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Travel Helpers for Mongolia

Travel Helpers Asia (118 Travel Helpers) Mongolia

There are currently 10 Travel Helpers for Mongolia. Please remember that these Travel Helpers provide information on a volunteer basis and when they take the time to help you that a thank you is highly appreciated! They are listed below in order of their last activity on Travellerspoint.


Travelled extensively in Mongolia for a month in early 2013


I am Taskhyn . I do organize trekking, horse riding, jeep adventure tours in western Mongolia. Main attractions are Golden Eagle Festival and Trekking in Mongol Altai Mountains. I have been guiding and been tour leader for 7 years. I am local and very familiar with local custom and landscape.


Dear travelers,
I kindly invite all travelers who desire to discover another world, Mongolia. Mongolia is a country blessed with a varied and stunning countryside, from rugged mountain ranges and sweeping steppes to ancient freshwater lakes and fossil-strewn desert. The land of untouched nature, unique nomadic culture and people are waiting to be explored by you.

I have been organized the tours with my professional staff in our beautiful country since 2006 and already have 10yrs of experience in tourism. I can advise you about your next adventure in Mongolia.
Welcome to another world, Mongolia.


Hello, I am 23 years old man. I will help for tourists in Mongolia until September, 2016. If you have any question about Mongolia, Mongolians and travel in Mongolia, contact me. I can be one of the best guider.


I live in Mongolia and I've been working in Tourist Info Center for the whole summer of 2014...


I have been guiding in Mongolia since 2003. I have been almost all over Mongolia. If you need any help, or any question about Mongolia please feel free.


Tips for planning a getaway into the Gobi or White Lake area by 4WD Van.

Reviews of a couple of Guesthouses - 2007

We're not gurus but we had a ball in Mongolia


I travelled through Mongolia in August 2009 on the trans - mongolian.

I can offer advice on planning a trans mongolian trip.


Entered in the far West using a border that is only open to local traffic in a RHD 2CV. After the car died we hired a jeep and driver and crossed the country in a 75 hr almost non stop journey. Lots of info but no idea about hotels, sites etc! (except UB!)


We offer a variety of trips throughout Mongolia. Moreover, we can assist you in case of planning, making itinerary, hiring cars, cheap and good accommodations, transfers, sightseeing etc.

No Mongolia questions; but all the answers on Mongolia travel?

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