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There are currently 22 Travel Helpers for Ukraine. Please remember that these Travel Helpers provide information on a volunteer basis and when they take the time to help you that a thank you is highly appreciated! They are listed below in order of their last activity on Travellerspoint.


Museum of Strategic Missile Troops
This place is one of the unique military museums in the world. It was founded on the 30th of October,2001. A part of the missile regiment was used as a perfect location.
the museum includes a silo for the missile SS-24, a silo-based command post for the missile launching, equipment and lots of mechanisms which are kept in original condition. Ex- missile troops officers are still working here are always ready to answer any interesting question!
There is a shaft for the missile, which was 35 metres deep and its protective device which weight was 121 tons.
An original command centre is a huge 45-metres-deep shaft with a metal container inside.This container was divided into 12 floors or compartments with equipment and special functions.
But on the very lowest floors two officers were constantly on duty and were able to launch 10 missiles at the same time!
This place also displays a nice collection of technic such as the Second World War tanks, armored carriers and many others.
Just come, see and feel)

Irina Irina

Hello, my name is Irina. I work as a guide in Kiev.
If you or your friends planning to visit Kiev - Ukraine? Welcome!!! I organize interesting excursions depending on your interests: historical places, Kiev in evening, meeting at the airport, assistance in finding apartments. Kyiv amazing city, and I will be happy to show it to you! I will show you the most interesting and secret places in Kiev!
Just write me)


I am Ukrainian born in Kiev. I graduated courses on tour guidance over Kiev and established own company on hospitality and tourist caring services in Kiev and Ukraine. I can advice you best cities to visit, locations and specialists. I can hepl you to arrange your trip so that you get all that you need with the best quality and for resonable money. So if you have any question dont hesitate to contact me!


My partner and I travelled through the Ukraine for almost 2 weeks. We spent 5 1/2 days in Kiev, 3 days in Lviv and 2 days in Odessa, travelling by train between each of these cities. I would be happy to provide travel advice on the Ukraine, particularly on places I have travelled and the gastronomic aspect of this travel.


I used to live in Ukraine all my life. I travelled a lot about Ukraine, about its history and nature.


I'm a Ukrainian living in Ukraine and I love travelling. My country is the most beautiful in the world for me and I would like as many people to discover it as possible!

Hi. We'd like to offer you a series of audio-guides around different places in Ukraine. Audio-guide is a convenient way of exploring new places - you walk through the city at your own pace and visit the places you'd like to. Interested? Visit our site -


I live here and i know a lot about Ukraine


I used to live in this country for good 26 years ))) and still travel there often, can help with translation, directions, communication.


City tour “Kiev, the capital of Ukraine”, Walking tour “Ancient capital of Kiev Rus”, Walking tour “Ancient capital of Kiev Rus”


You can always ask for any question you have. Contact me if you have any problems or troubles. Ask about prices, services, schedules, customs, traditions, fast on-line translations and whatever you need.


I crossed Ukraine fron the west to thecenter,then to the south,walking,so I know the places I travelled through.


Giving out advices regarding accommodation, transport, things to do /see and many more :)


I can help you with finding a nice apartment in most cities of Ukraine


I can offer help or advice on just about anything you may need for your trip to Ukraine. I am located in Kiev. We have just developed a new travel site just for Ukraine. Your suggestions and questions are welcome.


hi! if you're going to the Crimea and need help - any help from just an advise till booking tickets, accomodation, transfer and so on - just ask! I'm in love in the place I live and I'm ready to shear it to anyone!
There's much to see, i swear! :)


Hello, I'm from Sevastopol, Crimea. If You're interested in info about Crimea, Sevastopol, Yalta, Koktebel or any place in Crimea- ask me. If You wanna visit us but don't know how, let me know (question, e-mail). Accomodation, sightseeing and more. See You soon. Natalia


Hello my friend! I was born in the beautiful country called Ukraine. I like travelling in all corners of my land: old architecture, affectionate seas, lovely mountains and other wonderful places. Anybody visiting Ukraine can contact me, I shall be happy to be your guide to show you some of the nicest places. Also I’ll advise you about Ukrainian culture, people, travelling, expenses and any other question about my country. Feel free to ask me about anything.


I live in Dnepropetrovsk region - the land of Ukrainian Cossacks!

I also invite anyone who want to visit South-Western Crimea in August 2006-2007 to join our little group of two and visit ancient Cave Cities - Tepe Kermen, Eski Kermen and Mangup, take a bath in the Black Sea and stride the Great Crimean Yailas (alpine meadows). Devoted hikers and backpackers are very welcome! :)

I speak Russian, English and French, a bit of Spanish and Italian, learning Swedish and Arabic.


I can offer you help on travel needs for trips generally all over Ukraine. But as I am located in Kiev I know Kiev very well and can advise you practically on anything in Kiev. I am co-owner of serviced apartments provider KievApartmentService and work basically with residential real estate but also I am developing new travel related projects. I love Kiev and want more people come and enjoy it.
Also I can give specific advises if you want to go MTB in Crimea and off-road rallies through deep forests of north Ukraine.


I am in travel business since 1990
My companies website is:

No Ukraine questions; but all the answers on Ukraine travel?

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