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There are currently 14 Travel Helpers for Slovenia. Please remember that these Travel Helpers provide information on a volunteer basis and when they take the time to help you that a thank you is highly appreciated! They are listed below in order of their last activity on Travellerspoint.


I'm a french expat in Slovenia since 2004, i travelling in this country since 1980 !
I know unique and unknown places, good spots for travellers...


I will answer all your question about Slovenia, I'll suggest what to do & visit, where to stay,...


I can help you with all kind of information I guess.


I have worked in Ljubljana for a month so I can give you some general advices.


Help with the accomodation, how to find a good food or good wine, pick you up from the railway station if you do not have a car when you travel near Trieste, show you all the beauties of Karst in Slovenia and have a cup of tea for you when you need it.


I am Slovenian citizen. I live here since I was born. I can give you advices about what to see an where to sleep or rent something. I live 10 minutes away from our main city if you need any advice or help-no problem, I will be very happy to help!!!:)


I live in Slovenia, in Ljubljana. You can ask me anything you want to know. If I would not know the answer I will ask my friends or/and look on the internet.


Hi there! I'm Slovene and I can help you with bunch of things regarding travelling here. I'm also a traveller (mostly backpacker) my self, so I know exactly what you want.
I'll try to help you to organise your travel so well, that you'll absolutely fall in love in my country :)
Can't wait to get some of your questions!!


I've been born in Slovenia. It is a really small country so at age 15 averybody knows all about it. I can tell you pretty much about culture, language and culture. I love Slovenia but still I can be objective about it!


I can tell you everything about Slovenia and its mountains, the Adriatic sea, climbing, skiing, hiking, rafting, horse riding, vine, beer, friendly people, museums, night life...You name it you got it. I live here so I should know everything, right?


General information, where to stay from budget to topclass, fun, activities, places to see....


You're into sports or fun? I'm from Maribor and if you're arround, contact me.


I am a tour operator,First Touch Tours, and I deal with clients who want to explore Eastern Europe. We decided to start with Slovenia so I want someone who can arrange visas and plan itenary for say 14-21days tour.


Give you some informations about Slovenia-specialy about the mountains,hiking tips in Julian Alps and Triglav national park.Can find for you the good tips for accommodations in this area-welcome to visit and enjoy Slovenia

No Slovenia questions; but all the answers on Slovenia travel?

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