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There are currently 52 Travel Helpers for Philippines. Please remember that these Travel Helpers provide information on a volunteer basis and when they take the time to help you that a thank you is highly appreciated! They are listed below in order of their last activity on Travellerspoint.


I can help on general info on what to do and where to go around the Philippines. Or I may be able to provide suggestions on the best place to go.


Hi, I live in the Philippines and does backpacking around the country as a monthly hobby. If you wish to know more about off-the-beaten outdoor destinations in the country, feel free to ask. Or you could visit my website at

Kate T.

I live in Quezon City, Philippines (Luzon) and I pretty much travelled around the country. I can help travelers by giving them tips on where to go, what food to eat, where to stay, what to do and what places and things to avoid.


If you are traveling here Palawan, I can assure you that I can be your guide or I can help you about anything, it may be about restaurants, hotels, recreation, and many more...try to visit my site it gives information while you are here in Palawan.


Mabuhay!!!! Be glad to be of help to anyone who wish to explore the Philippines. Cheers!!! - Amy


I've been three times, in total about 16 weeks, to this amazing archpelago, named the Philippines!
I will be happy to help anybody with questions regarding the numerous islands, transportation, culture, etc...


I dont just visit country , i actually move there and live there . Normally 3-6 months in the country .Sometimes even longer


hi call me beth,a very adventures lady who cant wait to get her feet wet all the time.I'm a backpacker,a tour guide,a travel buddy,a tour organizer and an event planner.feel free to keep in touch! i've been around the Philippines and have explored most parts of it.


As a traveller, I detest rip-offs, having been a victim too many in the past, locally and internationally - specially China and Hong Kong. To avoid pitfalls, ask the experienced victim of rip-offs! ...or, the one who is very much familiar with rip-offs so you, the foreign traveller, could be a lot happier with an enjoyable visit to my country! If only being ripped-off could lead to a college degree, I could have earned a PhD! :-)


I can help you with information that is very different from the press releases or some postings claimed by travel sites.

I have been to most of our major islands in the south and have travelled by land, air and sea and can help you plan by helping you with what to expect and how much.


I have traveled to so many places in the Philippines, and still continuing to do so!


places to visit/affordable place to stay


I am a tourist driver and i am frequent in most of the tourist attraction in Luzon province.


im from Cebu, born and grow up here...i can help you with cheap accommodation and tourist spots...

feel free to drop me a line.


I went on holiday here seven years ago and have lived here ever since.


I traveled there many times and to many places, now i live there.


I love sports but didn't know how to play billiards at all. Then my friends invited me to a place at taft manila, a very convenient place and a very accessible one. We saw this classy looking billiard place with very friendly environment, took a look at the prices and was surprise to see how affordable the prices are. Tried it and didn't regret it, found out they have a website so it's very easy to locate by just looking at the location map in it! You guys might wanna check it out!


My friends and I have been scouting and travelling the islands of the Philippines and have references that I can share to those who wants to visit the country.


I'm a local backpacker. I've been to almost all the islands of the Phlippines. I've climbed the highest mountains and swum our best beaches. And although, the Lonely Planet has a lot to say about the Philippines, there are a lot more things the foreigner has to learn about my country (from a local's perspective). I think everyone would agree with me if I said that all backpackers want to steer clear of swindlers and costly hospitality. I think the Philippines is not alone. Most World Heritage sites are infested with swindlers and people who would appear to be kind but would charge you an arm and a leg. In the Philippines, I am probably the best at avoiding or dealing with them when it is impossible to avoid them. Check out my mini homepage I posted pictures of my travels around the three major island groups of the Philippine archipelago. I hope that travellerspoint could be the start of my dream of being a part of a network of volunteer travel assistants willing to give valuable information WITHOUT PAY around the globe. I, myself, am planning to explore the world starting next year. I've always been cautious and hesitant in delving into this world of international travel because I have been exposed to how nasty commercial tourism is in my country. I hope that other backpackers out there would also be willing to extend help to the budget traveler in their country. I feel sorry for those foreigners who come to my country and spend more than they should have because of lack of friendly information. I don't see the point why seeing the beauty of paradise Earth should be of monetary value.


dear fellow travellers,
i'am a native of the Philippines and i have a vast knowledge of my country. i'am a public teacher here and i teaches social science and under the teaching program one of my subject is th History of the Philippines, not only that i'am a well traveled person and i knew every regions of my country and particularly the culture, traditions , religions the languages, the ethnic filipino groups and many more. i am very willing to help everyone who ask for any information about my beloved country.

thanks, ricardo s.f. dela cruz jr.


I would like to be of help to those who are interested and thinking about travelling to our country. Where to go, what to do..etc feel free to send me a message.


I spend one month on the Philippines, and knowe the do and don'ts in that country !!


I'm a part-time tourist van driver in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, and I could be a big help to take you to the best places Palawan can offer, where to stay depending on you preferences, best dining places, etc., plus, during surf season lets do surfing I could lend you my board!


best province to live in regarding, rentals, sales, shopping, cosmopolitan living, beaches, resorts, hotels, diving, restaurants, cost of living, language


I was born and raised in the Philippines, traveling to other countries in Asia and the US once in a while. I love traveling and meeting new people. If you wanna know more about the Philippines (especially universities, shopping, clubbing), just send me a message.


General travel information: Paul was born and raised in the country.


Im a filipino, born and raised in the capital Manila, have travelled extensively, mostly on the biggest of the three main island groups, Luzon. I have tieups with the geographic sector of the state university, for reaserch and academic tourists. Id be glad to help tourists who want information on road trip itineraries, both main attractions and off the beaten track. Enjoy!


Manila can be a crazy city for starters and the Philippines, an obscure place where not many things are known. The archipelago has only started to embrace the tourism challenge and therefore only slowly building the infrastructure to be as tourist-friendly as the other cities in the Southeast Asian region.

Somehow, the lack of information is daunting and even experienced travelers get to have 2nd thoughts about embarking on an exciting journey in the Philippines. But I, along with several backpacking friends, can offer our knowledge and time so that your trip to the Philippines would be an enjoyable, meaningful and fruitful one.


I am from Manila and can provide advice on when to go, what to do, where to stay, eat and of course -- shop!


Philippines? I can help you out. on good places(common places or uncommon, but cool place!)


I've been travelling all over the Philippines since i can remember. Should you have any questions or assistance, just ask away and i'll do my best to help you. Take care!!!


I'm a travel medicine doctor by trade and I love the Philippines, having traveled there many times to study infectious diseases and of course enjoy the experience of being there. Ask me about any 'disease' questions you might have and I should be able to help. I know the most about Manila and a few of the surrounding provinces.


best airline to take, the cheapest airline, places to go, event to watch out


i'm from the Philippines and can answer questions especially if your travelling in the south portion of the country.


I'm born, raised and probably die in the Philippines. I love to travel around the country. But i stick to with tight budget. Love to climb mountains and go to beaches. I more into nature tripping.

If you need any help feel free to contact me here or..
call me: 00639208807935

would love to be of help and maybe we could be friends...


i used to work in the Philippine Department of Tourism in the last 10 years before moving to more or less i can give some points in visiting the country.


I have lived there for the last 5 years on several of the main island. Luzon, Leyte, Samar,Bohol,Negros,Cebu....I can help in specific ways or in general ways of what is avaialbe, what life is like, what the people are like, pitfalls to avoid, how the culture works in general etc


you can ask me if you want to know about travelling to siargao and camiguin islands in philippines.


Places in the Philippines:
- Travel tips
- Personal assistance and guide
- Destination Planning


I was born and raised in Manila. Can help with Manila generally, where to shop, places to see, beaches in the Philippines, etc. Just drop a line!


Spent 6 months on various islands in the Philippines, so ask me if you have any questions concerning visa, islands+places, recommendations, people, food etcetc.


I grew up in Manila but Ive been around the countryside as well...which are very lovely and breathtaking places...pls feel free to ask what you want to know about the country, Ill be glad to answer your queries...


I know everything there is to know about this country!


Dear Travellers, welcome and explore Philippines...i am a reservation officer and customer service representative of a travel agency based on manila..i know lot beautiful,resort and golf clubs and can help you make a cheap reservations and accommodation and tours.I can provide you all information and travel tips you needed.So if you plan to explore Philippines please send me an email at and contact me at #.63916-8388839..and have a memorable stay in "Pearl of the Orient Seas"..Philippines..


i can suggest which hotel to stay


I know about the central part of the Philippines, the Visayan Islands (Cebu, Bohol, Negros and Siquijor), where I lived for a year. Information I can help with includes restaurants, restorts, tourist spots and dive spots, as well as gernarl information about the culture


Hi! I was born in and live in the Philippines. I like travelling so I can share info re: best places to see and stay, food to eat, etc. in most parts of the country. Wish you'd really come and see our lovely country.


I have toured the Philippines and is quite knowledageable about the place.... I can help. just e-mail me: Ken chan 63917-4688107


I was born there. I lived there till I was 20. I also went to school there. I had the chance to travel the main islands (Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao).

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