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There are currently 105 Travel Helpers for Italy. Please remember that these Travel Helpers provide information on a volunteer basis and when they take the time to help you that a thank you is highly appreciated! They are listed below in order of their last activity on Travellerspoint.


Hi all,

I love Italy and did many trips to various places in Umbria, Marche, Basilicata, Bologna, Venice, etc. More to come because I can't get enough of this wonderful country, its lovely people and the so delicious food. Ask me anything about religious and food festivals :-)

Thanks :-) Ingrid


I've made many visits to Italy (and will make more, always using public transport and focusing on historical and archaeological sites. I'm more than happy to help wherever I can.


4 trips to Italy , all to different regions, and tending where possible to be off the beaten track. A focus on regional foods and wines, and a desire to find whas around the next corner.


lived there and speak some of the language

Mr. Tobben

Traveled to Italy more than 20 times in my young life. Extensive knowledge about Italian cuisine, coffee, history and cultural history.


I've done a lot of travelling around North and Central Italy. I've also been down the Amalfi Coast to Pompeii and Naples.

I've used Italy as a base to travel into Switzerland, France and Slovenia. I'm also currently learning Italian in case anyone needs some basics...(I'm not v good though!)


Sorrento - Stayed at Domus Porto Salvo Hotel which is an abbey with several monks still living on the premises. It is a great location for day trips around the Naples/Amalfi area. Visited Pompeii, Ercolan, Positano, Amalfi, Isle of Capri. The room was comfortable and spotless. Great staff (english speaking and helpful) and free computer use 24/7. Very nice breakfast included. It is the perfect spot overlooking the Bay. I could easily have been happy there for a 2 week stay with day trips around the Campania area. I didn't have time to see every city I had hoped to unfortunately. The public transportation was easy and inexpensive. It is a good spot for the physically challenged. The hotel has been adapted although I would let them know in advance.


My husband is italian and we have lived in Italy for 2 years before moving back to the USA.


i love travelling, italy is my home country and it has so much to offer. I'd be glad to help you with suggestions about mayor cities and towns out of turist track, transportation sistem, climate and other general informations

Beer Bob

Though I am only 19, I have been to Italiy several times. My whole family loves the country and our many trips have taken me to several regions, with different people, food and culture. I'm also very interestes in Italian culture and history, so I can give suggestions to what to do where in Italy.


I lived in Italy for three months; there I got to know their culture, their language, their country.


I dont just visit country , i actually move there and live there . Normally 3-6 months in the country .Sometimes even longer .Italy is my favourite

Sheryl W

I am familiar with inexpensive hotels and restaurants and tips how to get to places like the Cinque terre, Florence, Rome and Tuscany. I have traveled there many times and my sister lived there for three years.


I am an expert guide to paths through the Valpolicella vineyards and I am always happy to share my knowledge of walks and cycle paths in the Verona, Valpolicella, Lake Garda and Monte Baldo area. l can also provide information about sight-seeing in towns nearby, such as Venice, Padova, Vicenza, Mantova, Bologna, Rovereto, Trento and Bolzano. Another of my hobbies is photography and you can see some of my best photos on my Walks page.


My name is Milos Pero, and I was born in Split Croatia in 1947. After learning to speak Italian and English during my university years, I started a tourist business working with Jugotours, Centrotourist and Mercator Turist International, first as a tourist guide in Italy, Croatia, Egypt, Turkey, Austria and Hungary.

I also have experience in guiding cruising groups along the Croatia's Adriatic coast. In 1992 after the War in Croatia and Bosnia started, I moved with my family to Milano, Italy. I now organize small size group tours (6-8 people) in Northern and Central Italy, especially in the Milan region, Northern lakes district, Venice and Tuscany.


It's amazing how much diversity there is in this small country. Having been living here for 6 years, I still have much to discover, but I've seen and experienced a lot of Bella Italia, and I can recommend great places not mentioned in any or most guide books - also other info/advice re accommodation (mostly budget) and other travel tips.


i can give information about place near where i live, place where i travel and information about restaurant!


I can recommend specific lodging options in Rome, Florence and Venice as well as transportation recommendations. I spent one week in Rome, one week in Venice, and three weeks in Florence - so my best advice on local info will be for Florence.


Travelled through Italy a couple of times.


I'm italian and I fairly travelled across my country


I'm a 27 years old Italian guy, living between Venice and Cortina D'Ampezzo, contact me if you need a helper on your travel for any city in Veneto region, for museum, shops, restaurants, every beautiful places in this incedible Italian area.


I backpacked through Italy for seven weeks from as far north as Turin to as far south as Agrigento when I was 18.


I can give suggestions about south Italy, especially Calabria and Tropea area.


I am a tour guide in Rome so if you need any help visiting my beautuful town just ask.


I have been traveling in a 'giro di Italia' for three months, with a baby, and known pretty much the whole country from top to bottom. If anyone is interested in knowing general information about Italy or specifics about an area or town, I will try to help with information I know. I have been in all major areas, and lots of small towns.


Living in Salento, I got to love its nature, people, traditions and the way of life. So I would like that people who want to come to Salento/puglia for vacation have more possibilities to discover not only the most famous places to visit in Salento, but also those unknown, but still very beautiful and fascinating, and also restaurants, things to do and places to visit, events in different seasons, tourist guides, about where to stay and how to get there, about quality price ratio, etc, and about life in Salento in general.

So if you have any question about Salento/Puglia, or if you need any assistance or advice regarding it, I am here to help you.


I am Italian, from Rome. Can help if you want to visit the eternal city. Apart from the well known area around the center, I could give tips to anyone who want to experience the real life of this city.


Most things Italian. I spent an entire summer backpacking just in Italy so I could learn more about it. I love Italia!


I studied in Rome for a semster, so I go to know my way around the city pretty well and I might be able to help people getting ready to study abroad or visit the area. I also traveled to almost all of the major cities in Italy. Let me know if I can help.


If you want to visit Siena with a very few money, and live the city staying not in a Hotel but in contact with people that will guide you to discover wonderful places, contact me :)


I have travelled to Rome numerous times and have got to know the area well so can recommend good restaurants and hotels as well as activities, especially those related to Roman history since I studied Classical Civilisation! I have also travelled to Sorrento, Naples, Delphi, the Amalfi Coast and the Vatican City :)


I´ve lived for four months in Florence. Also went around Rome, Milan, Siena, Verona, San Giminniano, etc. Any doubts? Just ask!


I've traveled through northern Italy (Como, Erba, Bellagio, and Milan) and also Venice, Florence, Cinque Terre, and Rome. I'd love to answer any questions a traveller might have and help them in their trip planning.


native especially for Sicily... ask me, I know where to go


I've been living in Italy for 29 years...


suggesting itineraries in Rome, giving information about prices and special evente in Rome, political and social information in Italy, itineraries in Umbria, Sardinia, Tuscia;giving web addresses for different towns in Itlay. I am a guest house owner: may I suggest the web site of my accomodation, and other kind of chceap accomodation I Know in Rome?


I live in Pietrelcina, birthplace of Padre Pio.
If you want to know anything, contact me in any language.


Need to know how far is it by bus from Toblach to Corvara


I am happy to answer questions about
traveling to the monuments, museums, and cemeteries in Italy that commemorate soldiers and civilians who fought in Italy during World War II (aka the Second World War, WW2).


Jeg kan hjelpe deg med tips om byer, badesteder, regioner og leiebilruter i Italia og byer og steder som kan kombineres på en lengre eller kortere ferie i dette landet.


Anything about Milan, but also about other cities, people, food, ...


Because I have been travelling a lot in my country: Italy.


I can help with tours was where worth while and things to do on your own. I traveled to Rome, Amalfi coast, FLorence, Venice, Lake Como and Milan.


I crossed the border from Switzerland, went to Verona, Venice, Assisi, Rome, Orvietto, Florence, Pisa, Genoa and took a ferry to Spain. I am VERY familiar with the chaotic places they call motorway stops. You WILL need help with them if you plan on driving in Italy. Contact me.


Information and tips about Venice, Treviso and the Dolomites


I lived a whole year in Milano and I travelled all around this beautiful country.


Studied for a year in Pisa and tavelled around extensively! Can pretty much help with any region!


I've been to Italy many times and particularly love Rome. I have also been to Florence and Venice. The most memorable time I've had though has been in the South - in Sicily (Palermo, Taormina), The Amalfi coast, Sorrento and Naples.


I live in Italy, maybe I can have some useful information


British by birth but now living near Venice - lots of frinds come to venice so I am getting to know it pretty well - happy to help if I can


Hello!!!I love Italy!!!spent some time in Rome, Milan, Lake Como, Brunate and Vatican City so if your looking for some advice on bars, shopping, sightseeing, transport etc and of course some good places to indulge in some yummy pizza and good wine, give me a shout!


I am fairly comfortable with Rome, Italy after seven consecutive trips.


info about sardinia and other places in my country


I have worked and lived in italy.

You're most welcome to ask me about living in Italy, transport, jobs, things to do, culture, music and virtually anything!


Accomodation, car hire, city attraction tips


I live and work in Tuscany and know the area and lots of beautiful places to see and stay.


I've spent some time traveling around Northern Italy and can suggest some must see attractions in the cities of Florence, Siena, Venice, Milan, and Bologna, as well as provide info on which of these attractions require reservations or have any other special needs. Also some general tips for traveling around Italy by train, and general info about the country so one knows what to expect.


General life in Italy, especially Rome, accomodation, getting around, what to see...


I have studied abroad and traveled through the majority of Italy. I like to travel cheaply (but not living in bus stations) and enjoy spending money on good food and adventure vs. a "pope-ner" (a bottle opener with the Pope on it...seriously, they sell them).


Suggestions from an inside eye


I live in Tuscany and I lived 1 year in Rome. I can help you to plan your holidays in my region and in the centre of Italy, and I can provide you more general informations about the rest of Italy.I can reply both in english and spanish


I crossed Italy from north-west to the south,walking,so I have good knowledge about there,for landscapes,Italians habits,as far as it's in my experience,ask me!I also speak a bit of Italian.


Hi everybody!! Planning a visit to Italy? And thinking to visit more than popular sites? Would you like to know the secret Italy? As a member of two trekking association here in Rome ( - I can give you many suggestion about very special places around Rome and more...Byeee!!


Information about Vicenza


I am the author of A Journey into Michelangelo's Rome, a travel book about the artist and the city. I've traveled extensively in Italy -- particularly Rome, Florence, and Venice. I often take small groups to Italy, too. I can make suggestions for places to stay as well as things to do.

In addition, I have traveled through much of Europe and Asia and can offer general travel tips.


I am a senior former backpackage Italian woman. I know my Country where I have been traveling since my teen. As I live I Genova, in the Liguria region, it is possible for me to be even more detailed about this area. Besides it is possible for me to provide up to date information and tips about visiting Italy, traveling by bus, train, its natural spots and habits I do hope to be helpful to the ones who ask for traveling advise to me


Any advice on accomodation or travel in Sicily, I have moved here last year based in Cefalu on the north coast and looking to encourage more travellers to come and visit the Gem of the Med.



I'm a Italian Web designer (always on internet), and i live in Rome from 4 year (rest of my life i live in south of Italy in Puglia).

So i know well Italy, cost, and live... if someone need some help, send me a message immediatly!


I am Italian and I know rather well my country, expecially the Nothern and Central part
I have spent several months in Ecuador, expecially in the province of Pichincha and the area of Mindo.

Vinny Casa

travelled extensively through Venice - Rome - Amalfi Coast - Florence - Pisa - Pompeii


I'm living in Rome, and I think I know it really good


been here for long enough...17.01.2008.....6 years.....
been living a life of partying and more important been hanging around young people from all over the much that as you can see my english has gotten a lot better....I was working on a pubcrawl for a long time, i was a guide and a tour promoter...i run a bar in the center for a while(bad experinece if you ask me cause i'm not used to work as much as you have to running a bar)....don't ask me to tell you a lot about history cause i hate it but i could find out anything or connect you with somebody who can answer you...if you wanna know about partying here i'm your guy...thanks...hope i get to help somebody.....


been here for long enough...17.01.2008.....6 years.....And i said i'll won't stay in rome more than a a lot of people i know here.So, i've been living a life of partying and more important been hanging around young people from all over the much that as you can see my english has gotten a lot better....I was working on a pubcrawl for a long time, i was a guide and a tour promoter...i run a bar in the center for a while(bad experinece if you ask me cause i'm not used to work as much as you have to running a bar)....i don't know everything i could find out or connect you with somebody who can answer you...if you wanna know about partying in rome i'm your guy...thanks...


Hola! I'm a spaniard living in Italy for the last 4 years. All questions and doubts regarding Milano and Northern Italy are welcome!


I live in Rome and I can suggest about the eternal city, I was born in Naples and i can suggest about this city and surronded


You can find more info that i can give on the net. But if you want some idea for iteneraries, timings, etc. ask me.


I live in the west part of Sicily. I will answer all kinds of question.


Born and bred in Rome and into travel, ask me anything :)


I went to Venice, Verona, Pisa, Florence, Sienna, Grosetto, Rome, Capri and Naples including Pompeii and Vesuvius over a period of 3 weeks. I can help with general travel info and places to stay, things to see etc.


Ciao! I'm living in Italy for 1 year. If you have any question about Rome, why you dnt ask me!


I've done a lot of travelling around Europe over my life, and Italy is my favourite place to visit, I've been to most places, but my speciality is Tuscany, from the mountains, to the beaches, to the cities. I know pretty much everything about it!


I am Italian and I have visited almost all my country considering that my home town is in the south and the place were I live now is in the north, Rimini, In addition to that I know pretty much the western Europe and the Scandinavian countries


I will try and help you plan an enjoyable trip by giving suggestions concerning places to visit, eat, and stay. I am from Finland, but I also know a great deal about central Italy (Rome, Florence, Cinque Terre, Pisa, Rimini, Venice) and some parts of Russia. I have also been to somewhat exotic places like Mongolia or Iceland, of which I am glad to share my experiences!



Informations about Bologna


Spent 3 yrs living and travelling in Italy.


I am a travel agent and possess extensive knowledge on all regions of Italy. Although I can plan any sort of tour to Italy and enjoy doing so, my particular area of expertise is food and wine tours.


I am Italian and I know a lot about my Country. I can provide you with tricks and tips to make your travel in Italy as much close to the Italian life as you order not to enjoy only the beauty of the arts and monuments, but also to try and enjoy a full immersion in the country of sun, pizza and beautiful pple.


I know every little corner in southern Italy as I traveled there with my family for years as a child and re visit several times as an adult. I can tell you about places, villages and towns you cannot miss! while visiting the region of Campania. I know where you should be going for Italian cooking courses, vineyard tours and good but affordable accommodations.


I live in Naples (Napoli) and I'm an expert of Napoli, its Gulf with Ischia,Capri and Procida and the Amalfi Coast. I can provide help, local infos,host and guide people.
This is not my job, I just Love it.


Happy to share information about places to stay and eat in the Marche region of Italy. Lots of great b & bs, hotels, agriturismos etc.

Even better recommendations for restaurants in and around Ancona plus area close to us at San Ginesio.


I can help you for travelling in Italy that is my country. Well'to be onest i've travelled around europe and alot of places around the world as jordan thailand australia peru bali mexico guatemala usa canada ....


I live in the 5 terre since 1992, it is a wonderful place !
If you are planning a trip here I can help.

Maloney 4

Hello my name is Steve Mc Evoy and I live in London.For the last three years I have visited the Aeolian Islands,off Sicily,and found it a fascinating archapelgo of seven islands,with a lovely pace of life especially in the low season(Oct to May).There are lovely beaches walks and mountain treks to be explored.Each island has a different aura and they are named Vulcano,Lipari, Salina,Panerea,Stromboli,Alicudi and Filicudi.I have visited the first five and hopefully will visit the last two in 2006.If anyone requires information on these islands please contact me.

On the other hand I would like some details on the crossing of the border in Cyprus as the Karpas Peninsula on the north side appeals greatly to me.Is it easy to cross or is there a three hour interrogation before entry is permitted.

Thanks for any help forthcoming.

Stephen Mc Evoy.


Living in Italy and traveling throughout Europe for three months provided me with knowledge of housing, transportation, as well as fun and interesting things to do. I won't say I'm an expert on Italy (few are), but I definately can provide some valuable insight to those visiting that country.

Top Travel

I can help you with any information your require regarding sightseeing cruises along the Amalfi Coast (including Capri) and sail/ motor boat charters all over Italy.


Being Italian and having travelled a lot around my country, I wish to help foreigners, especially in finding places that aren't that popular worldwide but special!


I can help especially about Roma


I have visited and travelled around Tuscany many times now, I love Cortona the most and would love to find something for work in the area. I have alot of info on surrounding cities and could help someone find their way around. I would love to know more about this thankx Rose


If you are looking for accommodation, restaurants, shop or anything else in Tuscany, I would be pleased to help everyone in find out the right hotel, agriturismo or B&B in my region and give information in these threads. When you will be here you may contact me for any help you need


Several long trips to Italy in past 25 years, off for 5 weeks end of June.
More info in Aug. 2004

No Italy questions; but all the answers on Italy travel?

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