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There are currently 27 Travel Helpers for Poland. Please remember that these Travel Helpers provide information on a volunteer basis and when they take the time to help you that a thank you is highly appreciated! They are listed below in order of their last activity on Travellerspoint.


I live in Poland whole my life and I think that I know my country quite well,so write me your questions about Poland and I will try to answer you:).You can read a lot informations on my thread:forums-Europe-"What do you want know about Poland".


I've been living in Poland since I was born, travelling a lot - especially in Polish mountains (I'm a passionate mountains wanderer, but also seaside and most major Polish cities. Currently I live in Warsaw and in my free time run a Warsaw dedicated blog.


I am Polish.If you need any info regarding accomodation, travelling, etc.
I live in Kraków, so can help especially people travelling to this city, and the region of Malopolska(Lesser Poland). Yet I have been to many places in the whole country - so just ask the questions, I will do my best to help.


Hi there. I live in Poland and i used to work as a tour leader. I have worked in a travel agency for a year. I live in Krakow and this is why I know this city best. I can help, however, with other cities as well.


I will be in Poland for a month on April 15th. and want to make sure not to miss anything, what must I see and do?


Write me if you need any information about how to organize your travel to POLAND:
- economic flights
- things to do & places to see
- hotels and accommodations
- restaurants
- nightlife (pubs, discos, casinos)
- transportation & excursions
- warnings & dangers
I'll do my best to help you:)


Spent three months teaching and travelling around Poland, can help if your backpacking


Warsaw, Poland... try to visit it not in the wintertime! Need help around Poland? Easy, just drop me a line! :-)


I live in Warsaw but can help finding accomodation or any information round Poland.


Would you like to visit Krakow and South Poland. Are you looking for advise what to see, hot to get to Krakow, how to spend the time here. Just ask - I will answer for all your questions.


I'm born and live in Warsaw, if you looking for accomodation: or for guide send me an e-mail


Please feel free to contact me if you´d like to travel the north-eastern part of Poland.


find the best inexpensive & proven accommodation in Krakow or go to


If you need and information about my town or my region just aske me. If you want me to translate something for you just ask me.


I am travelling to Warsaw not to the city you mentioned.
I am from Pittsburgh, PA. Lived for many years in Sweden, and currently work in the US. I do not mind to visit other cities if that will be in my budget limit.Of course as we better know each other I will give u more information about myself. I know little about u too and will feel more comfortable to know more.


Want to find cheap accomodation in private rooms with bathroom and tv in the centre of Krakow?Check website Want to know more about Poland?Write to me:


I am a Pole, and I think that I know the country well. Feel free to ask me whatever you would like to know, about the place!


I am Polish, i might be able to answer any questions about Poland/Czech/Slovakia...


If you have any questions concerning south part of Poland peculiarly eco-tourism, farm tourism, alternative tourism far away from big cities do not hesitate to ask. I also run tourist office ( so i can help to organize your stay.


I can give you some basic info about Poland and where to go. Been born and raised in Poland, it's a beautiful country, but right now im stuck in upstate new york.


Any business contacts, sightseeing, accomodation. I am a US citizen living back in my native country.


I cooperate with culture association, which helps travellers in Cracow.


information about all the country...


I come from Poland and lived there for 22 years so anything you want to know I will be probably able to help you


As I am Belgian from birth and already live considerable time with my Polish wife in Warsaw, Poland - I can give extensive advice on both countries.

No Poland questions; but all the answers on Poland travel?

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