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There are currently 58 Travel Helpers for France. Please remember that these Travel Helpers provide information on a volunteer basis and when they take the time to help you that a thank you is highly appreciated! They are listed below in order of their last activity on Travellerspoint.


Frequent traveller to France for over 30 years


I've traveled extensively in France over the past 20+ years including Paris and much of rural France. We typically spend a week in a gite doing day trips in the area. We've stayed in most areas of the country including Alsace, PACA, Burgundy, Normandy, Bretagne, Languedoc-Roussillon, Centre, Midi-Pyrenees, the Dordogne, etc.

I have extensive Travel Pages on Virtual Tourist (now to be destroyed) on France and am a top poster for both Paris and the rest of the country.

If you require any more information, let me know. Alternatively, before they kill it, you can check my Travel Pages at Scroll down to see the Travel Pages or choose a country from the list on the left (which is faster).

My name on VT is also Beausoleil; it's my husband's family name.


Campsites along the Med.
How to avoid being killed by French drivers.


lived there and speak the language


I live in Languedoc, and am fairly clued up on most areas of France.


Hello, i live in Paris and work in tourism. I will be pleased to help you for any advice you may need for your trip in the City of Lights !


Hi we have an apartment in the old town of Nice and can answer most questions, like how to get the bus from the airport, where to eat and drink, Ok hotels and things to do.


I have been living in Paris for 4 years now. More or less I saw and did everything in this city. So for any question about Paris don't hesitate to contact me.



I am currently living in Luxembourg & travelling extensively throughout France and I will be happy to help you with any query you may have about France travelling tips. Do feel free to check my blog Escapades around the 3 borders Country which will already provide you with some interesting informations about many places around France



...have lived in France for twenty years, mostly in Aquitaine but have moved around...may be able to help, you won't know 'til you ask...


I have been travelling in France for three weeks last summer


i'm only a tourist with a lot of information about the countries that i visited!


I have travelled to Paris several times. If you would like to know some of the must see sights and some off the path ones I would be happy to help!


Paris is home away from home, and I'm there whenever I can. You can usually find me with my friends, looking for delicious goodies around the City of Light. I've also travelled parts of France.


I have been to Paris twice and if I can help in any way I definitely will!


I spent 6 months living in France w/ a host family that toured a lot and then criss-crossed the country by train, so I'd be happy to help anyone looking for trip info (especially about the south-west or the rail system).


I lived near Paris until I was 18. Travelled extensively in the south-west (Menton, Nice).


I have a website on Paris and an expert on that town and would love to guide/help anyone traveling there. Women's travel to Paris is my specialty. is the website.


I travelled to France two years ago and spent time in Paris, Lyon, Annecy and the Cote d'Azur. I would be pleased to share my travel experience.


I've resided in the south of France for one or two months every year since I was born. Mostly around the area of Montpellier, Grau du Roi, Aigues-Mortes, ...


I am currently living and working in Brittany (Bretagne), France. I have travelled within this region a fair bit (Lorient, Morlaix, Brest, Carnac, Quimper, etc.). I spent some time visiting a lot of the megalithic sites in this region, and I'd be glad to help out with anything Bretagne-ish. I'm currently living in Brest.


ideas, advices and more


I am from the UK originally but have lived and work in France for the last eighteen years in the vacation and travel industry.

I live in the south, near Montpleelier and am frequently in paris and on the cote d'azur.

Hqppy to help or comment on any aspect of living in, working in or visting France


Now a days i am in, Paris
so if you need help for visit Paris you can ask me,
remember i speak english, french and spanish.


I spent a lot of time travelling in Europe last summer. I can help you with questions about Paris and the rail system, specifically the Eurostar which is how I got to Paris via London.


I lived a year in the South of France (Provence).

flo jo

If I can help to discover my country, and change the mentality about the french. Please let me help you.


I visited Paris many times in the last 3 years for business and spent more than 2 months in total. I can provide touristic information, good restaurants and bars and also accomodation.


Visiting France in general, and hiking in France in particular. Also French culture, food, language and property buying.


Bonjour!!!!Visited mainly the North of France....several trips to Paris and have spent quite a lot of time there as well as Normandy, Rouen, Bayeaux and St Briec....



I can help on any information concerning Paris, i lived there almost 8 years. I was born in Toulon (Provence) and my familly leaves in Nantes (French Brittany)


I'm a self-professed Paris nut and I know the city about as well I as do my home town of Montreal. Ask me anything you want! I love talking about it! I've also been to the Riviera and can suggest places to stay and where to go!


I spent a week in Paris last year, if anyone has any questions about hotels or metro I might be able to answer them


I'm french!If you want to know about france,how is which region,the ones to avoid,and anything I would know,of course!


I live in Paris, so if I can help somebody about the places to visit, you can ask me
If you travel alone and you look for somebody to go out, you can ask me, so I could show you my city and practise my english


I studied in the southwest of France and more recently in Paris. I also go back there at least once a year for my 'fix'. I can help with most things related to Paris, some other nice places in the country and tips on the French and France in general.


i'm French and I travelled quite a lot around the country so I can help with sites to see, activities to do, transportation and accommodation queries...


Lived in Paris for one year; traveled a lot in France. Send any questions!


I live on the canal du midi in the South west of France,
i can help anybody who wants to discover this beautiful region on a barge. Discover the Carcassonne castle, the amazing minervois wines and gourmet food.
So don't hesiitate ! I will tell you how to get the best out of this region.


know about good places to visit,nice museums,parks,cities


i can give you informations or book your hotel or restaurant , we can meet you and show you some place if me don ' t work at this moment


Not an expert on Paris so please don't ask. Very good knowledge of the South West and in particular Aquitaine.


I don't know how many times I was in PARIS, but if ever you don't know what to do there, let me know!


Hye there!!
French girl freshly settle in Sydney.
Lived for 20 years in LYON ,4 years in LILLE and 1 year in PARIS.
Well know the south west and east of France but the center as well.
Do not hesitate to ask me!!!


I am a travel agent and have been awarded the "France Specialist" designation by the Maison de France (French Tourist Board). I have extensive knowledge regarding all regions of the country. Although I can plan any sort of tour to France and enjoy doing so, my particular area of expertise is food and wine tours.


Can make lots of suffestions for independent travel, especially by auto, throughout France.

Also, can furnish lots of tips for travel without stress


Hi! I've been living in France for quite a long period of time and I am currently in Paris, one of the most beautiful and amazing city in the world.
Should u need any suggestion about places to visit or whatever else, do not hesitate to contact me...


I am french from Paris and used to live in Nice and Bristol (england). Anything I could help with, let me know ! I also went all around Brazil for a while, so do not hesitate to contact me!


I know very well Tours and l'Indre et Loire. Don't hesitate to ask me...



Hi, I live in the French riviera. So if you have any questions about Cannes, Nice, Montecarlo, Antibes etc... feel free to ask me !


I lived in France and I go often there. Have you got a question?


accomodation for backpackers planning to do the ski season,
i have a chalet in Serre Chevalier, Southern Alps, France, to share between travellers for the winter 2004/05


Marie B

i live in switzerland now, so if you also have a question about it...


i can help for location in paris, restaurants, bars and to walk around in paris


I am actually working in the tourism industry, I had a diploma in this sector, my passion is travelling I am actually just starting in this sector....but I am really intersted for help some people come from an other continent and would love to go in europa, especially in France ,wich is my country that I know very well for have been nearly everywhere..but as well about Ireland small country, where I live at the present time in Dublin since 9 months, and I visited it I know many places to go ,to sleep, to eat... where to make party in this both country,and as well I can help you for spain especially Andalucia part, for have travelling arround there for 1 if you think that I can be useful for anything do not hesitated to contact me thank you...and on last thing if you do not know where to sleep if you going in rio de janeiro....just ask me and you will see,you will be in holiday like at your home....very nice hostel I know there probably the best in all rio.....

No France questions; but all the answers on France travel?

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