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Travel Helpers for Iraq

Travel Helpers Middle_East (15 Travel Helpers) Iraq

There are currently 3 Travel Helpers for Iraq. Please remember that these Travel Helpers provide information on a volunteer basis and when they take the time to help you that a thank you is highly appreciated! They are listed below in order of their last activity on Travellerspoint.


Two trips of 2 weeks to Iraqi Kurdistan in 2010 and 2014, so my info may be a bit dated but it's not a well known region.


Travelled in Kurdistani Iraq


Regular traveller to Middle east, fluent Arabic speaker and recently returned from a 2 month trip to Iraq and Jordan.(feb 04-Apr 04). Toured many locations in mid east, happy to give travel tips, language tips, local customs tips, and just about anything you can think of. Even tips on travel to Iraq as i just spent over a month there. Just ask. Aysar.

No Iraq questions; but all the answers on Iraq travel?

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