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There are currently 79 Travel Helpers for Turkey. Please remember that these Travel Helpers provide information on a volunteer basis and when they take the time to help you that a thank you is highly appreciated! They are listed below in order of their last activity on Travellerspoint.


One of my favourite countries for travelling, I spent 6 months studying Turkish in Istanbul, and have visited several times since then, touring the Black Sea coast, Central and SE Anatolia, as well as places around Istanbul.


I am a 28 years old Greek man and i travelled in Istanbul recently on December of 2008. So I would be happy to give you useful imformations about the city , historical places nightlife and of course about safety!!!!!! especially if you travel alone and look like a western traveller.


One of my all time favourites - every year i find myself somehow back in Istanbul, for the start, or end of another great trip. I managed to learn a bit of turkish and have travelled around most parts of the country.


I have been in every single city in Turkey and working in travel agencies last 10 years. You can ask anything about Turkey...


Turkey is a great place to get around by train. Went from the South to Istambul, to Ankara, Ephesius. The people are very friendly and because of the inflation rate, very inexpensive for us (unfortunate for Turkey).


All travel related questions about Turkey; transportation, recreation, boutique and special hotels which I am an expert of, advice & tips on general travel issues for individual travellers...will be answered carefully and honestly. Subjects like Cappadocia, Mediterranean Coast, special class hotels, Gulets and Honeymoon in Turkey are my strenghts... come To Turkey you will enjoy.

AND Trvl

Have been arranging travel services and working as a travel consultant in this unique country quite a while. I have lived in Istanbul for about 10 years, 3 years in a city located eastern part of Turkey, named Agri and 9 years in Usak (Aegean side) and Pamukkale for 1 year. Now I have been living in Cappadocia since 2012. - And spend around 3 years in United States-
I pretty much know what to do, where to stay, what kind of route should travellers follow, off the beaten tracks, itinerary optins etc..
Helping travellers is a passion for me and I would like to share my experiences with the people who would like to visit Turkey.


I lived in Ankara, Istanbul and Mersin. From Izmir to Diyarbakir I travelled a lot including popular tourist destinations. Don't hesitate to contact me for any question.


? can tell them historic and nature meet new friends


I can help For Turkiye and Antalya Destination.


I am a professionel tour guide and I have traveld allmost everycity in |Turkey


I worked as a tour leader in western turkey, so had to be pretty clued up on the main destinations and general info on the area. I love Turkey and would always encourage people to go there and explore


I lived there for 3 months working in the tourism industry, so I know my way around.



I can help for the cities at the East part of the Turkey. Especially Istanbul, Antalya and Izmir are the cities that I know best.

Just make me know about your questions, we ll see what can be done!


Istanbul work and life - We have lived and worked in Istanbul and can give some advice on what life is like teaching English here.


I can provide accomodation assistance.


offer loads of advice about the places to go to and things to do.


Hello from istanbul,
I am a Turkish citizien living in Istanbul and i try to answer your questions about my city and country.


anyway your need help


Istanbul is my favorite non-home city. Been there twice, learned many things and constantly learning more. Could give some general advices and share interesting views.


I can provide accomodation in Beyoglu/Istanbul.


I am from ?stanbul and granduated a university in Ankara, so if you have any questions about ?stanbul and Ankara you can just ask. Of Course you can ask questions about other places in Turkey. I will try to answer all


I am from Turkey and live in Istanbul. I can provide information about Istanbul and any other touristic destinations in the West and South of Turkey


I have lived in Turkey for four years. I was teaching English as a Foreign lanaguage in Fethiye and Izmir, on the south-western coast. I also had my own Language School in Fethiye for two years.
I have travelled around Turkey, including Istanbul, and feel I can give you an insight into the people and customs of this amazing country.


i live ?n turkey
i can speak english romana deutsch.
i can help about everything rates. airports touristic areas.unknown historical side ?hlara valley.sumela monastry...
i have been 3 years in romania also ? can adv?ce travellers where how they can stay.and what they can see there.


Travel information for Istanbul and Edirne


Been to Istanbul 5 times as well as visting Izmir, bodorum, Marmaris, Fethiye and Selcuk. Can help especially with queries on Istanbul.


i can answer quesitons, give advice and even if i have time i can show u araound in istanbul...


By giving out travel advice.


Istanbu and Gaziantep. Southeastern Turkey


I can answer questions about each and every part of Turkey,
I had been to more than 45 cities of Turkey and lived several years in six of them.
I drove between most major cities in Turkey so I know the roads.
I can give you advices on what to do/what not to do in most parts of Turkey
If anyone will be coming to Istanbul, I can suggest places to stay from cheap to classy, as well as some other major cities.


This is city where i live. I want to help if i can.


I am a US citizen living in Turkey and have been here for 22 years so I can help with best places to see, advice on best routes (land .& air) to take and assist with accomodations


? can help about the regions, cities and their traditions etc. all over Turkey


I've been travelling around the world and within Turkey almost all my life. I have managed small hotels, travel agencies, and estate agents as well. I now have a small boutique hotel as a part of family business. I know bits and pieces which can be helpful to you about Turkey especially in Antalya region.


Hello, I born in Istanbul - Turkey. Any question about istanbul ?

Also I travelled south part of turkey a lot. If I can help I ll be happy


I can provide information about Turkey and what to expect when going there. If you have any questions regarding the people, food and what to eat, feel free to send me a message!


I can share my experiences with other travellers




I can help for your travel in Turkey - Greece & Egypt.


I am an Istanbul dweller, a friendly native who knows his way around his hometown. I like meeting people, I would be happy to provide pointers as to where to go and what to do, where to eat and what is way too an "tourist trap", dispel myths.. and so forth. I am not a tourist guide, but like people, have quite flexible working hours and check my email often. Ask away, and I will do my best.


My sister and myself are older travellers who visited Turkey during Ramadan. We did not go with a tour company, but on our own. The experience was awesome but at the time we could find no answers about the safety of travelling during the religous holiday. I can help with that!


Finding the right accommodation is Istanbul.


I can give a few advises and useful infos or anything about Turkey...
and if you're coming to Istanbul or somewhere that close to it I can help personaly of course if I can find some time.....


more than help? all around Turkey expecially Cappadocia,Ephesus,Pergamon,Pamukkale,Gallipoli,Troy,?stanbul........


I am a native Turk, and I have worked in the tourism industry all my life. I would be glad to offer information on anything you need, including highlights, non touristy destinations, hotel reccommendations, weather in different seasons and areas... anything really! Just drop me a line!


I was there for 2 weeks and travelled as East as Ankarra and capadocia. I can say some bit about the place.


I am a native Turkish and have lived in various cities of Turkey since i was born. I love my country and i have travelled a lot within it. I currently live in Ankara. Feel free to ask me anything about Turkey.


if anybody needs travel services as the company we will be pleased to help for any inqueries...As car rent,transfers,excursions


i am a travel agent and a guide i can help for you about all ferry tickets , filght tickets , car rentals, daily trip planning, acommodations,cheap hotels,and info for turkey area ..


As an American living in Istanbul for over 20 years, I can offer tips and advise on short or long-term stays in Istanbul.


Hi everyone,
I have been working as a professional tour guide for 15 years in Turkey.Let me know if you want to know more about my country such as Istanbul,Cappadocia and Ephesus


Hi all,
If you want to come to Istanbul and if you can afford your travel costs, do not think about accommodation and a friend to show you around.
Just contact me :)


i am from turkey
37 years old
i can be guide who wish to come turkey
or i can be travell partner for who seek male partner
i can all arround world


I am a Turkish citizien living in Istanbul and i try to answer your questions about my city and country. But i may add that i do not travel to east and south east of Turkey so i may not be helpful on these regions. On the other hand i travelled to europe, south east asia, egypt, Israel, USA, south africa, New Zealand and Australia.


I can provide assistance in finding lodging(flat / apartment) in Istanbul


Been here for 22 years by now. I know absolutely everything there is to know about istanbul. love to help


I am studying architecture in ankara however when i have time in summers i visit historical places. in deed i have been most of the anciebt cities in south coast of turkey


I have been guiding since 1998 and I studied tour guiding at the university. I have received my license from Ministry of culture and tourism from Turkey. Licence number : 50-009251.
I am one of the first tour guides who have the degree from University of Erciyes, Tour Guiding Department. I really like my country and my aim is make you love my country. I can arrange car or mini bus it will be easy You like to travel only with your family or close friends; you are getting ready for your honeymoon; you know it is difficult to travel, even with people you already know; you want a holiday just for yourself; traveling off the road to extraordinary destinations gives you more satisfaction; you are looking for maximum flexibility on your holidays.
We know that you have lots of reasons for custom-made tours.We design tours more for individuals than large groups and we are well aware of your wants and needs.


I am living in Istanbul, Turkey, and can answer questions about travel planning, where to stay, and 'non-touristy' places to see in Turkey (as well as the touristy ones)


Hi There! I am an offical tour guide with 16 years of experience. All of your questions regarding to my country are welcome.


Well I've been so many places in Turkiye and should you need any help, it would be my pleasure.


I am ready to respond all travel related questions and organize all your travel needs in Turkey. What ever your itinerary in Turkey, please contact me and let me design your vacation with your personal needs in mind.
Come and enjoy Turkey! There is no doubt thet one visit will not be enough and you will want to come back again and again as you discover one extraordinary place after another.


i am from istanbul - turkey.

i will be happy to answer your questions.


I know a lot abot Turkey.


I live in Istanbul but because of the nature of my job i've travelled many places in my country, and of course we usually go south for sun and beaches....So hope to help you in any topic you ask about my country....


Have been living and working in Turkey for over 8 years now. Know especially the Meditteranean Coast of Turkey, Istanbul and Cappadocia. Still travel around as much as I can and learn more about Turkey itself and its people every day !


i worked in turkey for 5months


I am fellow traveller and a licensed tour guide from Istanbul . I have been guiding over 15 years around Turkey . Contact me for the needs of sophisticated travellers , off the beaten track sights as well the major ones , boutique hotels , fine restaurants where locals would go .



how can you travel in Turkey, cheep accommadation,


hi travelers!!! if you come to turkey you may call me. ?m SERKAN FROM AYVALIK(AYVALIK is west of TURKEY NEAR THE SEA S?DE TOWN) I W?LL HELP YOU AT TURKEY FOR TOUR


I lived in Turkey for 2 years so can help with travel info in southern coastal areas


i know izmir and istanbul well and can help anyone. but i am a student so summer is my free time. Also i can help about kusadasi and marmaris(holiday cities)


I am a Canadian women living in Selcuk/ Ephesus/ Turkey for the past 12 years. I have travelled extensively through out Turkey and alot of the Greek Islands. I can offer advice for travel into Turkey from Greece, and travel all over Turkey.


I have travelled many times in Turkey so can offer advice on how to get around and survive the culture clash.


Any question about Turkey : good ideas to visit, to dine, to be pampered (spa resorts), clues about organizing great itineraries (whatever your interest), what to do and not to do...
Looking forward to reading you,

No Turkey questions; but all the answers on Turkey travel?

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