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Travel Helpers for Europe

Travel Helpers Europe

There are currently 124 Travel Helpers for Europe. Please remember that these Travel Helpers provide information on a volunteer basis and when they take the time to help you that a thank you is highly appreciated! They are listed below in order of their last activity on Travellerspoint.


Living in the Netherlands, I travelled extensively across many parts of Europe, from the off the beaten track Faroe Islands to glitzy Paris or ancient Rome. Also travelled a lot in Eastern Europe, including unusual ones like Moldova, Kosovo and the Caucasus countries. So if you have questions about Scandinavia, the Mediterranean, the Alps, British Isles or many cities, please ask.


Have done a lot of travelling throughout Europe, almost always using public transport and particularly focusing on archaeological and historical sites. Happy to help wherever I can.


Have travelled over a lot of Europe and would like to help with travel questions.


I spent and spending a lot of time travelling around Europe.
I've explored extensivelly most of the countries various times
I can give advise on the route, lodging, transportation, things to see, general advise, etc
Drop me a line if you need an advise.



Happy to help, especially with logistics and transportation questions.


Experienced land traveller across Europe (all except Portugal, Malta, Cyprus and Iceland), CIS etc. Been travelling more or less constantly for 10 years, and do average of 150k - 200k km per year. Have lived in UK, Neth, Liech, Switz, Ger and now Swe.

Don't fly, so excepting ferry portions, virtually all is train based. As i've had over 70 interrail tickets I guess that's my speciality, along with general timetable/day/night train issues etc. Also, map queries (i'm a cartographer), especially to do with London as i produce a large chunk of the public transport info for them. But I can help with virtually anything on Europe. Just ask.


I consider myself gotten pretty good at finding the cheapest way to get from A to B by public transport. I don't have a driver's license, my idea of "own vehicle" has two wheels, a saddle and 2 pedals.

I've been lucky (or unlucky enough) to recieve some legal training, my special interest is Schengen Visa law and German immigration and German citizenship issues.


As a travel agent I have travelled widely and can help with Europe, Australasia and the Pacific and Asia. I have good knowledge on hotels, ways to get around and things to see and do.


I live in the Netherlands, but can share some knowledge on other countries in Europe as well!

Lisa Eldridge

Hi everyone. I've been lucky enough to travel to 78 countries and 40 of them as a solo female so I know a bit about travelling alone :) My solo countries are: Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, South Africa, Nepal, Mongolia, Bhutan, China, India, Hungary, Mexico, Belize, Honduras, Canada, Guatemala, Holland, Germany, Czech Republic, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Bosnia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Peru, Italy, France, Monaco, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Ireland.


Lived in London for 2 years and Florence Italy for 6mths. Have done a lot of backpack travelling around western europe over the last 6 years and happy to help by sharing my experiences/advice with those who want!

Elina Pedersen

I've visited almost every country in Europe and I had unique experience planning my wedding in Balkans. I lived in Estonia, the Netherlands and the UK. I also lived in Australia and the USA. Ideally, I would love to contribute about my home country Estonia. If you have any questions, please just ask.


Been living in Europe for a few decades and traveled back and forth around the place. Will continue to do so until I've 'crossed over' all the places on my list.


Completed a 116 days backpack trip with train as main transportation in 2011.
Know Eurail pass very well - a very cost effective pass to travel around Europe hassle-free (comfortable as well). :-)


We stayed over more than 350 hostels all over the world. We're here to give advice about where to go, what to see and where to sleep in Europe.


I'm from India. I've solo backpacked Europe bunch of times (short/long trips spanning 11 countries) I'd be happy to help with any questions you have regarding places to stay/visit, budget, commuting, etc...


I've visited most of European countries, all trips organized on my own and trying to minimize the budget. I'm a Polish citizen but lived also in Spain and Germany for some time. Also well experienced in various european mountains regions.

Freddi Woomba

Simply.. I have been travelling around Europe for more than 2 years. I have worked under the table in 4 countries as an 'illegal immigrant' lol. And I have now managed to walk across nearly 3000 km . There is a small amount of knowledge on my blog :)


I live in Denmark, and have also travelled to parts of the UK, Ireland (Dublin) Sweden (Scania and Stockholm), Belgium, the Netherlands, France (Paris), and Italy (Rome and the Parma area).


I have spent 20 years in Europe and have visited all European countries.


Backpacking Europe, Spain, The Netherlands, gastronomy


I am an American who has traveled to Europe several times and I traveled full-time in Europe as a female solo traveler in 2014 to over 36 countries.


I initially came to do a spot of travelling and seem to have 'moved in' to England. I have travelled through France, Italy, Catalonia, UK and Ireland. I have also spent time in Thailand, Australia and NZ, naturally. I am happy to help with any questions on those regions about anything to do with Travelling - backpacking to staying in hotels.


I am more than willing to help any traveler/backpacker plan out their trip to Europe. I have briefly lived in 2 countries within Europe, and traveled to many western European countries. If you are looking to travel on a budget, I can definitely help you travel on a dime.

John Paul

I've lived in the United Kingdom for over 2 years, lived in Ireland for 2 years, and I've traveled extensively throughout Europe!

If you have any questions that I can't answer, I do my best to point you in the right direction.

Feel free to ask away! From mundane travel questions, to the complex, I'm here to help YOU.


Any advice you need, I'm here for you (food, prices, accomodation, sport...) Just ask, and I'll answer you asap!


I was the one in Germany but then brought up in different countries in Europe and Africa:
I have lived in Finland for three years, in Austria for three years, in Greece for four years, in Egypt for three years and in Ethiopia for another four years.
After my return to Germany I studied law and then joined Lufthansa German Airlines. I stayed with Lufthansa for 10 years and then changed to work for PR agencies.
I have had the opportunity to travel and to live in foreign countries with people of various mentalities for all my life – and I look forward to continue doing so!


I like to visit unusual places in Europe such as nature-transformed places, places for aqua relaxation, inspiring places, citadels of beauty, peaceful and exotic places. When planning my trip, I usually make a route using a Tripcheat site which also helps to find rather cheap accommodation and manage my time. In anyone of you will get lost or have some fears regarding the road you need to follow - I'll be happy to help!


Hi, i help people to plan their trip... you have wedding planners, event planners... and i am a travel planner; I have a lot of travel experience and worked in tourism...
You want for example a trip in 30 days trough europe... in a budget of... with some special visits... all you want..i can plan, book, price, suggest.... and only for 30euros per day planned...,
5 euro if its an only travelling day....
Interested? let me know ... questions ? shoot!


Traveled Quite a bit through Europe, and have learned quite a bit. I am in the middle of going back to Europe this winter to see and learn a lot more.


Travelling in Europe, esc. Germany with kids.
Hints for cheap flights, cars and accomodations.


I've been traveling since I was 6 years old through Europe. I live in Spain and I'm expert on countries like Spain, Germany, Italy, UK, Greece and Portugal. So happy to help the community!

Also I'm Expert on Kenya and Brazil


I have visited all the European countries. Most of them by car. Usualy in 4 star hotels.
Now I am living in Tarragona, near Barcelona (Catalonia)


I grew up in Australia and have also travelled throughout Australia quite extensively. I have also lived in Sweden for a couple of years and have travelled much of Europe, in particular Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. I have also done some travel in Asia. I would be happy to provide travel advice, particularly on places I have travelled and the gastronomic aspect of travel.


Schengen visa. Member t_maia and myself are the members who answer by far the most questions about Schengen visa. I once had some basic legal training and a good knowledge of European burocracy, so there's a fair chance that I succeed in answering your question (no guarantees).

++If you have a visa question, first read the 'Schengen visa' article in the Travel Guide, and have a look at the stickied thread on top of the Europe forum!!++


Done road trips around europe and live in England. Can give any question a shot


We have traveled Europe extensively (have visited every country several times), taking 13 trips in 8 different campervans, ranging from VWs to newer Hymers, logging well over 200,000 miles, total travel time of 9 years on the road. We have shipped 4 vehicles to Europe from the States, and bought four in England. We know the ropes! We have written a book on our adventures, part travelog, part how-to, called After They've Seen Paree.


I would like to offer my knowledge of budget traveling through Europe from four trips in the last two years. Ask away :)


I can help you with questions about walking the Spanish Camino, the Le Puy to Conques section, the Via Francigena and a number of English walks including Cotswold Way, Offa's Dyke and Wainwright's Coast to Coast. I live in Sydney Australia so can help out with some of our walks too.



My name is Amalia and for the last 6 years I am working as a travel cosultant so if you need any advice of how to plan your trip or where to stay and what places to visit in Greece I will be happy to assist you!


My wife and I run an extensive travel website ( greater Europe and the Mediterranean and have travelled to many countries over the years, including an Amsterdam to Budapest river cruise in 2005.


I have lived 5 years in Marbella, Andalucia, Spain and know that area very well. I have lived in Europe 10 years and all over Mexico

I live in San Diego so if you need to know anything about there let us know. Also if you are single we post area reviews for singles on


Any questions? Fire away.


I have been working for the past 4 years as a European Tour manager, taking people on holidays around continental Europe from 2 weeks to two months, I may very well be able to help out with local knowledge advice, public transport or provide reviews on certain tourist sites or excursions, traveling to Europe? drop me a line if you have any questions.


I have travelt in large parts of Europe as a backpacker, and can give usefull tips on transport, do's and don't's etc.


In May 2011 I travelled the from Poland across the length of Slovakia into Hungary and up through the Czech republic before returning to Poland on a tour of these Countries. Travelling by initially a budget airline to Europe and then picking up a hire car, in 5 days of exploring I saw some amazing places that would probably not be on the normal travellers agenda !


Well travelled on holidays/business inc. work for EU and UN


We have travelled this region many times over many years.


I can offer tips for budget travel in Europe


Advise about cycling (itineraries), towns and scenery


giving political and social information, and web site addresses for tourisitc information or accomodation


Anybody who needs specific help in or for Europe is invited tocontact me. I can give information about travelling, accomodation and sights within Europe. If anybody wishes to embark on a business in Europe I might be able to point him/her in the right direction. For five years I have been the chairman of an independent chamber of commerce an industry in Eastern Europe. I now have my own security advisory company.


advice, experience, tips...


I have travelled extensively throughout Europe, particularly countries which were formerly part of Eastern Europe. The Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are my favourites. You can ask me about sights and attractions, museums, hotels, restaurants and cafes.Do not hesitate to contact me if you intend visiting any of these countries.


Since I have gone around Europe for decades, I can help answer some queries. I can also do the same for Asia where I reside.


I have been backpacking around China and 7 countries in Europe all alone. Would like to help anything a lonly traveller wants to know, especially about China!


All over Western & Southern Europe


Last summer I travelled for a month in ten different countries in Europe. I became a leader of the trip with my knowledge of map reading and my language skills with Spanish and some German. The chaperones of this trip designated me as the naviagtor of the bus. I led excursions into the cities to find laundromats, ATMs, public toilettes etc. I became familiar with many tricks when travelling in Europe and I believe that I can help answer many questions from prospective and current travellers. World travel is my passion and I wish to share it with others.


Hi, I'm Mara. I'm from Barcelona so I can help you if you want to visit Spain. I also know pretty well Italy and France (specially the south of France) because I lived in one year in each of these countries. I'll be glad to help you!


Give the odd tip about basic traveller needs; computer connections etc; advise good destinations. Specialise in organs (musical ones!) Am fairly clued up in train travel in Europe.
Live in New Zealand but travel extensively every year.


Are you looking for a book to read that is related to the journey you are going on? My obsession is to relate novels to places, categorising those that have a good 'sense of place' into their specific countries. So if you are going somewhere - I may be able to help you out with a great book to read before you go, or have some suggestions for books to take with you.


I live in Germany, so I know a little bit about it. I have been to Scotland, Ireland and Denmark quite a few times, so maybe I can answer questions about this countrys too. I know about places of cultural interest and beautiful landscape and things like that BUT I can't answer questions about buying cars, getting financial help etc, unless it is a emergency and it takes place in Germany. Because I don't know anything about that and all I can do to help in that case is phone around and translate these german answers for you in english.


Currently residing in London, frequently travel to Europe and around the UK.


Been lots of places around Europe. Particulary northern Europe.


I speak German, Spanish and English. So don't hesitate to ask something if English doesn't work for you!

Mo Goes

I live in the Netherlands and travel extensively throughout Europe. I can help you find information about accomodations, restaurants, shopping and travelling with kids.


I've gotten a lot of experience traveling around Europe and had the chance of living for 3 years in London -UK.
So apart of England, I had the opportunity to travel to France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Checz Republic, Switzerland, Holland, Germany, Austria, Greece, Hungary, Vatican City, Belgium, Netherlands, Wales, all on a budget and I'd be glad of sharing my knowledge about it.


Ski and Snowboard infomation on Europe, Usa, Canada & New Zealand

Eve Chen

Martial arts, Tai Chi, kungfu,Chinese Traditional Medicine, Chinese cooking and tours in China!


I have visited 119 countries so far. Travel is my passion and I love to share it with all and sundry.


As an European I might know some good spots
to go to. . . .


I can provide information from hostelling, backpacking, and touristic destinations in the following countries: Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Austria, UK, Norway, Denmark and Turkey.


Private holiday accommodation from around the world.


I travelled a lot through Europe in the last years and I have seen many interesting places in Europe. I will try to help as good as possible.


budget travelling options


I can help with personal experience on many places in europe, including hostels, places to eat and transportation.
Also alot of info on paris as i have spent alot of time there!


I grew up in Switzerland and because me and my family have relatives in Germany and friends in the Netherlands, England, France, Spain, Italy and Iceland, I travelled a lot all over those countries.


I am a travel agent. So i can help all the travellers with any inquiries may have...


I have been to Bruges, Paris, Gran Canaria, Crete and Majorca


Italy, France, Benelux, England, Suisse, Austria, Czech, Germany


i know how it feels to be somewhere far away from if u need any info about slovenia and croatia...feel free to ask i ll try my best to help u.




I'm French. Have traveled many times across Europe and around the world. Now living in Paris I set up a blog with a few friends to help foreigners traveling in our city. I there's anything you need we'll be glad to give a hand !


How do i find a job with a Vineyard?


I have been to western europe twice and there isn't much i do not know!I have done tours and travelled alone!


Triplandia brings together traveler from all over the world that seek specialized service of a travel specialists like you. We have travelers that have vast variety of travel needs in numerous activities and destinations. All requests from our travelers go through the filters and you will be notified if we receive requests that would fit for your potential clients.


I can help you with searching and booking of Hotels and Serviced Apartments in London, Paris and other European countries online.


I have taken several bicycle trips in Europe and can advise on preparation and itinerary.


Germany-Austria-Northern Italy


I know all pretty much of Ireland (Republic) or France and lots of Britain but amazingly not Northern Ireland. So if you need any help with any of these places let me know.

I also am pretty well up on certain cities in Italy, USA (mainly Eastern), Spain, Holland and Belgium (a gem of a country).

Any questions just fire away enjoy the travels!


My new book, BEST AND WORST TRVELS, addresses the most important question: "What trip would be right for me?" I'm happy to discuss options with middle aged to ancient travellers who have time and money resources.


I travelled extensively throughout Europe and currenty reside in London but I am from Rome, Italy!. I am very much into low cost travelling - ask me anything to save you time and money!!


Since I am Greek, ask me anything you need about Greece.
I travel once every 2 months in Turkey and I have many info till now as well as excellent friends.
I have been living in Scotland for 2 years (Dundee-Edinburgh and Tayside area).


I need some information about holland I go the next friday and i would like know something interested to do in Amsterdam ,sorry for my english i dont practise never


I have spend the past 2 summers travelling europe on trains and have managed to cover considerable ground. Would be happy to offer advice on places to go.


Travelled to most countries in Europe-Scandinavia/Russia recently.


with some information, i have traveled trough Europe


Executive Assistance Service is an exclusive concierge service for top executives and individuals. Every client receives my individual attention. Their life is my life. As a concierge I can arrange everything for you, from finding that special gift, or organising an exclusive VIP party.


I'm Spanish living near the Portuguese border, so I know very well these countries. I have also travelled along Europe and Pantagonia (Argentina and Chilean)


I am a travel researcher and can help with any country or region. Europe is my passion.



My names Obet, I am from Toraja, Sulawesi. If you are planning to travel to Sulawesi, ask me anythings. I will be happy to share my knowledge of my area.



I know the best places, best hotels and lots more.....


I have been to Italy, France, Sweden, and Amsterdam. I love helping others who have caught the travel bug.


I live in the Netherlands, and have seen lots of European places. Because I live here it's very easy for me to get information about the hotspots ;).

If you need any information or just want to chat about what Europe has to offer, let me know and I'd love to help you!

Greetz =)


I have taken extended (3+ months, getting ready for another in August) trips through Europe at a slightly "older age" (I'm 35) than your average backpacker. I have always travelled light and cheap. More importantly, I travel alone so I feel I can help others, esp. women, travelling alone.
Thanks! Kim


I travelled almost all europe with inter-rail, i may be helpful for the pros and cons!


plz feel free to ask any thing about historical background or needed informations , or if u want to listen to interesting stories on my way of travelling:D

Alan L

Russian, German and French speaking travel photojournalist and editor of

Familiar with independent travel in most countries of Western and Central Europe as well as more remote destinations in Eastern Europe.

Speaks some Spanish and Japanese, knows Japan well and was the top Travel Expert on in May 2000.

Due to being overwhelmed with travel queries, now ONLY taking further travel questions at the Travellers Cafe at - thanks for your understanding.


I lived briefly in Durham, England and in Paris. I've been back and forth to Paris alot. I've also traveled in Europe to several countries (including a crazy 5 countries in one day drive). I've done alot of research for my trips and have helped other plan too, so I might be able to help.


Worked in London for a year and a half as a recruitment consultant. Any questions i'll be happy to have a crack!


How can you travel all around with trains


i lived in argentina until 21 years old, with some trips to Brazil.. so I can give informations and addresses about these countries. Since 2002, I live in the south of France, I travelled to Spain, Holland, Scotland, England, Greece, Italy, staying between 1 and 8 months in each country; I can also help about these countries, where i travelled around by bus and train.


I live in the Uk, and have traveled to several countries in Europe - Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Italy, Corfu, Greece, Spain, France, Portugal. Also being a european means that I have a lot of knowledge at my finger tips!! I've also been to Turkey and Morroco!


Inter-rail travel around Europe including France, Italy, Luxemburg, Belguim, Holland and Slovenia.


A six month journey to expand my mind among my European friends


I lived in the South of France for 20 years (so I am very familiar with western/southern Europe) before moving to North America (I can help with Canada/USA) for 8 years where I lived in New England, but also travelled accros the country. I now live in the Czech Republic and can also help with central and Eastern Europe. So, for me, travelling is more than a vacation deal: it simply is my lifestyle (I haven't lived in my homeland in 11 years eventhought I visited it many times). Because of my job, I travel to a different country every 2 months or feel free to ask questions :)


My wife and I have travelled in our own vehicle through North Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. We are currently on expedition and can give information on all aspects of travel planning ie visas, documents, vaccinations, things to pack as well as routes, risk assessment, places to see, keeping safe and where to dive! I hope we can help!


I live in China, and 2001 I experienced 24 counties tour in EuroAsia land.


i am an experienced inside Europe traveller, know esecially a lot about various regions in france; I've visited the country as cyclist (vosges, alps, south), a hiker (pyrenees), or by car (north, provence)...



No Europe questions; but all the answers on Europe travel?

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