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There are currently 16 Travel Helpers for Colombia. Please remember that these Travel Helpers provide information on a volunteer basis and when they take the time to help you that a thank you is highly appreciated! They are listed below in order of their last activity on Travellerspoint.


Currently living in Bogota I have spent over 9 months travelling and living in Colombia. I can help with remote areas like La Guajira South Americas most northern point also known as Colombia's orange desert or Region del Pacifico an absolute pain in the backside to get to but oh so worth it and most things in between including Santa Marta, Minca, Medellin, Bogota & Caribbean Coast. If you have begun to research your trip to this phenomenal Country you will already know that it's impossible to see or do all the things on offer here in one trip my advice would be don't make too much of a plan if that's possible learn some Spanish Colombians love to talk & then decide what's more important sun & sea, mountains & sun, cities & sun... I will help you as much as I can!

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Just spent a month living in Bogota and Medillin. I need any help would be happy to anwser any questions. Im not a tourist so not too much of that type of info more for serious travelers. AND YES COLOMBIA IS DANGEROUS AND FULL OF DRUGS. If you are a tourist you should waste your time, go strait to Ecuador or another country.



Cycled from Turbo (North West) to Pasto.


I am from Colombia and I am now exploring this magical country.


I was born in Colombia and have travelled through the Andean Region, the Atlantic and the Pacific Coasts.


Information about staying in Cali,Armenia,Salento. Visting the parque nacional del cafe. Some experience off the beaten path away from the big cities. Bogotá. Transport from the Amazon (Leticia) into Perú on the river.


I live in Colombia where i work as Commercial Pilot for an Airline. Everyday i know different places and people who share a lot of informations.


100% colombian girl. I'm a cultural journalist that loves to travel, specially the cheap way. Devoted couchsurfer, english speaking tourist guide for passion and a free spirit. If all this sounds too strange, I'm a university student that wants to travel and know her own beautiful and amazing country, in order to understand my culture, traditions and nature.


informacion de todo...desde el punto de vista de una joven


I have lived in Colombia for some years and continue to travel extensively through the country, discovering new places all the time, visiting special nooks and crannies that most other people do not know about. I can help with regular safety questions etc as well as giving recommendations for places to visit or to stay to fit what people on the site are looking for.


I've lived in Bogota a long time and know it very well. But please, if you have to ask if Colombia is dangerous, the answer is yes, it's too dangerous for you, and you should maybe go to Caracas instead. Everyone else, ask away...


Trasnporting the "voyageur" in Colombia, show them the most interesting places around here. Contact city tours or tour in any other city in Colombia. Whatever you want. Legal of course!


I'am living in Bogotá, a great metropolitan city. If you need some help to have a great stay here do not dude to ask me.



Hello I live in Bogotá. I love my country and I love travelling inside Colombia. I will help you!!!


if you need some information about Colombia just tell me, write me!


I have travelled 4 months in the country and covered most regions. I also have a lot of local contacts.
Check also my South America site for info:

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