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Travel Helpers for India

Travel Helpers Asia (234 Travel Helpers) India

There are currently 324 Travel Helpers for India. Please remember that these Travel Helpers provide information on a volunteer basis and when they take the time to help you that a thank you is highly appreciated! They are listed below in order of their last activity on Travellerspoint.

Anuj Tikku

I see and experience things in great detail , i also feel for things and am a very disruptive person


I am born and brought up in the capital city of New Delhi! Apart, I have traveled to many different destinations across India!


I grew up in Delhi and have travellend almost all over India. So try me...


i live in western India in a city called Ahmedabad, Gujarat state. If you have any doubts regarding your visit here feel free to ask!

Lynne Hamman

I have travelled around India extensively

Have visited 7 times

I have good tips and contacts in India

I can help with planning a trip

I have good knowledge of the culture and customs

I have travelled around India by bus, train and car & driver (as a solo traveller and with my husband)

Have many ideas of how you can make your travelling around a lot easier


How to get to, how to get around, people, culture, food, prices, accommodation, places to visit, places to avoid


I have been travelling to different parts of India on my motorbike since a decade now. I can be of help for travellers who want to visit some of the destination which I have been to. I have an idea about places of visit specially in northern part of India.


Countries : India, Germany


Hi Friends,

My name is Vikas and I am living in Germany for past few years and have travelled extensively throughout Germany, can guide you really the best options from the outlook as a foreign traveller.

Moreover, I come originally from a state in the North of India called Punjab, but now my family stays in New Delhi. While I was in India, I travelled extensively throughout the country and am very well verse with the best available options and the places of Interest.

Moreover I am always interested in International Cultural Exchange and make International Friends to learn more from them. As Indians are world famous for their hospitality, in case anybody is willing to visit Germany or India is most welcome to contact me for stay and sightseeing. Shall be more than happy to meet you and guide you....

Look forward to your visit to Germany or India

Best Wishes and Smiles



guidance, companionship, accomodation


I am Pravin. I was born, brought up, and currently living in India. I have been to most of the states in North India and I have covered most of the South during my trips. I am living in South India, Tamil Nadu. I would be delighted to share my knowledge to the people who need it most and that would also make me happy in the process.



Since I have travelled length and breadth of India during my lifetime and want to share my experiences with others and also relive them.


I recently spent half a year in India which I can't seem to stop talking about, so if you got questions, I got answers.


I am an Indian guy working in Oman. I have also worked in UAE & QATAR and being in Marketing profession, I have travelled all over these countries.
Ilooking for pals aroung the globe, with whom I can exchange holidays i.e They come to my country and I will go to theirs or may be we can travel together to save money. Right now I am based in Oman


Provide travel infromation to travellers to Southern part of India in general and Delhi and near about regions including the Uttaranchal region of the Himalayas in India in particular


I have travelled extensively through Rajasthan and have also spent time in Uttar Pradesh and Goa, Kerala, Karnataka & Pondicherry. If you have any questions about independant travel in these areas, do shout.


I am from India and traveled a few places. Though I wont call myself as an expert, I have rough Idea about travel in India. So people who have never traveled to India can make use of my knowledge.


I Love India and have been here all these 45+ years. India is always in the news either for religious issues, political issues , cultural issues or technology issues. Call centre /contact centers are hot. Medical tourism is already popular and Education tourism is on and is enjoyed by many students from countries around India. I consider my self a 'Human Search Engine' and try to get what ever info you need. Feel free to contact me for any help regarding India related issues.


Guide people on the best options and circuits they can take and also help people by taking them through my city Calcutta


A seasoned travel professional, with more than a decade’s experience in the travel industry. After completing his graduation in Tourism and MBA in HR, Vimal joined the software industry and worked with Infosys for some time and soon entered the travel industry to indulge his passion to travel. Working in India and Middle East with leading bespoke travel companies, he has travelled extensively in India, UAE, Oman, Sri Lanka and Thailand and has built up long-standing friendships with travel specialists and experts around the world, escorted many group tours and designed 100's of very successful tour itineraries. When not on travel missions, Vimal drives a desk from which the formal aspects of business are created, such as trip dossiers, itineraries, and new concepts.


The North Eastern part of India with its virgin beauty is a travellre's delight... & I can be of immenese help ... be the basics to the more detailed tit-bits...


I have widely travelled all over india and can provide guidance to fellow travellers based on my first hand experience


I was traveling for quite some time in India, also I lived one year in Kerala. Especially for Kerala but also other parts of South India like (Tamil Nadu and Karnataka) I can give you many info's. For the north of India and India in general I'll be able to give you good advices.


I can be a travelling partner.


Have travelled in India from childhood and have lived in India as an adult at various time periods. The areas I know best are parts of North India and most of South India. I have led small groups on tour of Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and parts of Uttar Pradesh. My particular interests are art, village life, yoga, and ecology, so can help out in those areas.
I grew up in Iran and have travelled across Afghanistan and Pakistan to India, as well as travelling across Turkey to Europe and around North Africa. Currently reside in Florida, USA


Hi I am from Andhra Pradesh, South India.. I got vast knowledge of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Who wish to visit South India can contact me for guidelines and some times companionship too. Thank you.


All travel tips and questions about India


provide detail info on sight seeing and hotel and other info for the tourist


We are Buddhists and like visiting Monasteries and other spiritual places.We can give advice on Where to stay,what to expect,what to avoid,what to pack.


Extensively travelled through India, with friends, people who live there, and on my own. Started my love-affair with the country in October 08, and have been on 3 extended trips thus far. Heading back in October 2010.


I have done authentic research on folk art and culture of India and now i would like to share my knowledge as fixer Or research coordinator for photo journalist ,researcher documentary film makers and theater students .
I have specialization on kalbeliya nomad community of Rajasthan-India.


I can help on anything in India specially Rajasthan. All frndzs on this forum are welcome... :)


Travel tips, how to make most of your money, weather conditions,staying with a family, the whole lot. Call Alka at +919811524552


I have travelled there in the monsoon season!


I'm pleased to answer questions about travelling trough India


I have gone to most of the places in South India, and few places in North India too. I can help you in planning your trips according to time and distance. Since I have gone to these places, I know how much time will take to reach destinations in southern part of india (Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Pondicherry and Tamil Nadu).


Can help them in travel plainng for India Travel, guidence for sightseeing, accommodation, food, Travel Plans.




If you are planning to visit India with required travel document, it may be helpful to plan your visit.


Being a mechanical engineer i spend my weekends visiting several places in India. In between every two or three months i plan to visit interesting places in India.
I am not too much wealthy to spend more on my journeys so developed a unique characteristic of travelling with the lowest budget possible.Travelling in India is cheap if planned correctly.With me you can live here a day for just $4 without any worries including food and home to stay.
i am too much confident that i can mingle with any stranger here and can sense about their intentions just by talking with them once.
Contact me if you want to feel like you are at your native place.


By giving my hand to help you to step into an alien land steeped in traditions , culture and heritage. I have been to almost throughout India and her famous must-see tourist places. However I love more to go to offbeat destinations and solitary places that common travel guide book dont talk about.
So from the big cities to its less known retreats , from star rated accomodations to homestays located in the middle of nowhere, from the gourmet food to the popular street food.. if you need my help , please feel free to contact me. I can share my experiences that I have gained. I can show you what I see and make you feel a different India , one that is far from the text books.

And yeah, if you are in town I am sure I would like to meet you over a cup of coffee or cook some quick Indian or Bengali dishes for you to give you a culinary taste of India

Kusum S

I am an Indian and have traveled most of the states. I travel solo and on my own and hence have done a bit of research on places, food and accommodation, safety etc. I would be glad to impart the knowledge to help solo travelers and others.


A Travel enthusiast from India who has travelled extensively in the Southern part of India. I am willing to answer queries on India Travel and will try to help out as much as possible.


I stay in Bangalore , which is a fast growing business and travel destination in India. I will be happy to assist visitors to India who like to get travel advice and also advice on how to do business with India.I have travelled widely and have enjoyed my dealings with people of different countries.India is a place with rich cultural heritage and has much to offer to tourists and business travellers..A visit to India can be made very enjoyable with necessary assistance.


I can give useful tips about travelling in India and about the various beaches and off-beat places in Western India.


All travel related information on accommodations, itinerary and suggestions.

Purnima Manhas

Hi.. I am the native of the Himalayan state of Jammu and Kashmir in India. I travel, write, share, advise and trade. In short, I am a passionate travel business woman, who is committed to bring out the unseen parts of India, esp, Jammu and Kashmir. I suggest that I've myself explored and usually, my recommendations on hotels/ sights are based on my experience. The accommodation at some great locations, with basic cleanliness standards and decent food are among my favourite recommendations. So are the home stays, which allow to interchange beliefs, opinions, thoughts invariably giving you an experience of lifestyle, culture, interesting dialect, history and most importantly, the local styled cuisines.

Nisha J

I am an Indian female, at times traveling alone. So guiding solo female travelers and helping in anything about India in general will be fine with me.
Sometimes, I also give them company if we are following the same route.

Understanding some of local languages works in my favour as well.


I am from India, and I have travelled quite a bit over here... the himalayas, the temples in the south, the metros...

So to get the insider info...ask me..:)


I volunteered in Madurai for 2 months and traveled to Kerala, Kodikanal, Kanyakamari.
I recently spent 1 month in Delhi, visited Agra and the Taj Mahal and spent 1 month in Dharamsala teaching Tibetan refugees.


I have travelled through much of India and have a fairly good idea of places and people here.
Will be glad to help anyone seeking info about travelling to/in India.

Santosh Nair

I am a adventure and offbeat travel organizer and i have traveled extensively across India. South India, Kerala, Karnataka, Ladakh, Goa, Uttaranchal, Himachal are the destinations where i help the most. Other destinations also i could help.


I've spent my entire life here. Know Hindi, Punjabi, Pahari and English. Done some long tours all over the country. If you need info on Ladakh, Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Pondcherry, Goa and Rajasthan, I am your guy.

Cheers! Keep on exploring!


Cycled from Himalayas down to Kerala on west of India. Travelled east coast in full length on trains/buses.


I recently lived in India for a couple of years and have been to several parts of the country, though I haven't been to the middle or the northeast.


I would love to help travelers as I am already a part of another big International Travelers site since long, and in the process find friends, travel companions, meet them, host them at my place, and interact with more and more people from all over the World.

I have traveled extensively in India umpteen times, and am a regular traveler, so can help Travelers much better.


Hotel Panchavati is a budget hotel for tourist and business travellers at Nashik. Economic room rates with packages as per your requirement. Get 24x7 room service, hot water, laundry, health club, WiFi in Lobby area and much more. Contact Hotel Panchavati for relaxing and enjoying vacation at Nasik.

Kashir jannat

I'm living in India. My state is Jammu and Kashmir where I live in capital city Srinagar. I love traveling and know the value of gathering information about the place of trip before starting trip. I would be more than happy to help the planners whatsoever about any information they want to know regarding visiting Kashmir valley. Thank you and wish you safe and happy trip.


For Delhi plus northern & north-western parts of India - I can offer route planning pointers, best modes of travel and where to look for discounts!! Also basic do's & don'ts, that'll come in handy.


Sine I am an Indian and living in this country since 30 years, I do traveled many cities including New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Ajmer, Pushkar, Varanasi, Allahabad and many more. There are some of the cities where I lived for years and some where I used to go during my holidays with my family.


Providing important information and tips, sometimes giving contacts.


i will help you out the max effort i can .. so that you can enjoy every single penny you spend on your trip. will tell you the best place and best time to visit that place. will help you with tips on how not to get ripped by the locals.


I m an Indian and often travel within the country exploring new locations and sights. Born in Kerala, but living in Delhi, I have been travelling from south to north, connecting lot of places in my itinerary. Get best solo travel advice, money saving advice, best food, accommodation, and shopping advice from me in India.


Have traveled through most of India. Am based out of Mumbai. Avid backpacker to 80+ countries.Love trekking, Music, Latam dances, yoga & meditation.Passion for 'Marathons' & 'Child education'. Speak 8+ languages.During the day, a Pvt Equity professional with investing & operating experience.


As I been working with Indian travel industry from last five years. Traveling is my hobby and when it became my profession, now it is all over me. I thing I have knowledge India and I can help people who are looking for help or visiting India first time. I will be glad if I can make a single person satisfied or happy by what I know about India. Thanks for writing me.

Suchit Mangal

I am a tour and travel operator from India. We provide tailor made and budget tour and travel packages in India. I would love to contribute to Travel guide and gain some presence for my business.


Know India extensively like the back of my hand but am still learning.This is a world that is expanding.
if you need serious advise on India, you can trust me.Just give me seven days to reply. Time wasters who ask questions for fun, pl avoid.
Swagatham to India!


I'm an Indian - born and brought up here, and a travel enthusiast myself. Added to that is the fact that I am from the travel & tourism industry with over 21 years of experience behind me, and I am also a visiting faculty for Tourism & Aviation education with several tourism management institutes in New Delhi, India.

Although my current field of business is outbound travel from India, I personally feel that we Indians have a responsibility towards foreign tourists who choose to visit us, and to guide them wherever possible. Also, having been in the tourism education field over the last 6+ years, I am well connected within the industry, thanks to so many of my former students who are now budding professionals with various travel organisations across India. This effectively means that whenever I do not know something about a particular topic being discussed, I would always have access to experts in the industry.


I live in Mumbai (Bombay), India, and have traveled to literally every city in India.
With my experience, I can share a lot of interesting tips and advice, should anyone be looking for them.


i m from india and i travelled a lot :)

Tom TravelLocal

I have over seven years experience arranging trips to India for a UK based tour operator.


Being an avid traveler myself having traveled nearly whole of India, i would like to help the visitor with my knowledge and experience.


Its my native country, I have traveled to most of the major cities on work and vacation, so I think I will be able to help out in terms of suggestions for accomodation, places to see and travel.


I am myself an avid traveler. And I have covered almost all of India. Would be happy to help in whatever way I can.

Adler Tours

Have been living in this country since past 20 years, traveled across its length and breath, connecting various people for various walks of life, having traveled as a single, with friends, with family gives me an insight about a lot of destinations, culture, its people


I am an Indian that travels extensively around this beautiful country...


i am a tour opreator and traveled a lot in asiaian countries.


Experience in Travel and Tourism and business partners across verticals – B2B2C. Identifying roadmaps to generate transaction and revenues with existing partner. Monitor and manage alliance performance and maintain effective communications Effectively implement & achieve agreed goals with partners by creating strategies & marketing plans Identify, create, implement and manage co-marketing & brand visibility programs leading to customer acquisition, retention & transaction building Coordinate with Travel and Tourism industries.


India - a place where religion, dialect, costume, cuisine and culture changes after every 200kms.... a lifetime is not enough to know our land which is been God's favourite and showered with all extremes in all aspects... i know a little about my country and can help you explore my country better... in the whole process i would know my country a little more better than rest! ... tell me anything you want to ask about travelling and experiencing this country and i would try my very best to help us...

Prashant Sobti


Being an Indian and an avid traveler across the Country, I am well versed with most of the places and can offer help on almost anything in India... right from suggestions on what, how, when and where to assistance on bookings, accompanying groups etc.

It would be a pleasure to assist you... Happy Traveling !!!


Just check me for travel information,then believe...


Finding Reasonably Charged Hotel Facilities and online reservation.

vivek sharma

Beacause I am Travel Consultant


Have traveled widely all over India except Odisha. I love to make good friends and share ideas. I have excellent knowledge particularly about Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra where i have lived most of my life and Uttarakhand where i presently live.


As I been working with Indian travel industry from last five years. Traveling is my hobby and when it became my profession, now it is all over me. I thing I have knowledge India and I can help people who are looking for help or visiting India first time. I will be glad if I can make a single person satisfied or happy by what I know about India. Thanks for writing me

kaushal kishor

I have detail idea about the various places accoss the india, those places are know for their historical, religious & cultural importance. How to make the travel easy ?? details about the routes & importance about the places in india.


I've recently returned from eight months in Asia, four of these in India. I can assist in general questions about travel through India and offer itinerary suggestions.


Well I have lived in India for 22 years and i can help if someone needs any information for most of the regions..

Also, i can help someone needing info for travel n US as i lived for 5 years there and travelled a hell lot...


anybody travelling jaipur, rajasthan india, can email/IM me on for any type of help


i traveled a lot in india


I born and brought up there. I can help getting information about south india (Tamil Nadu / Kerala).


India, almost 3000kms + from north to south and west to east.
It has got unique abilities and has been known for some of its magistic capabilites. Born in India and living it here.. i can help you with questions you got or will try to accompany you when ever possible. drop a line at sunil.mandaliya at and will try to help you best possible way....


Have traveled across the length and breadth of this mighty nation. Message me if you need any advice.


I am born and brought up in India and have traveled to various destinations of the diverse country. I would be delighted to help fellow travelers any way I can.


Being an incredible !ndian, I used to travel in my country. I can specifically give opinion about Calcutta, North Bengal, Himachal Pradesh.


Hey I lived in India for over 20 years and I have travelled the world for 5 years. Would love to help people travelling to India to give them on ground suggestions. Happy Travelling!


I am a frequent traveler who is passionate about traveling!! I stay in India; a country full of diversity, such as Himalayas in the north to Oceans in the south!!


Heloo friends I can help you in travelling in India feel free to contact me and for any help regarding accomodation & even for other help & information.

The BurntMap

Having born & brought up and lived for 24 years in this wonderful country, I take utmost pride in welcoming all you fellow travellers and tourists to my beautiful motherland. My immense love for travel has taken me to most of South India and I began 2012 by stepping into the north of this mesmerizing country and it only gives me sheer happiness and more to help anyone who is planning to visit this wonder called India.
Come over! Soak yourself in this blissfully mesmerizing land. Take back memories of a lifetime.
Celebrate your journey!


Since birth residing In Mumbai( earlier knowm as Bombay)

I have travelled accross India, Mainly because of my Job. There is not a single airport in India, where i have not landed, or taken a flight.

I can help peole, travelling or visiting India, with information, and tips for better travel and to maximise the benefits.

I am sure I will be able to add value to you, with information, and make your visit in India a memorable visit.

You will have to give me some time, in case i am travelling to some place, and do not have access to net.

Wishing you ll the very best, Live and Let Live , Smile Always


i am a student & helping travellers is my hobby ,by which i can know there culture and gives them the taste of our i grown up here i know my mother land better than others.....especially orissa ,a beautiful spot with golden sand beaches .........temples ..tribes etcccccc


Hello Folks,

I;m Nas, I could assist you with any kind of information and travel assistance while on your visit to India. If you need any kind of assistance for accomodation (budget to luxory) sightseeing trips, cars, handicrafts or shopping tips, I would be glad to help and guide you in the best possible way, assuring you safety and complete satisfaction during your trip here.






i stay near New Delhi, India i.e. the capital city. and i keep traveling around. I may be able to answer queries regarding North India

Di SharmaWinter

I have lived and traveled all over India over 18 years. I am a travel writer who searches out the unusual and newest places, have led tours through India and also am a travel ninja for topics on India!


I am Srinivasan/Male/42 from India. I am able to help the foreigners to guide them in Madurai City (called Temple City).

I am also a Acupuncturist and Massage Therapist. Acupuncture based Whole Body Massage is a different thing, which gives you comfort feeling. But, I am doing this Massage to Females Only. Because, i have trained to treat them.

Send mail to me, when you plan to visit South India. Thank you



This is where I have been living for the past 26 years. So ask me any thing about it!


I'm working in Bangalore, India.

Being an Indian knows lots about India. I really value culture here. I have mostly seen all northern parts of India. I am planning to explore whole of South India & few places of North India anytime in 2007.

Do let me know if anyone would like to join me. I would be glad to help in guiding & also join a backpacker :)


I have traveled all over the country, besides many other countries, the only place where I got positive update about buying a car & insurance(USA) details is travelers point.


We are in the Travel Industry for more than 4 years now. We know India not just as a country but a place, a destination which has more than every thing to offer.

Apart from this we have a dedicated unit assigned just help travelers find all the information, help, guidelines on how to travel, when to travel and where to travel in India.


I'm from holy city varanasi.i came to know about this site through couchsurfing. i hosted many peoples through couchsurfing so i know what a traveler need during travel.i'm also a host of WWOOF volunteers.I can host u in Varanasi as well as in my village if u want to see rural india.
u can ask me anything about india i will love to answer whatever i know.


Been here all my life so can hopefully give you some valuable info.

Also been to a bit of Europe twice so may be can hep there too


If you have any question regarding India and India trip, please drop me a line without hesitation, it will be my pleasure if I could any help to make a worth full your India trip


Being an indian and a travel enthusiast would like to help people travelling in india


i can help u to get a good hotel reservation, if iam free will take u around in my car( no charge). mainly in south india.if u r planning to visit south india do mail me all help will be return just friendship


Travelled 6 months in India in 2001/2002. Delhi, Rishikesh, Agra, Dharamshala, Pushkar, Auroville, Mahabilaphuram, Chennai, kanyakumari, Kerala, Kodai kanal, Cochin, Mangalore, Coorg, Karnataka, Gokarna, Goa.


I travelled up the East coast and across the central portion of India last year and got a varied experience of culture, climate and travel! let me know if I can help.


Have traveled extensively all over India visiting places well known and places off the regular tourist map.
Can advice on best places and best times dependent on your travel type (Cultural, sightseeing, wildlife...)
Can also help with logistics


I can provide informations and help in Indian Subcontinent. I am interested to share ideas, information about holidays, where to stay or what to do can be provided.



Having lived in Mumbai(Bombay), I can offer information to anyone visiting the city, and neighbouring cities on the west coast.


I have traveled extensively with in India as a tourist guide.
By profesion I am a travel consultant.
I am willing to assist anyone planning a visit to India.
My contact email is


i am 29 old man i am working with tourism . if u are anybody want visit to kerala i can help them .


Been here all my life, Can help you with travellin in South and North India. i.e Bangalore, Chennai(Madras), Ooty(conoor), Bombay, Pune, Goa,Delhi, Jaipur, Ajmeer, etc; Been to most of the cities and would help you book your hotel room, arrange tours and give you the best of guidance..


I cant help for whole of India. I can help travellers who are visiting state of Kerala, S. India - the beautiful state, which is aptly called God's own country.
I can guide persons to hotel accomodations, or home stay accomodations, help with sight seeting, guide travellers towards taxi services, as the locals here dont cheat if someone from kerala itself is there in your trip.
I have some contacts with car rental people also.
I can bargain for better options, if there are lot of people in your trip.


WELCOME TO INDIA, I stay in Bangalore , which is a fast growing business and travel destination in India. I will be happy to assist visitors to India who like to get travel advice and also advice on how to do business with India. India is a place with rich cultural heritage and has much to offer to tourists and business travellers. If u want i can arrange Hotel Rooms in minimum to maximum budget, if u like in & round BANGALORE & other southindian states, i can give good guideline if u need any assistence from my side i can A visit to India can be made very enjoyable with necessary assistance


I can give detailed advice on many places in India and also general advice to travellers coming to India.


To plan route in North India.
Find hotels in diffrent category.
Help to make camel safari, elephant safari, horse safari, language guides.
Individual car hire for personalised family tours.
Many other kind of helps related with North India since I had been worked as a professional tourist taxi driver and drove my car more then a million km.


Services I can offer:

1) Travel Planning - Plan, Arrange and
co-ordinate for the tourist's
pleasant stay in India

2) Provide consultative advice

3) Provide information on any particular
tourist spot in India

4) Carry out reservation for the
tourist's stay

5) Arrange for site-seeing

6) Book Travel Tickets (Airlines &


Namaste to all,

I am from the southern state of Kerala, India. Been here all life, so would be happy to offer you insight about Indian culture.

Please feel free to pm if you need travel tips about India in general or Kerala in particular.

I would be happy to help.

Enjoy your travel


Having travelled most part of India, can offer suggetions/information on India,especially southern India.Feel free to write to me. Since i travel often, please be prepared for delayed reply.


I like to host travellers ,,In ma city MUMBAI ,,India ,,,..I can help them as a tourist guide ,, ..kerala is ma native place so if any of traveller who plan to go kerala , and facing language problem can consulte me ,If any of U request Me to travel with U even I am ready ,..even I can helpu to find cheep places to stay ,,IF I can I will make u share ma room ,,or else I will try to make accomadation ,,,..BUt only one thing The person should meet me for a coffee so that I should feel that this person is trustable ..Or stay in touch through email ,,


I've visited India 9 or 10 times before and i think i can help

pat stubbs

I have been to India twice a year since 2005 .I might not be able to answer all questions but I will do my best.


Any help you want, except booking anything on your behalf. Nothing financial will be handled by me, but I'll give you all the free advice you want. After all, I know this country - like my backyard!


Extensive knowledge about treking, camping, rafting and biking in the Himalayas.


north India( delhi and National capital region.)
East India (kolkata )
North Eastern India.


I've been traveling, and photographing india for past 2 years and have knowledge about various places specially in North n South India.


I lived all life in Pune ( India ) I can help tourist about accommodation , transport , and travel guidance. I am friendly person; I would like to meet other country people to know their culture and art. I have also traveled in Europe and liked it very much.


I've spent about 6 six months in northern India and was very "thorough" in my traveling... would love helping others about this area.


I'm from Mumbai, India. Born & brought up here. Just ask & I will help in any way I can.......




The city of Mysore is the cultural capital of the state of Karnataka. The city is known for its majestic, mystical and mesmerizing beauty. Mysore is one of the top tourist destinations in South India. Mysore is especially known for the Dasara Celebrations during Oct/Nov.
Mysore is a city of palaces, gardens, shady avenues and sacred temples and retains some of the charm of the old world with its many institutions that propagate Carnatic Classical music and dance
With all its touristic charms and attraction Mysore hosts a range of Hotels. Whether you are visiting Mysore for business or pleasure, Mysore has hotels to offer that suit your needs.You can visit provide a facility to find the best hotels to suit the requirements and budgets of all travellers to Mysore.


Travellers business/family can contact me for free travel guide in India. I will be able to give you a fair idea. If anybody plans visit to southern part of India I will be able to guide better.


I can help out traveller for Information about Mumbai. interested in Male traveller. Female travller will be problematic for us. Gays / bisexuals are also welcome to learn about fashion /clothing of Indian raw style I can try to help in Accomodation if possible . (If coming India do drop a line for Help)



Ive travelled extensively in South and West India. Most of these memorable experiences have been roadtrips. If you are looking for information on Bombay, Goa and South India, I would be glad to be of assistance


We are a travel agency based in New Delhi. Anyone interested in traveling to India...pls send an email on


I have been born and brought up in central India, a city called Indore and have been living in Mumbai since 2005.


I will advise each and every visiting location in particular area.


If you are planning to come to india to visit just drop me a line without any hesitation and i will be there for you with lots of solution.


I lived in Mumbai for 5 months, so I know the city and the surrounding area well, and can answer pretty much any questions about it. I've also travelled south into Goa and Karnataka and north around several cities in Rajasthan and to Delhi and Varanasi. I also have a lot of experience with the transportation system, so ask me if you have any questions about booking trains, getting on the right bus, etc.




Just let me know what you need .....


Since I own a hotel and a travel company can help in planning your trip to India, suggest places to visit, mode of transport, where to stay etc.


iam living in thrissur and my city is famous for thrissur pooram and have lot of places to visit




am frequent traveller to most of the placesin india and know most of the languages spoken commonly in india.

could be a better travel companian and can tell you infomation on destination India, best time to travel in India, best places to visit, best places to stay, can suggest a holiday itinerary as per ones interest, time available and budget.

about places, mode of transport, where to stay. Probable costing. How to find information and what to be careful about. Can help with some contacts also if i have any. I may not be able to answer some of your question immediatly but may be able to find out for you.


i can help you to find anything in India


I can provide indepth information about mountaineering, trekking and all adventure sports in the Himachal Pradesh and Ladakh reigon of the western himalayas. At the moment i am pesuing my Phd on the Great Himalayan national Park so any information required on this prestine park would be no problem.


I have travelled south india extensiverly and could help with any travel querries reagarding south and west india


Iam from Bangalore but currently living in Berlin, Germany. I can help you as much as I can about Bangalore.


I am a resident of India so i can help with any queries in this part of the world


As I have been working in travel industry for more than five years. Travel and exploring the offshore sites is my hobby. I have knowledge about our g8 India and I can help people who are looking for help or any travel assistance visiting India. I would be happy if I can make a single person satisfied or happy wid my advice or assistance in any form.


I can really help u guys in indian best track in manali to leh.the highest asian motoramle way. this track is famous all over world and its really a adventure to cross many high passes. they starts from 4000 meters up to 5500 meters of high. the culture of this region is very different. Traveller can enjoy the trip a lot.


I can help u with information on Southern India.


I'm an indian my name is RANDEEP, living in JAIPUR (Rajasthan), Place is known as PINK CITY. I'm having my own TRAVEL AGENCY in Jaipur. I can give you TOUR PACKAGES to tour any where in INDIA including RAJASTHAN. We have very specific institutes to teach YOGA & MEDITATION. IN INDIA LOTS OF PLACES TO EXPLORE SPECIALLY INDIAN & RAJASTHANI HERITAGE, CULTURE, PLACES, PEOPLE, FORTS AND MANY OTHER THINGS.


I am from Bhopal, the city at middle India. There are many travelers who want to find out about the city, or the adjoining historical places like Sanchi, Vidisha, Bhojpur, Panchmarhi etc. Madhya Pradesh is known as the tiger state, and Bhopal being the capital of this state, is the ideal base camp for these destinations. Unfortunately, Bhopal is know worldwide for the gas tragedy only, while it would help the local populace if they were allowed to move on. I can be reached at talk2bhopale at gmail dot com by email, or at BhopaleBlog on twitter. I blog at Although not in the travel industry, all queries which I can address being a local, are welcome.


I can tell you more insights about the indian/asian culture and its philosphy. About Spirituality and ofcourse the best places to travel ....also the adventurous places which can stand you on your toe ......also the latest happening in the Computer/IT field in the World over and the Stock Market. Visitng Himalaya is a life time experience. I can tell you about how to plan your travel in india. You can even stay with my family if your wish. I can tell you the true picture of Delhi, my home city.


I am from Kerala,Southern part of India,one of the dream destination of travellers from any part of the world.
Stay in Houseboat in backwaters,Misty hillstations,Historical monuments,Wildlife sanctuaries, beautiful beaches,enjoying ayurvedic massage..... and a lot of entertainment in this small state

For any help for travellers visiting kerala,please feel free to contact


can travel and stay with u to guide ur trip in southern states of india. male, 30. post graduate, can communicate in english and 2 south indian languages.


Being a Travel Consultant in India and extensive travel in India, I have fairly good exposure and knowledge of Indian places to visit, food to eat, weather, hotels, culture etc.


as iam a tourist guide /tour manager in india Iwill be able to help out anyone who is planning their trip to india with itineraries, hotel bookings, transportation -everything.
contact me on :


me a widely travelled educated healthy person having a free life. i have lived in middle east countries for six years. I run a youth hostel in my home town called Madurai in Tamilnad In India. I can take care of the travellers in down south states of India ie tamilnad, andhra,kerala, karnataka,pondichery.


Travel (Rajasthan) INDIA

I would like to welcome you to Rajasthan 'Land of Kings", Iam Living near Jodhpur; village call Osian I am a Camel safari organizer, if you have LONELY PLANET Rajasthan India" look up on page number 317, Gemar Singh;, If you have any questions about staying in Rajasthan's any city specialy Home-Stay and rural expriences in Non touristic Area . also you can try our new web. Rajasthan(India) Travel.



I am currently residing at Mumbai and have traveled to many places in Maharashtra and in general in India. I can help anyone traveling to Maharashtra, Delhi region, south India.
Also, having traveled abroad to many countries I can give guidance to Indians going abroad.

Would love to help solo female travelers also. Feel free to contact me.


I have 21 years of travel industry experience . I can speak English & other 8 Indian languages. Able to provide travel related assistance and information of India.
Since 20 years , working for Gujarat Tourism as a tour in charge.
Please feel free to contact .
Warm regards


I can help those who wish to travel India by giving them travel tips&advices,all kinds of hotel/resort bookings,conveyance or any travel related help.I have tie-ups with many hotels/Resorts across India and my organisation ,Green Channel Holidays,Cochin,Kerala will take care of your travel from pick up to drop.


I have a pretty decent knowledge of Mumbai roads and the transportation available.


With a polite attitude i love to become host for friends from all over the world,i m a political person and have a good knowlegde of north indias social ,custom ,tradition and geographycal system


I can help you planning trip /reservations / acompany and other lisoning helps.


I can provide precise and recent information


i am born and brought up in Pune city, situated near Mumbai in India.
can help first time travellers / regular visitors to Pune with travel info as regards to accomodation, getting around, pretty much anything...
i speak english and spanish...:-)


i am a MBA ( travel & tourism ) student.


I can provide accommodation, vehicle and guidance (in india only)without expecting any rewards from others.


by guiding you about places ,tradition ,cuisines and culture of this country and do's and don't while travelling in addition to making your trip pleasant and wonderful !


I can help potential visitors to India by giving them advise on accomodation, sightseeing and other suggestions which would enhance their holiday to India


i can give u guys some background info about india, as well as suggest some places to visit while ur here; i am an avid trekker (though since i bought my bike, im shifting towards biking) and can suggest a few good places to trek in india; and a few sites which will help u plan a backpacking trip to india.

im not working for any travel company but someone who likes to travel


Stay recommendations & Cuisine Help


I have been to India on multiple occasions for a combined total of just under a year. Know heaps about the culture, places, local people, sites, etc etc. Anything India i'll see what i can do.


I was born there and an Indian citizen.
It is a great country with great history.
I know a lot about mumbai and can help in any way


Query related to India speciffically Darjeeling,Dooars, Sikkim etc.


I am an Indian living in Spain at the moment. If you are planning an adventure to India, you need some advise from a native. Dont hesitate to ask. You can mail me at


"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." If you wish to travel in and around INDIA with a sprit of adventure, all you have to do is contact me for what you desire - your wish will be my command. BE MY GUEST and experiance, an experiance of a lifetime. contact me on


I can help becoming a guide for you! can take u all the nook & corner of the Northeast of India: Assam, Nagaland, Arunachal, Manipur, Mizoram, Tripura & Meghalaya.


I am setteled in India from last 30 years and fond of travelling.
I will help outsider a great trip for India and also guide them for good places to visit.


Inform travellers about India. Specially about central India and about Indian wildllife...


I stay in Goa , possess a lot of local knowledge and would love to be of help to anyone coming this side be it from looking for accommodation to the best places to eat out or what to do when to do , sim card help etc .. . cheers !!


I can help people who are traveling to India with accommodation and car rental service at reasonable rates and also advise where to travel and how to travel.
If people want to visit India can contact me or mail
You can the best service from me.


My orgin is from Cochin, India. Have travelled extensively in India, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

Living in Estonia for the last two years.
Can help with finding 'bed n breakfast' in any of the above mentioned places n could answer to your qurries..


Travel operator


I have been in travel trade industry for the past 10 years and have a vast knowledge on cultural and adventure in India, Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. I have always loved this places as it has one of the best natural beauties in terms of sublime mountains nature has to offer. So if you need any help in the region, please feel free to conact me.


I am an indian living in south india willing to offer my assistance in whatever way i can for any person planning to visit south india....

i am inspired by the response recieved from a travel helper from malaysia under the name of space cadet before i visited that country....


I traveled for more than a year in India. Delhi, Rishikesh, Himachel Pradesh, Varanasi, Agra, & Goa.


I can provide all the travel information, hot spots, accomodation etc. in india


i have travelled a lot in himachal ,i can help with routes/guides/logistics


I am a tour operator and can help draw excellent itineraries for north & western India. You may also visit our website for any general information that you may need for visiting these parts of our country.


First, I would be able to provide valid information about the places I've been to and the place I live ..... which are in and around kerala and southern India. I might be able to provide a crash space for a few if I am in town ( I am usually traveling on ). I have a small list of dependable friends in and around India who would be able to help with anything related to travel.




I love travelling and India is such a vast country with so many cultures, languages and some of the most beautiful places in the world. I have travelled the country extensively and I can help fellow travellers who are visiting the country and want to know specific things on travel.


I am a native of Kerala(God's Own Country) and haved lived in Kerala for around 20 years.I have also lived in other parts of India viz Pune and Bangalore for around 3 years each.I am a travel freak myself and have criss crossed India in my Royal Enfield 500 motorbike.

I feel i can be of help to my fellow travellers in finding anything they might require in India, especially south india which comprises of Kerala,Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

If anyone has any queries regarding India please feel free to contact me.

My email address would be




Excellent Tips & Suggestions for Tour Packages in India


I have travelled a lot across India. I have gathered lots of informations about the places I have not visited yet. I can help in choosing destinations, giving out travelling trips and in many other ways.


I have stayed in New Delhi for 13 years and am presently in Jand K . It a real beauty .Know a lot of people in and around the Northern region of India and rajasthan.


My Dream & My best effort is to let People all over world know what a Indian
Hospitality Means .





web URL :


Karnataka State I can help people plan peacefull travel


giving general info., taking visitors around, arranging home village stays ......

Cast Away

Can share info on Culture, Heritage, Religion, People, Indian Wildlife, Beaches, Hillstations, Elephants, Tigers...etc.

Assist you with stay, tour and all you need to enjoy a great indian holiday.


i have a lot of familiarity with the indian subcontinent.... as i run my own travel agency.... with all this expeirence and knowledge i wud love to share give and offer my services..


i am reasonably familiar with south india and pune... so u can query me on that... i'd be glad to be of any help...


My name is John. I was in India for 4 months and went to many, many places from North to South. I really loved this country so I would be happy to advice you on where to go or any other question.


I've been living in india for the past 22 years.I've visited lots of places as i love travelling..feel free to ask me anything about india!


being a freelance filmmaker, i have travelled within India many times know different cultures and regions


Anything you need to know about India...especially Goa


i can help by telling them which r the most beautiful ones and the routes and answering the questions they ask and many more.


Provide Information.


I have been trekking in the Western Ghats of Karnataka for the past three years... Please do ask me if you want to scale some peak or down yourself in some waterfall!! Can provide some (limited) information on accommodation as well. Will try to help out with sightseeing "touristy" places also. Done a couple of road trips; so may be able to help you out with that as well...


I am providing information about Kerala as well as good paying guest accomadation in less rate. You will get good atmosphere and traditional food and all other facilities like airport pick up and tour arrangements, rental cars, sight seeing...
Please fell free to write


I can arrange Travel Iteniary in around of South India and Chennai.

Provide Travel Advice and help etc.,

If anyone needs help please ping me



If you are interested in viewing wildlife in Central India that is Kanha, Pench (Tiger Project) & Bandhavgarh National Parks, please mail me. I can plan you itinerary and also can guide you in booking accommodation and enjoying safari.


I am Indian native and living in Australia and widely travelled. I can help with all sort of arrangements, guide, suggestions for India and Australia.


i live here......... know my way around..... am sure that helps :)


Socio cultural ground realities,travelers curiosities can be explained.I offer friendly suggestions about staying in Orissa and Kerala on lowimpact way.In Orissa.I can offer friendly rides to tourist attractions and stay at my own campsite in bayside forest in an lonely beach if someone likes.In depth questions on Orissa,its culture,tradition.its tanntra and mantra,people,festivals can be discussed.I like meeting people and exchanging ideas.


I am an Indian and living in South of India for 27 Years.
I can help travellers to any part of india related to accomodation,Guiding and Business

mansi jain

born and raised in delhi. delhi girl to the core. love this place.
travelled most of the places in north india - manali, nainital, jaipur, goa, pushkar. will help as far as possible. hope you love my country. it's crazy. it's brilliant. its absolutely unforgettable.


i am travel and tourisim i think i can help her.


If somebody from outside India is travelling on a bike through India (and passing through Mumbai and/or Pune), I'd like to catch up with them for a few beers... :-)


I every respect!!!, if its east and west of India, and a bit about North as well.


Hi there, I can answer any question related to travel in India, the culture of individual states and can give genera/specific information on what to expect. I'm an Indian and have lived in Bangalore for 25 years. I now live in Dublin and have an understanding of what European travellers need to know.


In India there is Place called, andaman and nicobar islands. This is the best place to rest in India. The A grade beaches here will suerly help you be away from the fast track of the city life.

lot of my friend are there in andaman. you can call the followig numbers if require if your next mession is Andaman:

Call: Sujit 91 + 9434286122
call: Ajit 91 + 9923450075

The real people that can help you with high quality hospatility within your budget


I have seen India.I have written a book about culture of Rajasthan and Pushkar.I can offer free accomdation at JODHPUR FOR TWO DAYS.
You may contact at


Help on - places to stay, travel tips, financial matters, currency matters, local customs, etc


Its been 2 yrs I am working with an Indian Travel consultancy company “ Leisure India Tours”. Leisure India Tours offers an exclusive Vacation in India and Nepal. Our travel arrangements not only enables you to visit the historical monuments but also gives you ample opportunities to interact with the local people.
Leisure India Tours also invites you to know the depth of Indian culture, heritage, and spirituality which makes you experience and enjoy the enigma called India. Leisure India Tours provides you travel opportunities of all kinds, in all different forms for everyone. We at Leisure India believe in presenting Indian Tourism in a way that is quite unique, unexplored, and unhindered. Our mission is to provide Quality and excellence to our guests promptly and exclusively. Kindly fell free to get through with any of you queries regarding you India visit at


Stayed in Western part of India and moved to most of the places in the world including part of Europe and USA. Can help people on deatils such as places to live siteseeing travelling agencies at local level etc.


travel tips, general info, happy to take people around if im free, and in extreme circumstances can put up someone without accommodation for the night ( no i dont charge!)


i can help those whos can travel to south india and middle east better.

Presently i am in middle east(Dubai).

if anybody those intersted in adventure travel in south india (tamilnadu, andhra, kerala and karnataka). please contact via e-mail.

if those who need any assistance in dubai also can contact me.


Hi, I am from Cochin, Kerala ( Gods own country!) I would love to help any one planning to visit kerala, or any southern states of India. In kerala even maybe I can travel around with any one who is interested to see places in detail.




I know lot of places in Goa,kerela,kerela,Bangalore,new delhi,Mumbai and many other places.I know lot of sighseeing places over here.As well as nice hotels


I live and belong to India


I have lived here for 22 years of my life... I don't know everything about India.. but know a lot about Delhi, Gurgaon and surrounding areas... I may be a good person to ask about general things for the rest of India too... I have friends from various parts of the world, so maybe a good guide to understand some sensitive issues.. send me a message.. will try to reply soon... cya


I originate from the eastern part of the country ,from a state called West Bengal,surrounded by Himalayan mountain ranges in the north,bay of Bengal to the south and the thick dense tidal forest of sunder ban also to the south.
I would like to tell all about the wonderful locale of the state, its people ,mountains ,food and mostly everything that a traveler is interested in.I can guarantee that i know places that most indians dont know of let alone foreigners.Specially to the foreigners i would like to tell them about places where they wont be haunted by "Indian beggars " and would get the calm seclusion that they always look for!
Looking forward to interested pals ..


We at hotel Mount Sinai, provide neat bedrooms at budgeted rates and services to enrich your Eco-Holiday with quality that is vital to your valuable time. Situated in the heart of Kumily-the spice town of India, in walking distance to Thekkady, a tourist home that offers the opportunity to be amidst the spice dealers and an unparalleled opportunity to savour the mystic sensation of the evergreen rainforests that straddles the tiny state of Kerala on the South-Western tip of the Indian Peninsula. Situated 2800 feet above MSL, the climate is pleasantly cool throughout the year and the unpolluted mountain air is truly invigorating.

Sandwiched between the mighty Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea, Kerala is an amazingly stunning and bountiful strip of land and many a ship has set sail in search of the veritable gold mine of spices grown in the upper reaches of her forests, since time immemorial.


i can help you whatever you want in india


i know a little about the custums and have travilled a lot of northern india.


Providing travellers with information on the destination, whether that particular place is safe, accommodation, transport etc. All you need to know to travel in India.


Can help the travellers in the Indian States of Maharashtra and Goa, especially in the Kokan belt, which includes Mumbai, Thane, Raigad, Sindhudurg and also Goa.


pls ask questions pertainning to your travel to India i will revert back on the same with all the assistance possible !!!

SANDESH ( +91 98218 50966 )


India, especially Bombay and places around.


I was in madurai, tamilnadu, india for a month. I visited a small beach in kerala as well. I can tell you general things about the culture and social customs, and college educational system.


...Pls ask anyhting about India and North India in particular.Visit Incredible India.


Have done some extensive travelling in India. Am based in Mumbai....but have toured Kerala, Tamil nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Gujarath and Goa. I would try my best to be of assistance to travelers hu want to discover India.


thsis is for test only.


I hail from South India ,kerala. Anyone wish to visit my homeland can stay at my home or hotel and I wil be happy to organise your trip to my land.


i am staying here for 18 years & likes to meet new peoples and also likes help them to explore our anyone can ask me for help without any hesitation..................


I can help traveller by giving information about Kerala. Tourist spots, festivals timings, offbeaten tracks, adventure programs- trekking, camping, paragliding etc, Cheapest accomodations, especially home stays. Any queries regarding travelling in Kerala are welcomed.


Providing Complete Information


I can help any one coming to India for any type of tour to all parts of country.Any one interested in exploring natural scenic beauty of Indian Himalaya or to experience rich culture and night life in civic cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Banglore, or chennai is welcome


I am a lover of nature, traveled different parts of India, specially Uttaranchal - holy land of Gods of Hindu mythology. It gives me pleasure If anyone share my experiences, visit


I am well versed with BodhGaya in India as I was a resident of Gaya Town about 15 Kms near Bodhgaya. Anyone who wish to travel to Bodhgaya can connect with me and I assure to provide all basic facility right from travelling to lodging,site seeing and everything else required.


I am from the place so who knows it better than me..........


I have travelled across India as a part of my profession and specially nature and wildlife related areas. Any one need information/help are welcome to contact at

meet U

Can Guide in whatever knowledge I have of region and the tradition along with the art and craft of that region..........may be I can give company too


I can help people as a companion and guide while travelling in india /mumbai on weekends.Help in organizing excursions /outings ,finding right places to visit especially i mumbai which is my present location


Dear Friends, Great Himalayan National Park,Kullu,Himachal Pradesh,India is truly a prestine area. I have done over two years of trekking into almost all of the four valleys of the park. You are welcome to ask anything about the park

India Tour

infomation on destination India, best time to travel in India, best places to visit, best places to stay, can suggest a holiday itinerary as per ones interest, time available and budget.


i travel 3 months every year in south india by road to all travel spots, can help u in weather,details about travel spots,roads, food details,general idea abt the place



Hi there,

I live in Cochin - Kerala south of INDIA and could help you in providing details on the places to visit in and around cochin, to get there and accomodation
3.ask me will try my best to help you


I have a great friend PRINCE and i've been there for 2 times last time december2003 /january 2004. If it's your first time and you need help to organize your tour tell me something!



I live in india and have travelled throughtout india except the northeast so can help u in anything to do with india


i can help in providing paying guest accomodation,take them around TAMIL NADU


will be in newdelhi till june , after that in pune (south-india)
can help in way possible (like accomodation,taxi,moving around)

also spare parts,servicing for bikers travelling around the world


I travelled entire India. I worked
in Middle east (dubai).
I have lot of friends in various
parts of India


i am fairly familiar with the topography of the region in general and sensitive to travellers needs and could help even by going around with them to certain parts of india as a guide.


i can help as escot friend partner lover security


For all the travel programmes


I can help with information on a lot of sight seeing spots in India and tips for getting around.


Hi !! I am BIBS from India...New Delhi..
I am just a travel frek....I have travelled Mostly the Himalayan Region...and Northern India.
So anyone having any Queries can contact me or post it here. I will be glad to help. I am not a travel agent or anything of that kind. I also go for trekking very frequently.
bye....& all the best..


I am a travel consultant and can help as a guide/ friend /advice to anyone who wish to travel to this beautiful country of ours.


I can provide info on bombay


I've been in India for 3 months. I have many information about this wonderful and sweet country! My email is:


in the state of uttranchal- kumaon and gharwal ranges in the himalayas.


I have lived in the Himalayas and in Delhi for a considerable time. I currently live in the south, in Chennai. I know a lot of out of the way places both in the north and the south. My major interests are spirituality, anyone who is interested in going to an ashram, in finding yoga and meditation teachers, etc can contact me, I am well connected with quite a few institutions, so I can help you out.


sight seeing, accomodation,entertainment,business information etc


I can help all those travellers who travel to India and need assistance in arrangement of Boarding n Lodging.

I can also be a travel companion to those who need the same.

mail me at


i'm originally from india(bangalore, 2 b more precise). I live in NY these days.
Gald to help in any way I can. If i can't help u personally(India is a huge, complicated country, even for me), I can definitely put u in touch with someone who can.


I lived in Rajasthan and travelled around North India for several months in 2001-2002. I'm currently living in Tamil Nadu teaching English. Let me know if you have any questions. I'm by no means an expert but can give suggestions or tell you about what I have learned.


When I say India, what i actually mean is Bombay, India. I've lived here all my life, commute downtown everyday and basically know the suburbs as well as town like the back of my hand. I passionately love this city and I love the idea of other people appreciating it the way I do. Feel free to contact me for any thing anyone might need to know about Bombay and i'll help to the best of my knowledge.


I have a company that offers customised holiday options for those planning to visit Kerala. We particularly focus on the developing Malabar region in the North of the State. If you need any sort of information about Kerala, please feel free to ask me.


Help Plan a complete tour programme all over India, with confirmed accommodation By Indian Railways. For various interests like WildLife, Ancient Monuments, Budhist Monastries, Mountain Trail, Beaches, Temples etc.


By giving information about the land,especially in Kerala .Here I mcan assist you by working as linguist or guide too.I am a Bachelor in English Literature


I am K.Padmapriya Living in Chennai (Capital of Tamilnadu southern part of India) People who like to visit Chennai for a tourism purpose i can do all the assistance towards their Accomadation, Tours and Travels. contact my mail id


Culture, food and accomodation


I have lived in India for most of my life, before coming to US. So, incase, you have questions about travel to India, may be I can be of help.


I can help anyway, contingent upon space and time


I have done lot of travelling throughout India since i come from an army family and have been transferred across the lenght and breadth of country. Would be able to specifcally knw oa lot about mumbai delhi, bangalore.


i have extraordinary knowledge of history,philosphical background,and theosphical knowledge of many parts and virtually all the religions of india.i have good command over english language and i can speak many indian languges.


I can provide fellow travellers with 'ground zero' information about places like Bangalore and Kerala. Can also provide information about other common places such as Mumbai, Delhi, Ooty, Madras and Pondicherry.


I live in Trivandrum, the Southern most part of India, ie in Kerala. I am basically a wildlife researcher but having wide range of interests in indigenous people, indigenous food, history, life in rural and remote villages. For the past 20 years i have travelled most of the remort parts of the Western Ghats and rural areas of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. I can help travellers require information on Forests and wildlife of the Western Ghats, Interesting places (Natural/historical) in Tamil Nadu and Kerala.
For the timebeing thats all.


i can guide people to places in karnataka and andhrapradesh.


I can give all information regarding sight seeing and stay etc.

Additionally if travellers are interested for learning Practical meditation it can be given free of charge to them in Bangalore/Madras.


safe and economical travel details


Being an Indian citizen and well travelled across the country i know a lot about which places are worth seeing in the country, when to go, how to get there and what to do in India. Since i live in Mumbai, the so called commercial capital of India, I can tell u everything there is to know about this city.


i can help tham by providing information


i born n brought up in rajasthan can help lot people interested in western india especially rajasthan like places to visit , bargain tactics , cheap accomadation in few cities n in particular what to do n whom to connect in case of trouble


ive lived in india most of my life........travelled north and south india......i can probably give u backpackers some inside information bout inexpensive accomodation, local cuisine and most NON commercial interesting places to visit........feel free to ask.....


general advice on N India


I can help you in planning your trip to any place in India, even the lesser known destination, help by giving you a cheap travel option to Indian destinations. You can ask me questions on what, how and all about any destination in India. If required I can provide you with all help in bookings for travel and accomodation.


anyone travelling to india can contact me for any travel related querry. be it places to stay, places to see, living and dining solo, nightlife and other things to do in india.


You could ask me anything there is to know about India.....its a vast country with different types of people and each part of India...(north/south/east/west) is unique although Goa still happens to be my favorite. If you do intend to write to me...!!


Anything related to Kerala and most of South Indian places


Advice on good places to go,things to eat, places to stay in south India any general stuff

No India questions; but all the answers on India travel?

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  • For general travel information about India, have a look at our India Travel Guide with information maintained by Travellerspoint members, quick facts, featured photography, accommodation, blogs and more.
  • Check out the different accommodation options in India, including 158 hostels and 5687 budget hotels
  • Alternatively, you can also post a new thread in our active Travel Forums. If you specify India when posting your new topic, all Travel Helpers for India will be notified.