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There are currently 58 Travel Helpers for Netherlands. Please remember that these Travel Helpers provide information on a volunteer basis and when they take the time to help you that a thank you is highly appreciated! They are listed below in order of their last activity on Travellerspoint.


I've lived in the Netherlands for most of my life. Which means I hardly knew anything about the country. And then I got to play tourguide for a friend who came over from the USA for two weeks, and suddenly I had a much better idea of what's worthwhile to do and where's good to visit. :)


I live in the Netherlands and have visited all provinces and most cities, like Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam. Living in Utrecht, I know most about that province/city.


I love this country, I've been there twice, and i'm sure I'll come back. No words to describe how Amsterdam, and other places nearby like Delft, Edam, Monickendam...


Where to stay in Holland's 'Green Belt'.
Rail travel.
Rotterdam, Utrecht, Leiden, Arnhem.


For a change, I don't live in Amsterdam, but in a smaller city in the centre of the country: Utrecht. It is worth visiting, since it is one of the oldest cities of the country, and has a convenient small centre. (You can walk anywhere). It hosts one of the biggest universities of the country and breaths the students life through the numerous restaurants, bars and clubs.


I moved to The Netherlands at the beginning of Feb 2008, I spend most weekends being a tourist so can help out with getting around and what to see, if I can't help directly I can ask around and help you with your research


I spent three months living here, and working in the tulip bulb factories.


I have been living in Netherland since forever so I should know something.


Hi! I'm from Zoetermeer. It's a city with it's ups and downs, and close to the Hague (Den Haag).
If you ever need any advice on Zoetermeer, or the Netherlands in general; Ask me a question! We'll be happy to help!!


I can make an initiary for you, give ideas about visiting countries nearby The Netherlands and look after specific questions.


I have spent time living abroad in the Netherlands. My Netherland's blog gives detailed information on travel and living, extensively for Den Haag.


I have lived in Amsterdam for the past 12 years, and could probably answer whatever practical question about the city that you come up with. Regarding the rest of the Netherlands, I'm knowledgeable on issues of transport, bureaucracy, history, culture, sightseeing and general itinerary planning. Don't bother asking me any party-related questions!


Just ask, I live in the netherlands


Lived there all my life :-)


I am a city guide for Rotterdam and know the town and the wider area very well, including Delft and the windmills of Kinderdijk. I can also give tips to visitors of any other part of Holland.


I can help you with lots of info, to solve questions you have or even to show you arround if I am free.


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a few things about coming, staying and going. more about my favorite dull spot of all times - - - Eindhoven!


I live in Venlo, in the south of Holland but sometimes I am in Amsterdam and Utrecht, so maybe can I help you if you go there.


I live in Amsterdam, so if you want to see the real city and see more than just that silly red light district I can give you advices. I also know the rest of holland and europe kinda well..


Giving info about my own country and the countries ive visited by holidays


Lived in several parts of the country (from north to south). Tips on where to go and how to get there.
Travelled around Europe as well.


I live in the Netherlands and I'm studying Tourism. Manager touristic marketing and communication. Therefore I need to know a lot of the touristic aspects of The Netherlands as well as what we have to offer. Since there are a lot of people who can help me with Japan I would love to help in return to help with The Netherlands


Rotterdam is my hometown. Like to meet people from around the world and show them my city :)
Also the Netherlands is not that big country.. so i can also show some more about the country.
Just contact me ;-)


Enschede. I have been there only for a short visit, but know some nice souvenir shops. :)


I entered from Belgium via bus, I know a bit about Amsterdam and the highway system there as that is how we go around.


I lived in Gouda, Zuid-Holland for almost 5 years and spent most my time travelling around Holland, Western Germany, Belgium, and Northern France for work and pleasure. If you have any questions, just ask.



my home for the last 22 years


Any serious jet-set questions regarding Netherlands


I have been living in the Netherlands for over 18 years so if you need sight, museum or inside knowledge just ask.


I have hosted many bicycle tours in Holland- mostly Bike and Barge trips and would be happy to advise you on travel there.
You can go to my website- and see our trips to Holland and contact us from there. Our site also includes helpful info on bicycle travel.


i can help with everything.I live in the centre Amsterdam-Utrecht and come from Maastricht,so from both areas I know a lot.Information about culture,design,nice little restaurants,small-scale alternative tourisme.


Living here at the moment as an au pair.


Living in The Netherlands for 38 years now I think
I could be of some help, just ask and I will do my best
to give you the answer you are looking for!
The city I live in the moment is Amsterdam. . . .


Any help in accomodation, especially in Amsterdam, well connected in the city. Any other info about clubs, bars, pubs, fun etc.


I have been to amsterdam five times now and have family there.


Anyone travelling through the Netherlands, I'd like to meet! I'd like to show you around in my home country. Am looking specifically for experienced travellers in India or China, anyone else welcome too.


The Netherlands is my home country. Just ask me and I will do anything that I can to help you with.


I live there, so I know a lot about the coutry. It is a small country but there is more to see then just amsterdam :) I also can tell you something about other european country's I visited like Italy, spain, France, Germany, Belgium and the UK.


I lived in the Netherlands for three years of my life. I am fluent in the language and go there to visit family and friends every year.


For questions about The Netherland (or Amsterdam in specific), don't hesitate to ask me ...
If you're in for a beer, let me know!


This is my home country. I live in the northern part of the country, which is not visited as much. (too far from Amsterdam I guess..), but I can also answer questions on other parts of the country.


Everything that's interesting about the Netherlands, what is nice to see. Also some knowlege about Belgium and western/northern Germany, French Loire-area.

Specific information about cycling and other outdoor activities in these countries.
(About redlight district and potcoffeeshops I've got no reliable -first-hand - information sorry).


Ask me anything you want to know!


I'm a Dutch native and I can help you get around in the Netherlands (and beyond) by rail or by bus. I live in Amsterdam and I use public transportation daily.


Informations about Amsterdam


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Lived there one year, traveled often


Having been born and raised in this country, please ask me anything travel related. My family is from Amsterdam, but I grew up in the south. Just to give you an idea of areas that I know about.


I live in the Netherlands, any questions you may have I can help you. I can also help you with the USA because I have been there many, many times and have travelled all over the States.


I know a lot about Friesland (in the north of the Netherlands) because I grew up in this part. Also I am a fan of the Wadden Sea area, especially the island Vlieland. Nowadays I live and work in Amsterdam.
So, if you want to travel to the northern part of the Netherlands you van always send me an e-mail.


I have been associated with the travel industry since 1949. Travelled extensively, and lived in many countries. I don''t know everything, but can contribute much. My travel site is


Information about South (Zuid) Limburg


I can give you info about the country. I can help you guide Amsterdam. And more.


I can answer to questions about Amsterdam and Netherlands: places to visit,...


Information about different subjects regarding the country.

No Netherlands questions; but all the answers on Netherlands travel?

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