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Travel Helpers for Egypt

Travel Helpers Africa (65 Travel Helpers) Egypt

There are currently 59 Travel Helpers for Egypt. Please remember that these Travel Helpers provide information on a volunteer basis and when they take the time to help you that a thank you is highly appreciated! They are listed below in order of their last activity on Travellerspoint.


I am a native born Egyptian living in Alexandria and educated at a private
American system College. I speak Arabic, English and some Italian. I can
help you plan your visit and provide information about the tourist
attractions in Egypt; photographs of the attractions of Cairo, Sharm El
Sheikh, Alexandria are in the gallery.
I can give you information about hotels, entertainment, the history and
culture of my country, teach you the useful phrases to help you enjoy your
visit and to barter in the Souk markets. If you also want a guide for your
trip I am always here
Check my page on facebook :

ema happy

I'm Egyptian and I'm interested in tourism
I have a lot of information about the destinations and the site seeings in Egypt


As a resident of the always tourist-troubled and also a tourist dream destination, it is so common in Egypt to hear & read stories of people got scammed, or most commonly miss-guided.

I'am An architect, living in Cairo, but have experienced most of the travelers' Egypt's destinations, encountering many activities, starting from just visiting the pyramids in Giza, to interacting with the people in the busy nights of Cairo, snorkeling in the red sea, climbing/hiking Mount Sinai in St.Catherine, camping in the desert under the full-moon light...etc.

Hopefully I can answer your queries, and aid you to enjoy your stay.


answer and give advices and keep in touch


I should be able to help you regarding your travel trough the northern parts of Egypt.


Sharm el sheikh for divers. have been about 10 times, can advise on diving and where to go clubbing afterwards. Temperature, local customs etc.

John Paul

I spent a few weeks traveling around Egypt; specifically, Cairo, Luxor, Sharm El Sheikh, and Mt. Sinai.

There are alot of scams and helpful hints that I learned the hard way along the way! Especially how to keep your chances high for getting inside the Great Pyramid...


Eeeeee , I'm crazy ,oh myyy , so do not ask how to keep people away from you , because I can not keep them away from myself !But I can help you in any other topic including medicinal and pharmacy stuff as I study clinical pharmacy .
also I can be very helpful if you ask about Alexandria !
what else ? oh yea , Please enjoy your stay in Egypt and come back again :)
P.S. You are welcome if you want to meet me , talk and hang our togather.


I travelled overland for 3 weeks in Egypt


I'm a tour guide since 1999 and working as a webmaster for 2 of the greatest travel portals in Egypt serving almost 160 travel agents all over Egypt, so I know most of them and who is capable of doing what according to the type of service required and the budget you are deciding to pay.


I backpacked in Egypt for three weeks when I was 18.


I have lived in Egypt since 2005 and stayed throughout the revolution. I am based in Dahab, South Sinai, with first hand knowledge of Dahab, Sharm El Sheikh, Taba, Nuweiba and St Catherines. I have extensive experience of travel all over Egypt including Cairo, Aswan, Luxor and Alexandria and friends and contacts in all these cities.

I am an english female, single in my 30's, so happy to help anyone with anything. Also i have a lot of knowledge about Jordan as i have organised for many people trips and excursions there.


I have been to Egypt twice, the second time shortly after the revolution in 2011 and i travelled independently using local accommodation and public transport. It can be done cheaply and safely and is so much fun.



I ve had a classcal Egypt tpur from end to end last year. It was marvellous..

Maybe I can be helpful by these experiences..


I spent 5 years as a Overland Tour Leader in the Middle East and Africa running tours anywhere between Istanbul and Cape Town. Plus 2 years working as a Dive master in the Red Sea.


I have travelled around mainland Egypt and have also been to the Red Sea area of Sharm el Sheikh. I also have a keen interest in Egyptology so have been to all of the major attractions as well as the less known ones so can help to create a unique trip! :)


Actually i am working as tour planner so it is a part of my lovely job to help people enjoying their time in our lovely Egypt


I have a good experiences at tourism sites and places where built especially for tourism and also some joy places and almost famous monuments in egypt as I worked as a tour leader for many nationalitiesaround the world at a local travel company called creative travel but I`m still undergraduated so I can`t continue working with the company so i like to help torists find their way in my country like a tough guide.....


as i am working as a Tour Guide so i can help you to organize yr trip to Egypt what to see , what to eat ..etc.. where to go , and even explain most of our sightseeing places .
what to wear , what to eat and drink ..

desert fox

I can Organize a Perfect trip with excellent service & reasonable price
especially in Egypt My country


Hi im an Egyptian Willing to help anyone concerning travelling around Egypt especially with street maps, famous tourist visiting attractions, dealing with people, weather, etc...


i have travelled to egypt and stayed there for around a month so i can help on accomodation, tips for savin money, the places to go etc


Aamer is a fully qualified tour guide with several years experience. He will escort you around the sites of Luxor and also those further afield to Aswan and Abydos. He will also take you safely around Cairo. He is fluent in several languages and has a charming personality in addition to an excellent knowedge of Luxor's, temples, tombs and monuments. He will also take you shopping and get you the best deals available..
Tailor-made tours, Fixed date tours, Car, 4WD, Boat, Sailing boat, Family / Children, Disabled, Culture, Unusual, Festival, Gastronomy, Fair tourism, Ecology, Wild animals, Marine animals, Camel, Excursion .


cause i'm egyption
and i can help any one to book room or flat
so any help contact me


I have been to the destination since 2008 and i will be visiting at least twice a year for job related reasons.


Hello, My name is Marian , i am an English speaking licensed tour guide with memberships in the Egyptian General Tourist Guides Syndicate and the WFTGA . I am also an Egyptologist graduated from Helwan University , Hotels and Tourism Section . I can arrange tailor-made trips for groups or individuals based on your own interests and budget all over Egypt and i can answer all your questions about Egypt.


I have lived in Egypt for 6 months, and travelled to:

Abu Simbel
Sharm El Sheikh


i have alot of information about red sea and sinai and cairo i live near from pyramids i talk english good and i can make good trip and u dont need 2 spend alot if u like camping i adore it so just keep calling me if u need any thing her i love make friends

Dahab Info,
The biggest portal of information regarding Dahab, Red Sea
run by a team of locals, provides you all the information you need to have a great holiday in Dahab.
All the hotels, apartments, camps, Airport Transfers, Safaries, Diving courses and much more...
Join our Group:


I have family in Egypt so have been there many times. Mainly in Cairo but also Port Said, Alexandria and Hurghada.


Can recommend tips and info on following places: Cairo, Sharm el sheik, Luxor, Rarotonga, Aitutaki, Gold Coast Australia and some of North Island NZ.

I lived and worked in Cairo for 2 months.


My parents are originally from Egypt and I go back about every other summer to visit my extended family. I've taken numerous friends with me throughout the years and given all of them tours around most of Egypt. I guess the ways I can help the best are by giving out the itinerary I use when I take people with me on visits to Egypt and by putting you in contact with certain guides I know in places like Cairo and Alexandria that could take you on a full day tour of the city in a personal car for a decent price. I can also give my personal opinions about which sites are worth making treks to and which ones aren't if you'd like.


We have a lot of knowledge about Upper Egypt, especially the area around Aswan.


I've been in Egypt much, muct times :)


Actually i can help any one trying to arrange his trip inside egypt,
i can give him good ideas about venues or itinerary ......etc
just mail me (
or call me at my mobile 002 012 217 64 98 (Wish you all the best)


I can help by supplying information about car rental agencies in Egypt, and transportation solutions. Also by providing information about hotels and night hangouts


all my life is in Egypt,now I am working in tourism in Egypt since long time
I do welcome offering all of help for you ,can feeds you with advices about places to visit,prices,local customs and habits and religion ,best places you can visit in Egypt,Arabic words help in your tour,hotels reputation,prices for some services,Egyptian web links in English
you are welcome e mail me or contact me


i can help you to arrange your trip,write your itinerary & i can give you recommendations for hotels & sightseeings,also i can tailor make your trip on budget & give you all rates you may need for any service while you are in Egypt plus i can meet u for a drink & show u around the city :-D


accomadation, food, places to visit, monuments, life style etc


traveller to egypt in cairo,alexandria,luxor,aswan,nile cruise,hurghada,sharm and desert safari


Originally from Cork, Ireland and moved to Luxor, Egypt in 2003, bought some land and built "Mara House". I like to think I have blended in (as much as is possible for a foreigner anyway!), learned some arabic and for now, this country feels like home (that doesn't mean it is always easy or that I don't meet with challenges!). Contact me if you want help in making the most of your trip here, asking about local customs, where to go, how to avoid problems. My website has a pretty comprehensive "Travel Tips" page with links to more info. if you want to check it out first


I love to help with anywhere in Egypt as I lived in cairo , i know more here and i can be helpful with any one..
we are in one land under one sky, so you are welcome here any time , feel free to ask .. good day


Hello everybody, my name is Aladdin Abo Elhaggag. I have been guiding english speaking tourists in Egypt for almost 10 years, I'm based in Luxor but I did tours almost everywhere in Egypt, so if you have any question ,if you want to plan a tour in Egypt or if you need any help, please do not hesitate to contact me here (as guideegypt), or e-mail me at:


If you would like to know about places you can go to while you are in Egypt ,hotels where you can stay,best cities you can visit


I m a travel expert/ ex-airline


I can give info about many questions about Egypt. I've travelled by Egypt several times.


this is my country...i was a bag backer in my youth...i travelled abroad over 15 countries...i know how the traveller may feel....know my country by


Dear All Egypt lovers ....i can help with alot of info about egypt ..starting from car rent to where to go ...including hotels and accomodation ...just state ur budget and i can advice how can you maxmize your opprtunity to see this wonderfull country ..


Went to the Sinai Peninsular area last year and can give some helpful tips


i can be helpful as it is my job
i m a tour operator


Glad to see my inbox always flooded with questions about Egypt,well I am Egyptian and I think I can do this well.
Greetings to people I've replied thier question and doing well after getting the answer:)


I have visited egypt several times including red sea and luxor.Hope i can help.


im british and live in Egypt. Happy to help, people have done this for me many times.


i'm working in hotel field with a hotel managment company based in cairo and manage more many hotels in different places in egypt like Sharm El Shikh, Luxor& Red sea so i'll be happy if i can help people who likes to visit and enjoy egypt, my company offers god rates for there guests ...


hi every body i can help to to visit egypt .. see ya


I am living and working in Cairo, Egypt and have done a lot of travelling within the country. My partner has experience in the travel business and we are running a Bed and Breakfast down on the Nile so are coming in to a lot of contact with travellers.


answering any questions you may have, arrange for accomodation with egyptian family ,contact me in case you face any troubles to see what can i best do.

By that way i have a lot of freinds from many distenations.


I can help answering to simple questions about nile cruises, places to visit,... I was there in October 2002, we stayed a week.

No Egypt questions; but all the answers on Egypt travel?

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