tour guide in Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou and the nearby watertowns. So if you have any questions concerning these places, you are welcome to ask me for help. And I'd try my best to help.


spend four months there, two months in Sichuan and tibet territories. have many friends. stayed only in hostels and hiked a lot.


I have been backpacking around China and 7 countries in Europe all alone. Would like to help anything a lonly traveller wants to know, especially about China!


I'm a college student in Beijing. If you have any question, I'll try my best to find the answer.


If you are traveling to Yunnan province, especially the Lijiang area, I can give you some advice and travel ideas. I've been living in Lijiang for two years, am married to a local, and have friends in the tour guide industry, so any questions you have I should either know the answers or easily be able to find the answer.


I'm specialized in west china tour,especially Sichuan and tibet travel information,write to me once you encounter any problem about these zones




suggestion about scenery, itinerary, transpot , etc.


I am living in Dalian, LiaoNing, China for more than 6months. I will very glad to help you to introducing you some beautiful point here.


Any travel help in Yangshuo,Guilin or Lu mountain in Jiangxi . Any questions about bus, train, airplane, local help, informations about the hotel or restaurant if I know I'll do my best for you.


Rock climbing, trekking, hiking and camping, local cutrue, local help, any travel infomation...


Hi,everyong, I am a native beijinger and have lived here for almost 30years from my birth. I am familiar with every corner of the city,i love my city very much, it`s a place where one should come at least once during the whole lifetime.


I was living in Beijing for a while. There are some tricks that without them a foreigner can be lost or cheated in Beijing. I can help you with them.


If you want to know something about China, you can ask me. I hope i can answer you.




I'm a local guy who was bron and grow
up in Beijing, I do well know about foreign travellers' interested, wanted and what you hated, since I speak very good English, and my family had got lots of help from mass of foreigners, because I have been running travel service with my personal car, for more than 3 years.

Remember this is NOT an advertisement, and I really like to help any of
information, question from any foreigner
travellers, because of my first customer - Michael Schinkel, a Duch guy who triped here 3 years ago.

If you have any question, please drop me an email and you'll get my free
respons as soon as possible.


Part-time free tour guide in Luoyang.
Answer questions about Luoyang in China,Henan.
I can reply in email.:


Provide useful information on travel routes,hotels,airfare,trains,food,beauties,original destinations,friends...


i live in Beijing,the capital of China and i work for a travel company, so i am familiar with this city and what the travelers needs. Besides i own a 4 rolls-driven Jeep that will make travelers' trip a more exciting experience.


I had traveled to all the historical and modern cities in China and Russia as an Senior English Speaking Tour Guide. I was engaged in operation for tourists in office as well when not travelling. With all kinds of experience I found that simple life is the best life I could find. Now I turn to help travelers with my skill at making all kinds of travel arrangement: I can always book a cheaper hotel, service apartment, Bed & Breakfast, air tickets, tickets for some tourist sites, train tickets, I am planing to run a Bed & Breakfast of my own and set up a salon where I could gather people who are interest in Chinese culture and history, where people could learn how to make tea, silk embroidery, traditional Chinese dress, Dim Sum, Kite, Paper Cutting, member of this salon could share their skill with me as well, such as western cuisine, handycrafts... I am waiting for you, please cotact me when you need assistance and travel help. Best Regards!


i was born in beauty southwest of China. and living in Suzhou for 6 years. now i am working in Shanghai. if you wanna travel to south, east, or west China, just call me or send mail to me.


I'm Australian, and I can speak both Australian pronunciation English, and accurate mandarin pronunciation Chinese (by it I mean even better then normal Chinese pronunciation).

I'm a high school student, just finished VCE. so I just got back to Shanghai to travel, yet my classmates are all around China, so I have no-one really to go out with in Shanghai...sigh...

so.. anyone need a free interpreter / guide , I can be one...


General travel topic
especially related to my living city : Suzhou




Tibet, Kham, Western Sichuan


I'm a native Chinese living in Canton.I have travelled lots of places in China,such as Hainan,Guilin,Beijing,Xiamen,HK,Lushan,Hengshan.And I like to treval more different in the future.If you need a company while you treval to China,or just need some advises,maybe I can help.


I am so interested in travel that I have been to almost all over China. Now I am working for an Italian company in Chongqing, the biggest city in the southwest of the country. Here around this city, there are many many places of interest that "not so famous but really charming and deserve to go"
If there is anyone that have any problem when travelling in China, especially in the southwest, please feel free to contact me. I promise that I will try my best to help you by myself or with my friends.



If anyone wants to travel in China by any means, such as trekking, cycling, mountaineering, motorcycling, off-road or camping car tour, do feel free to contact.
Or if you want me to reserve the hotel or flight ticket, you can contact me also, I will try my best to help you!
You can send me the E-mail:


I live in Shanghai and I've travelled to Xiamen. If you are interested in China, I'd love to help you.


I've spent a month in China and have had a student I met there living with me since August while she studies in the United States. I can provide useful general tips for first time travelers in China, and especially tips on how to get by while speaking very little Chinese (or none at all). I can also provide detailed information on Wuhan, China for those seeking to go beyond the usual stops for tourists to see some of central China.


Shanghai and vicinities of Shanghai, including top sights around the area, familiar with means of transportation, booking tickets and dining spots.


Visa application, transfer and extention in China, in all typies. We also help in intership in China, with more than 10 years experiences.
contact me


I can help you make a plan for traveling china,any question.


I can help you order room in hotel, and be a guide for you in beijing if you speak english,lead you to somewhere special and fun,introduce the delicious chinese food.and help buy the ticket of train or plane when you want to leave. At all,i'll do it when something need to do with speaking chinese, because i have spare time,that's it.


born and live in China, know local interests and culture very well.


I am working in Beijing travel agency. I used to be English tour guide. Any questions about travel in China, I can help.


I have traveled around China 8 times since 2000. I am most familiar with Shanghai, but am also pretty familiar with Beijing, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Kunming, and Nanning.


travel plans, local cultures, etc.


I lived in China, traveled a lot around the country and visited Thailand, Laos and Vietnam along the way. I lived in Madrid for 6 months but wouldn't know much about hostels and stuff in Spain.


working in a tour company, know lots of tour information about China


Show you around ,take you to try different food everyday:) Shopping for cute cloth and gifts:O)


I can help with info on:



We can provide following tour services:China Mainland, Tibet, Yunnan, Central Asia, Pakistan, Desert trekking, Biking tour, Jeep Safari, Mountain Expedition & Trekking, Classic Silk Road tours...


i'm an english major student in beijing,and i'd love to help u with getting some imformation about travalling in beijing,and give u some advice,if i'm free i also love to be your guide to show u around this city for free.


I can provide information on hotspots in China, what to see, what to eat and where to spend time at. I've been to China numerous times and have family members and friends residing in China. I've also had joint business ventures with people in China.
Please feel free to contact me on anything regarding China.


With 12 years leading motorcycle tours through Vietnam, China, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia. I can provide all detail information you will need for your trip in those countries. I love adventures as discovery remote area. I DON'T LIKE TOURISTY AREA. If you looking for THE ADVENTURES OF A LIFE TIME just contact me to get all information you will need. You can post your question on this forum or email me at You can call me on Vietnam code 0084 and number 912464880. I am volunteer to help you at any time


I travelled China during Oct,2001 and March,2002 and went almost everywhere except for the northeast and Tibet. Especially for those of you thinking of travelling in the winter, I can give advice on where to go, where you can and cannot go due to the weather situation(since alot of places will not be able to reach by road due to the extreme coldness). I can give advice on what kind of clothing to take and stuff like that


I can help anyone who travel to Guilin and Yangshuo.Just tell me what activities you prefer to do ,i can make a itinerary for you.


I can provide the majority of China's tourist city and all over the map, introduced the main attraction. Particularly in Shanghai, I can tell you that on the Shanghai traffic, attractions, shopping district and the real worth of attractions. In addition, the feature can recommend restaurants, housing and useful information.

Welcome to visit my space:


I love china and let more people getting love her!


if you are interested in the Chinese culture and are planning to
travel around China. i can help.


born in macau. Macau and HK are the great gateways to China. I would suggest the travellers to start the China trip from Macau, feel the unique blending of east and west, (i highly recommend to feel it by visiting the World Heritage "Historic Centre of Macau", you can experience macau's culture by cultural activities, macanese cuisine etc), see how does chinese living with western people for hundreds of years.


I live in China ,so I can give useful advice.


plan tour line and manage tour price


I can give advises on travel routes, cheap hotels, places to visit for China especially western China - the Silk Road.


Im living in London, but I was born n' grown up in beijing until age of 15. My dad use to take me travel around the whole china, and i'd love to help in any cases. I love my country, hope u would find the beauty of her as well. xxxx


I am a Chinese living in Beijing, you can ask everything about China.


I'm an undergraduate student of Northwest Polytechnical University in the city of Xi'an. I'm hardworking, friendly, helpful and sincere. Any China questions you can feel free to ask. Specifically,I'm from Xi'an so that is my area of full expertise. I'd be more than happy to help you and I can tell you "the eighth Wonder of the world"--the Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses.If you want to acquire more information about Xi'an or the other place of China, you can send me a msg anytime.Welcome to China,welcome to Xi'an!!


I can introduce the update situation and give some advise of China, especially Suzhou.


I can be your guide in Shanghai city during weekends. Besides, if you come to China in our National Day holiday(Otc.1 to Otc.7) , I can also be your guide in other place.
For free guide, you should be Englis speaker and have to pay me travel and meal fee(it's up to your choice anyway).
Please contact by email:
or cellphone(if you already in Chia): 13817122342

Julia Zhu

Hello, everyone , I' m an English tour guide in Beijing,China.Would like to be hired as a private guide in China. With four years experience in tourism industry,I can provide you professional ideas on
sightseeing,accomodation,eating,shopping,in all, everything that of the best of China. I don't mind to tell you if you just need some information about tour in China. You can contact me at for Julia Zhu


I spent almost two months doing everything from teaching english to horseback riding in Tibet. I did it alone too, so I can help anyone who is having second thoughts about navigating a country that uses little to no english. From buying train tickets to finding good food, just ask!


I'd like to offer help on tourist sight, car hiring, hotel booking and city guide.


i live and work in beijing. i think that's enough for me to be a helper here.


I'm a college student in xiamen of china.I've travlled a lot of places in china since 5 years old.

Glad to help any one who like to come to china.

please accept me.And I will cry my best to give you helpful information.


i would like infomacion about what is the best place in china and for travel and acommodation.


Enjoy the time and make new friends


I can be the tourist guide for anyone who's interested in exploring Shanghai since I'm a local Shanghainese and get around here in the city very often.


the the valuable place to go;
the transport information
culture discussion


My name is Lisa, I am a Chinese lady who comes from is natural for me to know many about the Chinese traditional culture and the changes that have taken place over the years to bring China into the future. I am studying Major in English in Beijing BFSU. If you would like to know about China and see the real truth of the history of China, please contact me.In the meantime I will try my best to show you all the sites and sounds of the real China, FOR FREE! My only Fee is to make friends please e-mail


I like travelling and am interested in culture exchange. If you need any help in China, especially the north and west, you may contact me. Wish you a wonderful trip in China!


I have a lot of friends all over China. We are glad to offer help to foreign friends.


I'm a native Chinese. When i was born, i just live in China. I love my country, and i'm familiar with my country. the most important thing is i like helping others. help others make me be happy. so i think i could become a travel helper, especially for the place i'm living now. :)


I was born in Mount huang (Huangshang mountain or yellow Mount )in Anhui province of China. I like to show my hometown for everyone around the world .


I live in Guangxi province,China. If you want to visit guilin or somewhere in Guangxi, please contact me. I would like to give you my suggestion and advice . thx! Enjoy your trip! my email is msn : yahoo IM:


Provide information about China. Answer questions about traveling in China.


i stay in xi'an China maybe the most of
worth while to travel in China i am good at Chinese food \custom \budget travelling\ if you want to know a really china and even you want to come to xi'an I can help you maybe i'm a student now waiting for you message!:)


I've been living and travelling around in Sichuan Province, which is a province a lot of foreign travellers don't know about though I think it has some of the more beautiful sites in China.


I am Local Chinese People, with 10 years travel experience, I have been almost all the corner of mainland China. I will show you everything about here. Like best travel time; what weather like; how to get to the place you want to visit; what to see; even how to book cheap flight, accomdation etc... Wish you enjoy your journey in my hometown!


I can answer questions about Chinese culture, language, travel or anything else. I have lived in China, studied there and have a Bachelor of Arts in the Chinese language. I have also lived in other parts of Asia.

Dulce Qu

Familiar with Beijing for China, and France, UK, Spain, Italia for Europe. Will try my best to help, though i am sure loads people here have more expertise! Enjoy traveling!


Hi,my name is Jill.The city I'm living in is shanghai,which is famous for the combination of western and eastern culture. While the city epitomizes modern,urban China,its history is one of its most intriguing features. The city has many different types of resorts,the Bund,Yu Garden,Xin Tian Di,all sorts of museums,music halls and stadiums. Well if u wanna come to Shanghai,u r welcome to get in touch with me,maybe i could give u some good suggestions for your trip?


I have travelled, lived and taught at a University in China.
Lived in China/Japan and Korea for 4 years.

More than happy to help anyone

China is very cheap and an amazing place

BUT foreigners are always getting ripped-off and tours are often too restrictive/expensive.

I would suggest travelling with a Chinese University Student (majoring in English), pay them a small fee directly each day.

jenny zone

i am a girl, 25 years old.i have been a tour guide for 5 years .welcome to China .i can book hotel and tickets of flight for you .take you visit beautiful scenery.i am live in Beijing ,i can go to any other city of China company with you.take you taste chinese food and understand chinese email is and phone number is 86 name is jenny hu.


I,m a student of suzhou university .suzhou is famous for it classical private gardens, 2500 years history and the old rivers all around the city.It's water county of east .
if you want to have a good travel in suzhou china in July and August and you speak English please call me! I will be your guider.this will be free !Because i want to improve my speaking English.By now i have studied English for 9 years and learned about 5500 words in Chinese shcools ,but it not enough ,i want speak English fluently .Can you help me ? if you have the interests please dail the number 086-0512-68872925 and you can also send message to me .My or
Expect your visit to suzhou!
you can get more information about suzhou from the website


Expert in regions including Southern China, Southwest China, ant Tibet.

Can help you in other parts of China as well.


i'v lived in beijing for nearly 40 years, i kwon the ever corner and every thing youwang to kwon in beijing,also i'd travaled many places in china,(sichuan,yunnan,shanghai et )if you have any questions about travling in beijing or even in china ,do not hesitate send email to me(,)or you you can let me kwon your questions by a message to my mobil:086-13801293942.i'l give you the answer as soon as i read it.


I am an American who has lived, worked, and traveled extensively throughout mainland China. As a guide and founder of / TravelingHat - a custom travel service specializing in China - I can provide advice drawn from firsthand insight and experience. If you are looking for assistance arranging a trip to China, I can also provide assistance planning a customized trip to your specifications. I am fluent in Mandarin Chinese, and my native tongue is English. I will be glad to help in any way possible.


Beijing,a fascinating city with the combination of morden and traditional
Why not come to Beijing to join us for some fantastic days,to experience the wonderful life,to meet the most hospitable persons,of course one of them is me.
Help with everything!


Any questions you might have, especially regarding hotels and train/plane tickets. I'm based in Shanghai but I'll be glad to help with anywhere that I can in China. :)


Although I'm living in Australia currently, I had been living China for 20 years. and I had traveled a lot of places in China. So please just tell me if you need any help:)


I am liveing in Yunnan ,western China.If you are interested in Chinese minorities and Tibet, I can help with you.


I'm working as a English tour guide in Yunnan province for about 6 years, I have received tourist from every corner of the world-England, America, Canada, Australia, Holland, Bangladesh, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Korean, Italy...
My website is: Wish it be helpful. :)


I'm from south east China.Interested in visiting that part(like Shanghai, Zhejiang province),but have many queries?
I'm willing to give you any helpful information.


I am beijinger.......


Housing, accommodation, travel line design, introducing good restaurants(special Chinese foods), translator, travel guilder, transportation advice, any other information related to living in China. You can contact me by or call me @ my cell after you email me


I know with my english level and age,i couldnot help u a lot,but if u wanna come to Zhejiang province,maybe i can give u some suggestion,because i live here,and my city is Wenzhou,the second or third city in Zhejiang.Of course,any
basic help of the whole China is also available here,so happy if i can help.


I'm a college student from Shanghai,now I'm study in xiamen which is a beautiful city famous as "garden on the sea".I've travelled a lot of places in China with my parents and friend,and also got some tips which might be helpful to the other travellers.wish I could help you.Anyway,contact me.


I leaved 3 years in china, travellingin many provinces : Heilongjiang, Hebei, Shaanxi, Jiangsu, Gansu, Qinghai, Hunan, Guizhou, Yunnan, Hainan.


I've travelled all around China ...plz feel free to ask any thing about historical background or needed informations


have travelled to the above countries as an independent traveller. so really saw things as they were, and not with a guide or tour.
so I think I can give some basic truths to inquiries


I could be your guide and Chinese tutor in China FOR FREE but part-time! Now i am living in Shanghai located east of mainland. Please send e-mail to me:


China is very beautiful country, I am a Chinese, I can tell you more about her beautiful scence and long history.


Hi, I'm Gypsy from Shanghai, I like travel and camping very much, I have been to many places in China and did camping in Tibet.
I'd like to make friends with you during the trip, this will make travelling more interesting.


i am a girl from beijing,china.chengde is my hometown.i love travel and love beijing.after graduation from hebei university of technology,i have worked in an international travel service of beijing for 3 years,as a tour guide.i am very glad to be your guide when you travel beijing and other part of can also ask me for help with booking hotel,reserving air tickets...
email me


if you want to travel china and beijing.i can help you to select a package tour,or the air or train tickets ,to book the hotel...


to assist you for a tibet travel


I am a Chinese with my hometown in Zhengzhou, the capital city of Henan. I also lived in Harbin for 6 years and Hong Kong for 3 years, Beijing and Tianjin for several months. I can also say nice English, also a little Cantonese. I can give hands to anyone who want to come to China.


i am a member of the pangolin off-road club in chengdu ,southwest of china,the club is offering cars to those who are eager to adverture from chengdu to tibet even to nepeal;who wants to take picture of the western china especially in tibet and some world famous places.
meanwhile you could check the website


I lived in China for 22 years and can help with information about sightseeing, getting around and useful Chinese.


I've lived in Shanghai now for 5 months and have visited Beijing...willing to give info...


one month travelling in china


I live in Tianjin and am familiar with Beijing and Jinan(capital of Shandong Province), furthermore, I know a lot about Chinese culture, history, customs and things like that. I am an English teacher, solving Chinese language problems in English is also my stong suit.


visitor just click into my website, then you will find all the information for a sunny holiday in Sanya,Hainan. Or just send us a mail to


I've travelled a lot of unique villages in Anhui, Jiangxi, Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, China, where you will find the hundreds of years old buildings. We lived in farmer's house, eat with them, chat in their backyard, played with their kids, and got some fresh tea leaves out of their big wok. If you plan to travel there, I'd like to share some experience with you.


Tell you sth. you are interested in China


I live in Changsha,Hunan province this year,and will go back to Xining city in Qinghai province in summer.I am good at English and familiar the roads and places,So if you want to travel in These two Places,Maybe I can give you help.My Msn and E-mail is:


Trave spots, itinerary arrangement, trip arrangement, travel partner, translation, hotel reservation, accomodation arrangement, local contacts, photographing


I am come from China International Travel Service.As the one of the best travel service in China.We can offer the best service to the customers.Also we have over 50yrs experience.We have over handreds of braches all over the contry.So we also can offer the lowest price.
But anyway if anybody have any problems just give a e-mail I will do everything possible to help every friends.
Thanks a lot

Tracy Wang

I have been lived in Beijing for more than 20 years. Welcome to Beijing!


I have good knowledge of travel fron N to S


Here is my home land!


I stayed in Beijing for one month in 2002.

No China questions; but all the answers on China travel?

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