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There are currently 49 Travel Helpers for Portugal. Please remember that these Travel Helpers provide information on a volunteer basis and when they take the time to help you that a thank you is highly appreciated! They are listed below in order of their last activity on Travellerspoint.


I can help everyone who wants to know a little more from this litlle but rich country - and there is much more than Algarve to see!

David Monteiro

Hi, I'm a proffessional Tour Leader and and I love my country.
Besides my own country, my passions are walking, biking History, photography, writing, cooking and wine.For many year I've been travelling allover Portugal and Spain sharing this cultures with my guests.
I'll be glad to answer you questions.
Enjoy Portugal and the Portuguese :)


I am a geographer so i had to study in detail my country, i have been to all the districts in Portugal and i live in the biggest city in the country.


I live in Lisbon, Portugal. I know well Portugal including the island. So I can help with tips and information about the country.
I think I can also provide info about Former African Portuguese Colonies (Cabo Verde, Guine, S. Tomé e Principe, Angola e Moçambique)


My girlfriend is Portuguese and knows the country well, especially the Algarve.


It's my home country and I think I know it reasonably well. At least enough to give some tips on it.


If you need help about what to do and see in and around Lisbon just let me know.


I can help with some information from Portugal. I know many cities and also good places with beautiful landscapes. I'm used to camping in some of the great places of Portugal so I also can help you with that.


I was born and lived in Portugal for 12 years and experienced the country as a resident and tourist. I know the north of Portugal particularly well. I have taken several of my friends to enjoy my native country, so know about a lot of different activities and the best places for food, of course!


Lisbon and surroundings, and some other places in the country


Of course I can help you about traveling in Portugal!
North (mountain), Sudwest (beach), Lisbon (restaurants).


I can give advices of wonderful palces to sleep «Turismos Rurais», charming small rural hotels; restaurants in lisbon; monuments to see arround lisbon; as i work as a guide in one monument in Sintra,Quinta da Regaleira, i can guive information about this place and things related with knights templar or mansonary in Portugal.


General questions about Portugal


I live in Lisbon now and would be glad to help.


I have a lot of experiance in this country not only because I'm a native, but I'm a great history buff.

jose vidal

I live in Oporto, and know the north well. I travel a lot in business. So,welcome!!


Worked as a rep for many years in Portugal. Both on the mainland and on the fantasy island Madeira.


I live in Lisbon and I guess I can give you pretty good tips on places to go, restaurants, highlights, etc, from the more tradicional side of Portugal to the trendiest and upbeat spots in Lisbon.


Cultural interesting places and people.


Any questions about Lisbon, Cascais, Sintra or surrounding areas


I live near Lisbon and as a Portuguese I've travelled a lot throught all the country.


I'm portuguese and i live in Algarve so if you have any questions please ask:D


I know almost my entire coutry, i can give some several nice clues :)


Does anyone have the email address for auramar beach resort hotel in albufeira? We are going here for our honeymoon on 26th Oct 08 and I want to make some special arrangments?

Thank you


I'm an American/English speaking Portuguese citizen. Please, feel free to ask me any information concerning Portugal.



I live here for about 32 years so, if you want any information or help about planning your trip to Portugal, I guess I can give you a hand.


Hi, you can ask me about my country, Portugal. I will help you with any information. Write me with no hesitation


Giving some necessary tips


I work in advertising... I live in Lisbon... If you have questions about what to do, what to see, where to stay etc... maybe I can help you


Mostly the cities on the west coast: Lisbon, Coimbra, Porto.

Questions on public transportation, culture, history, food. (but you can try other areas as well)


Born there, live there.


Send me a mail to


I am a travel agent and have been awarded the designation on Portugal Master Specialist by the tourism board in Portugal. It is the highest designation awarded by that board. Although I can plan any sort of tour to Portugal and enjoy doing so, my particular area of expertise is food and wine tours.


Hi there. Anyone coming to visit the beautiful area of Oporto, do not hesitate to contact.


I live in this beautifull country and i will be happy if i can help!


I live in Odivelas, North from the lovely city of Lisbon, I can provide generic information about Lisbon and it's surroundings.
I know a few very nice places in the western coast of Portugal, Alentejo region. I can give you an overview on this small but very nice country.


Well, i am from Portugal (Algarve) and i can help with accomodation, destinations. I am also willing to show you some places here in Algarve. We are a couple, always looking to make new friends ;)


Diferent and unexpected places may come across your way unnoticed. You can ask for my help not to miss any of those hiden treasures.


I know well Lisbon and Oporto as the interior, the best places in Alentejo and Ribatejo, the north is not unknown but i have a fewer knowledge.


I live in Lisbon, Portugal, i from azores so if you need something from this two places... ask away! gad to help :)
hope to see you soon in this beautifull country by the sea :)


I live in the suburbs of lisbon and I know a lot of interesting things about lisbon that I can tell you... feel free to ask me :)


In the north of Portugal, in the city of Cabeceiras de Basto, lies a little campsite named Campismo Valsereno. Here you can rent equiped tents for two persons (20 euros a night), a Volkwagen-van (25 euros a night) and a house for four adults (350 euros a week). More information:


I lived in the Portuguese Azores for two years and travelled extensively around the area. I am especially familiar with Terceira Island and have hundreds of photos of daily life there.


I'ts my contry!!! I can say that I know it prety well.


I live in Portugal and I think I know the country very well. Just go ahead and feel free to ask!


Questions about restaurants, places to visit, the key regions, and many other things. I live in Lisbon.

No Portugal questions; but all the answers on Portugal travel?

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