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There are currently 56 Travel Helpers for Russia. Please remember that these Travel Helpers provide information on a volunteer basis and when they take the time to help you that a thank you is highly appreciated! They are listed below in order of their last activity on Travellerspoint.


My native country. travelled around Central Russia and Urals a lot. will be glad to help.


I'm Russian. Living now in UK I could help people who want to travel to Russia by advise and maybe company


I travelled across Russia for 3 months, and could come up with some good tricks and tips.

If you are looking for some adventure, I know some people in the Government that can get you into a National Park in Tunguska, Siberia! It's worth it!!


For a start: I'm Russian and used to travel a lot across my country for business and leisure. Hence have a lot of experience to share on this matter. If I do not know exactly the answer at least I know where and how to search! Please feel free to ask :)


Hi! My name is Maria.
I've been living in Moscow for 3 years. I had some experience helping my foreign friends to organise their trips to Moscow. So, if you have any questions about Moscow or need help, feel free to ask 😊
Best wishes from Russia,


Hi, I live in St-Petersburg. Please let me know if there is anything I can help you with.

Tom TravelLocal

I lived in St Petersburg for two years and have organised trips there for a UK tour operator.


Travelling across Russia overland, coming in from Kiev and out to Ulan Bantor, I have learned from my own mistakes and picked up tips from other travellers on how to make the journey as smooth as can be.


Been about 15 - 20 times to Russia, especially Siberia. Can inform you about some dos and don'ts.


Trans Siberian planning - we spent the full month on and off the train as independently as we could so we have good and bad reviews of places and trips within Russia.


I travelled through Russia in September 2009 on the Trans siberian Railway.

I did stopovers in Irkutsk, Moscow and St Petersburg.

I can offer advice on planning a Trans Siberian trip, advice on visa's and the city's above


I can give some hints, valuable advice, suggest some places.
If you go to Russia, I can show you around, help with documents or reservations.


I can organize trekking tours in Russian mountains: Altai-Sayan area. And any other help in Siberia: translating, accomodation and transport info.
with best regards, Evgeny

Julia Kalinina

I'm English- and German-speaking tour guide in Moscow and St. Petersburg, i will be glad to help people to explore this two capitals because i know really a lot about this cities.


it is my great pleasure to help travellers from all over the world visiting my wonderful country and my little motherland - Kalmykia- in particular. I can host 1 or 2 persons at my home, if they request.I am a member,, free to contact me!I know that there are lots of people ready to help, because I got advice, accomodation and guide help from people in different countries.


Have been to Moscow, Rostov on Don, and going to St Petersburg soon


I can help with information regarding Moscow and St Petersburg. I travelled to this region in September 2006.


I was born in Saint-Petersburg and I am a native citizen. I adore Saint-Petersburg very much. I worked as a guide and a travel assistant with foreign guests. Excursions to museums and palaces, hotel reservations and visa support - you are free to ask!


I live here all my life, worked a lot with foreigners and helped them to make travel plans in Russia. If you have any questions- just ask, i will be glad to help you.


I can help you with information about Russia, especially about St. Peter and its suburbia. Other cities and town I know quite well. Ask me if you are going to visit Russia!!!


I am in my second year of living in Russia and can speak at least some of the language. I spent 2 years in university studying exclusively Russian subjects. My head is full of this country.
I am from North America. I suppose this gives me an edge over those who are not in the giving of advice about this region.


Please see my first blog entries for a list of countries I have visited. I also work in Corporate travel and have worked as a travel agent in the past. I would be happy to offer any advice I can!


We help with questions regarding visas to Russia, flights and train tickets, accommodations, popular tourist routes, tickets to performances and major attractions, guided tours, and generic questions about Russian customs, people and traditions.

Natalie Y

Hi! My name is Natalie. I was born in Moscow and live there all my life, so I know a lot about this beautiful and unusual city :) So if you decide to visit it I can help with information and even meet to show the city, because it's very easy to get lost in Moscow, as not many people speak English and most of inscriptions are on Russian.


Hi! I'm a Muscovite having lived here for most of my life. I can provide you with advice on all aspects of traveling to Moscow, including where to go, what to see, where to eat, etc. I can also help with translations to or from Russian. Feel free to contact me if you're planning a trip to beautiful country Russia and want advice from a local ;=)


Hotels, locations, clubs&restautants, party!


I must come to Moscow between since 30th October to 3rd November and I would want to book a room for four nights to the hostel MOSCOW STYLE HOSTEL.
To arrive in Russia the Russian consulate has said me that it need me the seen of entry, the insurance and the invitation from the hotel or hostel that it will entertain me.
This way I wanted to kindly know if the hostel MOSCOW STYLE HOSTEL could give me all these documents to enter in Russia.
I wait soon for your news.

Julia K.

Hi) I live in Moscow, so if you need any help with your journey to Russia, you are welcome!


I live in Moscow and travel a lot in neighbourhood near and far...


Hi! I can help to find cheap transport or interesting places and other (:


Any info you need on St Petersburg I can probably either help you with or put you in touch with someone in the know. If you need any help with translation, I speak Russian and am very familiar with russian culture and customs.


I live in Volgograd (formerly known as Stalingrad). I can give information about the city, its sights, prices, accomodation. Also I can organize trips to rural area in a beautiful place near the Volga river.


Hi, I am a tourist guide.Welcome to Saint-Petersburg!! English,Deutsch
And I can help you with your questions about St.Petersburg and some other Russian cities. I travel quite a lot!


I'm from one of the most beautiful city - St.-Petersburg)))
I can show you this adorable city, some favorite places and tell a lot interesting about it.
Also, I can give you some advace about Russia, especially Northwestern, Central and South region of Russia.
Please ask me and open the wild Russia for yourself


By information, work as a city guide in Saint-Petersburg (privately).


i can help you with some general info about Russia and especially its north-west (Karelia) and also as i'm currently in moscow i can make you a short excursion in moscow...


I'm an expert with Saint Petersburg, Russia hotels. My reviews are at

I can also set you up with your own English-speaking guide in Saint Petersburg or Moscow.


I have travelled Russia in Nov. 2005


I've been to Russia 5-6 years and can help with visa, visa support, hotels, airfares and other travel questions


I'm a guide-interpreter living in Belgorod, Central Russia.
I'll be very glad to answer any your question about visiting Russia


From the first day of my life till nowadays: Moscow is my city!
I'm sure, you are dreaming of visiting Moscow! It is really worth visiting. Write me!
And I can accompany you (if you are german- or english-speaking traveller)in your trip. I'm 18, student. I can show you not only sights, but a lot of interesting, though not-standing-in-guides places.
P.S. If you have an opportunity to pay for my guidance - I'll be glad.


I live in the capital of Siberia - Novosibirsk. If you travel to Novosibirsk, Tomsk or other cities of my region - call me for help.
I can show citys, find hotel, give any tips and so on. English speaking persons only.
call any time +7-383-210-22-71, ask Vadim.


Hi, I'm from Sochi. If You're interested in info about Sochi and Krasnaya Polyana, ask me. If You wanna visit us but don't know how, let me know (question, e-mail). Accomodation, sightseeing and more. See You. Cheers. Vitaliy.


Originally I am russian (since 2000 have lived in canada), can help to understand russian mentality and culture


I have travelled widely in Russia in recent years. I have also been to almost every part of Australia, including Tasmania at various times over many years. I am willing to provide answers to questions about travelling in these two countries. However, I have no knowledge of rock music, bars and such like venues of interest to the very young.


To find in summer-time in Saint-Petersburg a nice apartment


If you are going to travel to Moscow there is a better alternative than staying in hotels which are generally overpriced and ill-serviced there. Consider renting a short-term apartments instead - these are more homely, less expensive, spaceous and private. Quite a few agencies could be found on the net, for instance and others. But do not hesitate to ask questions about the apartment you picked to avoid surprises upon arrival!


Some travel tips)))


Pieces of advice and recommendations to tour organization, hotel accommodation, excursions and sightseeing, and also the peculiarities of visiting Russia, especially Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Golden Ring cities and Trans-Siberian Railway.


I can give info about places to see and visit in St. Petersburg, Russia


Any questions about Russia? I have been living there for more than 30 years..

No Russia questions; but all the answers on Russia travel?

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