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Travel Helpers for Pakistan

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There are currently 23 Travel Helpers for Pakistan. Please remember that these Travel Helpers provide information on a volunteer basis and when they take the time to help you that a thank you is highly appreciated! They are listed below in order of their last activity on Travellerspoint.


Twice I have visited this incredible country. Its well worth a visit, especially for nature lovers and people who want to know the trough behind the propaganda.
I can provide plenty of recommendations for the stunning north of the country, as well as general knowledge as well as some extras ;o)


I have been working tourism from the last 08 years, I have good experience in tourism in Pakistan and almost visited all the tourist places and done 80% of the trekking routes in the Northern Pakistan.

It will be a great pleasure to help any traveller in Pakistan. Please feel free to write to me or call me.

My email is: [email protected]
Mobile: 0092 3214364658


I live in Pakistan and have travelled here extensively, especially the North( Gilgit, Chitral,Skardu etc)Will be glad to assist you in your travel plans to Pakistan


I've travelled all over this beautiful country although my home base is Lahore, the historical city in the world. I may be available for Lahore guidance.


I can be a good guide if somebody wants to travel to south punjab in Pakistan


Traveled through Pakistan during Emergency Rule 2007. Anyone need any tips or advice, jsut let me know?


Any thing about it, places to see, hotels, internet cafe. food, any thing


Hey everyone I'm from Pakistan and after reading the travel introduction about Pakistan I felt an urge to join this website and let the whole world know all the amazing sides of my Beautiful country. Always remember every country has social, economical and political issues and there always are good and bad things in every part of this planet.
As I can communicate in English, French, Spanish, Urdu (Hindi) and Punjabi I can help maximum number of people out there who want to know anything about Pakistan ... Go Green :)
Thank You :)


Been a tour Guide since 1989 I manage a tourism company in Pakistan. I have travelled to most of Pakistan. I still live here,


ican help because ilive here and ican speak english and know the places well
ican transalate urdu into english


Anybody wishing to come to pakistan can contact me at [email protected] or cell phone 0092-300-8447849. Please feel free to talk---cheap accomodations---and I can act as a complete resource person---translator totally free of charge on voluntary basis. I am a 34-year old male journalist based in Lahore--proficient in english--it is my hobby to be a guide..
My contacts or local influence, if any use to you, I will be very glad to help or guide



I want travel companions/partners for pakistan... i ve been to many countries but havent seen my own yet. Northern pakistan is a surface paradise... i can be a travel helper too, i understand almost all the languages spoken in pakistan... will help on every level. [email protected]


I know how to guide and how to help for visiting Pakistan as it is my country.


I can provide tourists and travelers on how to move around pakistan. What places to visit and what to avoid. Provide information on almost every aspect of toursim in Pakistan


Having travelled extensively to the country Pakistan is a wonderful place to visit. However it saddens me to see that most would know Pakistan as being a dangerous country to visit despite it beinf an emerging economy and at the centre of Asia offering great commercial, industrial and economic opportunities, however something that most are not aware of is that Pakistan is also a lost secret with many exciting journeys and adventures to be had.

Trace Alexander’s steps into the sub-continent; see the cradle of Buddhist civilization relish the exciting food, feel welcomed by local hospitality, experience local culture and marvel at the natural beauty of the Northern areas. Many believe Pakistan to be a inhospitable place a peerless journey however scratch the surface and you will see a completely different picture… Beautiful Beeches, marinas, ski resorts, hillside resorts, hiking, hang-gliding, polo @ 20000 Feet, swim with dolphins in sindh and a lot more all in one Country.


The places to see, about season, people, everything except the advice on hotels, accomodation.


We can organise the stay (best & safe), guide and even help arrange most reliable/suitable persons accompanying tourists on their tours here


i can tell you the in and out, what to look for and where to have fun, how to save money and many more..... Pakistan has so much to offer apart from our warmth :)


I can provide you useful information and reliable contacts in Pakistan to help you organizing your trips to Pakistan across the KKH.


We know the obstacles cycling travellers may encounter from Karachi to Lahore


I can help as a translator and can give my company for whole tour.I also know many nie spots in Lahore, karachi and Islamabad. I can easily talk in English to urdu and Urdu to English. So you can contact me on my number in pakistan that is zero,tripple three,Eight six,eight two,Eight seven zero.


Trip info ( Distances, roads, food and lodging, cost, many, many more things)


iam a citizen of pakistan and i am basically living in a beautiful village of balochistan called(nazarbad)i can give any type of info about pakistan balochistan and my village and i can also be a guaide.

No Pakistan questions; but all the answers on Pakistan travel?

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