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There are currently 21 Travel Helpers for Czech Republic. Please remember that these Travel Helpers provide information on a volunteer basis and when they take the time to help you that a thank you is highly appreciated! They are listed below in order of their last activity on Travellerspoint.


I've lived in Czech Republic for 28 years so I can recommend a few great places and give lots of advice.

prague guide

I am young Prague private guide. Young architect who can show you the city according to your interest. Sights, gastronomy, art, real life..
more on facebook: Prague Private Guide Tour


I spent almost 6 years in CR, living in Brno


As I ever since have lived in the Czech Repulic and I know a lot of about it I want you to share this experience with me. Should anyone need any information about the Czech Republic feel free to write to me.


I can help you really enjoy Prague, finding you a good accomodation, meeting you personally and giving you detailed information about all you'll need to know.



I was in Prague in February, and ý think that I can be helpful for the ones who think about travelling to Czech. I ve also been in Karly Vary.

I am waiting for your questions...


I offer a flat in the city center of Prague to stay in for two or three people for 10 euro per person per a day. As I am an art teacher speaking English, I offer myself as a guide through Prague history, culture and art.


I can help you with many things. Just ask me.


I have lived in Prague for a total of 10 months, the CZ as a whole for 20. I know all the tips there is for this beautiful country.


i can give you advise on the do;s and donts. tips were to go and tips were not


I have lived in Prague for over 7 years now and love it. I travel throughout the Czech Republic and can often point out fun stuff that's off the beaten path.

I am a photographer (amateur) so I'm always happy to talk about that.

But also, simple practical things foreigners might not understand like how to work the city transit system, or not get overcharged by a cab driver.

I speak fluent Czech as well.


Just write to me and I see if I can help


I visit nearly every month, and have friends in several towns.


I have been living here in Czech Republic, Prague for 1 year. So any questions that you have feel free to contact me!


Hi, I am a teacher of English living in the Czech republic (BRNO - second biggest town) and a professional tour guide. You can also find lots of information on the Czech republic on my web site I would be happy to assist you or even meet you in person.
Enjoy your trip. Helena Svedova


I offer an accomodation in my vacant flat in the cente of Prague, the Czech capital. I offer a guided tour concerning history and culture of the city, too. I take 15 euro per a person per a day.


Hi everybody! I have been living in the Czech republic since 1998, so it has become kind of my second homeland. If you have a stop there, don't hesitate to ask me about whatever you are confused about ;). Hope I can help.


I can give precise information about Prague


I can provide lots of useful information to travels who come to the Czech republic, especially Prague - i.e do´s and dont´s, places to go/not to go, food to eat, drinks to drink, places to stay, prices to pay....


How to have a really good trip to the czech republic

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