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Travel Helpers for Tanzania

Travel Helpers Africa (65 Travel Helpers) Tanzania

There are currently 21 Travel Helpers for Tanzania. Please remember that these Travel Helpers provide information on a volunteer basis and when they take the time to help you that a thank you is highly appreciated! They are listed below in order of their last activity on Travellerspoint.


Jambo! I am a huge lover of Africa in general, and have visited 26 countries on the continent. As a Int'l Tour Director I did a number of safaris in Tanzania, some of them included Kenya as well. I have an extensive knowledge of the various and plenty tour and safari operators in Tanzi, and am familiar with most of the Tanzanian destinations. I can also help with choosing an operator, and I am not trying to tout those I know personally, but rather help with choosing one from the on line pages of any and all of the local operators, and how to recognize the not-so-good from the good ones. Knowing how to tip on a safari is an art. Holla if you are contemplating a safari or Park and tribal visits in Tanzania.........d:o)


i am nature fanatic. i love culture. i have worked as a tour operator for the last 5 years. i love cultural safaris. if you are thinking of one in Tanzania then am the right person to ask.


Hello everyone! I am glad to be part of Africa travel helpers. As a travel enthusiast, I have travelled in Kenya, Uganda, Greece, Norway, Danmark, Sweden, Canary Islands and of course across Tanzania, my own country. I would like to consider myself a Tanzanian travel expert. If you have questions about travelling, moving or even working in Tanzania or about those glossy safari brochures and itineraries you see online, please pose your question and I am glad to be able to update you from my experience and ground knowledge. I also own-operate a travel company called Authentic Tanzania - Consulting and Travel with offices both in Tanzania and Sweden. We create and offer tailor-made adventure and volunteer travels to Tanzania.

African Son

I'm working in a tourist company called African Son Tours,actually we don't compete with other but we add value on what others offers and we know well about tourism industry.


Hi, I am Peniel Laizer, A maasai by tribe, born and raised in Northern Part of Tanzania(Arusha)-I have good knowledge of travel and Tourism.- Worked in tourism industry for more than 10 Years, Arranging Wildlife Safaris, Cultural tours, Mountains climbing, Beaches holiday, Events and Conference planning, Wedding planning, Incentives tours, Volunteering and much more- As a director of Lights on Africa Destinations & Safaris- We organize both Luxury and budget trips to Tanzania.
"The world is a book, and those who do not travel, read only a page!!!"


I have working with travellers especially volunteers for about ten yrs.
Read following text:

Stefano H

Hi everyone, I am native Tanzanian who knows well my country, area, people, attractions and culture. I am a native Swahili speaker, I speak English too and basic Chinese.
I would be glad to help answer your questions concerning Safari & Tours, Cultural Tourism, History, Mountains Climbing and Treks, Beach and Walking Safaris.
Feel free to email me:

January Nicolas

I am Tourguide/Tour leader, Bird expert, Conservationist and the founder of Bird environment community, You are warmly welcome for any kind of question based in Tourism industry and conservation. Always willing to help people who need to plan for their visit in our elegance Nation Tanzania Dar es salaam.

Ally Simba

Hi, my complete name is Ally Simba. I am a native Tanzanian who knows the area and Tanzania culture very well. I am hereby assisting and help you regards any question concerning Safaris & tours, Culture & history, Climbing & treks, Beach & bush and other rare things found in Tanzania.
I will volunteer my time to answer your kindly questions you may have. Please welcome!


I am a freelance journalist for an English newspaper that specialises in reporting on the tourism industry in the Northern region of Tanzania. I can answer questions about this topic because I live, work and travel in the area. In the course of my work I find a lot of useful information, the bulk of which rarely makes it to print. The Hardest Questions will only be a matter of me picking up a phone and speaking to some one who has the answers.


Travelled many time trough East Africa. Got many feriends over there. Visited many place. So if I can help

Just ask!



I am starting a tour from Arusha. I will be coming from South Africa either Cape or Joberg is it best to fly into Nairobi or Dar es Salaam? whats the best way to get to Arusha?


Hi all.
Ex-brummie overlander now tour operator in Tanzania, always got time to answer questions on safari's Kilimanjaro -Mt Meru-Zanzibar or info on Tanzania in general.


Giving information about eastern Tanzania and Zanzibar. I can help you in you speak french, english, german or dutch!

Voor de mensen die nederlands verstaan, jullie kunnen ook altijd eens op mijn eigen blog gaan zien hier op travellerspoint: Daar vind je een verslag terug over mijn eigen reis naar dit prachtige land.


Advising about accommodation and local transport


just feel free to contact shall see what to do


I would love to be of help to anyone who needs factual touristic information about Tanzania. Am a Travel and Tours Consultant based in Nairobi - Kenya.


Plan trips to Tanzania to include all the major adventures the country offers -- Safari, Mt. Kilimanjaro Trekking and Beaches at Zanzibar.


I can field general questions about my experience in Tanzania, what I recommend, and what was difficult about my trip there. I don't know many specifics about the country, eg. where to stay in certain cities.

No Tanzania questions; but all the answers on Tanzania travel?

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