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There are currently 65 Travel Helpers for Singapore. Please remember that these Travel Helpers provide information on a volunteer basis and when they take the time to help you that a thank you is highly appreciated! They are listed below in order of their last activity on Travellerspoint.


I travelled to several places in Singapore, used the MRT trains a lot and stayed in a nice hostel in a nice neighbourhood.


I've been living in Singapore for 2 years now... so I guess I may be able to help you on certain things about the city :) I'll be happy to help.

Cassandra goh

Hi to all curious minds and travelers! I'm born in singapore, during my leisure time and when i'm outta school for awhile i'll travel or explore the island or island of- singapore, pulau ubin, st john island and kusu island. (Because if you can't cash in for traveling out of singapore all the time, why shouldn't we explore our own right?)

Ask me anything,i'll help if i know the answers to them!
i'm willing to travel with you in singapore as well. Just send me a message via my page/profile or even my facebook page-

I love meeting new people and perhaps i would travel to your country someday,or even tag along like your luggage(haha!)


Good hotel for medium budget without having to sleep with the roaches.
Getting to and from the airport without paying a fortune to taxi drivers.


Birth Place, lived there for 26 years


I live in Singapore my whole life and worked in the tourism and arts industry before I make a career change to conservation and planning of the island. It's going to be intersting to know more about the less touristy things about Singapore and if you would like to know more, just let me know.

Kelvin Ang

I've lived here all my life, so I guess I might know a thing or two about the little island! If you like "guidebook" information, I think you can find them with a simple search online. If you want something from a local's point of view, drop me a mail!


I live here all my life. Anything you want to know, I will be happy to help!!

Kate T.

Singapore is near our country, and I've been there a couple of times. Hopefully I can help other travelers by answering queries about transportation, hotels, food, and places to see. While locals would definitely be more knowledgeable, its nice to hear feedback from tourist like me :)


I live here! Will be glad to provide information on this dynamic, sometimes, strange little country of mine.


where to go and what to eat
what to do maybe


There are some interesting things you can do around there even on a short trip.


Singapore has been my home for 11 years.


i was their in 2005 so i can give some tips where to go and party


I have a passion for travelling and will try my best to help. If time permits, I will volunteer to be your tour guide! =)


Being a local here in a cultural melting pot, I am excited to share with the world what my little city has to offer. Little we might be, but rest assured that we are never boring!

With the diversity unique to Singapore, we boost a harmonious development of each culture's architectures, food and lifestyle. Besides successfully preserving our unique mixture of custom we call truly 'The Singapore Spirit', we are also in sync with the world's footstep with international chains, food and beverage choices, entertainment choices and much more!

Follow me to enjoy Singapore the way a local would, and I promise you will never see Singapore the same way again!


I am currently a student living in Singapore, from the United States originally. Anything about what to do as a tourist I can answer!


able to help with most information you need


i live in singapore. i can respond to your queries via email. email me at arlina at i can also take you around if i am free.


Ask me about anything & I'll try my best to assist!


I live in Singapore. So, I can get you almost any information. If you want a little guide (in my spare time) also can be considered.


I myself am a Singaporean, and I grew up here since 18 yrs ago. Hence, anyone who is interested in coming to this red dot, I would be more than glad to help. :)


I'm from Malaysia, but currently live in Singapore...any information needed, drop me a mail..see how i can help you


I am a Singaporean. Who says 1 week in Singapore is boring and expensive? I helped a few friends of mine (travellers) from overseas to enjoy their stay here with low budget. I know a cheap place to stay and a cheap eating place. I'll bring you to shopping places where no tourist had been and even hop into boats to neighbouring countries.


I am a Singaporean and I have many of my overseas friends visiting me from time to time. I am often their "tour guide" in Singapore.


Frequent traveler to Singapore, mostly on business.


i am living in singapore. so i can help you in many ways. warm welcome to singapore


i've been in Singapore back in 2001, and since then i read and surf the internet about this wonderful country or should i say city-states. Singapore is very memorable to me because of its fascinating places, like sentosa, orchard road, pthe promenade and of course its diverse culture, people, languages and most importantly its food. i love the food in Singapore its great. Next to the Philippines i love this country.


I live in Singapore so I can help provide local information on places to visit, sleep, eat, important events, costs of living and other useful information all travellers will need to plan their trip here and around.


I lived in Singapore for a year


Second home when I was growing up.


Travellers to Singapore, If you need info on accomodation/home stay please do not hesitate to drop me a line.


Warmly welcome to Singapore! I am willing to help people from all places of world traveling to my country as well as its surrounding countries like Malaysia & Indonesia.
If you are searching for budget tours, admission tickets of attractions or tour itinerary that suit your own interest by traveling alone or group tour with number of people from 2 to 40, feel free to contact me and see how I can help you up. I can be contacted by email:
Englsih, Chinese, Japanese both in Spoken & written are welcome!!


I am a Singaporean, so I can offer useful info for those travelling to Singapore.


I am working in Singapore for 5 years previously. any advice if i can help you.


I live in Singapore. If you need any information, drop me a note.


For ASEAN countries, China, India and Japan provide English speaking contacts and a local emergency number, if necessary.

For Singapore, show you around my country!


information about Singapore, food to eat!


am a true blue singaporean, been livin' here forever, need some questions answered? i should be able to help.


I can help you with any kind of information you need about Singapore - accomodation, transport, flights to countries around Singapore, food, vegetarian/vegan choices, medical facilities and places to see - both on the tourist circuit as well as those off the beaten path.


Anything about Singapore


Its not a huge place... so i can pretty much say what is interesting there. Dont ask me about accomodation.. i never stayed in a hotel in singapore.


Hi! I'm a local from Singapore and I've been living here all my life. Even though Singapore is a small country, I might not know everything about her. Anyway, just drop me an email if you need any help regarding traveling in Singapore and I'll try my best to assist you! =)


I been living in Singapore for well, most of my life. Know the place inside out... ANy queries on the place, don't hesitate to drop me a mail...


I can help giving the best place to visit in Singapore from cultural, historical, leisure, and many other places.


be your tour guide when ever possible as your friend !!!


I am a travel agent and Singapore Specialist as designated by the tourist board. Although I can plan any sort of tour to Singapore and enjoy doing so, my particular area of expertise is food and wine tours.

Xiao Han

Feel free to msg me if you need any help on Singapore..I'll try my best to help.


Been here almost all my life! I will be to give very constructive and precise suggestions and recommendations.


If you're planning a trip to this ever-sunny island in Asia, I would be able to offer ideas on what to do, where to go, what to eat.


If you are interested to hire a tour guide to bring you around Singapore during your visit,
visit HDB, eating at hawkers center instead of normal city tour…

Feel free to contact me at for more information.


I am a Singaporean studying in London and going to study in America.

I can give you suggestions on where to go, what to eat etc. in Singapore. Singapore is a multi-racial country, so there's a good variety of great food! Moreover, my dad's a tour guide, so even if there's things that are beyond me (like historical and cultural knowledge), I'll be able to help you ask him.


I've been all over the island, i know all the current bus routes, where to go, what to buy, i can provide extensive information on West Malaysia.


A citizen of this Tiny-Claustrophobic-Concrete-City-State.
I'll be glad to answer your silly or serious travel questions about this odd country that you might be planning to go to, or already at.
Of course, show you around local places and those unlikely places that our locals usually go to. :)
And for now, all I could help you is by telling you that "Singlish" and "Kiasu-ism" is the ugliest sight here! :p


Information on Singapore


Lived there for four years


Hello! My name is Katherine and I'm a Singaporean who has lived in Singapore all 26 years of my life. If you have any questions about my country, I'll be more than happy to help. Need a tour guide to show you around in a low-budget and time-saving way? I'll do it for free, as long as you share your travelling experiences and information about your home country with me.

My e-mail add:


"Singapore - an inspiring city-state at the heart of Asia - one of the world's most exciting and dynamic regions." With Singapore's diverse cultures, world class attractions, exciting line-up of events and luxurious accommodations where memorable experiences are created and cherished. Hunt me down to find out how and more information.


hit me with anythin.ill do my darnest to help.


Have a good tip on where to stay! :)

No Singapore questions; but all the answers on Singapore travel?

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